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I know most people in BC's first choice is UBC, but has anyone heard back from SFU after they self reported their marks? I haven't heard back yet and I reported on January 4th, the first day it was open.
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I have an urgent question and appreciate you guys' help!
On Jan 5th, u of t st. george received my application and sent me the confirmation email. After this, u of t is remaining silent because they didn't send me any requests regarding documents in my student centre. Until now, I only have my top3 marks: Biology 4U: 93, Calculus 4U: 93, Advanced Functions 4U: 97. The remaining 3 courses are: Chem 4U, Eng 4U and Business Leadership 4M. 
In addition, my grade 11 marks are extremely bad because of not studying. Biology 3U: 78, Functions 3U: 62, Eng 3U; 75, Chem 3U: 70. And I learnt everything from grade 10 to 12 in one public school so that I didn't change the public school to private school for boosting marks. I'm applying for life science -- human biology. 
Last but not least, my questions are why I haven't received the offer yet and are bad marks in grade 11 affecting the application? I'm pretty sure the top3 marks have reached the admission grade range. 
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Will I get into University???????
I am currently in grade 12 and i have applied to 5 Programs
1) Waterloo AFM
2) Western BMOS (not AEO)
3) McMaster Business 
4) Queens Commerce
5) UTM Commerce

I am very conflicted with whether or not I have a chance at getting into university.  I am in my 2nd semester and my top 6 so far are: 
1) ENG4U1 - 80%
2) MCV4UA - 87%
3) MDM4U1 - 91%
4) NDW4M1 - 96%
5) CPW4UB - 89%
6) BOH4MB/BBB4MB - 87%
7) MHF4UA - 78% (Waterloo and UTM want this but others don't)
I am taking Law, Economics, and French and hope to get a 90 in one of them to put into my top 6. 
My extra curriculars are pretty weak though, I've played on the Junior and Senior Basketball Teams, was in DECA and FBLA, have a YouTube channel with over 600,000 total views (maybe they'll be impressed), and volunteered at an Arabic school and the campaigns for 2 Liberal candidates, and worked as a Trainee for an Accounting firm (accidentally forgot to put it on my Waterloo application, idk how).
I also will be getting the French, Business, and IB (for Economics) Certificates but do they look at them?

I just wanted to get some insider knowledge on whether it is possible to get into these University programs.
High School Class of 2016 Offers of Admissions
The Applications thread is pretty cluttered so I was thinking we could start this thread to make it easier to view when others are accepted to programs you've applied to! 

Please include in your post:
- Program
- Date of offer
- Date of application
- Admission average (Grade 11, first semester, second semester midterm - whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province
- Any supplementary information (Ex. ECs if they're required on application, predictions about quality of essays/responses)
- Any other information you deem appropriate!

Good luck guys!
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Med Rad
Anyone applying or attending medical radiation sciences at Mcmaster? The target enrollment is 140 this year, does that mean only 140 people will get accepted into that program?
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Laurier Health Sci
I was wondering how Laurier will calculate my average, I applied for health science at Laurier Grade 11:
3M math- 72
3U english - 72
3U french - 78
3U biology - 91
3U chemistry - 81
So far for grade 12 marks I have:
4U biology - 91
4U advanced functions - 70
4U english - 80
4M science (health science) - 84
4U exercise science - 84
and I am currently taking 4U Idc where my goal is 90+, 4U Families in Canada - goal 85-90 and 4U chemistry - goal 85

If I don't get into health science, are there any alternate offers I would fall under specifically? 
I'm really stressing out about not getting accepted! 
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U of T vs York Kinesiology
So I know this has been asked a million times but programs have maybe changed, so i'll try again. Is UofT or York's Kin program better, especially for someone who wants to go into either Physio or something else in healthcare?

I've heard that York's program is monstrous and parasitic and on the other hand that UofT's isn't very science based and that you're taking glorified high school gym classes. I've also heard that it's only good if you want  to become a gym teacher or go into Physical Education.
Western Ivey 2016 mega thread
Sup guys, 

Just making this thread to see whats the competition like this year for people applying to ivey aeo at western.

Share your projected average and what type of ecs. Also whats your top choice.

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Is French worth taking throughout all high school years?
It's course selection month and I am unsure if I would like to take it again in gr 11. I'm currently taking French right now but I'm not exactly sure if I like it since there is a lot of assignments and I am taking some science courses next year

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First wave of regular admissions?
Now that ontario universities have received our marks through OUAC, when will the first wave of regular admission take place? Like how long does it take to process those marks?
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Biology (BA) at Wilfred Laurier
Will I be able to get into the Biology Bachelor of Arts program at Laurier if i have an 84%-86% average?
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UofT Kinesiology
Has anyone been accepted to UofT St George Kinesiology yet?
If so, what is your average and when did you get accepted? 
Out-of-province applying to med school
i just recently learned about Universities (in Canada) reserving seats for residents of their province for med school...This whole time I really wanted to go to McGill but what if I'm a BC resident?? There's only like 11 spots are there...? And also what happens if I'm a BC resident, go to McGill but do NOT become a resident, then apply to Ontario med schools? I heard from my family doctor that it's really hard that way, but I read online that Ontario schools don't have reserved seats so why would it matter? I'm so worried about where I choose to go for undergrad...
Ignoring all rules, I would have liked to go to: 1) McGill 2) Queens 3) Toronto 4) UBC.
Scholar's Electives Thread 2016!
This is for all UWO scholars electives applicants. Discuss you research ambitions, post your average and tell us about your awards and ECs. Lets get an idea of the competition.
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SHAD 2016 Participant Thread
I was accepted to SHAD! I'm unsure of what university to choose though.  What are your top choices? Edit: this thread is also for any questions/comments anyone has about SHAD 2016.
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McMaster Acceptance
Anyone get acceptance for science programs at Mac???
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Business Programs: What are your expected Top 6 Grades?
I'm not here to judge or anything. I want to let people figure out where they stand in the acceptance of the program that they want to get into!

List your Top 6 Marks (expect marks if not yet completed the course) or just your Top 6 Avg.
Also please list the program(s) you plan to go to!

All are welcomed for discussion on your opinion of what grades you may need for each program.
Ryerson Engineering Acceptance
There are too many clustered threads based on university acceptances here. This post is strictly for Ryerson. So, if you got accepted at ryerson for engineering can you please post:
- which engineering discipline
- gr 11 average (and current average) 
- date you got accepted
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Ontario- AP Calculus Difficulty?
I am in Grade 11 and am doing Advanced Functions (MHF4U) this semester as part of the school's AP Math program. I completed Functions with a 96% (I didn't find it difficult) and hope to achieve around the same in AF. I have registered to take AP Calc (AB) next year, which by the way is a full-year course. I'm not sure what to expect of it. I know it's not going to be easy, but I got through Functions without much difficulty (and I have been told by many that it's the hardest math), so for anyone in Ontario or even Canada who has done it, how difficult is it and what should I expect from the course/exam etc?
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UofT Scholarship
I am aiming for their entrance scholarship. 
I do not have a 92 average as of now, however I am aiming for that.
If UofT reviews my application and I do not stand at an average of 92, will they come back to review my average (midterm marks) to see if I'm eligible for that scholarship still?

I go to a semestered school, so I only earned 3 credits so far, but I did earn a credit for the one required course needed to get into the program I want. 

Also, OUAC emailed me today stating that they've sent in my marks to the universities I've applied to. How long may it take for UofT to get to my application? Because right now, the status says pending review.

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Chances of getting into engineering
@ ryerson
I seriously messed up chemistry this semester and ended up with a final mark of just flat 80. Also took a computer course and had a 90 but final mark is terrible. However it wont be used for my top 6.
First semester final marks are:
English - 90
Advanced Functions - 87
Chem - 80 T_T
Hopefully next semester my marks for physics & calculus will be (possibly mid but aiming for high) high 80s to low 90s. What are your opinions ? What are my chances

○ applied to mechanical and computer engineering
● btw does ryerson send out rejection letters
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