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Hey guys,

I got accepted to both Law and Society, and Human Rights & Equity Studies programs at York University, Keele Campus. I want to go into law school after my undergrad, and hopefully become a lawyer. I want to be trilingual, I am currently bilingual. I think that learning to speak French will improve my chances of getting a nice job. So if I was to change my mind and wanted to go to Glendon, can I switch? Is Glendon totally separate from York? Would I have to wait another year and apply again? If so, I'd rather take french classes outside of school than wasting a year. Thanks in advance for the replies. :)
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A photo of TheHolyThief TheHolyThief
My understanding is that you would have to apply again to switch to Glendon. You said you are bilingual, so would your first or second language be French? If not, then I suggest going to York and taking a French course at Glendon. There is a bus that takes you there from the Keele campus and you would be learning French as a Keele student.
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A photo of SUMmer123456 SUMmer123456
I think you should go to Glendon.
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A photo of LadanNur LadanNur
Glendon's campus is downtown. I really wanted to go there, because I'm kinda scared of Jane and Finch :P But if your program is offered at Glendon, it should be no problem :)
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