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Nursing Hopefuls for 2018!!
There has been posts like these in the past years, so I decided to make one for 2018 applicants!

You can share...
1) What school(s) you`re applying to?
2) What other programs are you applying to as a backup?
3) What overall average are you aiming for at the end of the year?
4) For current/past nursing students, what is your advice for anyone applying for nursing programs this year?
5) Where have you been accepted? If you don't mind sharing, with what average?

I am applying to Western, McMaster, Brock, Ottawa and some collabs!
Hoping for a 90 average this year.
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McMaster Business 1 and IBH
This is a thread of people who have applied to either Commerce, IBH or both at Mac!  Please tell us a bit about your application process (average, when you applied, when you were accepted, EC's, etc.)
Good luck everyone! 
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McMaster Life Sci Acceptances
Who all has gotten accepted to Life Sci @ Mac and what was your admission average?
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High School Class of 2018 Offers of Admission
Now that school's back in full force and university applications are open, I thought I'd make this application thread so that people can see when people get accepted, where they applied, their averages, etc.

In your post, please include the following:
- Program and post-secondary institution
- Date of application
- Date of offer
- Admission average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province you're applying from
- Any other information you'd like to add

Good luck everyone!!
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2nd Semester midterms and interim grades
“May 8, 2018 Target date for Ontario universities to receive second-semester midterm and interim grades for full-year courses from the OUAC. Grades that the OUAC receives earlier will be sent to Ontario universities when received.”
What does this mean? Like lets say my midterm marks is an 83% avg and it increased to lets say an 87% avg before May 8 would they look at that mark (is this interim) or midterms??
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Hey guys, university applications to Queen's Commerce has just begun!  

Please post about the following :  
-Projected grade 12 average  
-grade 11 average  
-Date of admission when available
-Other universities of interest  

About Myself...  
-Projected grade 12 average 93.5%-95%  
-Grade 11 average 93% ( included 3 grade 12 courses, economics (94%), business leadership (97%), grade 12 english (88%))  
-EC'S: Deca, president of accounting and financial management club, president of investment club, coach for school tennis team, coach for school baseball team, badminton team, ultimate frisbee team (fall and spring seasons), part time job as a tennis stuart, weekly childcare worker at my church.  
-Also interested in Waterloo AFM, Laurier BBA, Ivey, Rotman, Telfer, Sprott  

 Good luck to all! Hope to see you next year!
Can someone please explain to me how I got rejected to UofT engineering but got into literally EVERY other top engineering in Canada?? Grades were solid. Gr11: 92 Gr12:93

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Has anyone recieved an accpetance to U of T architecture within the past 20 days of March?
So I realized a few people got accepted into architecture at U of T (Daniels) in February. Im assuming they're doing a second round of offers now and so has anyone gotten their acceptances bc im still waiting loolll....
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2018 Rotman Commerce Application + Acceptances Thread
Hey everyone! If you are applying to Rotman this year and have completed your supplemental application, it'd be awesome to hear your experiences! 

1) when did you complete your supplemental application (Date) 
2) what essay question + interview question you got and what you talked about (share only if you feel comfortable. But it will be greatly appreciated! )
3) what was your average?
4) when did you get your acceptance email (if you have gotten it)

Thanks for joining the discussion and good luck everyone! =)
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Ask Me Anything: First Year Computer Engineering Student at UofT
Hi everyone, first year engineering student at UofT willing to answer your questions! Feel free to ask about admissions, skule-work, extracurricular activities, scholarships, employment and so on! Edit: I also commute 100 km everyday so you can ask me about that as well!
Please allow me a few days to reply to your responses due to my schedule being pretty hectic!
this site helped me a lot when I was applying to school so any questions about rotman or uoft id be happy to answer !
life sci
did anyone get into utsg, waterloo or mac life sci with anything lower than a 90?!
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This is a really weird question.
I am a grade 10 student and I am going to write the OSSLT in less than a month right now. The OSSLT is a literacy exam for grade 10 students that is administered all throughout Ontario by the government. You need to pass it in order to graduate.

I'm very curious about something though... What if I decide to "troll" on this exam? For example, the exam will have us write a news report. So, what if I choose very absurd and stupid names of people and places in the report? What if I wanted Kim Jong Un in my news report? What if in the news report, a school event take place in Hopeless Dreams High School? What do you think will happen? Would my marks on this exam drop?
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Schulich Class of 2022 - Acceptance & Applications Forum
Hello everyone! To those of you applying to Schulich's BBA/iBBA for the Class of 2022, let's build this forum by posting our: 
 Projected Average: 
 And if you got accepted!

 Good luck to you all! P.S if you have any questions feel free to ask as it will be answered.
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Scotiabank Scholarship?
When is the expected date when we will receive decisions for the Scotiabank-Yconic scholarship?
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UOttawa Pembroke Nursing

Just wondering if anyone has been accepted to the ottawau nursing program at the Pembroke campus ?? 

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Kinesiology and Chriopractic School
I am currently a grade 11 student in second semester and have began to look into become a chiropractor. I havent done amazing in the 2 science courses that I have taken and for those reasons I was wondering if it would be better for me to apply for a Bachelor in Kinesiology rather than Sciences. However, I have been looking online and have not been able to see if I can get into chiropractic school with a Bachelor in Kinesiology. All they’re talking about is a 2.50GPA after 3rd year. I wasn’t just wondering if anybody has any information. It will all be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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I have seen a lot of discussion on the forums saying that Queen's University usually sends acceptances on Wednesdays, and a lot of people anticipated that the University of Toronto would be doing their March round this week. Similarly, does anyone know when Western will do acceptances? I get that no one probably will but I'll just ask anyway in case. Thank you in advance.
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Wilfrid Laurier Health Sciences
I know Laurier is looking for mid-80s averages but I have a low 80 average. I already did the supplementary application but I'm unsure if I can secure a spot still. Anyone know if I can still get in?
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Western Engineering
Just wondering who has got accepted to western for electrical engineering and with what average.
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UBC Future Global Leaders Program 2018
Hey ! Has anyone signed up for this program yet ? I'm on the fence about it. If so, comment 

What dates your going, 
Commuting or Residence,
Where you're from,
And which courses you're taking !
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Why isn't Western Ontario University Responding!?!?
Why isn't anyone responding to e-mails on reg-admissions@uwo.ca ? My deadline for submitting documents to keep my offer will pass by !!!
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