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York University Questions~

A photo of hellokk hellokk
1. I applied for economics and political sciences at York, and I realize I shouldn't have applied for economics because I didn't pass calculus. I have yet to be accepted to either and I have an 86 average. Am I not being accepted because of my lack of calculus?, because my average isn't good enough(?!) ?, or because I'm applying from out of province (however they have all documents needed)? Or any other reason?

2. Assuming I do get accepted eventually, what types of changes are you allowed to make? As in, can I switch from BA to iBA? Can I switch from Poli Sci to something else? What things from my application are set in stone? Just curious, I change my mind a lot until I finally settle on something.

Thanks guys, It's difficult to find random information like this about schools on the other side of the country >_<
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A photo of sabby597 sabby597
i'm not really sure about your specific program and how that would work...

i do know, that you can most defnitely change programs, and you can change from a ba to iba easily as well. btw did you apply to glendon or the keele campus?
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A photo of hellokk hellokk
Thanks that puts my mind at ease for one thing. I applied to Keele.

I'm still trying to figure out why it's taking so long, I think many people have been accepted already and it's not like I'm borederline cut off or anything. Hmmmm..
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