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York's Kinesiology?

A photo of chii chii
Hey guys! Merry Christmas :D

Just wondering about your opinions on York's Kinesiology program, more specifically the arts stream.

How is the difficulty? Know anyone in it? Overall reputation? How is it for work load?

Anything you have to say about it, I would be happy to hear.

As for my story, I'm really hoping to get in! If you're wondering why not the science stream, its cause my science marks suck : P If you're wondering why I would pursue something science-y when my science sucks, it's cause I'm still interested, and kinesiology seems to be science in a context I enjoy! I'm hoping to do a double major of kinesiology and fine arts.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm applying to York kinesiology as well and I would like to know more about this program too.

I'm still deciding whether BA or BSc would be better for me. Since you get to choose more electives in BA, I am leaning towards choosing BA. In BSc you have to take hard sciences and math, which I hate.

What are you going to do with this degree?
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A photo of chii chii
I'm hoping to either compliment my martial arts training with scientific knowledge of the body, maybe open my own dojo. I'm also thinking of Athletic Therapy. or teaching in high school.

Can you tell I've made up my mind? ;D
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A photo of Blargg Blargg
Cool. I'm hoping to get into physiotherapy. My backups are occupational therapy, athletic therapy, chiropractic, kinesiologist, and teaching.
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