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Brock university? please don't make the same mistake as we did. It's horrible" this university is not organized in any department. The chair of the science department was doing research on face book, lol" because some students expressed how they felt about a prof on Facebook and got in trouble. We have exams with no proctors we have instructors who walk in late for exams. obviously that doesn't always happen, but it did" so If you can walk & talk come to Brock"  

I got job offers because I have connections I actually had to hide the fact that I was at Brock. Brock university is not worth it. plus all the trouble that goes along with it" The university is not reputable. Now this is just part of the academic aspect"

 university life? don't even think about it it's a WASTE! St. Catharines is a retirement city bring your granny maybe it will be fun playing bingo in your free time lol" some students won't express this because they don't want to be looked at in a bad way, I just laugh" because they already know the truth "the mistake they made being at Brock" why would you pay years of loans to a university like this even if it was free I wouldn't go back" and Don't be fooled when they say its good now" LMAO this university just get's worse annually. Equal rights? lol, there are white supremacist here, and this is coming from a white person!
Accounting vs Economics Degree?
I have just finished grade 11 and I am planning to peruse an undergrad degree in accounting, because I really want to have co-op in university and lots of schools offer co-op in accounting. And I have been told that there are jobs in accounting once you get your CPA designation. But I also, am very interested in economics. But the problem is there are no schools in Ontario that offer a co-op program in economics. plus, I don't know if you get get a job just with an undergraduate degree in economics alone once I graudate, or will I need to get master's degree for it to be worthwhile. Also, I am wondering from anyone who is in the economics program, how much math is involved in the program?
Bored in summer
Guys I'm going into senior year next year and I'm so bored rn. Its burning outside and the boredom and laziness is killing me. What can I do?
Entering grade 12 mega-thread
So this thread is for people who just finished grade 11 and will be applying to uni in the fall, post your grade 11 average and top three choices!

Me: grade 11 average--89.5
Top 3: Ivey/Queens (tied) and Laurier
Computer Science
How is the Computer Science program at Ryerson University? I am just going to start my first year there in September. I hear that Ryerson used to be a school of technology and people tell me that the program is good. What do u guys think of it?
AMA, Actual High School Graduate
There's already an entering grade 12 thread and summer just started. For all the tryhard eleveners, AMA from the application process to study tips and basically anything else. 

I'm going to Western this fall for EPP with AEO status
Mcmaster or York Social Sciences?? Need Help ASAP!
I still haven't decided where I'm going to school in the fall... I'm so confused! To give my situation a bit of context, I left high school with a 93% average and accepted York's offer with the hope and intention of law school thereafter. In all honesty, I feel as though I'm putting 'all of my eggs in one basket' so to speak. What if I decide I don't want to be a lawyer, or can't get into law school? Then what? This thought is very arduous mentally, albeit I do think I would be at the top of my class and probably do quite well at York. Is it a risk worth taking? Conversely, if I attend Mcmaster I may not have as high of a GPA, but I would be at a school with a great reputation, which would be beneficial if I decide to apply to graduate school abroad. It is also worth noting that Mcmaster offers a myriad of degree offerings. One of which is Labour Studies, which is unique to Mcmaster and offers direct entry to the job market in human resources. In the likely event I don't get into law school, in this case there is an actual job at the other end. If I went to York, I would most likely major in sociology and/or political science. If I went to Mcmaster and did terribly, well then I could always go to York. If the reverse occurred, I hear it can be a difficult process getting out of York. I would also be one-two weeks behind in course selection if I decide to go to Mcmaster, which may mean some courses could be full. I already have a timetable at York that I am pleased with.

* Disclaimer, please don't judge as arrogant or self absorbed, merely trying to provide full picture* 

I am an attractive white blonde girl who has lived a privileged upbringing. My fear is I will be a minority at York and one of the few pretty white blonde girls. I have visited the campus a couple of times and observed this myself. York seems to be populated by mainly students of the Asian, Indian, and African American ethnicity. Please don't misunderstand me, I am not a racist and believe in diversity. But, this must include an equal amount of Caucasians. I hope you understand my point, I can't articulate it much better. I also have friends at Mcmaster, know no one at York, and much prefer Mcmaster's campus.  

Where should I go?? Would Mcmaster be that much more difficult to do well at compared to York? If I go to Mcmaster am I giving up entirely on my law school dreams? 

I apologize for the long post. This is a complex situation that deserves the attention and critically analysis to make the right decision. I need to make a decision quickly, so please reply and as soon as possible. I appreciate all thoughts. Thanks you!

Survey of Yconic
I'm interested in the ages, major, background and ethnic make up of this website.
1. How old are you guys?

2. What is your major and minor if you have one.

3. Ethnic background?

4. Where are you from?
#yFundUs Contest
Bring student projects to life!
More information http://yconic.com/programs/yfundus
Carleton Information Technology without Physics or Calculus?
Hi, I'm going into Grade 12 and I'm looking to apply to Carleton in the fall. I'm looking to apply to the faculty of Information Technology for both the Interactive Multimedia and Design and the Network Technology programs. I've noticed that physics and calculus are recommended for both programs. I haven't taken a science course since Grade 10 and I'm only taking Data Management in Grade 12. I don't even have the prereqs for Functions or Calculus.

 In Grade 10 Science I studied very hard in science and I still barely passed all my tests. My Grade 10 Science teacher recommended that I didn't take science again. I'm a bit better at Math but I only got a 72 in Grade 10 U math (by doing all the homework every night (sometimes extra) and asking questions and for help after class.) and was recommended M instead of U math for Grade 11. I did get an 80 in Grade 12 M math, though, with an approach similar to the one I took in Grade 10. 

It's simply not it's realistic for me to take calculus and physics and get good grades. I know some people can get 90s in math and science by following the classic advice "Do all your homework!" "Do extra homework!" "Ask for help when you don't understand!", and, don't get me wrong, I respect and admire all of those people, hell, their our future engineers and programmers, but that simply isn't the reality for all of us. Plenty of people couldn't even get a BA in their wildest dreams, let alone a BSc or BEng etc. 

Anyway, I got off topic, does anyone in IMD or NET know how intense the math and physics are in the two programs? Do you think I could handle it on Data Management alone? 
Withdraw my offer of admission?
When and how will I know if York will withdraw my admission. I didn't meet one of the conditions by 1% (I was supposed to maintain my average used for admission which was 82% but my average dropped to 1%). My friend said she didn't meet her conditions for the same program I wanted to go into and York never withdrew her admission. 

My problem is that the deposit is due tomorrow and there are no refunds. I don't want to throw $500 down the drain if they decide to withdraw my admission.
What do the "other" kids do after high school?
Just a general question out of curiosity, but what do the kids who dont even make it on honour roll do after high school?

Easier to get into: Ivey or Queens?
Given that I will have a 90+ average and my ec's are: Fundraising committee, deca exec, varsity lacrosse, link crew and work as a lifeguard 
& I'm really good at English and writing essays so I'll be able to sell myself well 
AMA Request: Summer Co-op/Intern at a Big 4 Accounting Firm
I and many others on this forum are pursuing a CPA designation and would probably want to work at a big 4 firm. I think it would be beneficial if someone who is currently working there this summer or recently worked there as a student could answer some questions for us.
Is it possible to fake ECs when applying to University
I am not talking about major extra curriculars but some typical ones like being part of
a chess club for 2 years when you were not. Would this be risky?
which uni has better looking girls?
so i got accepted to both brock and mcmaster and i was wondering which school has better looking girls?
UTSC CS co-op!!
I have been accepted to UTSC co-op wanted to know how good is it?
Are there good jobs in Co-op?
 What after completing my BSc will i be able to land a good job? 
What could be my avg. pay?
 My tuition fees are $38000, so i m worried whether to join UTSC or not ? Is it worth paying $38000 for two acadamic terms?
Is ryerson engineering good?
I have noticed that the engineering admission cut offs have become very high... is this schools engineering programs good/ reputable.
If you do not have above average intelligence don't go to University
This will probably get a lot of hate but I think you guys should know this. A lot of asian families believe that if you don't have a degree in business, science or engineering you are a failure but this is not true. I have finished my engineering degree at UofT over a year ago and still have not found a job or at least something sustainable. My bestfriend since middle school went into the trades and learned how to become a plumber. He made money while learning and the company he did his apprenticeship with hired him and he is making over 50k a year in his second year of working. Someone else who I connected with on facebook who I went to highschool with years ago never went to uni and he makes 70k a year repairing elevators.

I'm not saying don't go to university but  think first, if I was not a child of immigrants who worked hard to get to Canada I would have most likely would not go to uni and be better off than I am right now.
CPA or CFA First?
I am looking through the programs that Waterloo offers and there are two programs interested me: the Accounting and Financial Management, and the Biotechnology/CPA.

If I take the former, I can be a CPA/CFA. However, if I take the latter, I could only be a CPA. But the thing is, I want to do something related to science as well as business. I love technology so biotech is for me. That is set. The dilemma I am having is that should I go CFA first (I need to give up my biotech) or CPA first.

Which one is better off for me? Will I benefit from having accounting background before I get my CFA? 

I want a CFA because it is recognizable around the globe unlike CPA.

What should I do??????
UOFT ENGINEERING admission 2016 chances/advice
advanced functions- 81(repeating cuz my cuzzin died and it fucked me over) should get 90+
calculus- what shud i get?
physics-what shud i get?
chem- what shud i get?

looking to get into mech or indy
Uni majors that are in demand??
So many fields are saturated nowadays. I am considering nursing, engineering and computer science. I'm passionate about all those fields and would like to work in the US. However, those fields are getting more and more saturated. I've heard so many horror stories from new uni grads about not being able to find a job in those fields. What uni majors will avoid that?
Ask me anything about admissions (Future Engineering Students)
I was accepted to:

University of Toronto - Track one
University of British Columbia - First year
York University - Space Engineering
Queen's University - Chemical Engineering

I had a grade 12 average of 80.5%, and had a 55 in grade 11 physics, and never took pre-calculus. My university average is a 95.3% which included A+'s in linear algebra, calculus 1 and 2, organic chemistry, biology, computer programming classes, etc.

My goal here is to provide students advice, and answer questions concerning the admission process at these universities. Moreover, I would also like to share advice to students with low high school marks on what they can do to get into schools like U of T, UBC, etc.
How fun was your high school?
Did you guys go out a lot?
Did your school have a lot of parties?

I hated my high school. Absolutely dead. No school spirit or fun. There were never any house parties. I've wasted 4 years of my life in the shittest school ever. It was all work and no play.

I can't wait for uni.