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york vs. carleton vs. u of t for criminology?

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I'm currently in gr.11, and am considering pursuing criminology in university to become a forensic psychologist (if this is realistic?).
Of course Toronto will have a good program, but I'm not the most competitive person, and I'm not sure if I'd do very well in that atmosphere...
I heard Carleton has a good program and since it's close to Ottawa, there are more available experiences to visit etc.
I've also heard York has a decent program, but for grad school, would my chances of getting into programs be at more of a disadvantage because of York's lower reputation to Toronto?

Other factors to consider:
I have a 90 average (I'm hoping that's enough for all these schools)
Toronto/York would be a lot closer at 2 hours rather than a 6 hour drive to Carleton
Money's not a big issue, but I'd like to save up as much as possible because I have a feeling I'm going to be in school for a long time -.-...
(I'm sure I could get bigger scholarships from York/Carleton but again... the whole reputation and grad school thing).

I'm going to be visiting the campuses during March Break hopefully so I can get a feel for the schools too, but from a logical perspective can anyone help with suggestions? Thanks a lot :)
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Where you went for Undergrad does not matter to Graduate Schools.
Your GPA does.
Going to U of T for Undergrad will make it alot harder to achieve the high average required for Grad School admission.

York may have a softer reputation, but they have more courses then you could imagine in various fields. That may be appealing if you choose to pursue a minor or another major.

Carleton is also a great school, it's in a great location, and is a smaller school. I think they have a co-op there as well (just not sure if there is one for your program.

It all comes down to looking at the course requirements for the program at each university to determine which courses better suit your needs. Check out the campuses to see if you like it.

Hope this helps!
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