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UTSC - Co-op vs. Non Co-op
I have heard that the co-op management program is highly competitive.

I have been accepted to their Management Pre-Program, which allows me to reapply to either a co-op or non co-op management course during second year university.

I was just curious to know that if, by chance, when I reapply to the co-op program and I do not get accepted, would it really be a set back if I go into the non co-op instead?

I understand co-op opens a lot of doors for potential employers and such, but I was wondering if you think it is completely necessary to do a co-op.

Thank you so much for replying :)
How Hard is Physics 11?
Well, I'll be going to grade 10 next year, and I'll be taking Physics 11. Like the title stated, how hard is Physics 11? So far, I find the resistance, current, and voltage calculation stuff easy. What do you learn in Physics 11?
HELP UBC Science admission
Grade 11 marks, does it actually matter for UBC science, later on specializing into biology? 
I am getting such a bad mark. My top 4 is biology, precalculus 12, chemistry 11, english 11 and im doing well in socials 11 as well. I go to school in BC. I am getting crappy marks in physics, like 60 70 something. Should I retake physics 11 or is it useless? Please be honest and helpful! 

Biology 11 92 
Precalc 12 87-88
chemistry 11 86-87
english 11 88
socials 11 90s 

The marks are not finalized as I am not finished the school year yet.
I Have not studied for the entire year and my marks are SHIT and now im so worried. Is it for sure UBC doesn't look at grade 11? I will be retaking my math 12 online as well as taking chem 12 online. Is UBC ok with online courses? Also, my volunteer is pretty good so I think my personal profile will be ok. In grade 12 I am pretty sure I can get like 92-93. Do you think I will be able to get into UBC science biology with a starting point like this? I will NOT be taking physics 12.
Please help!
UTM - Life Sciences vs. Ryerson - Biomedical Sciences
I am having trouble on choosing where to accept. Has any one been accepted into these programs or currently attends one? What are some of the pros and cons of each? How would my average be affected at each university? Which offers more interactions with professors?
York - Kinesiology & Health Sciences vs. Ryerson - Biodmedical Sciences
I have been accepted into both programs but am having trouble making a decision on where to go. Are there any first year students or graduate of the two programs? How have you found the programs to be? What influenced you to choose them?
ENG4U summer or online?
English has been screwing me ever since grade 9, I suck at it and the teachers are horrific. I've already registered for summer school but I now have taken the online course into consideration. Could anyone give me some insight on what could provide me with a better final grade? I know that I can drop summer school English before first term and it will not appear on my transcript. Should I do it in summer and drop it if I'm not doing well, and hope that the online course will save me, or should I just take it online?
What can I do with an economics degree?
I really really like economics, and am considering taking a major in uni.  BUT I'm not sure what kind of jobs you can get with this degree.  Does anyone have insight on this?
McMaster computer science?
Anyone have any info/considering it/accepted to it? I cant find any recent info on this.
Which university to pick?

so I got accepted to Dalhousie University and York university.
However I'm very confused about where to go...
I'm looking for the pros and cons of each, if anyone can help it would be wonderful.
My acceptance is to the liberal arts and professional sciences program and i'm considering Political science and philosohy double major.

All help is highly appreciated.
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Which University?
I am deciding between McMaster, Queens and McGill. I got accepted to Health Sciences at McMaster, which is supposed to be a really good program, but I'm not sure it would be my favourite place to be. I was accepted to Engineering and Sciences programs and McGill and Queens. I think McGill would be really fun, but its far from home and I've heard it is really hard to get a high GPA, so if I ever wanted to go to medical school it would be really hard to get in. Queens seems like a bit of a compromise between the two, but I'm not even sure what program to do (Engineering or Sciences) and if I choose one and decide to switch, how hard would it be?
UofT is taking soo long!
Hii! I'm an international student currently applying to the University of Toronto and I still haven't gotten an admissions decision! I honestly don't know why it's taking so long. They received my last package on April 13th, and then they didn't update the documents received tab until May 12th. My application status says "Not yet reviewed", and I'm freaking out because I got into UBC and Waterloo and I need to accept or decline those offers by June 1st.. I only have 7 days left! Needless to say, UofT is my first choice.. How long does it take UofT to review applications once documents have been updated? And then how long does it take them to make a decision? I feel like it's a terrible sign the fact that I still haven't heard anything from them! Help :(
Well I'm Screwed.. Do I have a shot?
Okay I'm in a crisis right now :(
I'm waitlisted to GB and the ryerson mainsite and I got rejected from York today. I only applied to 3 programs because I was pretty damn sure I would get into a nursing program with an 88 average, but that didn't happen and I screwed myself over. I don't mind taking the year off the boost my average to hopefully a 92-93. Since I got rejected from York today I decided to delete that from OUAC and apply to business management. The program was open on OUAC and they take a 1185 students each year.. what do you think my chances are since I applied so late? (Literally applied a couple of hours ago)
Doing Private school courses over the summer, Will it help??
Hi, I am doing 2 private school courses over the summer. I am currently a grade 11 student.

I will have 3 of my top 6 M/U courses completed before grade 12 starts and at first sem. final I will have 6 M/U completed.

Will this help me for early acceptance?

Thoughts on Private School? I know a lot of people who have done it and are excelling in top business programs such as Queens, Ivey, Mcgill. In addition I emailed all the uni's I am interested within and they said its absolutely fine.
Nursing Hopefuls 2015!
Hey everyone!

I saw this thread last year and thought it was worth while to do! For anyone applying to 4 or 2 year programs.

1. Which school(s) are you applying to?
2. What other programs are you applying to as your back up?
3. What average are you aiming for your final year?
EXTRA - I want current Nursing students to be included as well! Tell us where you go, where you applied to and what your GPA in Grade 12 was or post secondary if thats what your doing right now. Also, a few pointers, tips and guidance is always great!:cheers:

1. I want to go to McMaster (4 year), Queens (4 year or 2 year), Western (2 year), UofT
2. Nursing, and nothing else!
3. I had mid 80's in high school and currently have a 3.1 from Uoft B.A second year

So common guys, reveal yourselves! ;)
due to personal reasons i was not able to visit the Guelph residences on site. However i did read up on them a lot. Im interested in the academic clusters for biology. how exactly do apply for that? is there a certain residence i must select? in that case, which one?
low 12U english mark.. what to do?
Hi everyone
I'm currently taking grade 12 uni English in summer school, and right now I'm getting an 81 based on 4 major pieces and 4 small quizzes

I was getting an 83 before the last piece, which was an in class essay. I got a 75 on the essay, and I'm worried because we have 2 more essays (isu and exam) which might bring me down to a 70, and they're both gonna be written in class.

What should I do? I wanna apply of UofT electrical & computer engineering and a 70 or low 80 won't bring me anywhere... My all other marks are mid to high 80s and low 90s (my grade 11 average was an 86 or 87)

In grade 11 English I ended up with an 89 and have never done this bad in my life!!

I'm really worried, any advice on what should I do would or how to deal with the situation be appreciated, thanks :(

Dropping summer school before full disclosure isn't an option because I will have 7 courses next year in school, and if I take English in normal school instead of sumer school would be too much in grade 12 (because I'd have 8 courses then)
Is York University good for computer science??
I've recently admitted to York university and UBC(Okanagan) but for UBC, I didn't get an offer of computer science.

 They said I have to do 2 Science programs(Phy, Chem) and math in first year and then I can choose my major in the second year but even though I've done those 2 sciences and maths in A levels(British syllabus) I don't like science much. 

I searched about York university a bit and the teaching score was quite low whereas the teaching score in UBC was really good. This is my most worrying part.

I think I will be working in Canada when I graduate university.

 Is computer science in York university good enough to get employed later? (assuming that my GPA is average compared to other students)
Guelph residence
If you go to Guelph, which one would you say is the best? And why? ( There's only so much the internet can tell you about this topic )
Hi, I'm an Indian.
Have an offer letter from UTSC CS co-op
I just wanted to ask is it even worth paying 38000 canadian dollors??
How about UCL or Uni. of Manchester?
Computer Science co-op UTSC??
Hi! Does anyone know the average cut off rates for the computer science (co-op) program at UTSC? Does an average of 86 give me a good chance or no? Oh and one more thing. I've yet to receive my first term midterm marks, but I know I did horribly in Chemistry (70 on the dot or maybe even lower). But I'm not considering my Chem OR Physics mark to be in my top 6. In my top 6, I have adv functions, calculus, english, international business, and I'm planning on taking 2 easy courses next year, to boost up my average. So to sum it up, this semester, I only have advance functions and english (since I'm not counting Chemistry) as one of my top 6.. Will they send my Chemistry mark to UTSC as well? I'm panicking, because it might impact my acceptance.. :/
Please help with my decision
Which of the following should I pick from. Explain choice plz.

1. U of T - ECE
2. Waterloo - Mechatronics Engineering
Engineering At Waterloo Predictions?
So at waterloo people getting rejected with 95+ avgs is very common right now especially in software and biomed.
How hard do you think'll it'll be next year? As a grade 11 student with a 89-90 avg i don't think there's a chance im getting in this.  hoping to apply for either Environmental or Civil and maybe Management. But if the trend continues im assuming next year the cutoff for Civil and Environmental would be >93-95. Also CS ofcourse (not having to include physics and chem help a ton, wish we could choose not to include english :(, )
Any people have suggestions for future graduates out of high school.
And im in Ontario and heard Ontario has a reputation for terrible terrible mark infaltions. (I know people from nearby schools who graduated with 99- 100 averages.. highest in my school in the last four years has been 95 so  even though i don't see it much i definitely know it's there). 
My plan right now if i don't get to increase my avg to atleast a 95 would be to apply for industrial/mineral for UofT and switch to computer/electrical after first year.
This is really making me feel like getting a job and saving up for private school lol
Seriously though this is getting out of control and unfortunately we can't do nun.
A guy in my school got rejected with a 93.5 avg got rejected from software, comp and electrical. going to waterloo AFM now...
also^ apparently system design and nano are in the same range a civil and environmental so might go for them next year.
University of Waterloo Community Res Ranking Form
I completed the form and gave my deposit in, and I was wondering if you wanted to make changes to the rankings how would you go about that?