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A photo of Vinsia Vinsia
Hello everyone,

I'm a grade 12 student who has already submitted applications to university. I have applied to the YSDN program at York and Sheridan, and also OCAD's Graphic Design program. Which place is beneficial, and better? What are the interviews like? Also, do any of you have any tips for me, about portfolio development?

**If any of you are interested in critiquing work that I want to put into my portfolio, here is a link to my online portfolio (well...tumblr page) :)


Your advice and help will be greatly appreciated! :)
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A photo of bizgirl bizgirl

I'm also interested in YSDN however I'm a little worried about the sketchbook part, I'm not one to sketch everything I see (more so take pictures lol) but I love making graphics and designing websites lol...Good luck!

I went to the Ontario University Fair and actually talked to one of the professors, he said that he wants someone who filled their sketchbook and draws before anything but thats where I'm worried.

BTW, how did you fill your sketchbook...are you one to draw everything you see?
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A photo of Vinsia Vinsia
Nope I haven't filled my sketchbook,
but then i have lots of things from my old sketchbook that I plan to
put into the "portfolio" sketchbook :)
Oh and I also do sight-drawing, like draw what I see
But i like to draw things from imagination/memory

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A photo of username22 username22
ocad loves creativity over realism.
and do not, like to see alot of cartoons or anime.
sketchbook needs to be full and packed with drawings, sketches, notes, etc.
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A photo of Kristine08 Kristine08
I am not a sketcher either and I managed to get into YSDN with a sketchbook full of "inspiration" photos. (I did however have a really great average, which helped offset any of my sketchbook weaknesses.) Once you're in the program, mandatory sketching is usually kept to a minimum. Some profs really stress sketching, but you don't have to do it for the most part. You're choice.

YSDN is all about concept. You have to have a good concept that you can back up. So when it comes to your interview, be prepared to talk about why you chose to do something. They consider design to be completely separate from the fine arts (for the most part), so whatever you make generally serves a purpose and is not just self expression.

As for benefits of YSDN, it does have an internship program which will give you some real life experience.

In you end up attending YSDN, be prepared to do A LOT of work. You will have projects from day 1 and you can look forward to spending almost all of your free time doing homework. That being said, you get a lot of good design experience. First years can expect to walk away with around 12 pieces by the end of the year.
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A photo of Janice9413 Janice9413
i applied to York's Design.. same program as urs and OCAD's Environmental Deisng.
i got in Ocad but still waiting for York.. im definitely going to OCAD tho :)
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