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York's concurrent ed UNDECIDED bad idea?

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Hi.. was it a bad idea to apply as an undecided science major in the concurrent ed program at york? I really didn't know what i wanted to major in.. so since i just left my major as undecided, what will i learn in my first year, second year, etc?

Also, I want to be a primary/junior teacher. Aren't I supposed to learn every subject you learn in elementary school? Why do I have to pick one major to study? :/ I guess i'm just confused??? Please help !!
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I will copy my post in the other thread in which you asked this question:

For undecided science you'll most likely be taking a variety of science courses (up to your discretion - could be anything from one of the traditional biology, chemistry and/or physics to something like environmental science). Regardless of which science you go into, most universities require some math courses to graduate with a B.Sc (not sure about York in particular, but it's pretty much standard). I also don't know enough about York's concurrent program to know whether or not you'll be taking any education courses as well. Once you've done a few science courses, you can begin considering where you want to major.

The reason you have to declare a major in the first place is because as a concurrent student you'll have to fulfill the requirements of both a B.Sc and a B.Ed. The requirements of a B.Sc include (for the most part) choosing a major. The major you choose to get is not related to your education degree at all, but is actually a separate requirement imposed on all science students whether they're in Con.Ed or not.

As for your average, I don't know really. What I can say is that regardless of where you go you should always be putting in your top effort to maximize your average. Setting a threshold for yourself might seem like a good idea, but if you reach it you may lack the motivation to do the best that you can so I advise against it.

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