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$500 "Ultimate Study Tip" Community Contest
Love them or hate them, exams are a part of student life. We want to know what your "ultimate study tip" is that helps you get through (and ace) them! 

Essentially we’re looking for some inspirational advice that will help other students have an amazing academic year. Whether it’s “Don't leave it to the last minute” or “Memorize facts with a song”, we want to hear from you. There’s a $500 cash prize up for grabs!* 

How to Enter: 
Simply comment below using your real name with, “My Ultimate Study Tip Is:” followed by the piece of advice you think will help other members as they prepare for exams.

Deadline to enter is January 29, 2016 @ 3:00 p.m. ET.  

How to Win: 
Encourage your friends to vote your comment as “helpful”. The comment with the most helpful votes at the end of the contest period will be awarded the $500 prize.* 

Only friends that have an active yconic profile will be able to vote. So connect and make new friends in the yconic Community or invite your friends to join http://yconic.com for FREE today. 

Please note: Anonymous or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated nor entered into this contest. Good luck! 

*See full rules and regulations ( https://support.yconic.com/hc/en-us/articles/206119646--Ultimate-Study-Tip-Contest-Rules)

Ubc has a beatiful campus!!! do you know another university better than that?
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how does McGill calculate top 6 with missing prerequisites?
I've already sent in all of my applications but as I've been reading some threads posted here from previous years I'm starting to worry about whether I will be accepted or not.

 I am applying to arts at McGill, but my school is semestered and I have English second semester. I heard that they will look at grade 11 marks to replace any grade 12 prerequisite that is not complete, but my case is a little bit odd.

 Basically, I thought it was a good idea to take grade 12 computer science when I was in grade 10 and ended up with a 63% but was assured that it would not count towards my top 6 for university. I will have 6 grade 12 credits at the end of this semester, 5 of which averaging out to ~89 to 91 but with that 63 my average gets bumped dangerously low.

 I've heard people say that McGill would substitute grade 11 English as my 6th mark because I don't have grade 12 English yet, bumping the low mark out of my average, but I don't want to take any chances. Any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks :)
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Admission Questions? Ask a Current UBC Student!
Hi guys,

I always remember finding this forum really useful back when I was applying for universities in 2012, and I'd like to offer you the opportunity to actually get some hard knowledge about admissions rather than just hearsay. Though I'm in Sauder, I can answer any questions regarding direct entry to all UBC programs, Sauder transfer applications, and general university stuff.

You should all also take a look at the holy grail of UBC admissions, specifically table 18 where all admission averages for all programs for entry in 2013W are outlined.

Hope to see you all at UBC in September!
Should I apply for early admission?
I was planning on applying for universities earlier for scholarships but my grade 12 average is probably not going to be 90% +. My grade 11 average was a B (not including electives).  This year I jave been trying hard and hopefully I will have at least an 86% average, but im not too sure about that. Will universiites reject me right away if they see my grade 11 grades? Should i still apply early or do I have no chance for getting a scholarship anyway?
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1st Year UBC Engineering Student - Ask Any Questions!
Hey guys! I'm a 1st year Engineering Student at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver! I know how stressful applying for university can be in your senior year of high school, so ask me any questions about UBC, engineering, student clubs, living on campus, scholarships, university life or anything else you can think of. I'll try to be as helpful as I can!
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urgent help!
I kno I got rejected for early admission for uofa and my to do list for beartrack it says "we have requested your June 2016 results."

If uofa is reevaluating me in March or so, shouldn't request my January transcript?

Does that mean I won't be reevaluated in March for standard admission?

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Waterloo, UBC, U of A and U of T Life/Health Sciences: What are my chances?
For all those attending above universities, what are my chances to get into the Life Sciences/Health Sciences programs:

Math 30-1: 100
Math 31: 98
Physics 30: 95
Biology 30: 94 
Chemistry 30: around 95 (in progress)
English 30-1: around 85 (in progress)
I done messed up in Grade 11 with English 20, got a 78, which is by far my lowest mark 
Social 30-1: around 95 (but universities don't care about this)

Pretty average EC's: 200 hours of volunteer service, various clubs (Robotics, Biology), swim team for grade 11 and 12. 

BTW this is Alberta Curriculum (30 designates Grade 12 courses)
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Waterloo math contests
Im in grade 12 right now and i have advanced functions this semester, i will be writing the Canadian Senior math contest this wednesday the 25th. I was doing past contests online and i am unable to get a lot of the answers right, we havent even learned most of the material that is on the math contest. I feel like i will honestly fail this, should i still write it or no? and does waterloo care about what you get on the contest or do they only care if you wrote it?
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Going into medical school?
I'm Grade 12 and I was hoping to go to medical school. What undergraduate degrees would be good choices?

In addition, if I don't get into med school, what degree would still guarantee me a job?

I'm not sure of an undergraduate degree fit for med school that's also fit to be a career...
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Help me improve my ECs
I want to go to school for business but the problem is that im not the smartest. I have a 91 average but that's the absolute highest I can go. (91 is normally good but the problem is that everyone has such high marks nowadays). So I need to help how do I improve. If you knew me you'd now I'm not cocky im just trying to do what everyone wants.. To get into university. 
1) President/Founder of Young Liberals in my riding. Over 200 hours helping with Municipal/Federal Elections
2) VP of my schools DECA chapter 
3)  Food Bank Volunteer, Part of the youth council at the Food Bank
4) Youth ministry Leader at Church, member of my school's chaplaincy team
5) Part Time Retail Job, Internship at Insurance Firm
6) Model UN 
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I need urgent help!
I checked my status and it says 

We cannot give you admission at this time with your average.  Upon receipt of the required documents your application will be reevaluated.

Does this is i am rejected to this university? 
Please I really need some help! 
Thank you 
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Diploma vs Undergrad
I am a gr 12 student looking into criminology, I have the option to do 2 years of Criminal Justice studies to recieve a diploma and continue to do 2 more years to recieve a bachelor of arts degree, is it worth recieveing the diploma or is it better to apply for the bachelors degree out of the gate?
Thinking of Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) and/or Bachelor of Business Administration (HR)
I'm thinking of going into Bachelor of Arts and major in sociology and/or minor in Bachelor of Business Administration in HR. 

Im in high school and i'm just confuse on whether I should drop chemistry 30? I had already researched the specific required courses and it did say it did not need the subject but i'm just worried. 

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Western and McMaster and U of T
Hey guys,
I applied for Western Medical sciences (Pharmacology and Physiology) and McMaster Science (Biology) and U of T (life science). If my term 1 marks are the following will I have a big chance of being accepted? I don't know what the normal averages are so I'm a bit nervous. I am from BC btw so its top 4 courses (don't know how they choose it but these are my best courses)

Biology 12 98%
Chemistry 12 ~96% 
Calculus 12 97%
English 12 90% 
Comparative Civilization 12 ~97%


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2nd Year Queen's Commerce - Ask Away!
Hey guys, this forum helped me out a lot in high school. If you wanna know anything about the Commerce program, let me know.
1st year Western Medical Science Student! Ask me anything!
Hey guys, just looking to help you guys with the application process.
I'll try my best to answer questions about anything about Western!
A Story from A Waterloo Engineering Student About Failure
Nobody told me university can be so brutal

Hey StudentAwards commmunity. I wanted to share my story with all of you to let you know what can happen in engineering. What happened in University was something I never even remotely thought could occur. I was one of you guys - a HS student coming into Waterloo engineering with a 90+ average. I want to let you know that you will experience many ups and downs and suffer through feelings of inadequacy but thats ok.

I hope you guys take some of my lessons as a reminder to always keep your head up.
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McMaster Math and Statistics
Is math and stats at mcmaster any good? I want to go into actuarial science.
Should I choose it over uoft math since there is no co op avaiable for this program at uoft?
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Laptops for engineering students
I'm planning to go into engineering next fall and I am looking to buy a laptop during black friday deals. Macs seem to be fairly dependable but also pricier. 

Personally I've only ever used PC.

Right now I'm looking at the Hp Spectre with 8gb ram and 512 SSD.

any advice for someone with limited computer knowledge?
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Waterloo Systems Design Engineering
Are any systems undergraduates lurking around these forums? I've done a bit of research on what this program actually is, but still don't really understand it. From what I grasp, it deals with designing and managing all kinds of engineering systems? 

Can anyone give me a bit more detail on what this program is and what its like? Also wondering if it is/can be related to computer/IT related career paths since that's what my main interest is in.
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Should I Submit My Transcript to Toronto & Waterloo Now or After the 2nd Term?
I am applying to electrical engineering at both the University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo (from BC.) I have completed Pre-Calculus 12 (100%)  (in summer school) and Physics 12 (93%) already, while I am currently taking Chemistry 12 and English 12 (full year classes) and will be taking Calculus 12 second semester.

My 1st term report card has Chemistry 12 at 95% and English 12 at 93%. However, both classes will probably be 2 or 3 percent higher by the end of the 2nd term (end of January.) 

Should I submit my transcript now with the lower marks or wait for February when I'll have higher interim marks? 

Also, my grade 11 marks were:
Pre-Calculus 11-98%
English 11-96%
Chemistry 11-95%
Physics 11-94%
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Loran Scholarships 2016
I just submitted my application and I know it can be a gruelling experience. To anyone reading this, hang in there :)
 I started this thread as a way for applicants to support each other. So feel free to discuss the application process and anything else in between.
York U Residences
Does anyone has experience with York University residences? A family memeber will be attending the social work program next Fall and is considering Winters, Calumet, Vanier etc. Any recommendations? Does any residence has built in cafeteria for dinner ? Or students have to walk somewhere else? From the videos on website the facilities are a bit old.

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