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Level II Biochemistry?
Hi everyone :) I'm really interested in the Level II Biochemistry program at Mac. I realized I would have to take first year life sci, and I was wondering if I will be ok if I don't take grade 12 physics? I don't have plans to take it currently but I'm considering switching my schedule if it will make my life that much easier in university. Also, does anyone know how the biology classes are? If I can get kinda squeamish over some stuff, will I be ok in biochemistry or am I gonna hate it?!
What are the chances of success of a student that wants to apply to an accounting program in a university, but has not taken accounting at all. I am a hardworking student and is good at all the other subjects. It would help if an accounting student answered this.
$500 "To My Past Self" Community Contest
Hindsight is everything, right? 

With Happy Student New Year quickly approaching, we want to know what one piece of advice you would have given yourself 12 months ago to better get you through your last academic year.  

We’re looking for some inspirational advice that will help other students have an amazing 2015/16 Student New Year. Whether it’s “No matter how comfy your bed is, go to class” or “life’s short, eat the cake” we want to hear from you.  

To enter, simply comment below using your real name with “To My Past Self:” followed by the piece of advice you think would have helped you one year ago. 

Encourage your friends to vote your comment as helpful. The comment with the most helpful votes at the end of the contest period will be awarded the $500 prize.* 

Only friends that have an active yconic profile will be able to vote. So connect and make new friends in the yconic Community or invite your friends to join http://yconic.com for FREE today.

Deadline to apply is October 15, 2015 @ 9:00 AM EDT.  

*See full rules and regulations. Please note: Anonymous or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated nor entered into this contest.  

What advice will you find most helpful? Help us identify the best advice by giving your favourite comments a ‘Help Vote’!

* https://support.yconic.com/hc/en-us/articles/205369054--To-My-Past-Self-Community-Contest-Rules
McMaster Health Sciences Supp App 2015-2016!
What are your thoughts on the questions? Please do not share or discuss your answers.
I'm a Canadian studying at an Ivy League school - Ask Me Anything
Basically what the title says. I find that people--especially Canadians--hold a lot of misconceptions regarding what it means to go to an Ivy League or Ivy-calibre school. People on this forum also love to throw around terms like prestige, liberal arts degrees, connections, success, wealth, etc. in their discussions, especially when the Ivy League is brought up or when people are fighting about which business program is the best. I thought I could answer a few questions and clear up a few things about the Ivy League and what it actually means in the real world. I'm not a freshman/1st year so I stopped seeing everything with rose-coloured glasses like I used to when I first got here.

About me:

Sex: Male

Program/Major: History, but I'm also completing the requirements for medical school.

High school: Regular public high school in Ontario. No AP or IB. My 4 year average was 94%, with course marks ranging from 83-99%. I did a lot of extracurriculars in high school and I had a couple of leadership roles. My teachers also really liked me so I was able to get good letters of recommendation from them. My school isn't known for sending kids to the US at all.

SAT/ACT scores: 2140 (out of 2400) and 35 (out of 36).

I did not get in because of money or connections. I come from a middle-class family, and most of the $60,000 cost of attendance per year is covered by my school's generous financial aid policy. I pay about $8000 a year for tuition and room + board.

So go ahead. Ask me anything. I'm currently studying for midterms so I'll try to answer when I can.
Anybody know any links to sites with big scholarships? Ive applied to a few places but still looking for more.
Nursing Hopefuls for 2016!
Hello future nursing students! I think we need one of these discussions to communicate with and help each other for this upcoming year.

Please, share with us:

1. Which school(s) are you applying to?
2. What other programs are you applying to as your back up?
3. What overall average are you aiming for for your final year?

I plan on applying to McMaster, uOttawa and Western and I am aiming for a 92% average.
The importance of extracurriculars
I have a 95 average, but I don't have many extracurriculars. I'm applying to universities this year. I'm thinking about applying to Waterloo, McMaster and UOIT for engineering. How much will not having many extracurriculars hurt my chances of getting accepted? I am a regular volunteer at a retirement home, and i am participating in the mcmaster engineering olympics. Do these count as extracurriculars?
Should I choose Seneca College or Georgian College for the BScN collaborative program?
So recently I have been offered a seat in the BScN program at both Seneca College and Georgian College for the January 2016 start date. 

Does anyone have some advice or information as to which school would be there better choice? Regardless, the last 2 years of my program would be done at York University as it is a collaborative program. Obviously my choice would be influenced tuition fees, quality of equipment and over all learning experience. I'm sure there are other things I am over looking. I am just trying to put together a pros and cons list so that I can make a decision before the deadline. 

Thanks to all, I look forward to hearing your guys opinions/experiences! 
EngSci vs ECE
Alright, I want to learn everything I can. I wish there was an electromechanical engineering program! So I'm considering EngSci. No matter what I'm attending UofT. Alrght let me have it folks.

I want to learn aerospace, I know its saturated now. But 5 years from now that may not be the case. However, I'm still considering a straight up ECE degree. I wonder if someone with an Aerospace degree can work in ECE? 
Should I bother applying to SE @ Waterloo? Low marks...
ok, so here is my situation: Strong AIF, programming experience, etc.  but science marks lacking.
Chem '11: 75%
Phys'11: 85% (didn't try in sciences)
AF ('12): 98%
CS '12: 100%
English '11: 85%

I can raise the sciences to ~90% 2nd semester, is it worth it applyig or should I just do CS?
Getting Into Engineering
Hello Guys
I am currently going into grade 12. I need some guidelines and benchmarks to get into engineering in UofT or University of Waterloo. What marks should I aim for such as for AP calculus and advanced functions and other sciences. 
Wolf of Wall Street vs. Wall Street - Which is better?
I am talking about the original Wall Street not the one with Shia Lebeouf. Personally I enjoyed Wolf of Wall Street more, that being said they are both great movies.
Waterloo English Requirements
What is the minimum mark you can have in ENG 4U 
for Engineering , computer science or computer science & BBA DD???
Terms Definition
Can someone please define the following terms and perhaps compare them as well

Admission Cut off 
Admission Average 

Will I be suitable for Ophthalmology?
I'm in grade 11 and going into grade 12, as of now my marks have not been the best and I'm going to be starting to work efficiently and more productively. I've had bad study habits and have been procrastinating on work throughout grades 9-11 and thats reflected in my marks. 

My grade 11 marks:
were bad....

So clearly my marks aren't good and I know that i've been screwing up somewhere and i've realized that it's within my study habits. I just waste time browsing or watching videos that I start my work late and hence don't do well and don't get enough sleep. In the end im left without energy since i'm sleep deprived and can't adhere to the class lessons and knowledge being taught by my teachers. I think the studying environment maybe bad for me since i'm at home and surrounded by family, i think it would be better if I spent my time outside at say the Library working and studying to understand what I'm learning. 

I know that i'm a determined student, if I put my heart to it and considering the Grade 12 is the year that counts and is most important in my case - I will be working and giving my 100% at all times. 

I know that becoming an Ophthalmologist is not something that happens fast and takes time so I'm willing to dedicate myself to it now since i haven't dedicated myself to anything yet. I know that in the end it'll pay off and I'll be able to look back and see what I've achieved and come past. 

As a person, i'm very caring and like to work with people and learn more about them and try to help everyone that I can. I've always been like that and I think becoming some sort of Physician would be one of the best choice for me.

So yeah i'm just putting this question out there, do you think I can pull this off or would i be better off going into the Finance industry?
Biomedical engineering/bioengineering job opportunities?
I am really interested in going to biomedical engineering because I'm really interested in it, but I've heard that it's really hard to get a job in the field. i don't want to be sitting around with a university degree and no job, so I want to go into a career path with good job demand. Is it worth going into biomedical engineering, or is it too risky? Is there a high demand for jobs in biomedical engineering?
UOFT ENGINEERING Grade 11 marks importance
Hey I have a question so in grade 11 I ended physics with a 55 because I had to miss the exam and stuff but I did really good in grade 12 physics I got a 94 final mark..... Will my grade 11 55 over take my 94 in grade 12 physics and make me get rejected or what... I was young and dumb.. I swear to god I'm gunna snap if that matters... What do u guys know/think????
Favourite YouTube Celebrity
Who is your favourite YouTube Celebrity?

I like Peter Chao, that guy is hilarious! I also enjoy watching Ray William Johnson, luanlegacy and College Humor.‏
Hi, I am currently a grade 12 student and was wondering the average/cutoff for iBBA and what is was last year!

Also if someone could tell me more about the program that would be great!
Commerce: Most respected schools?
Where to go to get an honours bachelors in commerce? From what little I know I see Queens, Western (and possibly affiliated universiy olleges i.e huron), U of T, and waterloo as the top in ontario? what school do you think is the best option for commerce?
Favourite song/score?
Most of my favourite songs come from movie and videogame soundtracks but I was wondering what do you all like?
For me:

1. Howard shore: Beyond the forest (last song from the Hobbit part 2 soundrtrack)
2. Marty O'Donnell: A song called Finale (from a game called Halo ODST)
3. James Horner: Becoming one of the people (from the movie Avatar)

I not one for much rock/pop/metal/country, but I am interested in anything you like even if it is nothing :geek: