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UW Math
How much average is required in first year math to be able to major in mathematical finance?
anyone applied to uoit engineering
what marks  were you accepted with and when? just curious~
international students
how do you survive in Canada as a student when you have no student loan?
Brock Bacc w/ Co-op
helllo i was looking at the sample schedule for brock bacc w/ co-op found here:

&& i was wondering if we are required to take courses in the summer?
I'm choosing between there and UTM commerce (close to home) & if i have to stay at brock for summer too idk if its worth it... 
+ Im not 100% about accounting but i feel like i can always transfer to BBA at brock 

Next year will be my first year at at UofT, as i was accepted into Rotman commerce. is there any finance/banking/investment internships i can do in the summer between first and second year. or are all the internships for the later years? i wish to stay on UofT res in the summer and work or do internships in the city at large firms. is this possible or do i have to wait? 
Western Med Sci is no different from any other life sci program (for sending ppl to medicine)
27% of the Med Sci students do not go to medical school. Its 11%. 27% of 274 ppl = 74 people. 74/700 x 100% = 11%. This is similar in all other schools including U of T, UBC, McGill, McMaster and so on. (For example U of T sends about 100 ppl to med school from life sci so that's about 6%. Not much of a difference from the med sci program in terms of percentages.  So in conclusion Mac Health Sci is Canada's only premed program. So far I still think we have to say Western Med Sci trails Mac Health Sci but the gap between the two are large + Western med sci sends slightly more people to medicine than other life sci programs but the difference is not noticeable. I'm going to Western Med Sci btw.
cant decide which university i should attend
Hello, everyone i have posted before as well but now the deadline to accept offers  is right around the corner and i still havent decided for sure .

my options are 
McGill Arts 
Guelph Arts psych coop
Trent Journalism 

Also can you tell me people wise which ones better like what type of students does each school attract ?

i also have Carleton communication studies coop and waterloo honours psych arts coop but i have narrowed it down to the top 3 mentioned before due to costs.
I am in international student as well
Please give me your opinion about which program, city etc overall experience is better as it may help me decide.
Admission Questions? Ask a Current UBC Student!
Hi guys,

I always remember finding this forum really useful back when I was applying for universities in 2012, and I'd like to offer you the opportunity to actually get some hard knowledge about admissions rather than just hearsay. Though I'm in Sauder, I can answer any questions regarding direct entry to all UBC programs, Sauder transfer applications, and general university stuff.

You should all also take a look at the holy grail of UBC admissions, specifically table 18 where all admission averages for all programs for entry in 2013W are outlined.

Hope to see you all at UBC in September!
York Engineering vs Ryerson Engineering
With deadlines drawing near, I am stuck between these two. Which of these would be the better choice? Thanks in advance
UTM Commerce vs. Ryerson Accounting and Finance
Hey, I am truly torn between these two programs. I know UTM is more prestigious but it does not have any co-op opportunities and also i have heard that it is very difficult to move on to second year where the Commerce program truly begins. For Ryerson, I see that alot of people on these forums bash TRSM but I have heard that the Accounting and Finance program has made huge strides and is an up and coming program and it also has co-op.

Which program should I choose and why? Please help! I only have a few more days to decide.
I applied to Undecided Science (BSc) and Biomedical Science (BSc). York has gave me an alternate offer to Liberal Arts, but when I check on myFile, it still says no decision yet for the two programs I originally applied for. The last day to get an offer has passed, so do I still have a chance to get in to my original programs?

Please Answer ASAP
Ryerson or York Biomed
Anyone going to either programs? Which should I choose and why? I'd be commuting and distance is about the same. Scholarship is also roughly the same. Which program is more established and easier to get high gpa for med school?
Does your ranking of engineering programs at U of T during admissions a deal breaker?
I am going to be applying to engineering at U of T in the future and would like to know if how you rank your preferred engineering programs have a tremendous impact on offers of admission. Let's say I choose Eng Sci, TrackOne and Mech as my first, second and third choices and then choose a program that is not very competitive like Civil. Would I have a chance at getting civil even if I am rejected for my first 3 choices? I have heard that U of T does not really like giving out 4th alternative offers. I have also heard that applicants with really good admission averages and decent SPF's have been rejected because their first few choices were really competitive programs.
WiFi On Campus at Western
This is a question for current Western students. I thank you in advance for responding. My question is whether there is free WiFi to be used with cellphones on campus. I understand there is the RezNet in residence, but what I want to know is if students get free WiFi in classrooms, bus stops, gyms, cafeteria etc on campus.

I ask because I am on a tight budget. I want to see if I need to pay for a more expensive cell phone plan with more data, instead of one with minimal data if WiFi is freely available on campus.

Schulich Second Round!
Anyone expecting a second round offer with midterm marks? What are your averages like?
Is UTM Computer Science any good?
Wanted to know more about the UTM Computer Science program, its job prospects, workload, employment after graduation, etc. Is it a good program comparing to other top computer science schools?
have I been rejected
so today is the deadline for offers, and I applied to Guelph like 10 days ago, but haven't heard anything. My average was above the cut off I believe too. Anyways can anyone tell me where I can check if I have been rejected?
Where to go
I already accepted u of t rotmans but now I'm thinking it's not the right choice. I mean the dropout rate is crazy plus I'm commuting first year. I got accepted to degroote and Laurier Econ. At Laurier all my friends are there plus at Waterloo too... It makes me sad that they're living the life there and I'll be at Toronto grinding my ass off
Diversity at Western University
I'm considering going to Western for University and i just have a couple questions:

1) From what I've seen, Western caters to a lot of caucasian students. being a black female, I would just like to know the demographics in terms of diversity so (female-male ratio, race ratios, etc)

2) What can I expect during frosh week

3) I got into Richard Ivey, what is the nicest and most convenient residence to live on. (*NB: I am extremely neat, I love a setting that's busy but not too busy to the point where I cannot study in my dorm room, I would like to have the option of cooking my on meals)

4) What types of Clubs are there at Western? (I am really interested in MUN, DECA, or any singing/performance clubs)

5) What is the weather like at western generally?

6) How are the teachers at western? Specifically, Richard Ivey.

7) Is Richard Ivey a good school for international exchanges? I plan on studying abroad for a semester.

8) How are the guys at Western?? ;)
Converting US Honors High school Credits to U or M or C Canadian HS credits ?

I am a Canadian who attends grade 10, currently in the US with my parents on a work visa. I will be doing grade 11 in the US as well, but moving back to Ontario Canada to do grade 12.

Here in the US, I take all honors classes, not AP.
Anyone has any idea how do they convert these Honor High school US credits to Canadian ?

Do people in Canada do these U or M or C Canadian HS credits in grade 12 or do they start in grade 11 ?

I looked at admission requirements for York university and U of T, and both talk about U or M or C Canadian HS credits...  what is the difference between those levels ?

Is it the reality when they say U or M or C Canadian HS credits, it's truly doesn't matter which one, or do they favor the ones that do all U type of credits ?

If i DON'T plan to go to a university in the US, is taking AP classes worth it ?

I want to go med school eventually, which will you recommend ? York Biochem / Biology ? O of T pre med ? 
Any thoughts about Ryrson ?

Please please please HELP...

THANK YOU in advance... I am so stressed because of this !!!

Thank you