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Careers: Accounting vs Finance
Hello everyone.

So I just had a very general question that I hope I can get some good feedback on.

Are careers in Finance better then that of Accounting? Based on the following criteria...


3 Programs at Waterloo Application Process
I heard you can only choose 3 programs to apply to at each university, however Waterloo's Engineering Faculty provides you with 2 options if you don't get into your first option. With that in mind, would this be applicable? 

Program 1: Computer Science
Program 2: Computer Engineering 
            a) Second option: Nanotechnology Engineering 
            b) Third Option: Mechatronics Engineering 

Program 3: Business Administration and Computer Science Double Degree
transition to grade 12
does anyone slack in grade 9-11, and have amazing marks in grade 12? if so, plz mention study tips and how you balanced your academic with social, athletic and extracurriculars. thanks!
$500 "To My Past Self" Community Contest
Hindsight is everything, right? 

With Happy Student New Year quickly approaching, we want to know what one piece of advice you would have given yourself 12 months ago to better get you through your last academic year.  

We’re looking for some inspirational advice that will help other students have an amazing 2015/16 Student New Year. Whether it’s “No matter how comfy your bed is, go to class” or “life’s short, eat the cake” we want to hear from you.  

To enter, simply comment below using your real name with “To My Past Self:” followed by the piece of advice you think would have helped you one year ago. 

Encourage your friends to vote your comment as helpful. The comment with the most helpful votes at the end of the contest period will be awarded the $500 prize.* 

Only friends that have an active yconic profile will be able to vote. So connect and make new friends in the yconic Community or invite your friends to join http://yconic.com for FREE today.

Deadline to apply is October 15, 2015 @ 9:00 AM EDT.  

*See full rules and regulations. Please note: Anonymous or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated nor entered into this contest.  

What advice will you find most helpful? Help us identify the best advice by giving your favourite comments a ‘Help Vote’!

* https://support.yconic.com/hc/en-us/articles/205369054--To-My-Past-Self-Community-Contest-Rules
masters from ubc
hello , currently i am in the 4th yr of my electronics and communication engg . I am very much ardent for the VLSI technologies , working on verilog, system verilog , digital and linux to get hands on practise with what actually going on in industries . I am planning to go to Canada for masters preferably to university of british columbia . So will it be a good decision ? Need your suggestions ?
English 12 Provincial BC

So this week for those who completed English 12 summer school, provincial marks are already out. I checked and I was very shocked to see that I only scored 64% on it. My final class mark was 79% which leaves me with 73% blended (combined). I'm freaking out because my class mark was already lower than expected, and now when I thought that I did a great job in the provincal trying to bump up my mark, I get pounded back.


People told me that English 12 in summer school would be a lot easier than regular day school, but I guess now that I've experienced it, it's not.


I'm so depressed that I don't know what to do. I mean I've practiced and gone through some past provincials already. Even though I met the 20% discrepancy requirement for UBC, mark is low.


What do I do?? Should I retake provincial? or should I just retake the course?


Looking to apply to UBC and SFU for Arts, UVic for backup.


Appreciate any help and advice. Thanks for reading

Do universities care about where you volunteer?
Hey so I wanna go into university for nursing and I wanted to volunteer at a hospital, I signed up in February for it and my mom was supposed to hand in the forum for me. Long story short she never did and it's too late because the deadline was in April and as you can see its September. I can't sign up anymore because they specifically asked for grade 11 students going into grade 12 and the next time that I can sign up again is February 2016 and I'm going to be in grade 12 next week. Anyways do universities care where a student volunteered from? I got all my volunteer hours I even did 119 more than I was supposed to get but it wasn't at any medical place. Please answer if you see this
How many asians at UWO?
Hi guys
I'm just wondering how diverse UWO is... I've grown up around only asians and tbh I am most comfortable hanging out with asians. I will be going to UWO med sci and wondering if there will be atleast a decent sized asian population at UWO. 
p.s im not racist
Transition from Grade 10 to 11? Help!
I've been commonly told that high school from grade 9 and 10 is irrelevant and easy; however, grade 11 is supposedly the hardest from high school. In my school, it's called "The Year of Tears" in my school. Is there any tips, experiences that any of you guys are willing to share?
Should I take Data management course?
So I'm going into grade 12 next week and the university course I want to get into requires one math. Problem is I'm terrible at math in grade 9 academic I got a 63, in grade 10 academic I got a 62 and 11U I got a 51 went to summer school and failed. I need at least a 75 which is the cut off range but obviously that shouldn't be the aim my aim is an 80 but how is that gonna be possible with my previous math marks? Please help if you've taken data how was the course? My other grades are fine though if my math mark wasn't a 51 my average would have been in the 80's
Do universities look at SAT scores?
do they even if I'm from Canada and I did the SAT? especially Mcgill and Western? even thought they r not mandatory, will it make my file look a little better if they r moderately high ?
Advice please?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just finished an ILC summer booklet for grade 12 English. Got my mark back and it's a 56.I don't understand this because my work was sufficient and I answered all the questions accordingly. Some high school teacher from another school marked my work -- not the learning centre staff. I received  a 90, 85 ,and 86 in grades 9, 10, and 11 respectively. I do not want this mark to be on my transcript as it will jeopardize so many opportunities. And if I repeat it, it still shows on my transcript - also I'm applying to a bursary and they need my transcript and seeing me repeat a course is just going to be an automatic no. 

My question is how do I stop this from going on my transcript? Is there ANYTHING I can do. I tried to contact the teacher but he hasn't replied. I am really stressed about this, I haven't gotten anything less than a 80 in my 3 years of high school. 

*I will be applying to these universities: McMaster, Western, York, and Ryerson so if I am unable to do anything how will they look at my repeat? 
Please answer- grade 12 info?
I am just about to start grade 12 in a few days, and I am already PRE-STRESSED. So it looks like I have to retake precalculus 11 LAH and still do Physics LAH, and on top of that my first semester classes are English, Biology, and hopefully Chemistry. How hard are these classes?? And also, for UNIVERSITIES in Canada, such as SFU, UBC, UOT, ETC.. do they ONLY look at grade 12 marks? In my grade 11 year I had the worst year ever and it did not help on my school marks so I'm freaking out....
How did you decide what program you are doing in university
Heyy people, I am a going-to-gr12 public hs kid wondering what to do in life.

A brief info about myslf:
1. Live in GTA
2. Like interior designs, fascinated by tech, love to eat, outgoing, enjoy flying and driving
3. my favourite YouTube video is "A Day Made of Glass"
4. i studied because of others, not for myself (aka I got good grades but I didnt enjoy them)
5. my ultimate goal is to retire asap (at 45) [I know it may not be feasible, but still...)

Here's my gr11 grades
English 83
Functions 99
Accounting  94
Marketing  96
Chemistry 86
Physics 82
Biology 90
Broadcasting 87

And my only grade 12 grade is physics (completed in summer school) - 94

As above, how did you decide what you are going to do in the future??? Like how do you figure out what you want??
I like interior designs, tech, food, sports, but the thing is - i can't see myself in the future
I dont know what to do? Despite trying to get good grades and apply every single university in ontario....
I really need some advice. Please give me some advice :) :) :)

Thank you very much
the rivalry is so real. A friend of my sister attended Welcome Day at SFU today and she said they were slamming UBC. What's the deal? I'd like to know a bit more about this rivalry -- apparently it's a huge rivalry here in BC.
How Important is Physics in Grade 12?
I'm going to grade 12 next year, and I was wondering if I should take physics. I'm going to apply to life science so I'm taking biology, chemistry, advanced functions, and calculus for sure. I understand that physics is one of the "heavier" courses, so i don't know if i want to add that on top of my other courses. Plus all the horror stories of how difficult the course is sound pretty intimidating...i don't want to risk lowering my average.
Life science doesn't require physics, but i heard that you have to take physics for your first year in university anyways. What do you guys think?
I need help... Queens Commerce vs Ivey HBA vs Rotman Commerce vs Mcgill Commerce
Honestly speaking, Queens and Western were the two most appealing campuses for me and obviously they have incredible programs, but my parents and everyone around me keep telling me I have higher chances of getting a job in Manhattan or Silicon Valley (My end goal) if I go to Rotman or Mcgill... AKA schools with a little bit better international reputation. At the end of the day I don't want to sacrifice my chances of attaining my goal just because the beds are nicer in Kingston or London, sure I may not like residence in Montreal or Toronto for four years but at least I'll be happy achieving my goal. If this is possible, can we start an unbiased discussion on how I should go about making my decision How the heck am I ever going to be able to decide... I swear I am losing hair stressing about this incredibly difficult decision. I should also mention I have no idea whether I want to go into marketing, finance or accounting.
ILC private online school?
Has anyone in university now done Advanced Functions or Calculus with the Independent Learning Center, and if so, how was your experience? Easy?
so, i'm starting grade 11 and i am kind of stressed about it. Apparently its the hardest year in high school. So can anyone give me any tips on how to do well, in terms of grades, social life and how to prepare for uni. My courses for grade 11 are:

functions 11
advanced functions 12 (2nd semester)
food and culture 11
english 11
bio 11
chem 11
anthropology 11

WILL THIS BE A TOUGH WORK LOAD? i took grade 12 math in grade 11, because i knew i would have to take calculus in grade 12, so might as well get the other math course dont with. IS GRADE 11 HARD?


oh and also i would like to get in to life sciences at U OF T or mcmaster
McMaster Health Sciences Supp App 2015-2016!
What are your thoughts on the questions? Please do not share or discuss your answers.
HELP Second thoughts on going into business?!!
Heey everyone. I'm going into grade 12 this year and I am slighly freaking out. So I've been perusing through this site lately and I think it's just freaking me out even more. I really like business (at least I think I do), but I'm worried I won't get a job. There's so many people saying that the business industry is really saturated and that a business degree is one of the most common nowadays. Even at my hs, so many people are going into business. Plus, my mom keeps telling me I'm going to have a hard time getting a job in business because of all the competition. Also, people on yconic keep saying that it's important to get into a top tier business school, but my average last year was around an 88% and I'm not sure if I can get my average up to an 90 this year. I'm for sure gonna work my butt off but that doesn't guarantee that it will happen. Then there's that post on here called like why are business students so optimistic??? which gives me more anxiety.

I don't know if I'm making the right decision by going into business. I think I still have time to switch into nursing? I took uni bio11 last year, so that would mean I would have to take chem11 first semester, and then bio12 and chem12 second semester. Is nursing less saturated than business and am I more likely to get a job? I'm not the biggest fan of the medical industry, but then again business isn't really my main passion either. 

Sorry for the extremely long post. I just need peoples' opinions on this. I'm a mess, literally. It's just everything is coming up so quickly and I thought I had my goals planned out, but now I'm contemplating and having second thoughts. Please no harsh comments. Thanks in advance..
How did you decide which school/program you want to study?
I can't seem to decide what I want to study in the next 4 years or what occupation I want...
But here's a background about me:

1. I live in the GTA
2. I aim to study domestically
3. My academic weakness is hands down writing/english

Here are my courses I took last year and my grades:
Computer Science  89
Computer Technology  95
Physics  90
Biology  93
Accounting  97
Chemistry  92
English  85
Advanced Functions  97
Data Management  98

(There's 9 because I took summer school)

Here are all the grade 12 courses I am going to take/ already took

Advanced Functions
Data Management
Calculus and Vectors
Computer Technology

I don't know what I want to study and university applications are beginning in a few months
Can you guys share with me how you guys chose your program or what I should study?

Thank you! :D
"We Are Here"
In our world astonishing things can be done when people work together.

When times get rough, it may seem like there's nobody around to give a helping hand.
So I wrote this message to prove that our community is surrounded by people who wish to help those in need.

Visit this link and select the comment by Melvin Gagarao as helpful


Remember, no one is alone.