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Undergraduate institution reputation for MBA admissions matter?
I know an undergraduate degree is usually sufficient to get a good job in business. However, I don't have the grade 12 math requirements to enter these programs. I plan on doing a BA first and then applying for an MBA after a couple of years of work. My question is, do you think where I go for my undergrad will have any impact on my chances of admission? For example, are a Brock and Mcmaster BA graduate treated equally? I noticed on the class profiles of Western's MBA program that all of the undergraduate schools represented were from top schools (i.e. UofT, Queens, McGill etc.) I should also add I intend to apply to top US schools, if that makes any difference. Any opinions?
Queen's Commerce Summer Internships (After First Year?)
Going into my first year at Queen's commerce in September and I have very little work experience as of now. I'm planning on doing a lot of EC's first year to make up for this. 

My main goal after first year is to get a summer internship. Is this possible or realistic?

Any tips on how I could achieve this?
Would volunteering abroad look good on a uni app on a prestigious business school essay?
I've always wanted to volunteer in Africa for an orphanage or something. I am planning on going in December and I was just wondering if this would count as a good EC to write about for business programs in universities like Queen's, Western, Schulich, Laurier etc. Thank you!
Ask me anything about admissions (Future Engineering Students)
I was accepted to:

University of Toronto - Track one
University of British Columbia - First year
York University - Space Engineering
Queen's University - Chemical Engineering

I applied with a university transfer average of 95.3% + several EC's, and a grade 12 average of 80.5%.

By the way, I had a 55 in grade 11 physics, and never took pre-calculus in high school. Nonetheless,  I was still able to get A+'s in linear algebra, calculus 1 and 2 in university.

My goal here is to provide students advice, and answer questions concerning the admission process at these universities. Moreover, I would also like to share advice to students with low high school marks on what they can do to get into schools like U of T, UBC, etc.

Edit: I see some of you are confused, I did not apply to any of these universities out of high school. I first went to the university in my province, obtained a 95% average, then applied as a transfer applicant. 
What do the "other" kids do after high school?
Just a general question out of curiosity, but what do the kids who dont even make it on honour roll do after high school?

Can't withdraw RESP for OSAP
Okay guys I'm in a really sticky situation

I have money in my RESP, but I have no idea how many. When I asked them for it, they said I have to show my proof of enrollment. I was told that was the course schedules that we have. And the problem is, I can't choose my courses till July 10th.

What should I put in the RESP section??
I have to submit it ASAP cause the 60 day deadline is fairly close

Computer Science
Hey, I am going into grade 12 this coming September and I will be applying for Computer science and software engineering. My courses are: adv function, English, Chem, physics, computer science, and calculus & vectors. I was wondering what language I should learn so I will be ahead when starting university. I currently know most of JavaScript and I am really into app and web development!

Thank you!
What is the difference between math and financial math?
What is the difference between math and financial math? For example waterloo is considered the best math school but laurier also offers math and financial math. So why do people attend math at laurier if waterloo is just down the road? And why for the double degree do you have to take math at waterloo and the business part at laurier?
U of T first year arts and science programs
I know that in first year at U of T if you're applying to the faculty of arts and science that you pick of these categories: humanities, social sciences, Rotman commerce, life science, physical and mathematical sciences or comp sci  and then you specialize later but is it possible to take courses from two of those categories, for example math and commerce. Is there the option of doing a major/ minor or a double degree within the faculty of arts and science? Is there anyone that knows/has done this that can tell me about it?
Official McMaster Health Sciences Thread 2015
Let's start this early!

Who's applying to Mac Health Sci this year?

Supp App looks interesting.

Good luck to everyone.

Feel free to post questions or comments on this year's Supp App or what average you're expecting.

What Ontario Universities require extra curriculars?
I'm going into grade 11 and I am interested in going into chemistry, pharmacy, or medicine when I am older. 
I currently have no ECs. I know most schools don't require ECs but some do. For the ones that do, which one's are they, and how much do you need?
I am intrested in Mac Heath Sci and western biomed, as well as programs at ryerson and york.
Waterloo admisson :/
Hi guys

I really want to know if Waterloo looks at grade 11 marks. I got an average of 60% in the pre requisites, and failed in physics (which im going to go for summer school for) only because I had huge problems (i dont live with my family). I had math, chemistry, physics and accounting in my first semester. I had computer tech, communication tech, gym and english in the second semester and I got a 92% average now. I'm going to grade 12 this year and my dream is to get into Waterloo. I really don't know if I can get in because some people told me they look at grade 11 marks. I would love to know the percentage I would need to get for my chances in getting into Waterloo would be great. Thank you so much taking the time reading this.
Entering grade 12 mega-thread
So this thread is for people who just finished grade 11 and will be applying to uni in the fall, post your grade 11 average and top three choices!

Me: grade 11 average--89.5
Top 3: Ivey/Queens (tied) and Laurier
U of T or Ryerson (sciences)
We all know both have its pros and cons. I'm hoping to go to professional school after, but UofT is a gpa killer however is definitely more prestige. Ryerson on the other hand seem to be opposite of that mentioned for UofT. Can someone please tell me what I should choose? I have to make a decision soon so any inputs are appreciated!
Advice for applying to Quarms?
I am currently in grade 11 and have a passion of pursuing a career in the medical field. I have researched many "advanced learning to medical school" programs in the states and this is the only one I have found here. I realize this is a very competitive program and was wondering if anyone of you guys could tell me if applying would be a waste of time or if I actually have a chance.

My average this year was 97%. For courses, such as grade 11 advanced functions, biology and chemistry my average was always about 98%, whether it was mid-terms or finals. EC's I am currently involved in include, school reach, house council, yearbook. I also volunteer at with a local hospital, canadian cancer society, world vision, and free the children. I am not an athletic person and I understand how this program seeks for well-rounded students. I wonder if that will hurt my chances in any way whatsoever. I also plan on joining more extra-curricular activities. I also have completed 200 hours of volunteering and plan on completing another 100 before the end of senior year. I have also taken part at a research lab program at a hospital for high school students and plan on going to a university to experience and work at a lab facility. 

Any advice for improving my chances of getting into the program is greatly appreciated. Sometime I feel like applying for the program is a waste of time though because they only accept 10 students and the possibility of being accepted is very slim to none. I also plan on applying to McMaster's Health Science program as well.
Easier to get into: Ivey or Queens?
Given that I will have a 90+ average and my ec's are: Fundraising committee, deca exec, varsity lacrosse, link crew and work as a lifeguard 
& I'm really good at English and writing essays so I'll be able to sell myself well 
why cant i keep a guy?
Why cant i keep guys? Like i don't usually have any trouble getting guys but even if they do ask me out on a date (lunch, fishing, etc) they always make an excuse to call it off. Are all guys this flaky or is it just me? It doesn't make sense because they ask me out and then don't carry through...like do they lose interest in me? I don't think im easy...i try to play hard to get a reasonable amount. Also do most guys wheel more than one girl at a time or is that just a common misconception?
Urgent question about getting into business for uni with 78 in grade 11 functions
I took functions in grade 10 this year but ended up doing bad and I ended with  a 78. I want  to get into Ivey,Schulich,Rotman, etc but will universities see this mark? If yes should I redo it in summer school? Please respond asap  as summer school starts tomorrow.
Single or double dorm?
Should I apply for a single or double dorm? I'm a girl. I reaaaallllyyyy don't want to end up with someone weird or someone who steals shit and whatnot.But I'd love to have a friend to go out to eat with at midnight and stuff... but i'm scared they'll be weird! 
If I get a single I'm scared of missing out on the university experience... parties, friends, ect. 

Best programs in Canada
Engineering: UoT, Waterloo
Business: Queen's, Ivey
Sciences: Guelph, UoT, McMaster
Mathematics/Comp Sci: Waterloo
& McGill is a pretty good all-rounder overall, but does not excel in any particular program

UBC? Don't go to UBC.
Ubc Qualifications
I am just finishing my grade 11 year, and going into grade 12. I slacked most of this year until I realized that grade 11 matters towards university, so I pulled it together and increased my grades by a good 30%.... I really would love to go to UBC for buisness but I dont know if my grades in grade 11 will qualify. I got a 86% in physics, 92% in Pre Calc 11, 86% in english, 80% in socials. I am currently taking Pre Calc 12 over the summer, and Calculus 12, in my Grade 12 year. My average goal for next year is around 92%. If I manage to pull it off do you think it is possible for me to get into UBC? I also have recently started volunteering and i work part time. (Just information for my personal profile) If not UBC I would like to attend SFU, University of Toronoto, or Uvic. Please let me know if you think I can make it.  Thank you.
UBC revoke offer
Hello, I took my english provincial this June and I think I did a terrible job on it!!! I was wondering if anyone's offer got revoked? or if anyone got 20% lower than their class mark but their offer was still available? 

I'm in faculty of Science and Science is kinda bitchy about English i think... please share your experience with me so I can assume the chance of my offer getting revoked