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have I been rejected
so today is the deadline for offers, and I applied to Guelph like 10 days ago, but haven't heard anything. My average was above the cut off I believe too. Anyways can anyone tell me where I can check if I have been rejected?
Where to go
I already accepted u of t rotmans but now I'm thinking it's not the right choice. I mean the dropout rate is crazy plus I'm commuting first year. I got accepted to degroote and Laurier Econ. At Laurier all my friends are there plus at Waterloo too... It makes me sad that they're living the life there and I'll be at Toronto grinding my ass off
Diversity at Western University
I'm considering going to Western for University and i just have a couple questions:

1) From what I've seen, Western caters to a lot of caucasian students. being a black female, I would just like to know the demographics in terms of diversity so (female-male ratio, race ratios, etc)

2) What can I expect during frosh week

3) I got into Richard Ivey, what is the nicest and most convenient residence to live on. (*NB: I am extremely neat, I love a setting that's busy but not too busy to the point where I cannot study in my dorm room, I would like to have the option of cooking my on meals)

4) What types of Clubs are there at Western? (I am really interested in MUN, DECA, or any singing/performance clubs)

5) What is the weather like at western generally?

6) How are the teachers at western? Specifically, Richard Ivey.

7) Is Richard Ivey a good school for international exchanges? I plan on studying abroad for a semester.

8) How are the guys at Western?? ;)
Admission Questions? Ask a Current UBC Student!
Hi guys,

I always remember finding this forum really useful back when I was applying for universities in 2012, and I'd like to offer you the opportunity to actually get some hard knowledge about admissions rather than just hearsay. Though I'm in Sauder, I can answer any questions regarding direct entry to all UBC programs, Sauder transfer applications, and general university stuff.

You should all also take a look at the holy grail of UBC admissions, specifically table 18 where all admission averages for all programs for entry in 2013W are outlined.

Hope to see you all at UBC in September!
UTM Commerce vs. Ryerson Accounting and Finance
Hey, I am truly torn between these two programs. I know UTM is more prestigious but it does not have any co-op opportunities and also i have heard that it is very difficult to move on to second year where the Commerce program truly begins. For Ryerson, I see that alot of people on these forums bash TRSM but I have heard that the Accounting and Finance program has made huge strides and is an up and coming program and it also has co-op.

Which program should I choose and why? Please help! I only have a few more days to decide.
Converting US Honors High school Credits to U or M or C Canadian HS credits ?

I am a Canadian who attends grade 10, currently in the US with my parents on a work visa. I will be doing grade 11 in the US as well, but moving back to Ontario Canada to do grade 12.

Here in the US, I take all honors classes, not AP.
Anyone has any idea how do they convert these Honor High school US credits to Canadian ?

Do people in Canada do these U or M or C Canadian HS credits in grade 12 or do they start in grade 11 ?

I looked at admission requirements for York university and U of T, and both talk about U or M or C Canadian HS credits...  what is the difference between those levels ?

Is it the reality when they say U or M or C Canadian HS credits, it's truly doesn't matter which one, or do they favor the ones that do all U type of credits ?

If i DON'T plan to go to a university in the US, is taking AP classes worth it ?

I want to go med school eventually, which will you recommend ? York Biochem / Biology ? O of T pre med ? 
Any thoughts about Ryrson ?

Please please please HELP...

THANK YOU in advance... I am so stressed because of this !!!

Thank you 
WiFi On Campus at Western
This is a question for current Western students. I thank you in advance for responding. My question is whether there is free WiFi to be used with cellphones on campus. I understand there is the RezNet in residence, but what I want to know is if students get free WiFi in classrooms, bus stops, gyms, cafeteria etc on campus.

I ask because I am on a tight budget. I want to see if I need to pay for a more expensive cell phone plan with more data, instead of one with minimal data if WiFi is freely available on campus.

Ryerson or York Biomed
Anyone going to either programs? Which should I choose and why? I'd be commuting and distance is about the same. Scholarship is also roughly the same. Which program is more established and easier to get high gpa for med school?
UofT is taking soo long!
Hii! I'm an international student currently applying to the University of Toronto and I still haven't gotten an admissions decision! I honestly don't know why it's taking so long. They received my last package on April 13th, and then they didn't update the documents received tab until May 12th. My application status says "Not yet reviewed", and I'm freaking out because I got into UBC and Waterloo and I need to accept or decline those offers by June 1st.. I only have 7 days left! Needless to say, UofT is my first choice.. How long does it take UofT to review applications once documents have been updated? And then how long does it take them to make a decision? I feel like it's a terrible sign the fact that I still haven't heard anything from them! Help :(
Should I take grade 12 english in summer school if I am applying to U of T engineering
Would it be advisable to do to? Would there be any repercussions in doing so? If I do take it, I would only have 7 courses in grade 12 plus my hardest class would of already been completed? Does anyone who has applied to U of T engineering or is currently studying engineering at U of T have any advice? Thanks
Nursing Hopefuls 2015!
Hey everyone!

I saw this thread last year and thought it was worth while to do! For anyone applying to 4 or 2 year programs.

1. Which school(s) are you applying to?
2. What other programs are you applying to as your back up?
3. What average are you aiming for your final year?
EXTRA - I want current Nursing students to be included as well! Tell us where you go, where you applied to and what your GPA in Grade 12 was or post secondary if thats what your doing right now. Also, a few pointers, tips and guidance is always great!:cheers:

1. I want to go to McMaster (4 year), Queens (4 year or 2 year), Western (2 year), UofT
2. Nursing, and nothing else!
3. I had mid 80's in high school and currently have a 3.1 from Uoft B.A second year

So common guys, reveal yourselves! ;)
Thoughts on taking a language as first year elective?

I'm going into architecture at Carleton starting this fall and I'm trying to decide on an elective. From what I've heard its best to do something that you're interested in, and I am really interested in languages. I've been in french immersion since kindergarten, and although I love it I feel like I've learned all I can in a classroom setting so I was thinking about taking something like spanish.

Anybody else ever taken a language? Thoughts? Opinions?

Ivey HBA Acceptance Thread 2015
This is just a thread for applicants entering HBA1 in the fall at Ivey Business School (people actually starting HBA1, not high school applicants for AEO), feel free to share when you got your acceptance!

online english summer school
I still have the chance to drop it but should i take online summer school for english ??
low 12U english mark.. what to do?
Hi everyone
I'm currently taking grade 12 uni English in summer school, and right now I'm getting an 81 based on 4 major pieces and 4 small quizzes

I was getting an 83 before the last piece, which was an in class essay. I got a 75 on the essay, and I'm worried because we have 2 more essays (isu and exam) which might bring me down to a 70, and they're both gonna be written in class.

What should I do? I wanna apply of UofT electrical & computer engineering and a 70 or low 80 won't bring me anywhere... My all other marks are mid to high 80s and low 90s (my grade 11 average was an 86 or 87)

In grade 11 English I ended up with an 89 and have never done this bad in my life!!

I'm really worried, any advice on what should I do would or how to deal with the situation be appreciated, thanks :(

Dropping summer school before full disclosure isn't an option because I will have 7 courses next year in school, and if I take English in normal school instead of sumer school would be too much in grade 12 (because I'd have 8 courses then)
Hey everybody, this is a post for people applying to an architecture undergrad next year. I've just been accepted to Carleton for architecture for this fall 2015, and I want to share what I've learned about the process.

First, if you think you are going to be applying to architecture, research the schools! There isn't a huge number of programs in Canada (see for the list), and the main ones that people apply to are Waterloo and McGill (best of the best!), Ryerson, Carleton and U of T. There are a lot of pros and cons to each school, with very different requirements for each, and not every school will be for you.

Personally, I applied to two streams of the B.Arch program at Carleton (Design, and Conservation and Sustainability), which was my first choice school. I also applied to U of T, and the new program at Laurentian University (which isn't yet listed on the raic website), and I was accepted to both. From what I've heard through doing a looot of research, U of T has a pretty terrible program because its mostly theory based and essay writing, so for those reasons it was my last choice (But of course I'm no expert, this is just what I've heard). The only things it seems to have going for it are that its in downtown TO, and its a fairly prestigious university. My main reason for applying to U of T was that there was no portfolio required, just the "One Idea" application.

I also applied to Laurentian last minute, and I only had about 2 weeks to do the portfolio which was pretty stressful. As the program isn't on the RAIC website, I didn't even know about it until I stumbled across it in a forum. I really liked the program, but I am not a fan of Sudbury, so I wasn't keen on having to live there for 4+ years. Since its such a new program (started in 2013 I think), there isn't much info online about it. One great thing about Laurentian is that they had an awesome video online, outlining the sort of things they wanted in the portfolio. 

The reason I chose all 4 of the programs I applied to was because they are "Architectural Studies" programs, compared to "Architectural Science", which I understand is a little more about the engineering and science behind a building rather than its artistic design. Basically I just really hate science and the idea of combining it with my greatest passion, architecture, just grossed me out. Honestly theres probably not much difference between the two types of B.Arch, but I just didn't want to risk it lol. I didn't apply to the big schools like Waterloo and McGill because I didn't have the grades to get in (even though McGill has been my dream school for years :/). Oh well, I'm super excited to be going to Carleton anyway!


Okay. This is the big part. Basically, for every school (except U of T), you are going to need a portfolio to get in. This is where you show them that you're creative and a good match for the program. Most of them just ask for general creative work. They usually aren't looking for drafting or architectural related stuff, as you will be learning that stuff next year anyways. Portfolios are a way for schools to get to know you without having to meet you.

Portfolios are a lot of work. A crap ton of work. And if you are going to be applying to multiple schools, you're going to need multiple different portfolios. My situation worked out quite well, because although I applied to 4 schools, I only needed 2 portfolios. U of T didn't need one, and my Carleton one was good for both programs. So it was like 4 for the price of 2!

Anyway, just keep this in mind when you think about where you're applying. Its certainly possible to do 4 portfolios, and I know lots of people who have done it, but its A LOT of work, and you need to start way in advance. I'm a procrastinator, and as I mentioned, I didn't start my Laurentian portfolio until 2 weeks before it was due, and my Carleton one about a month and half before. BIG MISTAKE. It was extremely stressful, and I had to pull more all nighters than I'd like to count, on top of doing my homework and keeping my average up. So please, for your sanity, START NOW! I can't stress this enough. Just start thinking of creative art ideas, start painting, drawing, sketching, whatever.

As for the content:

Personally, I am not an artistic person in the traditional sense. I haven't taken art since the 7th grade, and I was never very good at it anyways. So I signed up for art lessons and my instructor helped me with nearly all my pieces, which was awesome. I also did a lot of work on my own. I would spend hours in my basement painting and drawing while I watched all 7 seasons of Boy Meets World! Haha.

A lot of what I did sucked, in my perfectionist-over-achiever opinion, but I kept it just in case. And it came in handy because I ended up throwing some old pieces into my Laurentian portfolio just to fill the pages.

I can barely remember what I put in my portfolios, but for a few examples:

-A collage using water-colour and crumpled paper
-An acrylic painting of a flower, but using weird colours like purple and blue for the stem
-Some watercolour landscapes
-Charcoal sketch landscapes (BTW, I really like charcoal. Even the worst drawing looks awesome in charcoal, so I strongly recommend it if you're a beginner!)
-Pastel of a lions head (which was really bad...)
-Sketch of a city

Basically, what I recommend is that you really show variety, both in your subjects, and in your mediums. Do a painting, and a sketch, and a charcoal drawing, etc. Also, don't make all of your work relate to architecture. What I did is I did one or maybe two pieces that had a building or a house in them, but otherwise, as you can see above, I did everything from flowers to portraits.

Don't just make the bare minimum required number of pieces. Do lots, and then chose your best work for the portfolio. And get somebody else (like an art teacher)'s opinion too. Something that looks terrible to you might look really cool/creative to someone else.

In addition to my pieces, I also made my own portfolio case instead of buying one from the store. I seriously recommend this because while there is usually a limit on the amount of pieces they want in your portfolio, you can go a step further and show even more creativity in the case itself!

The mailing of the portfolio....

I live in Ottawa, so I was able to drop my portfolio off at Carleton, which I did about 3 days before it was due. My Laurentian portfolio on the other hand, had to be shipped, and I did this at the very last minute. It was a disaster. The portfolio was due on a Saturday at 5:00pm, and we mailed it on the Thursday. The courrier people promised us that it would be there on time, but on Saturday freaking morning they called us to say it wouldn't be there until Tuesday, as it was a long weekend. SO, in a huge panic, I had to throw together a digital portfolio and email it, using the crappy pictures I had taken of the real portfolio and powerpoint. It was awful. In the email, I basically pleaded with them to still consider my real portfolio when it arrived, as it was a better representation of my work, and I guess they did. Phew. So, moral of the story kids is don't procrastinate -.-.

Though I can't vouch for it personally, I know that other schools like Waterloo, McGill, and Ryerson, have various other admission procedures, like interviews and drawing tests, but you'd have to look into that. (Thats another reason I didn't apply to any of those schools. No scary interviews for me! :P)

Grade 12 averages and courses

Ah yes, the topic of our every thought and nightmare. When I was looking through these forums doing research, everybody was whining about their 90+ averages, and I was like wtf? I am a decent student, but definitely not 90 average material. Sooo, I narrowed my school choices down to the ones I could actually get into. Right now, I have about an 85 average, which is what all the school accepted me with.

As for courses, I took:

Advanced Functions- 77 (I really struggled with this class, and if you're not so great at math I highly recommend getting a tutor)
English- 94 (took this in online summer school which was awesome. Super easy course, plus I got to take a spare in its place first semester!)
Physics- 80
World Fashion- 92 (A mixed level course, and it was soooo easy!)

And this semester I have French (Currently sitting at an 84) and Calculus (Currently 87). I'm also doing co-op with a landscape architect, and learning a ton of AutoCad, which I'm hoping will help me out for next year!

To get into University, you need 6 U/M courses. For most B. Arch programs, you will need atleast ENG4U and advanced functions, and probably calculus and physics. If I were you I'd find the easiest possible mixed courses to make up your last two courses (like my world fashion), so that you can focus your time on the courses that actually matter for uni, like math.


And finally, the last step in the process. Acceptances for other programs start rolling out around Christmas time. As a B.Arch applicant, prepare to sit back and wait patiently while all of your friends get accepted to their programs, because arch acceptances don't start coming out until the spring. I got accepted to U of T and Laurentian at the end of March, and Carleton this past week on April 21st. Honestly, you'll have friends who have been accepted to university while you're still working on your portfolios! It sucks but its worth it in the end. Architecture is a competitive program, but the feeling of getting in at the end is amazing. 

Carleton for example only accepts 90 kids out of 700 applicants (or so they say), but a lot of those applicants don't stand a chance due to really bad portfolios and grades below the minimum average, and a lot more of those applicants end up refusing their offer when they get accepted to another school. So don't get freaked out by the numbers like I did. You DO have a chance of getting in, you just have to give it your best effort!

Wow this was long. I am not saying I know everything, I just wanted to share what I have learned, because I sure wish there was something like this ^^ when I was applying! If anybody has anything to add, please feel free! Goodluck! :)
I applied to Undecided Science (BSc) and Biomedical Science (BSc). York has gave me an alternate offer to Liberal Arts, but when I check on myFile, it still says no decision yet for the two programs I originally applied for. The last day to get an offer has passed, so do I still have a chance to get in to my original programs?

Please Answer ASAP

please has anyone heard from Carleton regarding your admission? I'm an international student and applied for the graduate architecture program but I'm yet to receive a decision.

Is uOttawa only good for law and politics? Not science and Engineering?
Is there a point in going so far and spending so much for engineering when I can go to Ryerson?
They have co-op unlike ryerson, which has an internship, but in the end they are both just average schools for engineering right?
international students
how do you survive in Canada as a student when you have no student loan?
English 12 provincial discussion
Hey guys, I'm  going to be taking my provincial next month and I'm nervous AF. For those of you who took it in January, could you please tell me how you found it or what the themes or essay questions were?  Thanks in advance!
I haven't accepted an offer for university yet but I know that you have to give in a deposit for residency by June 1st. Can I fill out universities residency application form before I accept their offer?
UToronto: Engineering
Who else is still waiting to hear a response from U Toronto regarding their application to engineering?

I believe offers are being handed out until May 28th.

I'm an out of province transfer applicant, so I guess it will take longer for me to hear a response than the Ontario applicants.

accepting offers
I have received offers from both UofToronto and UBC. Can i accept both of them? Because I've been accepted conditionally at UofToronto and I'm not sure if i can meet them, but then again i don't want to miss the chance. Pls help