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1st Year Waterloo Biomedical Engineering Student, Ask me anything!
Hey guys!

As you probably know if you're applying to Biomedical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, the program just started last year meaning that my class is the first ever class of Biomeds here! It also means that there's very little information available for prospective students for both the application process and what the program is actually like. If you have any questions regarding the program, the admission process, or Waterloo Engineering in general please feel free to ask me!

Good luck with admission everyone!

Summer :)
Ubc Qualifications
I am just finishing my grade 11 year, and going into grade 12. I slacked most of this year until I realized that grade 11 matters towards university, so I pulled it together and increased my grades by a good 30%.... I really would love to go to UBC for buisness but I dont know if my grades in grade 11 will qualify. I got a 86% in physics, 92% in Pre Calc 11, 86% in english, 80% in socials. I am currently taking Pre Calc 12 over the summer, and Calculus 12, in my Grade 12 year. My average goal for next year is around 92%. If I manage to pull it off do you think it is possible for me to get into UBC? I also have recently started volunteering and i work part time. (Just information for my personal profile) If not UBC I would like to attend SFU, University of Toronoto, or Uvic. Please let me know if you think I can make it.  Thank you.
Who wants to go into med school?
And what are you doing to reach your goal (Ecs, undergrad choice, research etc...)?? And what are your alternative careers if you decided you didn't want to go to med school anymore or didnt get accepted?
How do you network without making it seem like I am just there to network?
I have read few networking threads around here and some ppl suggest talking to ppl and doing stuff like ask if they want to chat over coffee. If you were an executive/CEO/recruiter wouldn't you be suspicious if a uni student sent you emails about a something or invited you for some coffee? I'm sure there are many ppl that can tell when all someone wants to do is to use you as a jumping board to their success. And it becomes blatantly obvious when students surround recruiters in networking events, asking them many questions not for curiosity sakes but to so the recruiter can rmb them and give them interviews.
Official Q&A with Ivey Admissions and Recruiting
Welcome to this thread where you can ask me anything about the HBA Program and the student experience for all years at Western and Ivey.

To provide you with some background, I recently graduated from the Honors Business Adminstration Program (HBA) this past year and currently working with the school as the HBA Recruiting Associate. I work closely with most areas of the school, including the admissions committee, career management and faculty.

Throughout my years at Western and Ivey I have been involved in a wide variety of activities, most of my time was consumed with residence life and student government; although I have dabbled in a number of club executive positions, intramural activities and a number of different student jobs on campus.

This would be a great forum to dispel some rumours about the program and clear up some of the myths about Ivey. I look forward to our discussions.


Associate, HBA Recruiting
HBA & MSc Program Services

Richard Ivey School of Business
The University of Western Ontario
I'm a Canadian studying at an Ivy League school - Ask Me Anything
Basically what the title says. I find that people--especially Canadians--hold a lot of misconceptions regarding what it means to go to an Ivy League or Ivy-calibre school. People on this forum also love to throw around terms like prestige, liberal arts degrees, connections, success, wealth, etc. in their discussions, especially when the Ivy League is brought up or when people are fighting about which business program is the best. I thought I could answer a few questions and clear up a few things about the Ivy League and what it actually means in the real world. I'm not a freshman/1st year so I stopped seeing everything with rose-coloured glasses like I used to when I first got here.

About me:

Sex: Male

Program/Major: History, but I'm also completing the requirements for medical school.

High school: Regular public high school in Ontario. No AP or IB. My 4 year average was 94%, with course marks ranging from 83-99%. I did a lot of extracurriculars in high school and I had a couple of leadership roles. My teachers also really liked me so I was able to get good letters of recommendation from them. My school isn't known for sending kids to the US at all.

SAT/ACT scores: 2140 (out of 2400) and 35 (out of 36).

I did not get in because of money or connections. I come from a middle-class family, and most of the $60,000 cost of attendance per year is covered by my school's generous financial aid policy. I pay about $8000 a year for tuition and room + board.

So go ahead. Ask me anything. I'm currently studying for midterms so I'll try to answer when I can.
Switching Majors/Universities (Is it worth it?)
Hello, i am currently a chemical and physical sciences student (math, physics and astronomy are my main courses). I have taken a few economics classes and i am starting to like it more and more, as well i speak a few languages so i feel like a business degree could come in more handy. Would a finance degree be better than my current degree? if i do this i would switch from my current university (uoft) to waterloo (finance co-op)?
McGill Science
Is this university a "GPA killer" in the sciences like the rumoured UofT Life Science Program even if one works hard? 

I want to do a an Anatomy and Cell Biology degree from this university as it appears to be very interesting!
Marital Breakup
What happens if I have applied for osap and now my husband and I split up?? It's a complete shock so I'm scared now what to do for school!!! Someone please help me out.
Why are professionals contributing to the Yconic community?
I apologize if this is a dumb question, but why are so many graduate/professional school students and professionals (i.e. doctors) posting on this forum and answering my questions? Not that I'm complaining! I'm just curious. Are they being compensated in any way?
Fashion Trends 2015
Also this year there are new visions for the latest fashion trends 2015th  

More and more leave us the lovely pastel colors and new trends and colors come to the catwalk. For us, fashion-conscious women, it is important to be informed about the latest trends and latest fashion shows have given us an insight into what are the absolute must-haves and No-Go's in this year. Even if the color pink and bright orange are still in this year the trend, let's be honest, so slow you have had enough of pastel colors. And so see the also the designer, because the color of the year was chosen - Marsala, a darker shade of red with a slight tinge of brown, which increasingly is coming to the stores and starting this year, must be to find essential in your wardrobe. The color of the year is Marsala and makes every woman through the dark shade of red seductive and elegant appear. This color we reflect in our gingham outfit resist, which leads us to our first fashion trends 2015: Karo is an absolute must in this year! In our outfit we reflect both the color Marsala and Karo reflected in the cardigan, which is cut long and plays around the figure beautifully. Serve with a beige tone, which we apply in the chino pants, which the outfit is particularly easy and stylish. The button panel on the trousers is a special fashion accessory. Fits with black high heels in leather look that will make your legs very long and a plain black top, is the outfit into a true fashion highlight, which one confidently can start the day and in the evening in a bar draws attention to itself.  


The jeans look like us so much that he will remain this year. By now, you should not just grab the jeans trousers, but also equip you with shells made of denim. Especially trendy are the denim shirts, also equipped with patterns, lace, stones or studs. For this is a great place to combine a simple, black pants, because the view is to stick to the denim shirt. The sneaker remain this year still very much in vogue, so white sneakers give the outfit an even more stylish look and ensure a transition on clouds. With this choice of clothes you can go absolutely casually through the streets. In the bag you will find again the gray of sneakers, so the outfit is consistent. Basically, the denim shirt is a real all-rounder, as it can be combined in a variety of looks. When choosing, to attract a pair of jeans, you have to just be careful that it lighter at least one tone or darker, because it is too monotonous otherwise. In our outfit but we have deliberately chosen the black pants with leather look, as too much can be a flop jeans quickly. The leather look makes the trousers-catchers and the outfit is welcome everywhere and entirely enviable.

Ranas is an online shopping store for women clothing. It proffers latest and unique ethnic wears for women like saree, bollywood saree, kurti, lehengas.
Finance or economics degree?
I am interested in business but also law.  Initially, I planned on just pursuing finance and working as some kind of analyst, and eventually get my MBA.  However, I've begun to consider the possibility of an economics degree.  If I get an economics degree, I can get my masters in economics, get an MBA (I read US schools prefer economics undergrads to business undergrads), or I can go to law school (statistically, economics majors are top scorers on the LSAT).  Whereas if I only got my BBA, I feel as though I am limited to just getting a MBA.  

What do you think?  Even if I didn't end up getting into an MBA program or law school, would an economics degree provide me with the same opportunities as someone with a BBA?
Laurier BBA without co op
Hello, I am going in to first year at Laurier as a BBA student and all I hear is co op co op and co op. I was wondering, is co op what makes BBA and without co op is being a BBA student almost useless? Are BBA students still really successful without it? 

Thanks for your time,

If you do not have above average intelligence don't go to University
This will probably get a lot of hate but I think you guys should know this. A lot of asian families believe that if you don't have a degree in business, science or engineering you are a failure but this is not true. I have finished my engineering degree at UofT over a year ago and still have not found a job or at least something sustainable. My bestfriend since middle school went into the trades and learned how to become a plumber. He made money while learning and the company he did his apprenticeship with hired him and he is making over 50k a year in his second year of working. Someone else who I connected with on facebook who I went to highschool with years ago never went to uni and he makes 70k a year repairing elevators.

I'm not saying don't go to university but  think first, if I was not a child of immigrants who worked hard to get to Canada I would have most likely would not go to uni and be better off than I am right now.
Political Science Major- which uni?
After summer, I'm going into grade 12 and I am very stressed as to which university (in Ontario preferably) would provide me with the best undergrad education in order to pursue law. Before naming a bunch of uni's I was hoping that you guys could help me out with what you know, maybe from experience or research, because oh boy have I been researching, and am still quite lost.
UTM first year commerce student
Helloo all :)
I dont know how to choose courses yet :(
i know that i have to take four courses that are mandtory but then how many electives do i need to take??
Also it says when the courses have lecture/practical/ tutorial, i have to take one lecture and either one of rest of them? Is this correct?
please help this..:( thank you very much!

AFM Laptops: Macbook pro vs dell xps 13
I'm going to waterloo for accounting and financial management and I don't know if I should choose a macbook or a normal windows laptop. I know people say that you need a windows operating system but I've read reviews and i'm kind of not sure if the dell xps 13 is worth the risk. Would I be fine for the next 4 years using a macbook or is there a better laptop out there?
Entering grade 12 mega-thread
So this thread is for people who just finished grade 11 and will be applying to uni in the fall, post your grade 11 average and top three choices!

Me: grade 11 average--89.5
Top 3: Ivey/Queens (tied) and Laurier
Admission Questions? Ask a Current UBC Student!
Hi guys,

I always remember finding this forum really useful back when I was applying for universities in 2012, and I'd like to offer you the opportunity to actually get some hard knowledge about admissions rather than just hearsay. Though I'm in Sauder, I can answer any questions regarding direct entry to all UBC programs, Sauder transfer applications, and general university stuff.

You should all also take a look at the holy grail of UBC admissions, specifically table 18 where all admission averages for all programs for entry in 2013W are outlined.

Hope to see you all at UBC in September!
Best university and program for undergrad planning to go to law school
I was wondering what you guys think is the best undergrad major for someone like me, who would like to pursue law later on. What are the top three schools I should be looking at? Also please take into consideration the reputation of the school itself as well as graduating with a good GPA. Thank you :)
3rd year Canadian medical student happy to answer questions!
UPDATE July 11, 2012:

My name is Josh, some of you might know me as the guy who started MedHopeful. For those of you who don't know me, I am currently a 3rd year Medical Student at UofT and I have run a blog called MedHopeful for almost 4 years now which provides stories and advice relating to undergrad, scholarships and medical school.

I originally wanted to remain anonymous in this thread because I was working on a few new projects (like a new group blog I had started) with some medical school classmates who wanted to remain anonymous. However, after long discussions and thinking, I decided to go back to primarily posting on MedHopeful. I also figured that I was OK not being anonymous (my friends still want to be, which is fine and I understand why).

In any case, I am happy to answer any questions, and for those of you who didn't know, I started a similar thread like this last year on the old Student Awards forums, which you might also find useful:


* * * * *

Hey everyone,

I am a 3rd year medical student at a Canadian medical school. My first 2 years were spent mostly in the classroom learning anatomy, physiology, disease, treatments, etc.

I started 3rd year in September 2011, and since then, I have been in "clerkship" - which means I have been working and learning full time in the hospital - seeing real patients everyday, and learning to diagnose/treat their illnesses. I have to say, it's very different from what I imagined. No matter how much you try to learn what it's like to practice medicine (e.g. shadowing), you really don't know what it's like until you do it.

I found these forums very helpful while studying in undergrad and applying to medical school. I'd like to give back by answering questions about medical school if anyone has any.

I'll try to be as honest as possible. I just won't be revealing any personal details as I'd prefer to remain anonymous.

Ask away! :)

P.S. I now blog everyday about med school life, getting in to med school, undergrad tips, etc. (see signature)
Know any good textbooks for Advanced Functions and Chemistry 12?
Hey guys, what do you guys think about the Nelson Advanced Functions textbook and Nelson Chemistry textbook?

The chemistry one is so wordy and confusing, and the Advanced Functions one has too many errors in it.

Are there any good textbooks, I know Hebden is amazing for chemistry 12.

Which textbooks do you use and can you give me your thoughts on them?
Do Scholarships for UWO look at Grade 11 Marks?
My Average for Grade 11 is an 87, I'm considering upgrading Functions for 2 Weeks in Summer School to get an average of 90+. If Grade 11 is not considered I won't attend summer school and I can just prepare for Grade 12 and volunteer.

Is it too late to get involved with leadership EC's?
Hi, I'll be going into grade 12 this year and I want to do business at schools likes Queen's, Western, Schulich, Laurier etc. I have pretty good marks and my EC's are ok  but i doubt they're good enough. Here's a list:

-Relay for Life participant
-volunteered as a performer for a theater group; a group of about 30 of us performed shows to citizens of Toronto. We helped them "expand their horizons" in terms of  visiting forgotten restaurants and landmarks (weird af i know, but it was fun) I also recruited a few members
-i had a job as a sales rep at Future Shop before it closed 
-currently have a stock associate/cashier job at Food Basics
-volunteering for the Pan American games this summer

I know its all about how well you sell your EC's but I doubt I'd stand a chance with virtually no leadership experience. What kind of activities can I get involved in for my last year of high school to help fill the void?
Should I Take an Online Course in August?
I have a few commitments this summer: two jobs (one about 15 hrs a week, the second only 3-5 hrs a week) and 6 hours a week of volunteering. I'm wondering if it would be beneficial to my grades and mental stability to take a course online in August?
I'm leaning towards philosophy (as I need a "religion" course because I go to a catholic school, and I think it would be a pretty do-able class online. Does anyone have experience with this course (HZT4U) either online or in school? Or do you think I should take a different course online? Or none at all? Will I get a better grade online during summer or in school? Are spares important or not really necessary? Will I be more burnt out from having a reduced summer or a heavier course load during the year?
Just FYI here's the courses I'm taking next year:
Thank you so much!