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Do you know Co-Immunoprecipitation (Co-IP)?
Co-IP is a classic technology widely used for protein-protein interaction identification and validation. Based on the specific immunological interaction between the bait protein and its antibody, co-IP has become an effective and reliable method in detecting the physiological interaction between proteins.

The principle of the co-IP technique is as follows: Many intracellular protein-protein interactions are retained when cells are lysed under non-denaturing conditions. The bait protein, for example, protein X, can be captured by its specific antibody stabilized to agarose beads. If there is another protein, the prey protein, for example, protein Y, binds to protein X in vivo, the protein X - protein Y complex can then be precipitated together by the antibody. Subsequently, through the investigation of protein Y, we can confirm the protein X - protein Y interaction, or discover new interactors of protein X.

Source: https://goo.gl/BfzYOK
So First Year wasn't so Hot...
TL;DR is bolded, because I write A LOT.

I'm in need of advice since I can't find a thread that pertains to my exact situation -- I mean clearly, because not everyone is in the same boat as me. 

I'll start from the beginning: I applied to U of T for Life Science and a few other universities in November of 2015, and accepted my offer March of 2016.  I was very excited, though I didn't know what the transition from high school to university would be like.  I knew I couldn't afford to live on res (I lived over 50km away at the time), so I decided that it would be a wise financial decision to move in with my partner at the time.  By late August, our relationship was a very unstable and I decided to find an apartment that was the cheapest I could get due to financial circumstances and time constraints.  In the later months, beginning of first year, I had come to realize that the apartment was just awful and the living conditions did not condone to healthy living or studying habits.  So, first week of first semester I had ended a long term relationship, moved into a gross apartment, attempted to live on my own for the first time without financial support from my parent, and transition to university.  Throughout the coming months (around November, I believe) I ended up in the hospital for suicidal thoughts and tendencies -- of which I had struggled with in the past, and received medical care for.  Come December I had to deal with my mother getting in a car crash and my sisters husband relapsing and figuring out how to help take care of her sons.  A relapse happened again in May where I had to take two weeks off from school to go look after them.  

Despite my best efforts, my academic career was hindered -- luckily not to the point of academic probation, but my GPA still isn't great by any standards (somewhere in the ball park of 2.0).  It luckily went up from first semester to second semester, because I tried to block out all of the stuff I was dealing with; that wasn't conducive to my mental health. 

Going forward, I've taken the year off to figure out where I want to go for university the second time around.  I loved my program, I just didn't love the atmosphere at U of T or the way the program was designed. I was in Life Science hoping to do a double major in Molecular Biology and Immunology.  I did some research and have decided to apply to Western for Medical Science (ideally in Microbiology and Immunology with Pathology), because it's a little more geared towards the aspects that I enjoyed in Life Science -- I personally think the courses are geared more towards what I'd like to do in the future. 

I want to be able to prove to the admissions council that I had extenuating circumstances that led to the poor results in my first year and that I'm passionate about this area of study. My ending average in high school was 88, so I don't foresee that being an issue, I'm just worried that my post-secondary transcript will hinder my ability to even make a case for myself.  

So, do I not submit my post-secondary transcript and hope for the best, or do I submit it and hope that they will contact me about extenuating circumstances? I don't want to not submit it, because that would be an academic offence which could lead to expulsion, and I also would like to pursue a graduate degree.  

Thanks in advance! 

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2nd Year Mac Eng Student - I switched into eng after completing first year! Questions? Ask away!!
Hey everyone!

I am a Mechatronics and management co-op student attending McMaster university. I remember myself being on this site, searching for answers to all my questions, so I hope I can make your searching a little bit easier. 

Little background on myself. I originally applied to the engineering program at mac however I was 2% short off the cutoff. I was able to get into the Math and Stats program. With a little help from the student advisers   (who are awesome) and a whole lot of studying, I am now and engineering student!

I had to take a few summer courses as I was not able to take all the required first year engineering courses during the year, (actually I'm studying for my physics exam next week as I type this.), but it was totally worth it!

So yeah, ask any questions you have pertaining to university, engineering, switching programs etc!:):)
Starting off bad
well i just got my first biology quiz back and i a 50% :(.I know it's the first quiz and i still have many chances too improve in biology, but i can't think of more ways.

What are some ways that i can improve in grade 12 university biology.
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Current UBC Student- Ask me anything
I'm a second year UBC student. I took first year sciences, lived in first year residence, upper year winter residence and year round housing, and have since transferred into Engineering. I'm also an Orientations Leader and a volunteer for Destination UBC. I'm in the coop program at UBC and currently on a work term with a software company. 

I can answer questions about about rez life, science, how I got into UBC, engineering or transferring.
Rotman Commerce
Hi everyone, I'm going to be applying to Rotman Commerce hopefully sometime this November. I'm just on here to ask how strict you all think they are on their admission requirements. Particularly english. I like to think that I am a good writer and so forth but, I'm not exactly an 80+ student when it comes down to it. So, do you all think that an english mark in the low to mid 70s is a deal breaker?
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Should I give up on being a doctor?
I am in grade 12 applying to universities in a few months and stuck on whether I should change my career choice. I'm not naturally smart so I can study my a** off and get.a 80% out of it in math and the sciences. I'm only at a 70% in math now and I'm pretty sure I just failed my biology test. Idk if it's worth it for me to continue taking a course I struggle with throughout university and fail - wasting mine and my parents money. Anyone that struggled with sciences that can help??? Thanks.
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Physical science
Hey!! I was wondering what the admission averages for physical science were for the 2016 admission at Waterloo and Guelph? Also, on einfo is says that Waterloo only accepts 179 people in physical science. Is that in total or per major??? Thanks in advance :D
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Will the university know if its a private school course?
If I took grade 12 math or english either in the summer, night school, or private school will the university know? Not a repeated course like if I just took it straight in one of those places instead of day school while checking marks will universities know it was taken at one of those places?
what is the life course theory approach???
what is the life course approach and how is it applied to groups and individuals
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Residence at UWO
hey guys, I'm a prospective student wondering about the best residence at UWO? I was thinking essex hall so i could be with all the engineers and have a suite style room but still unsure if thats even a good place to stay
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Engineering and English
Hi, just wondering if you need to take first year English courses in first year engineering? Specifically looking at Queens, Mac and McGill
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Help ! Bcom vs BBA
i wanted to know the difference between a Bcomm degree and a BBA degree. I plan on doing bcomm most likely, any tips or info to know before hand ? :)
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Ryerson Social Work
Hey! I was just wondering if anyone here has any advice/comments on the bachelor's social work program at Ryerson U!
I am currently a hs senior and RU is my top choice. I heard from a friend that it is super difficult to get into, though? I have been on honour roll the past three years, and should be graduating with 8 university credits. I ended English with an 83.
Queens admission tips
I am hoping to get into queens for engineering, but would like some advice on anything that would help me during the application process. I had a 93 average in grade 11 and a reasonable list of ECs. Is it more based on grades or the PSE? Any suggestions on how to make my application stand out?
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Nursing Hopefuls for 2017!
There was already a post for students hoping to become nurses in 2016 (as posted by Molly Ferrigo). Now this new post is for those of us trying to become nursing students in 2017! 

So, please share: 
1. Which school(s) are you applying to? 
2. What other programs are you applying to as your back up?
3. What overall average are you aiming for in your final year? 

I am going to apply to Cenntennial College and George Brown, and I'm aiming for an average of 95. 
Advice on Entering University
Hello!  My name is Pearl and I'm a High School Senior who is interested in applying for a couple universities in the next few upcoming months but has no idea how to go about the process.  
I've already selected 4 university programs I'd like to apply to but am unsure of what would make an impressionable application.  I tend to have an average at or above a 90% and have been involved in at least 6 different extracurricular activities/clubs just in the last year, however, I want to apply to some prestigious programs to prepare me for Medical School and I'm not sure how to play up my assets, as I'm sure there are better students out there.  Any advice?  Thank you!
Nursing Averages??
I am just wondering where the future 2017 nursing will be applying and what your estimate overall average might be. Also, if anyone knows the average admission grades usually are for getting accepted. I will be applying to Nipissing, Trent, Lakehead and Windsor.
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Schulich Leader Scholarship winner- AMA (repost)
I'm still getting loads of questions from friends, etc so I'm reposting this in case some people didn't see the first thread before it got buried. 
Hello Everyone!
 I've been getting a lot of questions from friends who are working on their applications so I thought I'd do an AMA here as well so anyone who has questions can ask them! I am the recipient of a $60,000 Schulich Leader Scholarship, a STEM scholarship given to 50 recipients across the country. I was also offered a MES from Simon Fraser University.
I had a lot of help with my own applications, so I'd really like to pay it forward. Feel free to ask me about essays, the application process or other assorted topics and I will try to answer to the best of my ability. I wish everyone the best in all their endeavours and applications! 

Link to Schulich leader scholarship program: http://www.schulichleaders.com

 P.S. Please keep everything civil- mean or disrespectful comments will not be tolerated and I will not hesitate to report you.
U of T double major vs. Mac Health or Life Sci vs Queen's Life Sci

I'm currently a grade 12 student, and am looking into different university options. My current average is somewhere between a 94-96, with well above 90 for all of the sciences and maths. My end goal is to be able to get into med school. I'm currently looking at going to either Mac or Queen's Life sci, OR I really want to do a double major at U of T in Life Sci and Peace, Conflict & Justices studies. However, my family and friends all tell me that U of T is an incredibly hard school that will lower my grades and lessen my chance of getting into med school. I'm also considering Mac Health Sci, but I probably won't get in, as only about 5% of applicants do.

Do you think that going to U of T would lessen my chances of getting into med school? Because that's the program that I really want to pursue. Otherwise, do you think there's much of a difference between the Mac and Queen's life sci programs?
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Nursing Hopefuls 2017
Hello future nursing students! I know this is a common thread for students looking towards going into nursing and it would be cool to have it up again for the upcoming year. I'm definitely excited to apply to university and I know a lot of you guys must be as well so ->
Please, share with us:  
1. Which school(s) are you applying to?  
2. What other programs are you applying to as your back up?  
3. What overall average are you aiming for for your final year?  

I plan on applying to Ryerson Collab Program (main site), and as a back up I might apply to George Brown/Ryerson Collab and York's collab program. I'm aiming for a 90% average but anything above that would be amazing.

I hope you guys get into your desired programs by the end of this school year :)
Western Med Sci: Just finished 3rd year, cumulative 4.0, AMA
Basically what I said above. I just finished my third year at Western Med Sci! I know choosing a university is tough (I had a really tough time choosing) and trying to determine how you'll do at university is stressful, but let me know what questions you have and I'll do my best to answer them! 

Also, despite being in third year, I can definitely answer questions about first year and all other years. I've been pretty engaged with helping out first years, so I know a decent amount about all years (or at least I like to think I do haha).

Update: I just got into med school, so feel free to ask those questions as well.  
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Economics/Political Science Joint Honours or International Development and Globalization
So I'm interested in both the programs mentioned in the title (at UofOttawa), but I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience doing either (or something similar) please share the pros / cons. Honestly, I'm not sure which one I would like better, so how easy would it be to switch? I'm planning on doing French Immersion and Coop, but I'd appreciate you guys telling me anything you know about these programs.
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Business Program Questions

I'm currently a grade 11 this year and I have some questions about different business programs.

My projected top 6 grade 11 marks are as followed:

(pretty ungenerous) 
English: 83%
Functions: 94%
Data: 95%
Accounting: 95%
Chem: 92%
Physics: 91%

My ec's are just ok: mountain biking team, JA Company Program, badminton team, 100+ volunteer hours, hopefully a part time job grade 11 and 12 and maybe another club
Avg: 91.66% (could be higher since my grade 10 was 94%)

The programs I intended to apply to are:
1. Laurier BBA (hopefully co-op) (good if I plan to get a CFA apparently)
2. Western Ivy HBA
3. Schulich BBA or iBBA
4. Brock BBA co-op (to be safe) 

I was wondering what programs I would be able to get an early acceptance to since I've heard it's solely off your grade 11 marks for some programs and what the projected cut off's are for the program's listed.

I was also wondering how the supplementary application works? I've heard of it before but I'm not sure how it works and what programs use it. (i.e: is it only if your below the cut off like the ABS form?)

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