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I am notjk, currently in Environmental Biology. Recently I started a website, as I get an abnormal amount of emails regarding courses. So I started this site, mainly it me and some friends talking about the courses we had in the past, and if we are lucky, write class statistics.
Just letting people who are still choosing for their first year courses for Yorku Biomed/bio/(science pretty much) that there is a website that talks about these type of courses. YorkU Course Opinion & Statistics

Anyhow, congratulations for accepting your YorkU offer, as this is definitely an awesome university. if you have any first year questions please do post in that yorku forum as we will do our best to answer. Enjoy!
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Hi there!

I would like to attend YorkU for Biomed, however I am currently back at highschool for a semester to complete my 12U math courses, Advanced Functions and Calculus and Vectors. However, for the Winter Term in January, Biomed is not offered so I am hoping to get into the Undecided Science Major, which is available in January. Only problem is there are fewer than 5 people in my Calculus and Vectors course, and it will be canceled. Because I am applying to the Undecided Science Major program in January and it does not require Calculus and Vectors, I may be able to get in. However, I would like to change my major to Biomed, in September 2012, after I have done Undecided Science from January to May. My question is, to change programs from undecided to biomed (which requires a calculus and vectors high school credit) do I HAVE to do Calculus and Vectors in highschool or is there someway around that?

In advance, thank you very much for your time. :)
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