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SFU Beedie vs. Western BMOS
Hi there,

Recently, I've been struggling between staying close to home and going outside of province. I've been accepted to both SFU Beedie with an entrance scholarship and UWO's BMOS program with AEO status.

While SFU is definitely the most cost-effective option, I was leaning more towards Western since Ivey is not only known for its prestige but also its case-study based learning system. I'm very attracted to the idea of going outside of province and developing independence, but SFU would also remove a big financial burden. 

I'm really at a loss for what to do right now; does anyone have any input on which school to choose? Does it really matter which undergraduate program you choose? What are the pro's and con's? Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Thank-you in advance!
Laptops for engineering?
Hey guys, I am going into engineering and if any senior or junior undergrad students can give some suggestions regarding which laptop is suitable for engineering. One student told me that an engineering must have:

- Min of 8GB ram
- i5 - i7
- 256GB SSD or use 1 TB external hard drive
- Easy to carry, preferably 13" 

I have seen many engineering students using MacBook Pro's, but some of the programs such as MatLab, are not compatible with OS. So I am leaning towards windows.

McGill University the elite Ivey League school of Canada?
The school has the highest entering average in Canada, top 1 university consecutively for many years, considered the "Harvard of the North" in America. 

Safe to say its the Ivy school of Canada?
Right Choice Between Ivey and QComm
I Just picked Queen's Commerce over Western Ivey right now and don't know if i did the right thing?
I want to go into ether investment banking or consulting after finishing my degree!
Any comment will be appreciated! 
Also Is Queen's Commerce harder then Western Ivey?
English 12 provincial discussion
Hey guys, I'm  going to be taking my provincial next month and I'm nervous AF. For those of you who took it in January, could you please tell me how you found it or what the themes or essay questions were?  Thanks in advance!
Schulich BBA vs. Laurier BBA/BSc vs. Western BMOS
Hey yall,

I got accepted to all the programs mentioned above and I'm really torn on what to choose. Schulich obviously has the reputation, but does reputation really matter for an undergrad program? With Laurier I got into the Business/Computer Science double degree (not waterloo, just at laurier) with guaranteed co op and its five years. As someone who's not really passionate about computer science, is it really worth doing a Computer Science degree and stay at uni for an extra year? I love the campus and environment at Western and theres a better chance to get into ivey from western, but is it worth going to Bmos with no guarantee of actually getting into Ivey?

What are your thoughts?

Any feedback or information about the programs is appreciated. 
UToronto: Engineering
Who else is still waiting to hear a response from U Toronto regarding their application to engineering?

I believe offers are being handed out until May 28th.

I'm an out of province transfer applicant, so I guess it will take longer for me to hear a response than the Ontario applicants.

McMaster vs Queen's for engineering
I have been accepted to both McMaster and Queen's for engineering, however, I can't decide between the two. I do not know which engineering discipline I want to pursue, so the general first year is good for me. Which school is better based on the program, reputation, campus and uni life?
Which is better Guelph for Landscape Architecture or Waterloo for Planning(it has coop)
I'm stuck between the 2, I've been trying to find some information from others, but none of it is helping me choose... what do you guys think?
OUAC: What Happens If I Don't Send Transcript ?
A bit off topic from the title.

I graduated high school with mid-high 80's in 2010 and got admitted in all universities that I applied for. I, though, chose Waterloo for my university life. But until then, I never realized how tough study in uni would be, slacking off, and was always getting like 50-60's in most courses I have taken, Only one F though. And so after first term I was noticed that I am required to withdraw. I went to talk to my advisor and was given non-degree term, was told that I really do need to get better marks to cover the previous ones. Nope, was required to withdraw once more after the ND term. I had to leave school for two terms. Yeah, while I was away from school, I worked a bit and the readmission date came, I reapplied for the same program, and god's sake, was readmitted. I was solid that I will, definitely, study harder this time, starting fresh, cuz I regretted so much that I slacked off in the first year. This time, I survived for two terms and again required to withdraw, epic huh? Went to talk to advisor and he said no more chances will be given in the same faculty so I tried to transfer to Arts faculty where they required me to get at least 70% average on my another ND degree in order to considered for the faculty, but I failed to achieve so. Now it has become extremely difficult to go back to U of Waterloo.

I am planning to apply to other Ontario universities via OUAC 105D application.
They ask me for the transcripts from high school and as well as from ALL post-secondary institutions if I attended any. I do have confidence in my high school grades, but, as you all have read, universities will not admit me with my grades in U of Waterloo..

Here are my few questions...
1. What happens If I don't provide post-secondary institutions grade saying that I did not attend any universities? Can they find out that I'm lying? What will happen if I get caught. (I actually know one person dropped out of UW and went to York Uni in this same way, and she's doing her new first year in York just fine with no problem)

2. I am thinking of applying to Software Engineering in any uni in Ontario, and I am aware that one of pre-requisite course for Engineering is Calculus 12U, which I need to upgrade my Calc mark in night school, since I have that one really low. Can I apply for 105D application first since its deadline is coming up, then start my night school in February? Will the mark still be updated just like grade 12's?
Need some Advice - Queen's Commerce Conditional Offer
Hello Guys,

I have been accepted to Queen's Commerce, have my parent's approval to go, but on Monday I found out my calc mark dropped to a 76.3 from an 80, cause I had a bad vectors test (ironically I did this the same day I got my acceptance). We did one more test and I know I did well enough on it, so my mark should go up by a bit. I have one more test and a 30 percent exam to finish (I plan to start studying this weekend).

I am wondering if I should accept my offer and make sure I kill these next two evaluations, or accept another offer instead of Queen's. Queen's has been my top choice and I worked hard for it, and I dunno if it is wise to give it up cause of one bad math test.
Laurier DD Comp Sci and BBA or UTSC Management with co-op
I don't know what to choose, I live in Toronto which makes UTSC cheaper but many people say the experience at Laurier is much better, anyone have any thoughts?
Mac Eng
rejected with an 88.83
feeling on the absolute bottom of the world, as a 70 student i struggled all year with the goal and to be 1 percent off fucking sucks
June 1st Deadline
I got accepted into a the University of Wilfred Laurier Brantford Campus for Law and Society, I also got accepted into Ryerson University for Arts and Contemporary Studies. I have no idea what i want to do in my future, and I just chose these programs with a slight interest in them. I live in the same city as Ryerson and im about an hour away from Laurier. If I go to Laurier I can get the full University experience by staying in residence where as if I go to Ryerson Im obviously going to stay at home. Also the Laurier campus is super small with only 3000 students. I really dont want to take a year off or stay a year in highschool. I dont know which University to choose.
McGill admission cutoff went up!!
As I've been told, apparently the McGill admission avg for desautels this year is 95%... Last year it was a 93.7%. This is freaking me out bcz I'm still pending with a 94.6% avg..

To the people that got accepted already, do you mind sharing what your avg was so I can get an idea? I'm really worried :(
Saved Matches
Schulich BBA vs. Brock BAcc w/ co-op
The deadline is approaching and i've narrowed down my options to Brock and Schulich. I'm set on pursuing my CPA designation. I know majority would say Schulich simply because of its prestige, but I would like to know which program will be best if i want my CPA designation? Here are some of the pros and cons that I've come up with.

Schulich BBA 
-prestige, known for accounting
-close to home so it's cheap

-heard that the campus life isn't so great
-no co-op, and co-op is essential for obtaining your CPA designation

Brock BAcc
-got into co-op
-quick way to obtain CPA designation [skip some modules, etc]

-far from home, so more money will go to rez

Thanks in advance!
Not meeting final conditions....Help me out Yconic Fam!
For the reason of staying anonymous you'll find my question generic. 
Say I do not meet the overall average that I need to be at by 1 or at max 2 percent. 
Ex. Program letter lists "Must maintain 80%" and I achieve an 79 or 78 by finals, what the heck happens? 
Victory lap where I'll hate myself for an entire year? 
Get on Knees like a lil B***h and beg guidance councillors to bump my marks? 
Am I F***ed ?
More Information: 
The program would be Brock Accounting with Co-op. 
If they take away Co-Op that's like taking away the whole program for me....
Brock Biomed/MedPlus) Transfer Applicant Question...?
Hi all, I was wondering if someone currently in Brock Med Plus can give me some insight on a decision I need to make. I finished out my first year of studies within a non-science program at a different university with an academic average of 83.44%. Do I have any hopes of getting into Med Plus? Should I take an extra summer course to bump the average up, and will they consider my average afterwards for entrance into Med Plus? When are Med Plus acceptances sent out usually? :S

Thank you!
Ryerson Mech Eng or Mac General Eng w CO OP
I recently accepted ryerson because it is much closer to home and I have heard ryerson is very good for eng.... have i made the wrong choice. Will i be fine going to ryerson? Thank  you