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Ivey AEO most competitive year
This is just a bit of information for people who applied for AEO status. The admissions office said this year they received their highest number of applications to date. In other words, this year is extremely competitive. Good luck to everyone!
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Commerce Essay
Hello all,

i'm in the middle of doing my commerce essay and I'm a bit stuck on ideas for the second 300 word essay. 
If you don't mind could you post what you guys wrote about. Obviously I won't copy them since they're personal but it would serve as a kickstart. 

What are my chances of getting into utsc, McMaster, Ryerson etc.
I've applied for Utsc Health studies, Uft psychology, McMaster Health sci, Western Health Sci, Ryerson Business management and York Biomed sci. My marks are the following, please tell me of my chances? My gr 11 average ranges from 80-86% based on the marks they use. My gr 12 marks are the following: 
English- 90% 
French- 91% 
Advanced Functions- 90% 
Business Leadership- 91% 
International Business- 94% 
Biology- 81% 
Chemistry- 71%  
Calculus- Haven't got a mark yet

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Ontario Universities - Who's putting out offers?
Can we make a thread to attempt to keep up with which Ontario schools have begun sending offers of admission? This is what I propose: If a school you know of has begun sending offers, check the comments. If you do not see the school yet, make a new comment. If you would like to post about your acceptance (average, timing, program) reply to the school's comment directly. For organization's sake. I'll start by putting the few I've seen in comments.
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Business Programs: What are your expected Top 6 Grades?
I'm not here to judge or anything. I want to let people figure out where they stand in the acceptance of the program that they want to get into!

List your Top 6 Marks (expect marks if not yet completed the course) or just your Top 6 Avg.
Also please list the program(s) you plan to go to!

All are welcomed for discussion on your opinion of what grades you may need for each program.
How to get high grades (95+) in high school
Hey Guys,

I am currently trying to get into Waterloo Software Engineering. I am in grade 11, so I still have another year to improve my grades. My average (from the prerequisite courses) is currently an 85. I will be completely honest with you guys, I am not a hard working student. I study the basic material the previous day before a test. I also complete assignments the day before they are due. I do not do any of the assigned homework that teachers give me. So, considering these factors, I am surprised to have this kind of average.

That being said, my goal is to get a 95+ average for grade 12 so I can get into Waterloo Software Engineering. I often see students on this forum who have close to a 99 average. I was just wondering what I could do to attain such a high average. General comments like "work harder" would not really help me. I keep thinking to myself "I will work harder next semester", but I never really do this in reality. If I could get advice from a student who has a 95+ average, that would be greatly appreciated. I would also be interested in hearing the opinions of first year uni students who had a 95+ average in grade 12, and their current academic situation in uni.

Thank You.
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Western Science
For the students who have been accepted to Western Science, what was the grade they early accepted you with? I currently have a an average between 86-87 depending on the courses they pick from my grade 11 and 12 marks. Will that be fine to get in the next round of admissions?
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So many people come here asking the same damn questions over and over, let's just go over them and yall PLEASE feel free to add more so we can stop the stupidity.

My uni website says I'm accepted but I haven't gotten an email yet and OUAC hasn't changed!!!?!?!?
yeah it takes a few days to update goddamn

Do unis only look at your top six??? I have a 99% average except for 3 other courses which i have a 51% in!!!??? SHOULD I DROP OUT!?!??!
sit yourself down there's a reason why they ask for your top SIX and not your top ELEVEN goddamn

which uni has the hottest girls/boyz lol

you'd get in with like a 65% goddamn

WhaT is the cut off average this year for my program????

Hi im doing my grade 9 course selection and im planning on going to medschool... did I mess up?? ://// I got a B- in grade 8 science.... am i dooomed :////
first of all, who let the gremlins in here, second of all, nobody gets into med school goddamn

-insert extremely important, subjective yet specific question about future that would be best asked to a guidance counsellor, parent or admsission rep-
why the frick frack snick snack are you asking a bunch of high school kids on an online forum godDAMN

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Queen's Major Admission Awards
Hey, so quick question, my school nominated me for the QUARMS scholarship at Queen's as well as the Chancellor's Scholarship. On my SOLUS all it says is Major Admission Awards: Not accepted for award. And then I received and e-mail from Queen's about not receiving the QUARMS. Does this mean that I also haven't been chosen for the chancellor's scholarship? Or is it just saying that I wasn't accepted for the QUARMS?
Thank you in advance :)
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High School Class of 2016 Offers of Admissions
The Applications thread is pretty cluttered so I was thinking we could start this thread to make it easier to view when others are accepted to programs you've applied to! 

Please include in your post:
- Program
- Date of offer
- Date of application
- Admission average (Grade 11, first semester, second semester midterm - whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province
- Any supplementary information (Ex. ECs if they're required on application, predictions about quality of essays/responses)
- Any other information you deem appropriate!

Good luck guys!
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What are my chances of getting into Rotman/Queen's/Schulich/ Sauder
I am grade 12 student from British Columbia and here are my marks:

English 12- 84%
Pre Calculus 12- 91.4%
Physics 12- 94%
Spanish 12- 100%

Currently taking Calculus and have around 93%

My average is 92.3% for the 4 courses without Calculus 12

My essay and video questions were decent. 

I have a leadership role in a Swimming club and a few other one-day events I volunteered

What are my chances?

I applied to Ryerson for a BA. I've heard back from all school I've applied to except Ryerson. I have the marks to get in but haven't heard anything. When do they send out acceptances?
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Hey guys just wanted to know how hard it is to get accepted into the queens art/sci program? Or if anyone got accepted please put down your averages thanks!
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To all who recived an AEO offer, what where your ECs and average?
^If the lucky few who earned an AEO offer would share their average and ECs it would give us an idea of whether or not those still waiting have a chance. Thanks and congrats!
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Queen's Science Acceptance
Hey there, so I'm a Grade 12 student with a 90% average. Queen's University is my #1 university and I'm very concerned about whether or not I am going to get in. I feel pretty confident in my PSE but I've heard rumours that you need at least a 93% average. I know that every year is different and acceptance average minimums are increasing each year but from what you've seen, what are my chances like? I'm hoping to increase my average for midterms in my second semester of Grade 12, but if I'm simply relying on the 90% average that I currently have, is that enough? Thank you so much for your time
Laurier BBA Second Round Acceptances
With the second round of Laurier's admissions for the BBA coming up (mid February), I figured we could have a post to discuss, in an organized fashion, when people start getting accepted. If you get accepted, please post when you received your acceptance letter, what your top 5 grade 11 averages were, and what your first semester grade twelve marks were. 

Good luck!
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What school for Engineering
I appled to ottawa, ryerson, queens,  and mcmaster. I dont know the order right now. My average will be around 85-87. I applied to ottawa's dual degree and I heard it has a really good program. I also applied directly into queens electrical engineering program as the cut off is a lot lower than the general engineering. I am nervous that I mjght not get accepted anywhere because even ryersons cutoff was really high last year. What school should I go to?
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U of T Rotman vs Western Ivey vs Queen's Commerce: Considering Cost
So, the age-old question. 
I've been accepted into all 3. 

I MIGHT get a full ride to Rotman, I'm guaranteed at least 10k (through the National Scholarship Program).

I am applying to Western's National Scholarship Program as well, but I'm guaranteed at least 10k because my admission average will be 95+ (I say this confidently because I am holding a 99 right now). 

I was accepted to Queen's but did not receive the Chancellor's.

I really don't know what I want to do. Startups attract me, as does nonprofit economic development, impact invest, and social entrepreneurship. I'm not familiar with accounting vs finance vs consulting, but accounting sounds vaguely boring. 

Please help! Thank you in advance. 
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  I have been thinking a lot lately about what I'd like to study in university (most likely at UFT/UWO). The courses I'm taking for grade 11 are:
Comp sci
I have chosen these course to get into an economics program. However, due to recent research stating that an economics degree in Canada is useless, I am in doubt and worried for my future. Is an economics degree in Canada worth it? I'd like to major in economics and minor in math. Hopefully, I won't have trouble finding a job that way.
What's a good score for the Senior CCC?
Just curious.  I didn't do well on the Junior last year (50-60 points, don't remember exactly) because I wasn't feeling well that day, so I'm really trying to bring my score up for the Senior.  I want to get a spot in Software Engineering and I don't have as much programming experience as I see many people on this site have, so I'm wondering what minimum score I should have to be considered "acceptable" by the program standards (my average is not 99% high but it's definitely higher than last year's average).

(I know the difficulty of the questions tend to vary year by year, but there should be a rough approx. of each level?)

Thanks in advance.  If you want to show off how high your score is and make me feel bad, feel free.
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Courses for grade 11?!
Hi, this is my first post on yconic.

I'm basically in grade 10 and I need to pick my courses for grade 11, okay. I know I'll take for sure:
11 University functions
11 University chem
11 University bio
11 University core French 
11 open religion (mandatory)
11 English (in summer school)

As you can see that's only 5 courses (not counting English) and it's a pretty heavy workload..so I don't know if I should take physics and have 2 spares or take parenting (bird course) so I can focus on the core subjects. It's even more of a dilemma because I'm thinking of applying for early acceptance at mcmasters health science program. I'm honestly so confused. What courses do you think I should take????
How this works?
So I got my first semester final marks.. good FOr the most part.
Philosphy > 97 English > 91 Pre-Calc> 71 and Bio > 82
This semester I'm doing data so unis don't look at my calc mark & also completing chem project low 80 as final. To get a 90+ average do you think I should upgrade bio in night school to boost my mark and make up for the low chem mark I will potentiall have? My other top 6 will be a bird course and project 95+ for it. 

I am just confused on how my average will be calculated if I upgrade bio? Is it worth it? I hope for a 90 in the upgrade. Bio in day school was okay it was just the labs that brought my average lower.

TL;DR How is an upgrade seen by universities, is it worth upgrading bio?

Thanks in advance! 


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