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AMA: University of Guelph Science 3rd Year
Hi everyone,

I'm here to answer any questions you have about Guelph or even anything in general. I'm a third year at the University of Guelph, Majoring in Biomedical Science with a minor in Neuroscience. I'm also looking into switching into Brain & Cognition as a major at Guelph. I'm actively involved in extra curriculars at the university and in the city of Guelph so I know a lot about the clubs on campus (I actually manage some!). I'm looking into going into Medical School in the future as well as obtaining a Masters in a Psychological/Neuroscience area. I'm an out of province student and I also receive financial assistance so you can ask me about almost anything. I'm familiar with other universities as well, including McMaster, Queens, and UBC and I can tell you why I chose Guelph over the other universities.
How can I improve my grades?
Hi, I'm currently a high school student in grade 11 and I want to get into a computer engineering program at perhaps Waterloo or University of Toronto. This first semester of gr.11 my grades are 75% functions, 77% English, 72% Chemistry, 72% Biology. Also take into account the only class I put forth effort was Math, I could've gotten a higher mark in chemistry or biology  but I know I didn't put forth the effort but in math I did assigned homework daily and studied a day before unit tests. What can I do to improve my math mark for next year and also prepare for chemistry. How did you do good in grade 12 advanced functions and calculus, what can I do? (Grade 10 marks: 60% math and 74% science)
UTSC Management: Class of 2020
Hello everyone!  

To those of you applying to UTSC Management (Noncoop, Coop, MIB),  let's build this forum by posting our: 

Grade 11 Average:
Projected Grade 12 Average:
Acceptance Date (If applicable): 

Good luck to you all!
Waterloo/Laurier DD
Do any of you know what the AIF deadline is for the waterloo/Laurier DD in math and computer science is? It doesn't clearly state it anywhere. Thanks!
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Waterloo Computer Science Applicants of 2016!
This forum is for Waterloo computer science applicants of 2016!

This is created to get a better understand of the applicants this year. Share the following please:

1. Estimated admission average
2. EC's

Just want to get to know the competition a bit better! Good luck to everyone!
SFU 2016 Admissions
Hey everyone!
I've noticed that some people have received conditional acceptance to SFU already. I have not yet admitted my grades yet so I was wondering, if you have been conditionally accepted to SFU already, what was your average?
Thanks so much!
Acceptances To Guelph! 2016
Just wanted to make a little discussion for Guelph! They have officially started sending out first round offers, so everyone that has received an offer list:
Acceptance Average
Congrats on the acceptance and hope to see you all at UofG this September! :)
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what are my chances
I finished first semester of engineering with an 86.17 average what are my chances of transferring to mcgill, u of t, and waterloo, for electrical engineering?
I know most people in BC's first choice is UBC, but has anyone heard back from SFU after they self reported their marks? I haven't heard back yet and I reported on January 4th, the first day it was open.
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Chances of getting into UBC Sciences??
I'm a BC student trying to get into UBC and anticipating an 86-88% average from my 1st semester classes (Biology, English, Pre-Calculus). 

My ECs are:
-playing ball hockey and winning the playoffs as well as multiple awards
-Work Experience at Science World 
-an anti-bullying leadership group at my school 
-being a soccer coach since grade 10
-being a referee for soccer 

 What do you guys think my chances are to get into UBC Sciences? (P.S. my backup program is Kinesiology)
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Ryerson Biomedical Science
Did anyone apply for biomedical science at Ryerson and york  ? 
 if you did ... with what average u guys applied???? 
Uoft Kinesiology
What are my chances of getting into Uoft kinesiology. I currently have a 86 average and I think it will stay the same.
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Hey guys just wanted to know how hard it is to get accepted into the queens art/sci program? Or if anyone got accepted please put down your averages thanks!
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Hi! I was wondering if anyone had gotten accepted into the CCIT program at UTM yet :) Thanks xo
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How many people apply to engineering science each year?
I'm in grade 12 and am applying to engineering science at u of t. I know it's highly competitive, and I'm probably not gonna go there, but I just want to know roughly how many people apply each year and how many get accepted. Thank you!
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Economics exam tomorrow... should I go?
It's an extra course basically. I don't need it. 

Should I just not study for it and not do it. Because universities only look at your top 6 marks right?
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Queen’s Engineering Admissions / Application Averages
I know there’s a ton of posts out there discussing admissions averages, and I was curious to see how the marks stacked up for everyone trying to gain admission to Queen's Engineering. 

For Queen’s, my top five marks average out to be 90%, and I am submitting a moderately strong PSE with my application by the end of January. (I have a 91% for my top six classes and hopefully that secures entrance to UWO Engineering for a safety.)

Do you think I will be admitted to Queen’s this year? If you are applying to any Engineering program, what are your marks and expectations? 
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What do you think the Laurier/Waterloo DD cutoff will be?
I applied with a 93.5%. What did you guys apply with? What average do you think I will need for a first round offer?
good luck!
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UTSC 3rd Year Co-op Management Ask Me Anything!
Hi Everyone, 

I post a lot here and I figured I just do a AMA. Please note that this is going to be a serious discussion so if you feel the need to troll this thread, please do it elsewhere or just don't do it at all. It really doesn't contribute to anything. A lot of HS seniors are spending the winter holidays working on their university applications so hopefully I can shed some light on UTSC Co-op Management which is really under rated on this forum and maybe some of you will consider applying. That said, I will be as objective as I can but there will be some bias.

Schools I applied to in Grade 12:
Rotman Commerce
UTSC Management Co-op
Queen's Commerce
Waterloo AFM
Brock BAcc
Ryerson BComm

90% HS average
Completed 2 co-ops at Fortune 100 Company
3 Study Terms Left, 1 Co-op Left
Interviews for First Co-op: Banks, GE, Small Accounting Firms
Second Co-op: Multiple Return Offers

What is the difference between Co-op vs. Internships? 

Many employers are opting to choose this route because of a tax credit. What does this do for the student? Well, since the employer is receiving a credit, they can choose to pay you more. Example: Pay you $15,000 but they get $3000 back so they are really paying you $12,000. To do this, you need to be a student enrolled in an accredited co-op program. http://www.fin.gov.on.ca/en/credit/cetc.

Co-op programs and jobs are regulated by a board meaning there is a standard that employers and schools have to meet. For UTSC personally, the co-op department screens every job and ensures that every job is relevant. Will you find secretary only positions? Nope but you might have some administrative duties in your job mandate. There are compensation standards and so on. All co-op schools have a job portal exclusive to co-op students. While the jobs can be found on TalentEgg and Linkedin and so on, the advantage comes in the 1st round and continuous round and Ranking System. 

Finally, co-op programs allow for more opportunity. Most jobs posted in the Winter and Fall semester are only for co-op students to apply meaning instead of only getting to apply for summer internships, you can get 3 semesters a year for a chance. Some industries like accounting hire more in the Winter. For UTSC, they allow us so much flexibility in the length of our work term (4,8,12 months) as well as our sequence order. A study did show that on average co-op students get an 11% higher starting salary on full time offers because of the experience. There are not that many co-op schools in Canada compared to non co-op. The job qualities are the exact same. You can do IB or Consulting in the Fall or Winter.

Let's begin!

EDIT: This site is a bit weird, when a new response is made I have to scroll through the thread to find it. If I miss your question, please post it on the bottom.
Ottawa University
What is the difference between BASc in Computer Engineering and BASc in Software Engineering at Ottawa University
Rotman Supplementary Help
Hi, i was just wondering how the video interview is done. In Schulich, I was given 3 questions and  given 45 seconds the answer. How is it done in Rotman. Can we practice the question before we actually do it or are the questions random. Thanks
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