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Why are high school students going into business so optimistic?

High school business students be like:

“I’m going into Queen’s/Ivey, therefore I’m better than you” *creates hierarchy of tiers of b-schools as a thread*

“I want to become a CPA accountant and work for Big 4 at Bay street and then I’m gonna become an investment banker and work for GS at Wall street to make millions.”

“I have a 98% average (private schooled) and was the president of every club at my school, therefore everyone be jealous”

“After I finish undergrad with a 4.0 GPA, I’m going into MBA program then law school, then get my CFA, then CPA, then PhD to make my business card credentials as long as possible because I’m going to become a CEO”

I honestly don’t see engineering, science, arts students say these type of ridiculous things on the forum.

Is it good enough?
I just finished grade 12 physics and today I got a 91 on the exam and finished with an 87 in the course overall. Is 87 a decent to good physics grade. I want to go into sciences, not life sciences or med but like Atmospheric/Earth and Space/ Meteorology, Meterology is my main goal and I wanna get my Masters Degree in it but Im wondering if its enough for universities like Waterloo, UBC, maybe like Mcgill, or like Mcmaster or even University of TO. 

Any reply/answer greatly appreciated, especially for those who want to go into similar programs..

Sincerely, Proflyer98
MEDHOPEFULS--mega thread
1) What grade are you in currently (if in high school) or what school are you attending, what year, in what program (if in university)?
2) What was/is/you think will be your top 6 (or 4/5 if you're from a province other than Ontario--please state) in high school?
3) What was/is your top 3 school & program choices for undergraduate studies before pursuing medicine ('premed')? Why?
4) Many on here seem to believe that Mac's health sci is the best, then Western's med sci, and then students should just apply to a school where attaining a high GPA is easier. Do you agree?
Thank you so much for your input! Hopefully we'll get some meaningful discussions started! Good luck to all of you! :)
Schulich delayed entry??
Just wondering how hard is it to transfer into Schulich second year from another university/business school?? If youve done it sucessfuly please post!

Also, please dont tell me how its impossible or you wont be able to do it etc..I hate negative thinkers. Nothing is impossible. 

Also If it was impossible they wudnt have this option available, so obviously people are transfering every year even if its a small amount.
Going into UBC this September. Answering any admission related questions!
Hey guys,

I was accepted to UBC Sauder this March! UBC was my first and only choice and I am so glad that I got in. I am starting this September.

I will be able to answer any admission question you guys might have. But keep in mind that I live in BC so I am only familiar with the BC admission system!

I honestly believe that I am almost an expert in the UBC's admission system :P I spent countless hours researching and phoning UBC that in the end, I knew more than  some enrollment service professionals who were often clueless when I tried to ask a question.

Ask away!

Tough for first year?
I am planning to take the following courses for first year at UTSG:
1) BIO120 and BIO130
2) MAT135 and MAT136
3) PHY131 and PHY132
4) CHM151
5) SOC101
Is it going to be tough for me to handle? Anyone who has similar courses? Also what are your views about the seminar courses?
hoae test...
Hi there, I was wondering if any of you guys had to do the HOAE test. I’m thinking to take the nursing program and they ask for it. All my marks are 90s and up but I’m afraid to fail because of the test, can somebody tell me a little beat more about HOAE, thanks...
University of Guelph's Reputation?
What kind of reputation does U of G have? Good? Bad? Just certain programs? etc. Any input  and personal experiences are welcome. Thanks in advance!
U of Guelph: BBRM
Is the University of Guelph's Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management, Equine Management major are respected program within the school aswell as in the equine industry?
Just finished Med Sci year 1 AMA :)
Any questions about the courses you'll be taking, various profs, campus, residence, etc? Ask away !
11 life lessons are not taught in your university
Life is neither pink nor easy as you think when you were a student. The university was where we faced the difficulties of a beginner, as well as where we found our good friends. The most amazing thing in college was when we realize who we are. We had the right to choose ideologies and perceptions of life.

 However, there are 11 lessons that universities did not teach you:

1. The knowledge in courses and classes cannot be used. The office workers next to you cannot participate in the courses you have attended. Two people from different academic background, but the two of you still be respected and earn the same salary. No one will ask what you've learned in college, but you have to use that knowledge and experience to complete the assigned tasks. The college period has passed, and now your life is outside of lectures and textbooks.

2. In life, talent is important Your manager may be younger than you, but you'll have to call him the "boss". In college, a junior student could be older than you, still respected you, because you are a senior student. In real life, the respect is based on real talent.

3. The Art of communication. You may have learned personality development courses in college but in life you will realize the importance of good communication. You may need to propose to a girl, want to be promoted, or would like to discuss certain issues with neighbors. Communication skills can determine success or failure in life.

4. How to evaluate a person In college a person could be your friend or your enemy, but in life you cannot predict the relationship between two people is. A good friend in the office can also take your opportunity so you must learn how to identify the characteristics of people around you. Actions may conflict with words.

5. You have to look at yourself, what you say, how you say, and who you talk to In college you can argue with a friend today, tomorrow you two still be friend. But in life it's a different story. In college, friends and others know you through words, but in life people will understand you according to their perception, not every word you uttered.

6. The network relationships are always helpful In college friends is your world. But in life, you cannot exist without a network connection. You need job, a new house, build a business, a social group. This means you need a good relationship with everyone.

7. Saving money is not easy You want to enjoy and discover the life, you want at heights of 900 m in the sky. You want to enjoy red wine in a vineyard, or experience diving with coral and marine organism. To come up with any adventures, you need to save money, but saving money is not an easy thing. Your monthly salary would have to cover a lot of things such as buying food, clothing, paying bills, visiting parents ... And you'll notice very little money left over to save.

8. In relationships, actions say it all When we were in college, a romantic love was expressed by the sweet promises. But in real life, an action says it all. You look at a person; you observe his actions and notice who he is. So, be careful of the words you use, as well as your actions, gestures.

9. It’s okay to make mistake, but not repeat it Every mistake allows you learned something. Success comes when you have different mistakes, so each time you get a new lesson. In college, you can repeatedly ask silly questions to teachers, but in life if you ask the same questions and repeatedly the same mistake, you will be labeled "silly ".

10. It is important to continue to move forward. Life is a journey, not a destination High school time, you just wanted a high score. When you went to college, you wanted to be famous. When you work, the next goal was to work to get a promotion. After being promoted you want a vacation with the family, and it’s continues. Life is movement and every minute passed, you have to have new expectations and aspirations. So, think about the little joy and keep moving forward.

11. Everyone is very busy, so you need to take care of yourself People around you are busy in their own battles. Even a 5 years old child has challenges and her own mission. So let's learn how to take care of yourself because college year has gone and your college friends were not there anymore.
Movie suggestions?
So I'm pretty much a movie noob... Can anyone suggest some good movies to watch? Anything from the classics to new stuff will work :) I like any genre besides horror 
Can you please do something about the night-time spam?
For many weeks now we've been bombarded with spam that usually starts right after midnight. I'm unable to post on this site at that time or read old threads, because I get a message that says "Oops, you've hit your posting limit. Please wait a couple minutes and try again." It's getting really tiresome and isn't a problem I see with other forums or the old studentawards.

What are the administrators of this site doing to stop this spam flow? It's getting ridiculous.
Schulich BBA
Can somebody explain the credit hour system and electives process at Schulich's BBA program to me. I have no idea how this works?!
List of things you should keep in your car as a commuter student / if you drive to school:
If you are a commuter student, or use your car to get to school like me, here are some things you should keep in your car. You don't know when emergencies will come, so it's best if you're prepared for it. 

- Car charger for your phone. Those things that turn your Cigarette Lighter into a USB port. Most cars have USB ports now so you might not need it but a few of them don't have the proper ability to charge phones. i.e. 2012 Honda Civic (what I drive). It does charge, but it's VERY slow at doing it

- Spare Tire, + Tire change kit. Seriously, keep these in your car. And don't tell me getting rid of these help with mileage. Unless your car is made out of tin foil, removing these won't help with mileage. 

- Battery Booster / Jump Starter Kit. Some cars come with it. If it doesn't, you should have it in your car. Cars don't have a battery gauge like phones and laptops. That light only turns on when the battery is dead. 

- Ice Scraper / Snow Brush. A must have in the winter. Wipers can't clear off snow from your windshield, and the window heaters at the back won't melt the snow. 

- Collapsible Shovel. If it snows a lot where you are, you'll need this too as well as the ice scraper / snow brush. I've actually had to dig my car out of the snow once.

- Flare. Most cars have this already, so keep it in there. Helps other people spot you if you're ever stranded on the highway or somewhere dark. TIP: If you're on the highway, light it and place it a few hundred meters behind where your car is stopped so people know that you're stopped ahead. 

- Flashlight. You may have to park your car somewhere and start walking in the dark. Also useful for looking at things under your car. 

- First Aid Kit. For patching yourself up or someone else. 

- Rescue Medicine. Inhalers, Epipen, etc. 

- Pads, Tampons. If you're female that is... you know..... for the female problems.....

- Bottled Water.  Don't just keep 1, keep a few. I usually keep 4 because of how many I usually seat in my car. 

- Granola Bars, Chips, Snacks, Cookies. Yes, there may be a day when you forget lunch at home and don't have enough money to buy something from the cafeteria or convenience store. 

- Poncho / Rain Coat / Umbrella.

- Extra Pair of Clothes. 

And as always, keep your car up to date with maintenance. Change oils, fluids, rotate tires, etc. regularly, not only when that check engine light comes on. Usually, when it comes on, it means you're past due for maintenance and something is broken inside. 

Good luck! :)
Is it possible to do English 11 Online while taking English 12 in the school year?
I was wondering if schools in Canada allow students to take English 12 if they haven't yet completed English 11?
I'm currently doing English 11 Online but I haven't finished, so I might not be able to make it in time for the final, making it so I have to take the next exam which is in late September, but school would have already started.

Is it possible to do it both courses at the same time?
Potential Transfer at U of T - Engineering to Comp Sci
Hi everyone, I will be attending U of T in the fall for TrackOne General Engineering. I was wondering how hard will it be to transfer from engineering into computer science after first year?
I think I like engineering, which is why i accepted this offer, but im just asking in the case that I dont and I wish to transfer, will it be a very difficult transfer? Will have to take a lot of additional courses in order to so?
Thank you very much! Any feedback, advice, tips, and comments are greatly appreciated :)
I'm not going to UFT, but everyone in my schools says that UFT is different from UTM because it is much harder to get into UFT. Is this true?
Jobs in US (bay area) Waterloo Engineering
How difficult is it to get a coop placement in America preferbly the bay area? For someone interested in taking computer or management engineering, or computer science at Waterloo (Still have not decided yet!)
Everyone Needs To Rethink Their Lives......
I relatively new to this forum site and from what I have seen all everyone on here cares about is prestige, putting people down, and picking jobs that only make more than 500 000. The business students are the worst!!

Is that all you really care about? I read someone (a business student) recently say that engineers can only make 250 000..... yeah ONLY. Life isn't all about money. Have you ever though about the toll, stress, and time that high paying salaries can take. I hate you little high school students who think just because you go to queens or lvey you will be handed a half million dollar salary...like? You all think you are the only business students well there are thousands of other graduating at the same time and they all think they will be multi millionaire CEO's. Wake and see the real lyfe.

Exams and Universities
I didn't do really good on any of my grade 10 provincial exams, actually for me i did really bad. I don't want to redo any of them, so will this affect my future, most importantly, will it affect Universities taking me in Canada?
OSAP Application HELP!!!!!!!!
I tried applying for OSAP at the beginning of July and when I entered my SIN number it said that there was already an OAN number issued for my OEN and SIN. I never applied earlier and I double checked all my emails and everything for an OAN number, there was nothing about it. 
   I went to the Forgot OAN number and it gave me a form to print out and fill to verify that it's my SIN by taking it to a financial aid office or school office. I filled it out and sent it in July 7th. They have yet to mail me back so I missed the deadline for my university (July 15th) . I am still trying to get a loan for second semester so I called all the numbers listed and there was no response.