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York University VISUAL ARTS "No Decision Yet" :(

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I am just really stumped...

I handed all my portfolio and went to the interview, and am currently waiting for the admissions.


my grades aren't so good. OTL

I have

90 - Art
88 - Advanced functions
93 - Food & Nutritions
78 - physics
68 - data management

but I have a 49... in English for my midterms.

I handed my assignments the day after my teachers mailed the midterms.
It's really irresponsible and stupid of me to hand in my stuff late...
I'm just scared... york won't accept me, right? If I have 49 in English?

I'm still waiting but they say "No Decision Yet"

Is anyone else who's applying to York in the same situation? D: If you're a visual arts student, please reply!~
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I'm in visual arts at York, just finished my first year! I think you're just going to have to wait for that final mark to come in for english, and if that goes well, and your portfolio interview went well, you should be ok. I think it's a waiting game from here, to try and boost that english mark!

If you have questions about the program, I'd be happy to help you out :D
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A photo of LynnieJe LynnieJe
Hi chii, thanks for replying!

I hope so, I really want to get in York..

I've heard from my art teacher that York is really hard... she told me that she had to write 5 essays and read 3 books that were super thick in every week! Is she exaggerating, or is that true??
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It's not a walk in the park, but it's definitely not THAT hard. Basically first year goes like this:

-3 studio courses, two in one semester and one in the other (on average 3 to 4 projects each class)
-Art History (year long) this is the essay class. Two big ones and there are readings every week (do them if they help you, if not do your own research online from a reputable source)
-One Gen Ed (You will need two more Gen Ed courses, could be science, humanities or social science, full year course and could have essays or not, depends on the choice)
-Critical Issues (many projects/writing and research assignments, but they're not too big, plus weekly readings)
-Two fine arts 'in and outs' (basically you choose between film, theatre, dance or digital media and these can be heavy in essays and projects too, but also not unmanageable)

Basically you just have to work hard, but also work smart. It's not unreasonable, you just have to plan out your time for you assignments and keep on top of things! Thing is with me is that I didn't take the in and outs, instead I took two gen eds this year. This may have taken off some of the burden of essays for me.

I also suggest going to the writing centre in Ross (this will make sense when you get in) they're VERY helpful, especially with essays.

All in all, there can be a lot to read and do, but if you space it out smartly, you can do it! Take the time to plan your schedule, start a note book to jot down ideas and mini to do lists and you'll be golden. I also suggest taking time for yourself (an example would be, I had to commute, but instead of reading school stuff I read a novel that I wanted to read. It helped keep my stress levels low and I was proud of the number of books I finished up in the year!)
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