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$500 "Ultimate Study Tip" Community Contest
Love them or hate them, exams are a part of student life. We want to know what your "ultimate study tip" is that helps you get through (and ace) them! 

Essentially we’re looking for some inspirational advice that will help other students have an amazing academic year. Whether it’s “Don't leave it to the last minute” or “Memorize facts with a song”, we want to hear from you. There’s a $500 cash prize up for grabs!* 

How to Enter: 
Simply comment below using your real name with, “My Ultimate Study Tip Is:” followed by the piece of advice you think will help other members as they prepare for exams.

Deadline to enter is January 29, 2016 @ 3:00 p.m. ET.  

How to Win: 
Encourage your friends to vote your comment as “helpful”. The comment with the most helpful votes at the end of the contest period will be awarded the $500 prize.* 

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Please note: Anonymous or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated nor entered into this contest. Good luck! 

*See full rules and regulations ( https://support.yconic.com/hc/en-us/articles/206119646--Ultimate-Study-Tip-Contest-Rules)

English (ENG4U) in night school, e-learning or other??
This will probably be long, so bear with me.

I'm a grade 12 student attending a public semestered high school in Toronto (TDSB), unlike many of my friends/fellow students who took ENG4U (English, Grade 12, Uni Prep) in summer school, that meant that I had to do it in day school. The English department and its teachers are very hard, therefore many people decided to bypass day school and do it in summer school. In grade 11, I got a final mark of 74% in ENG3U, so I felt decent getting into ENG4U. So ENG4U was placed for this semester with a teacher known to be strict and a hard marker, for the first mark update (late October) I was getting a 52% with a class median of 62% and the mark going into the midterms I was at a 50% w/ class median of 64%, worried and confused on my marks, I talked to my teacher on my current progress, seeing what I can do better/improve, what to expect later in the course and general feedback/recommendations. After that, I wisely decided that the teacher was definitely a hard marker and learnt that only 2 students was getting above an 80 in a university-preparation course, many of the students in my class were getting high 50s and 60s, many of the students in the class dropped the course (started with 24 students, probably now at 14) and so I decided to drop the course in order to establish a good average and maintain a stable/consistent mark.

Now I am at a point to decide where to take ENG4U outside of my current school for next semester, so far I have narrowed down doing it in TDSB night school, TDSB e-learning or others such as ILC or private school. What would be the best option?

Many of these options have many downsides to me, however I do understand that I need ENG4U to get into any university program in Ontario. For night school, it would mean that I have to travel to the nearest nigh school location (using transit) which would take about 40 minutes to get there, plus 3 hours of learning and getting back home will take about 4.5 hours and then having to do catch up on my day school homework. For e-learning, having done e-learning before for MDM4U, it is a lot of work, piles and piles of it and very limited to getting help and being in a real educative environment (ie. not knowing your teacher personally, only until the exam), I talked to a friend who did ENG4U in e-Summer School, he had mixed responses saying it was easy, but the workload was insane and many of the students got mixed marks and didn't seem consistent (ie, 50s, 60s, 80's, etc), he ended up with a 91%. My other option would be private school, which many people recommend, though I do not have much money to pay for private school, and many of the credit courses private schools seem shady and there aren't much nearby where I live. The last option is ILC, however the whole ILC process looks quite confusing and I don't know anyone who have token it and get an opinion on it.


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University of Waterloo Applications?
University of Waterloo Applications?

What are you applying into, what is your average, courses and when are you applying?

From Ontario High Schools.
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Is SBI4U Hard or is it Just a Lot of Memorization?
Is SBI4U Hard or is it Just a Lot of Memorization?

I am not very good at Math and Physics. I did well at SBI3U. I make very good notes and I am very good at memorizing. Will I do well?

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Overall,does Degroote compare to Laurier or Rotman?
Im interested in finance and accounting and I just want to know if Degroote is a reputable school that could offer the same quality of education as Rotman or Laurier
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Why is everyone on this forum so dead set on telling kids not to go into any given program?
I understand that it's hard to find jobs in some fields. I'm sure almost everyone on here does as well. It seems that every post i see, there's always some anonymous commenter discouraging them and telling them "good luck working at starbucks/mcdonalds/burger king/etc." I just saw something that said the only useful degrees were engineering and computer science. Do you think that Engineers and Comp. Sci majors can do every job that our complex society needs? No, they can't. Yes, it may be hard to find a high paying job with certain degrees but who are you to assume that making money is all someone cares about? Coming from the home of a single mother who makes a little over 50k a year, I can tell you that having an average paying job isn't hell like people on here make it out to be. I would never go against what i aspire to do based on the amount of money I'd start off making.

It just seems that some people are so dead-set on tearing people's goals down on here and I just wanted to let people know that their degree isn't "useless" if it doesn't get them a job paying 100k off the bat.
how is computer science in york and ryerson?
i'm thinking whether to apply to york.... is the computer science program good there?
i'm also considering u of t and ryerson, altho what eats me up is that ryerson requires SPH 4U to be part of my top 6 (to which i don't want it to be included since I'm only getting low 80s and my other courses are like on the high 80s and 90s spectrum) and york requires either SCH 4U (sadly didn't take) or SPH 4U (same problem). waterloo can't be a choice for me now because of the far distance and my parents won't allow me to go rez.

now i'm looking at u of t (doesn't require SPH 4U) but my problem with it now is that it requires very high averages just to get an entrance scholarship - and i can't say that my average is a guaranteed thumbs up since i still have one more sem and eng12 and MCV 4U are two of my courses that I'll be taking. now, york and ryerson are a bit more leninent with average just to get an entrance scholarship. and i don't know how well these 2 universities run their program. so the dilemma is created - which university to go now to?

any comments/ideas/advices? all greatly appreciated. thanks
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Summer school?
Hi! So I'm currently in grade 10 and I want to plan my grade 11 courses ASAP, so here's what I'm planning on taking:
English (ENG3U1)
Functions (MCR3U1)
Intro to Computer Studies (ICS3U1)
Religion (HRT3MF)
Extended French (FEF3U1)
Biology (SBI3U1)
Chemistry (SCH3U1)
Physics (SPH3U1)
Visual Arts (AVI3M1)

only thing is, as you can see, is that I have 1 too many courses, so I was wondering if I should take something in the summer? I'm planning on taking English in the summer, but is that a good choice? Do universities like UofT and Waterloo care if I took grade 11 english in the summer? 
I really want to take Visual arts again as well as computer studies, so I don't want to take them out.
any suggestions/advice would be amazing!! thanks

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1st year Western Medical Science Student! Ask me anything!
Hey guys, just looking to help you guys with the application process.
I'll try my best to answer questions about anything about Western!
$500 "To My Past Self" Community Contest

Hindsight is everything, right? 

With Happy Student New Year quickly approaching, we want to know what one piece of advice you would have given yourself 12 months ago to better get you through your last academic year.  

We’re looking for some inspirational advice that will help other students have an amazing 2015/16 Student New Year. Whether it’s “No matter how comfy your bed is, go to class” or “life’s short, eat the cake” we want to hear from you.  

To enter, simply comment below using your real name with “To My Past Self:” followed by the piece of advice you think would have helped you one year ago. 

Encourage your friends to vote your comment as helpful. The comment with the most helpful votes at the end of the contest period will be awarded the $500 prize.* 

Only friends that have an active yconic profile will be able to vote. So connect and make new friends in the yconic Community or invite your friends to join http://yconic.com for FREE today.

Deadline to apply is October 15, 2015 @ 9:00 AM EDT.  

*See full rules and regulations. Please note: Anonymous or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated nor entered into this contest.  

What advice will you find most helpful? Help us identify the best advice by giving your favourite comments a ‘Help Vote’!

* https://support.yconic.com/hc/en-us/articles/205369054--To-My-Past-Self-Community-Contest-Rules

Are credit mills only common in Ontario?
I only hear people from Ontario talk about doing courses at private school.
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How to deal with bad marks/stress of grade 12?
A little background about me, is that I have been a very high achiever my whole life. I have always been at the top of my classes and I take my education seriously so marks mean a lot to me. I study hard, i am that annoying student who asks the teachers a bunch of questions to clarify one thing. However, my grade 12 year has not been very good. My marks are lower than previous years and i have been performing poorly on tests, which is something I am not used too. It has come to the point where I always feel like crying because of the stress to get good marks so that I can go to university. I feel overwhelmed and sad all the time because of the expectations i have for myself. 

I hope anyone who is/was in the same situation, to tell me how they deal with bad marks/school stress. I would really appreciate it.
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Good Universities/Programs for someone interested in Accounting?
Hey, I'm a grade 11 student in Ontario as of now, and I understand that I'm not applying to university yet. I feel as if I should plan ahead just so I know what to expect in regards to admissions. Do any of you guys have any suggestions on good accounting programs that give quality education, and are worth attending? I probably won't be able to get into very top tier schools anyway, as my first semester midterm average is at 89% with English 3U, Accounting 3M, Phys Ed, and Chemistry 3U. I aim to head towards the CPA path after graduating from university. 

I've head about Brock's BAcc program; still deciding if I should I apply or not. Do I have to take coop to actually succeed, or is it fine not doing co-op?

Does Ottawa have a good program? They also offer Co-Op

And what about guelph? 
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Social life & work ethic balance
Which schools offer the best social life in regards of friendliness, party scene, and fun; but also has studious, hard working, and smart students? I am looking for a university that parties hard, but studies harder. I don't wana be overwhelmed by my studies or overwhelmed by excessive partying.
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I got 79 in chemistry in the first term and 77 in pre-cal. Do universities focus mainly on term 1 marks???? (I'm getting 92 in bio, 94 in cal and 88 in English)

Will I still have a chance to get into Biochemistry U of Toronto if my marks increase in term 2? 
I'm freakin out already....
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Computer Science scholarships in UoT
I was wondering if there are any scholarships that U of T offers, that caters to aspiring Computer Science majors in particular? Perhaps scholarships that one could apply to based on academic performance, leadership skills and financial need?

Any response is of great help. Thank you!
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Do you guys think I can get in?
Hi guys, I'm concerned with my current situation because I just applied with around 6 programs ish. 

I'm lapping because I screwed up 1-2 courses last year and ended with an average of 74. Then, I decided to stay an extra semester and did not apply last year at all. The problem is, right now on the transcript does not show my marks for this semester because it's not over until January. But people told me to apply before the Christmas break so that's what I did. 

With this semester, I can at least boost my average up to 83 ish. Just that right now they won't see it because mid-term does not show and so my concern is, will they look at my marks now without this unfinished semester then reject me, or they will wait for a bit until feb because i'm still at school? Also, does early acceptance have anything to do with me anymore since I already finished high school with enough grade 12 credits. 

By the way, all the programs I applied for are york,, uts and trent for Poli Sci, and health  studies at Mcmaster and york. These are all cut off for around 75-80. 

I would love to hear replies, much appreciates. 
ok, I understand the fact that UBC Mcgill and U of T are the best schools of Canada...
But why is there so much difference? look at the university rankings(global ones); these three are always getting ranked between 20-50 whereas ALL the other canadian universities are stuck in 100-300 ...is that the reality?
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Work and Study Life
I don't know about you guys but I am running out of money and I am getting no help. I have decided to start working this upcoming term on top of my studies, fitness, and social life but that is a lot to balance and I'm not the best with juggling. I've read tips and tricks to help me but I usually end up just getting too stressed, giving up and embracing the netflix coma. I know that the key to getting ahead is directly linked to motivation but where do I find it? I usually get some inspiration from a hard working character in a series that I would be watching but then I end up not having enough time for it and I lose that feeling quickly (Or I binge watch and miss sleep which is even worse!). I have come to realize that if there is no sustainable independent way then you have to reach out. Get friends who work around your demanding schedule or grab a friend for each battle of the day (Work, Study, Nutrition, Fitness, Study, Budgeting, Study, Study Study, Work, Mental health & de-stress). No matter what you have to go through in a day there is always someone who can empathize and assist or at least do their best to help you through it. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that people aren't always keeping your best interests at heart so try to just get them out of your busy schedule. You don't have time to forget what happened on a Tuesday night and regret it all on Wednesday morning. You have things to do! People to see and places to be! You can make time for that on the weekends and during breaks. 

In all you should never get yourself down and if you do then you can always find someone, somewhere to lean on and help you back up. This is a busy time in all our lives and there isn't much we can do about it except give it 110% and keep laughing at and learning from our mistakes. 

My ultimate study tip is
To simply pay attention in class and when I reach home I read over everything from the starting of the semester, it helps you remember ever detail for the exam. This only takes 30 mins of going through notes
2nd Year Queen's Commerce - Ask Away!
Hey guys, this forum helped me out a lot in high school. If you wanna know anything about the Commerce program, let me know.
Western and McMaster and U of T
Hey guys,
I applied for Western Medical sciences (Pharmacology and Physiology) and McMaster Science (Biology) and U of T (life science). If my term 1 marks are the following will I have a big chance of being accepted? I don't know what the normal averages are so I'm a bit nervous. I am from BC btw so its top 4 courses (don't know how they choose it but these are my best courses)

Biology 12 98%
Chemistry 12 ~96% 
Calculus 12 97%
English 12 90% 
Comparative Civilization 12 ~97%


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