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$500 "To My Past Self" Community Contest
Hindsight is everything, right? 

With Happy Student New Year quickly approaching, we want to know what one piece of advice you would have given yourself 12 months ago to better get you through your last academic year.  

We’re looking for some inspirational advice that will help other students have an amazing 2015/16 Student New Year. Whether it’s “No matter how comfy your bed is, go to class” or “life’s short, eat the cake” we want to hear from you.  

To enter, simply comment below using your real name with “To My Past Self:” followed by the piece of advice you think would have helped you one year ago. 

Encourage your friends to vote your comment as helpful. The comment with the most helpful votes at the end of the contest period will be awarded the $500 prize.* 

Only friends that have an active yconic profile will be able to vote. So connect and make new friends in the yconic Community or invite your friends to join http://yconic.com for FREE today.

Deadline to apply is October 15, 2015 @ 9:00 AM EDT.  

*See full rules and regulations. Please note: Anonymous or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated nor entered into this contest.  

What advice will you find most helpful? Help us identify the best advice by giving your favourite comments a ‘Help Vote’!

* https://support.yconic.com/hc/en-us/articles/205369054--To-My-Past-Self-Community-Contest-Rules
Admission to university urgent
I have 59 in English 30-1 I want to get in university of Alberta or mcawean in engineering or sciences. If my other marks are high can I get in or do I need to upgrade
Transition from Grade 10 to 11? Help!
I've been commonly told that high school from grade 9 and 10 is irrelevant and easy; however, grade 11 is supposedly the hardest from high school. In my school, it's called "The Year of Tears" in my school. Is there any tips, experiences that any of you guys are willing to share?
Should I redo ENG4U?
Hey, I'm from Toronto and in a TDSB high school, I did ENG4U in summer school so I can get that out of my schedule, however I ended up unexpectedly with a 68% (thought I did well in the course and with the ISU culminating, until the exam). The question is, should I redo ENG4U? I'm not good in English because I moved to Canada when I was 6 (English was not my first language), I am just worried about trying to get into university, more specifically a business program in or around the GTA. I enjoy math and all my other marks are 80%+, for example I got a 91 in MCR3U, and 84% in accounting.

How did you decide what program you are doing in university
Heyy people, I am a going-to-gr12 public hs kid wondering what to do in life.

A brief info about myslf:
1. Live in GTA
2. Like interior designs, fascinated by tech, love to eat, outgoing, enjoy flying and driving
3. my favourite YouTube video is "A Day Made of Glass"
4. i studied because of others, not for myself (aka I got good grades but I didnt enjoy them)
5. my ultimate goal is to retire asap (at 45) [I know it may not be feasible, but still...)

Here's my gr11 grades
English 83
Functions 99
Accounting  94
Marketing  96
Chemistry 86
Physics 82
Biology 90
Broadcasting 87

And my only grade 12 grade is physics (completed in summer school) - 94

As above, how did you decide what you are going to do in the future??? Like how do you figure out what you want??
I like interior designs, tech, food, sports, but the thing is - i can't see myself in the future
I dont know what to do? Despite trying to get good grades and apply every single university in ontario....
I really need some advice. Please give me some advice :) :) :)

Thank you very much
Waterloo Application
Hi, i'm going to be applying to the UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO this year. I'm thinking of applying to the following waterloo programs, in the following priority list. 

1. Computer Science
2. Computer Engineering
3. Mechatronics
4. Nanotechnology 

I'm predicting my average to be around 92% (with 98% - 100%  in Grade 12 physics, Calculus Advance functions) 

How many programs can you apply to at Waterloo? I'm n Ontario student. 
McMaster University Computer Science Transfer
I was wondering if anyone had any experience with transferring to Mcmaster's CS program. I would be an international transfer student. I saw that their enrollment number is like 60/70 people. That seems very limited so is the program rigorous or just for outstanding students? Yes, I've read their transfer student information but I would like a more personal approach. Also, I just like hearing what you guys have to say on this site because it's from personal experience. If you have transferred from within Canada, or to a different program than CS, I would appreciate that feedback as well. Thanks!
McMaster Health Sciences Supp App 2015-2016!
What are your thoughts on the questions? Please do not share or discuss your answers.
Should I take Sciences?
I want to go into either business or computer science but should I take physics and chem in case?
Grade 11 Schedule Help
Hi, I recently received my grade 11 schedule and I'm debating on whether or not to make some changes. 

First Semester 

Second Semester

I think it's best if I left my schedule the way it is because I've heard functions is hard and I want to solely focus on that subject without any other heavy course loads interfering with the way I work. If I switched Accounting or Anthropology to second semester, I wouldn't have English or French with the original teachers who mark really easy.

My questions are do you guys think I should make changes to my schedule? How hard is it to work with two science courses in the same semester? Are there heavy course loads for Accounting, Law, and Anthropology?  
Should I take a spare?
Hey guys I'm in Grade 12 and I'm not sure if I should take a spare this year. I had really good marks in Grade 11 (94 average for the entire year). I had 8 courses in grade 11, but I'm not sure if i should keep 8 courses in grade 12. I'm thinking of dropping data management. Do you think it is worth it? Is data hard? Will having 7 courses make me unable to gain time management skills for university? I'm planning to go into chemistry or physics.

My schedule:

Data Management (MDM4U0)
Chemistry (SCH4U0)
Biology (SBI4U0)
Adv. Functions (MHF4U0)

English (ENG4U0)
Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U0)
Accounting (BAT4M0)
Physics (SPH4U0)

Thank you if you read this really long post!!
Current UBC Student- Ask me anything
I'm a second year UBC student. I took first year sciences, lived in rez, and have since transferred into Engineering. I'm also an Orientations Leader and a volunteer for Destination UBC. 

I can answer questions about about rez life, science, how I got into UBC, engineering or transferring.
University Admission Inquiry
Hey, I am a high school student aiming to get an admission into chemical engineering at Waterloo next year. I had an inquiry about the admission process. I know that it is mandatory for me to take 5 specific courses (2 Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English) but I wanted to know if it compulsory for me to submit these five courses and count them in my top 6 courses. Can I take these 5 courses but submit other easy courses to boost my average?
Should I take Data management course?
So I'm going into grade 12 next week and the university course I want to get into requires one math. Problem is I'm terrible at math in grade 9 academic I got a 63, in grade 10 academic I got a 62 and 11U I got a 51 went to summer school and failed. I need at least a 75 which is the cut off range but obviously that shouldn't be the aim my aim is an 80 but how is that gonna be possible with my previous math marks? Please help if you've taken data how was the course? My other grades are fine though if my math mark wasn't a 51 my average would have been in the 80's
Making Changes In Your Timetable
Hello my friends,
Thank you so much for reading this because I need your help NOW! I received my schedule for my senior year and at the bottom there was a guidance appointment saying that since my timetable was incomplete I needed to meet with my guidance counselor. My schedule is far from the ideal schedule I don't have physics, nor do I have exercise science. And I have grade 12 English the 1st semester. How messed up is that? I am new so I didn't have the prereqs for any of the grade 12 courses except bio and math. So I took grade 11 english and chem during the summer. Now I want to take grade11 physics during the 1st semester.
Is it possible for me to take four courses in my day school and a physics course outside of school? Can I change the arrangement of my courses for example, replace grade 12 eng with grade 12 bio? 
Thank you so much for your responses!!!
Do you agree that only extroverts can be good leaders?
If you ask someone to describe the perfect leader, they would say things like "outgoing, enthusiastic, energetic"... 

Do you agree that a good leader has to be extroverted? Or do you think introverts can be good leaders too?

how do these universities compare in terms of mechanical/ mechatronics engineering?
Hi, so i have been doing my research over which universities to apply for and i've narrowed it down to 4 and would like your input. i am looking for good coop placement opportunities too.
But before this, heres a little about me:
Finishing off A levels in Maths, chemistry and physics ( recently finished AS, I.e first year of A levels, and got B(math),C,C, I know its not really too good but i am working hard on upgrading these grades for A2 which is the second and final year completing my A levels. took 6 subjects in o levels and got A's in math, bio, chemistry,physics, b in islamic and c in english( had a *few* problems during paper)) i want to apply for fall 2016 term or early 2017 as an international student in one of these universities.

It seems that this university is not very well recognized for its academic standings and is considered a party house more than a learning institution. however, i did some research on it and SOME sites place this around 8th or 9th position for engineering. I also came across some interesting videos such as a report on students at Uvic making a self planting robot or this interesting showcase:

also they have an old established coop program so that is something to consider.

Carleton University:
It seems to be well recognized inside Canada, and they seem to have some excellent facilities for engineering, but has high cutback rates after finishing first year engineering (i.e enterance is not too difficult but they don't allow students to continue if they dont perform very well, although i have never failed a class and am a hard working student but because i will be applying as an international student IF i do end up in a terrible situation as this i'd be in some big trouble). they don't offer mechatronics though.

SFU: What is really to say about this uni? it has good rep, surrey campus is good and students seem to like it but they don't really offer mechanical engineering but rather mechatronics which is cool and all but i couldn't really figure out the facilities they offer.

McMaster: a lot of ppl recommend this university to me. but honestly i need some more info on this if you can help me please do. i know that it ranks pretty well among many as a good institute for engineering. 
How Hard Is Mcmaster Artsci and iSci
I just discovered mac's integrated science and arts and science programs that only accept 60 people per year. Both programs are advertised as exclusive programs for exceptional students and the acceptance rate to both programs is about 10%. Are there any students who have been admitted to the program or are already in it? If so, please tell me how difficult these programs are and what it took to get into the program.
How Important is Physics in Grade 12?
I'm going to grade 12 next year, and I was wondering if I should take physics. I'm going to apply to life science so I'm taking biology, chemistry, advanced functions, and calculus for sure. I understand that physics is one of the "heavier" courses, so i don't know if i want to add that on top of my other courses. Plus all the horror stories of how difficult the course is sound pretty intimidating...i don't want to risk lowering my average.
Life science doesn't require physics, but i heard that you have to take physics for your first year in university anyways. What do you guys think?
What are some tips to get into Ivey AEO?
Hey, everyone... I have a question, what are some ways to boost your application to Ivey AEO? I know that you need community involvement, high marks, and a completion of a mathematics course...  but do I need to do like 300+ hours and get a 95% average? Thanks.
masters from ubc
hello , currently i am in the 4th yr of my electronics and communication engg . I am very much ardent for the VLSI technologies , working on verilog, system verilog , digital and linux to get hands on practise with what actually going on in industries . I am planning to go to Canada for masters preferably to university of british columbia . So will it be a good decision ? Need your suggestions ?
ILC private online school?
Has anyone in university now done Advanced Functions or Calculus with the Independent Learning Center, and if so, how was your experience? Easy?
Advice please?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just finished an ILC summer booklet for grade 12 English. Got my mark back and it's a 56.I don't understand this because my work was sufficient and I answered all the questions accordingly. Some high school teacher from another school marked my work -- not the learning centre staff. I received  a 90, 85 ,and 86 in grades 9, 10, and 11 respectively. I do not want this mark to be on my transcript as it will jeopardize so many opportunities. And if I repeat it, it still shows on my transcript - also I'm applying to a bursary and they need my transcript and seeing me repeat a course is just going to be an automatic no. 

My question is how do I stop this from going on my transcript? Is there ANYTHING I can do. I tried to contact the teacher but he hasn't replied. I am really stressed about this, I haven't gotten anything less than a 80 in my 3 years of high school. 

*I will be applying to these universities: McMaster, Western, York, and Ryerson so if I am unable to do anything how will they look at my repeat?