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TRSM vs. DeGroote
Hi everyone! I've narrowed down my options to Ryerson's Business Management program and McMaster's Business 1 program.  I'm not too sure about which school to go to, mostly because of the various opportunities. I've heard there are a lot of networking events at Ryerson, and they've added co-op for their Business students as well! Location is also prime. However I haven't heard much about prestige, and McMaster seems more prestigious. McMaster has internships as well. 

Money isn't an issue and I would stay on residence for both universities.

Any insights? 
Mac Eng
rejected with an 88.83
feeling on the absolute bottom of the world, as a 70 student i struggled all year with the goal and to be 1 percent off fucking sucks
McMaster vs Queen's for engineering
I have been accepted to both McMaster and Queen's for engineering, however, I can't decide between the two. I do not know which engineering discipline I want to pursue, so the general first year is good for me. Which school is better based on the program, reputation, campus and uni life?
Final Waterloo Decision
After a long process of analyzing every single university that I have been accepted, despite my deferred program to UW Math coop. I finally accepted my offer!! Hope to see you guys next year in Fall 2015. I'm not trying create a brag post, but I feel a bit nervous for UW. Do you know any good study suggestions that I can make the best out of my first year studies? Anyone give me some tips on Math/CS courses at UW, I heard most of the math there is abstract ones, is this true? And this summer I'm going to try extremely hard to overcome my procrastination habit. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can do this? 
Thanks in advance for all the responses :)
NEED ADVICE! Computer Science | UTSG or McMaster
Hi guys,

If anyone can kindly advise or provide details and input on a university that I should select.
I have been accepted into computer science at UofT (SG) and at McMaster, but I am wondering which one to accept. 

I am seeking a fun life for my university years and I am also hoping that I could end up finding a job at a reputable tech company. I value both my education and my time spent as a university student.

Is UTSG really only studying/work? Would going there have moments just as fun as McMaster?
finding money
How can I find a bursary or scholarship that does not take so damn long to qualify for and actually receive? I have never qualified or won anything on this damn student awards program. Is this legit or am I just wishing for something to not happen here?
Laurier BBA or Ivey HBA
Hey guys im completely torn between going to Laurier BBA next year or going to Western to do the BMOS program and AEO status, please list any opinions, pros and cons of each program any insight is greatly valued in making this decision thank you so much!

Which is better Guelph for Landscape Architecture or Waterloo for Planning(it has coop)
I'm stuck between the 2, I've been trying to find some information from others, but none of it is helping me choose... what do you guys think?
Schulich BBA or Waterloo CS co-op
Hi guys, 

So June 1st is quickly approaching, and I have yet to come to make a decision to which school/program I want to devote my next four years to. Can you guys list the positives and negatives of each program and the potential job opportunities. Thank you so much in advance. 
Hi all,

If anyone can kindly advise or provide details and input on a university that I should choose.

I have been accepted into Electrical engineering at Waterloo and Engineering COOP at McMaster and I am wondering which one to accept. 

I am looking to have a fun life for my university years and I am also hoping that I could end up finding a job at a big tech company. I value both my education and my time spent as a student. 

Is Waterloo really only studying/work? Would going there have any moments of being just as fun as MacMaster?


Laurier Biology?
Good program?
High GPA attainable?
How are clubs?
Is a high GPA at Laurier competitive for Medical School?
got off the wait list for Ryerson engineering
Hi, just got accepted for aerospace with 85% average. I was wait listed till now. Just thought I would share this info so that others know there is hope.
University of Toronto vs Ryerson
I am currently deciding between UTM Commerce or Ryerson BM.
UTM Commerce is also Intern only, whilst Ryerson has a co-op program. I know people who've gone to Ryerson and told me great things about the school, the environment, and they both are now successful in their careers. However, I don't personally know anyone who has gone to UTM, but I've read some posts online. The posts I've seen are increasingly varied each time I enter a new thread. So I'd like to hear from people who've gone to UTM and what they think about it. How is the environment, curriculum, people, professors, university and overall experience?
Is SHSM Worth It?
 I am planning on pursuing business. My school offers a SHSM for business but is it really worth the extra effort? I don't mind putting in the effort however if its for nothing id prefer not to put in. Can anyone tell me about the value of SHSM</p><p>
</p><p>thanks </p>
Schulich Second Round!
Anyone expecting a second round offer with midterm marks? What are your averages like?
Nursing Hopefuls 2015!
Hey everyone!

I saw this thread last year and thought it was worth while to do! For anyone applying to 4 or 2 year programs.

1. Which school(s) are you applying to?
2. What other programs are you applying to as your back up?
3. What average are you aiming for your final year?
EXTRA - I want current Nursing students to be included as well! Tell us where you go, where you applied to and what your GPA in Grade 12 was or post secondary if thats what your doing right now. Also, a few pointers, tips and guidance is always great!:cheers:

1. I want to go to McMaster (4 year), Queens (4 year or 2 year), Western (2 year), UofT
2. Nursing, and nothing else!
3. I had mid 80's in high school and currently have a 3.1 from Uoft B.A second year

So common guys, reveal yourselves! ;)
The Only Majors to Go to University For

Ok so I see high school kids talk about going into art or business, and I think to myself, " well I will be seeing you in four years making my coffee". So I have to write this, because I fell for the trap. Every year high school kids think about going to university and spending thousands of dollars to study a hobby. I attended queens commerce for my undergrad, and learned the hard way. College majors such as English, political science, business, social sciences, humanities, psychology are all scams(to the most part). In this forum, business major seems to be the most popular, as I was one a couple of years ago. When I got accepted, I was so happy because I heard all the good stories of students going to work at big financial and consulting firms. This is not true. In theses so called " top Canadian business schools", the students are misinformed. Only a few and I mean a few go work in these big firms, while the rest works at crappy places. Today, everyone has a business major, so the job market is sh*t. Majors like English and humanities, are the biggest scam also, because high school kids think they are hoping to be the next Shakespeare, but instead they will be making sandwiches at McDonalds. Also pre med is another scam. If you major in biology, but do not get into med school, you are then useless. Unless you spend 5-6 years getting a PhD, your bio degree has 0 value. As the job market gets tougher and tougher, people need to realize that only a handful of college majors make the student more valuable. Examples, such as engineering, accounting and computer science. I wanted to rant about this because High school kids need to know about the trap of university majors.   
York or Carleton: Computer Science
I got accepted into Carleton's Computer Science: Cyber Security program and York's Computer Science (BA) program. Which university is better? What are the pros and cons?
Attention Carleton Applicants 2015!
So in case some of you didn't know, there are two facebook groups open for any Carleton applicants who will be attending or might be attending Carleton University 2015 for freshman year. I'm part of Westerns social group as well and the chat is BOOMING with conversation, where as Carletons is seriously lacking. So I just thought i'd post the links to the two groups in case any of you guys wanted to connect with other applicants, ask questions about residence or your program, introduce yourself ect.. One group is official and another group is not, i'm not the creator of either group I just felt the need to share this information :) here are the links..
Who else applied to Carleton Health Science??
I got accepted a while ago and I would like to know why you are planning on going there for health science. This is the only program I applied to where a lot of information isn't available. All I know is I liked some of the courses they had to offer within the program.
Western Res
I am aware that there is already another thread on this already but it has gotten so clustered with replies, I just wanted to clear it up and start a new one. I am wondering which to pick for rez:
1) Suite, Traditional or Hybrid
I feel as if I am leaning towards Hybrid or Suite just because of how there is more privacy and probably more comfortable (especially in the case of washrooms). Can somebody give me their opinion on this? 
Any and all help is very much appreciated!
University of Toronto Architecture
Hello to fellow students!

I am currently a grade 12 student who will be pursing architecture this September. I applied to 4 different architecture schools this year, they are (in order of preference) : Waterloo, Ryerson, U of T, Carleton. I have received offers from all of the schools, excluding Waterloo. I am currently in a dilemma as I am torn between choosing U of T and Ryerson. I have visited the Ryerson architecture faculty and I was attracted to what it has to offer. The students and staff seemed to be very friendly and approachable. I have yet to visit the U of T architecture faculty. My family all support the idea of attending the U of T as it has a deeper history and is internationally acclaimed for many of it's programs. However, through research and online forums, I have come to realize that the program at U of T is more of an arts and humanities program than practical and science math based. I am not sure that it will prepare me with the skills needed to move onto grad school. If anyone has experience going to either schools please share your insights and thoughts as that would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

AFM with Fellowship or Schulich with 32000 scholarship?
My end goal is CPA and/or CFA designation and I'm looking at the recruitment aspect of both universities. Any suggestions?