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Switching Laurier res?
Has anyone ever successfully been able to switch residences after being assigned one? I got Waterloo College Hall which I'm happy about & got put into the Business RLC which I asked for, but the problem is that my room is in the basement so it's basically underground. I'm claustrophobic and thinking about that makes me uneasy. I need to have proper windows and I need to be above ground. Would that be a legitimate enough excuse to get switched? Pls help
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Elearning Accounting 12 Exam
Hi. Just wondering if anyone took the TDSB elearning Accounting 12 exam. I was just wondering what the exam is like. If so, what are topics to focus on? Level of difficulty? 

I'd greatly appreciate any input. Thanks. 
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OSAP LOAN not showing HELP
so i was checking OSAP the other day it only showed Ontario grant for low income family and no Loan or tution Fee amount, why can this happen

Also i made some mistakes on my parents income some lines were not filled in correctly is it cause of that and how can i correct it? can it be done by just visiting the financial aid office at my college 

Advanced Functions Grade 12
How hard is this course? I am planning to take it next year and I would like to get a head start this summer. I have the entire textbook. So, how difficult is it to learn this through the textbook. Mind you, math is definitely not my strong subject of choice and I'm also trying to learn this from a deficit... bare in mind. (also, I'm from Ontario, I believe the textbook and the curriculum associated is standard with every other)
Will non day school courses show up on my transcript?
I am taking ENG4U in summer elearning with TCDSB. I am a TDSB student. I have a bad mark, and it is too late to drop the course. My exam is this Wednesday. My guidance counsellor said that students need to submit report cards for any courses taken outside TDSB if they want it to appear on my transcript? If I don't submit my report card, will the course not show up on my transcript? This is assuming that I myself do not want the course to show up. TCDSB said they will not send report cards to non-TCDSB schools, and it is the students responsibility to submit the report cards to the schools guidance department. However I gave my OEN number when signing up for the course, so will there be some record of me taking the course on OUAC? 
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Is it worth transferring to a better university for the same undergrad program?
Hello, everybody!

I'm currently a first-year computer engineering student at a U15 university in Ontario. It wasn't my first choice in high school, but I couldn't get into my top schools (U of T, Waterloo, McGill) last year due to some personal difficulties in Grade 12 :( I was told that I could reapply next year as a university transfer student to get into my top choices, and, after doing so, I now got accepted by all of them for the same program (computer engineering)! :) However, although most of my courses have been transferred, I'll have to redo first year to complete the remaining courses.

My question: is it worth transferring to a better university for the same undergrad program (engineering)? Will being a transfer student have a negative impact on my CV, grad school, job applications, etc?
Pros: Transferring to a better-ranked, well known university, whose reputation can help while appying for further studies in grad school (preferably in the US)
Cons: I'll be losing a year. I've heard that all accredited engineering programs in Canada are viewed the same at the end, so it won't matter where you do your undergrad.
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Which course should I drop?
I am a grade 11 student going into grade 12 and I have 8 courses on my timetable. However, I want to have a spare for next year so I need to drop a course. But I do not know which course to drop. The first 5 courses below are mandatory, but the last three are not so I need to drop one of those courses. Please tell me!!!!  

Advance Functions
Calculus and Vectors
Photography and Digital Imaging 
Nutrition and Health
International Business 
High School Class of 2016 Offers of Admission
The Applications thread is pretty cluttered so I was thinking we could start this thread to make it easier to view when others are accepted to programs you've applied to! 

Please include in your post:
- Program
- Date of offer
- Date of application
- Admission average (Grade 11, first semester, second semester midterm - whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province
- Any supplementary information (Ex. ECs if they're required on application, predictions about quality of essays/responses)
- Any other information you deem appropriate!

Good luck guys!
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Tips on frosh week?
So I'm an introvert and not many people I know are going to the university I'm going to, I tried making friends online on my schools Facebook group and then I found out that my school which is York University does frosh in a way where everyone is kind of separated so your frosh depends on the college you're affiliated with. All the friends I've made are associated with different colleges so I won't see them at frosh since they're not in my college. So basically I'm asking how to make friends in frosh when you don't know anybody and you're introverted and pretty shy. I didn't want to go to frosh but a friend of mine said she made her best friends at her frosh, and since she's a commuter she doesn't live on res (same thing as me) so I'm mostly going to frosh to meet new people but I don't wanna waste 110 or more dollars on frosh if I don't end up liking it anyways please help with some tips and what are some examples of activities that would be at frosh? (Also I tagged other schools so that i can get a feel of what frosh really is)
Questions about virtual high school English4u1
Can I take it anytime of the year, I'm tdsb

How difficult is it compared to other mediums

How long does it take to finish on average? 
Virtual high school completion time
I need a credit in 2 weeks in case my summer school mark isn't high enough...... Just for precautionary measures, incase I have to take VHS... Can I finish it in 2 weeks ?
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0.75% below admission requirement ?
I have to call uni tomorrow and ask ..... Is this unacceptable :| I'm traumatized 
Has anyone ever experienced something similar 
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McGill Engineering vs U of A Engineering (Undergrad)
So here's my situation:

If I go to U of A I'm offered:
-$30,000 scholarship
-Co-op program
-Familiarity since I'm from Edmonton

If I go to McGill:
-Only $3,000 one-year entrance
-Downside no co-op
-Better reputation
-Guaranteed mechanical engineering specialization because I'm entering with IB diploma

I've been thinking about this for the last month, and right now I'm still impartial. What would you guys choose?
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Will I get into UBC?
Hi, I am a little nervous that I wont be able to make it into UBC. My grade 11 marks are: Physics 11: 98% Chemistry 99% Pre-Cal 11: 99% PE 11: 96% French 11: 93% English 11: 87% ( I know I could have done better) Socials 11: 95% Art 11: 89% EC's: Adopt-A-Street Program, tutor students at my current high school, green team recycling leader, student council member. This summer I am going to volunteer as a retail associate and at the beginning of September, I will be volunteering as a leading coordinator for LBN. So, how do you think my chances are of getting in? I would like to apply to Sauder, but I've heard its immensely competitive. Or is going to SFU a better idea? because they have a great business school.
Rising 2nd Year at Queen's Commerce. Ask me what you want to know about the program.
I used to browse these forums before I went to uni. Looking back on them now, I see a huge amount of disinformation and trolling that is absolutely hilarious to me. 

Ask me any questions you might have about Queen's, Queen's Commerce, or business schools in Canada in general. I will do my best to answer. 
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I am applying for osap but was looking at the osap estimator first and could not find my program which is Behaviour genetics and neurobiology at the University of Toronto. I was wondering if anyone else who is in the Behaviour genetics and neurobiology program or any program similar has the same problem or knows what to do?
Waterloo Computer Science Applicants of 2016!
This forum is for Waterloo computer science applicants of 2016!

This is created to get a better understand of the applicants this year. Share the following please:

1. Estimated admission average
2. EC's

Just want to get to know the competition a bit better! Good luck to everyone!
HELP! UofT International Exchange Partners
Is there a list of U of T exchange partners. Can you guys give me link that list all the partners? Thanks
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What type of ECs does Schulich look for?
I'm going into grade 11 next year and aside from getting my 40 hours in community service and a couple sport teams, I don't have any extra curriculars. What sort of ECs should I start doing to increase my chances of getting into Schulich? Also, if you were to accepted to Schulich what were your extra curriculars?
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got 55 on English Provincial
My UofT conditions said that I need to maintain my academic standing. Well, I got 90 in cal, 80 in chem, 83 in eng and 90 in biology for the first term. Then my grades dropped, 79 in cal, 80 in chem, 88 in bio and final mark 76 in eng. The point is that I got 55 on my english provincial. What should I do right now??!! I can't take summer school because it's almost over. ????
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12U Philosophy worth it?
would taking grade 12 philosophy help if i needed to take philosophy of medicine and ethics at guelph in third or fourth year? i'd have 8 12U courses without it already so i'm not sure if it's worth the added stress considering my math and science heavy courseload
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College to University
How hard would it be to transfer to a university after 1 year of college? I don't have enough U or M credits to apply to university, so my guidance counselor suggested I apply to a program at college.I feel as though a college degree will not help me succeed in life, and I only applied because I might not be able to complete a victory lap. I don't know how it works at other schools, but at my school you have to apply to complete another year and I was told I may not be accepted. I'm looking to apply to a computer science university program after my first year at college. Can anyone tell me where I'll likely be accepted? Anymore information on transferring to computer science programs would be great! Thank you :)
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