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Your Experience in Laurier's Communications Studies?

A photo of NanBullen NanBullen
This program seems very interesting. What exactly is involved?

Is it another lecture and essay course such as English or is it hands-on? How much experience with media will it give you?
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A photo of LaurierPoliComm LaurierPoliComm
AHAHAHA. Laurier Comm is beyond dry. It's the largest Arts degree on campus. The first two courses are Media in History and Mass Comm. I guess it's dependent on the Prof/TA, but I can tell you I personally hate it.
Both courses are very much like English- we have essays. Media History covers the timeline of communication from cave drawings to now. While Mass Comm covers social media (ie-Twitter) and theories (Innis' theory on papyrus). We do however have this program with conestoga college where your monday and tuesday are spent at the college learning about hands on media (camera work, and chromakeying)and wednesday-friday is spent taking the above mentioned classes.

Oh and the average for Comm100 and Comm101 was 49% last year. it's always been this way. If you plan on doing a Masters, come here. if not, go to Western for MIT.
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