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ryerson.universitylife(commuter-is that bad?)
how is the student life in ryerson? since its not a campus school is it hard to make friends,find parties..? what do you think about the atmosphere there
How is the life in residences
I wanna make friends and because Im non canadian and I know no one I hope its easy...
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Do you think if I have the chance to study it(but I also wanna have fun during undergrad university years..), being a doctor is necessary to guarantee my future and earn money(much more money than the ones studying business etc)??????
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Is Western's  IVEY a bad choice for the ones who are interested in marketing?
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I got 79 in chemistry in the first term and 77 in pre-cal. Do universities focus mainly on term 1 marks???? (I'm getting 92 in bio, 94 in cal and 88 in English)

Will I still have a chance to get into Biochemistry U of Toronto if my marks increase in term 2? 
I'm freakin out already....
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$500 "Ultimate Study Tip" Community Contest
Love them or hate them, exams are a part of student life. We want to know what your "ultimate study tip" is that helps you get through (and ace) them! 

Essentially we’re looking for some inspirational advice that will help other students have an amazing academic year. Whether it’s “Don't leave it to the last minute” or “Memorize facts with a song”, we want to hear from you. There’s a $500 cash prize up for grabs!* 

How to Enter: 
Simply comment below using your real name with, “My Ultimate Study Tip Is:” followed by the piece of advice you think will help other members as they prepare for exams.

Deadline to enter is January 29, 2016 @ 3:00 p.m. ET.  

How to Win: 
Encourage your friends to vote your comment as “helpful”. The comment with the most helpful votes at the end of the contest period will be awarded the $500 prize.* 

Only friends that have an active yconic profile will be able to vote. So connect and make new friends in the yconic Community or invite your friends to join http://yconic.com for FREE today. 

Please note: Anonymous or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated nor entered into this contest. Good luck! 

*See full rules and regulations ( https://support.yconic.com/hc/en-us/articles/206119646--Ultimate-Study-Tip-Contest-Rules)

BMath/BBA Double Degree student - Ask anything
Just like the topic says.

I am a BMath/BBA double degree student currently in my 4th year.

If you have any questions at all about admissions, co-op, courses, competition, work load, etc. just let me know either here or in a PM and I'll do my best to answer them.

I can also answer things about Laurier's BBA program or UW's Math programs.

A Question!!!
I know that uofa reevaluate you if you don't get in early admission in late February
I heard that for uofa you will have email them about your additional completed courses and the marks you got after a semester of grade 12

I was wondering what email do I send it to and do uofa reevaluate my application after I send the email? 

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Overall,does Degroote compare to Laurier or Rotman?
Im interested in finance and accounting and I just want to know if Degroote is a reputable school that could offer the same quality of education as Rotman or Laurier
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yesterday I read a discussion and I saw warnings about studying abroad in Canada. They said  that international students regret coming to Canada for an undergrad degree and I dont really wanna believe that. Is that true?
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Schulich iBBA vs BBA
Hello, so i can only apply to one of them  and i dont know which one i should choose.

I would like to know some pros and cons and which one you guys suggest
some additional things to consider would be 1. financially how expensive the exchange will cost 2. which one is more liked by recruiters etc. and 3. is it really harder to get in 

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UBC Self reporting
hi everyone! I have a question about self reporting for ubc. hopefully you guys can help me out! I know that we self report during march-april but i'm just wondering if I insert my term 2 marks or my current average that includes term 1 and term 2. my term 1 marks are relatively low so i was hoping to try harder in term 2. I'm worried that my marks won't be high enough for ubc if they take the combination of term 1 and term 2.
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Q/A Pharmacy
I am third year student at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto. I did a Bachelor's degree (Hons. BSc) in Biochemistry with a specialization of pathology of human disease at the University of Western Ontario. My GPA was 3.91 when I applied for pharmacy school.
Please ask me anything in terms of pharmacy.
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BUSINESS vs Engineering
I know this is subjective; but I need different point of views.
 lets say Im an average student; trying to decide between industrial engineering and business/economics. Which one would bring me a better future?(career,money...) what do you guys think?

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English (ENG4U) in night school, e-learning or other??
This will probably be long, so bear with me.

I'm a grade 12 student attending a public semestered high school in Toronto (TDSB), unlike many of my friends/fellow students who took ENG4U (English, Grade 12, Uni Prep) in summer school, that meant that I had to do it in day school. The English department and its teachers are very hard, therefore many people decided to bypass day school and do it in summer school. In grade 11, I got a final mark of 74% in ENG3U, so I felt decent getting into ENG4U. So ENG4U was placed for this semester with a teacher known to be strict and a hard marker, for the first mark update (late October) I was getting a 52% with a class median of 62% and the mark going into the midterms I was at a 50% w/ class median of 64%, worried and confused on my marks, I talked to my teacher on my current progress, seeing what I can do better/improve, what to expect later in the course and general feedback/recommendations. After that, I wisely decided that the teacher was definitely a hard marker and learnt that only 2 students was getting above an 80 in a university-preparation course, many of the students in my class were getting high 50s and 60s, many of the students in the class dropped the course (started with 24 students, probably now at 14) and so I decided to drop the course in order to establish a good average and maintain a stable/consistent mark.

Now I am at a point to decide where to take ENG4U outside of my current school for next semester, so far I have narrowed down doing it in TDSB night school, TDSB e-learning or others such as ILC or private school. What would be the best option?

Many of these options have many downsides to me, however I do understand that I need ENG4U to get into any university program in Ontario. For night school, it would mean that I have to travel to the nearest nigh school location (using transit) which would take about 40 minutes to get there, plus 3 hours of learning and getting back home will take about 4.5 hours and then having to do catch up on my day school homework. For e-learning, having done e-learning before for MDM4U, it is a lot of work, piles and piles of it and very limited to getting help and being in a real educative environment (ie. not knowing your teacher personally, only until the exam), I talked to a friend who did ENG4U in e-Summer School, he had mixed responses saying it was easy, but the workload was insane and many of the students got mixed marks and didn't seem consistent (ie, 50s, 60s, 80's, etc), he ended up with a 91%. My other option would be private school, which many people recommend, though I do not have much money to pay for private school, and many of the credit courses private schools seem shady and there aren't much nearby where I live. The last option is ILC, however the whole ILC process looks quite confusing and I don't know anyone who have token it and get an opinion on it.


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How hard is it to get good grades at UofT?
I've heard that it was hard to get good grades at UofT.  But is it really?  I do understand that you need to put in hard work in general.  And I'm ready to do that, but is it true that they don't give too many good grades and all that?
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Western and McMaster and U of T
Hey guys,
I applied for Western Medical sciences (Pharmacology and Physiology) and McMaster Science (Biology) and U of T (life science). If my term 1 marks are the following will I have a big chance of being accepted? I don't know what the normal averages are so I'm a bit nervous. I am from BC btw so its top 4 courses (don't know how they choose it but these are my best courses)

Biology 12 98%
Chemistry 12 ~96% 
Calculus 12 97%
English 12 90% 
Comparative Civilization 12 ~97%


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Should I Submit My Transcript to Toronto & Waterloo Now or After the 2nd Term?
I am applying to electrical engineering at both the University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo (from BC.) I have completed Pre-Calculus 12 (100%)  (in summer school) and Physics 12 (93%) already, while I am currently taking Chemistry 12 and English 12 (full year classes) and will be taking Calculus 12 second semester.

My 1st term report card has Chemistry 12 at 95% and English 12 at 93%. However, both classes will probably be 2 or 3 percent higher by the end of the 2nd term (end of January.) 

Should I submit my transcript now with the lower marks or wait for February when I'll have higher interim marks? 

Also, my grade 11 marks were:
Pre-Calculus 11-98%
English 11-96%
Chemistry 11-95%
Physics 11-94%
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High School Class of 2016 Offers of Admissions
The Applications thread is pretty cluttered so I was thinking we could start this thread to make it easier to view when others are accepted to programs you've applied to! 

Please include in your post:
- Program
- Date of offer
- Date of application
- Admission average (Grade 11, first semester, second semester midterm - whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province
- Any supplementary information (Ex. ECs if they're required on application, predictions about quality of essays/responses)
- Any other information you deem appropriate!

Good luck guys!
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Waterloo Systems Design Engineering
Are any systems undergraduates lurking around these forums? I've done a bit of research on what this program actually is, but still don't really understand it. From what I grasp, it deals with designing and managing all kinds of engineering systems? 

Can anyone give me a bit more detail on what this program is and what its like? Also wondering if it is/can be related to computer/IT related career paths since that's what my main interest is in.
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Help me improve my ECs
I want to go to school for business but the problem is that im not the smartest. I have a 91 average but that's the absolute highest I can go. (91 is normally good but the problem is that everyone has such high marks nowadays). So I need to help how do I improve. If you knew me you'd now I'm not cocky im just trying to do what everyone wants.. To get into university. 
1) President/Founder of Young Liberals in my riding. Over 200 hours helping with Municipal/Federal Elections
2) VP of my schools DECA chapter 
3)  Food Bank Volunteer, Part of the youth council at the Food Bank
4) Youth ministry Leader at Church, member of my school's chaplaincy team
5) Part Time Retail Job, Internship at Insurance Firm
6) Model UN 
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University of Toronto Civil Engineering Transfer
I currently am in my second year at McGill University studying civil engineering. I'm not really enjoying the program and the emphasis that McGill engineering places on the theoretical side of civil. I just don't feel like I'm learning anything useful and am definitely not getting any hands on experience. Could someone provide me some insight about the civil engineering program at U of T? I've seen their curriculum and their courses seem much more applicable and less 'mathy' just by looking at their syllabuses and final exams. Any sort of advice would be great and hearing both the good and bad about the program and engineering department in general would be a great help.
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GPA needed for 3rd year Arts transfer to UBC?
Hi all,

I'm just wondering what GPA is needed to transfer to UBC Arts as a 3rd-year transfer from TRU. I see on UBC's website they recommend 3.2 - 3.4 on the 4.33 scale (75-77%)
However, I spoke to a friend who got accepted last year with a GPA of 2.7 on the 4.33 scale.
Does anyone else have insight or experience on this topic?
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Girls going into STEM fields
Hey, so I really don't mean for this question to sound offensive or sexist at all. It is just a question I am curious about. 
Are girls going into STEM fields generally favoured over boys, in the sense that they try to let more in and perhaps go easier on their applications to fix their statistics or whatever? Since the statistics of women in STEM are so low. 
Do some the universities that are well known for STEM in Canada (UofT, Waterloo, McGill, etc.) try to let as many qualified girls in as possible, sometimes over equally as qualified boys? A girl I know who got into Waterloo engineering said she got in over some boys who were probably more qualified than her. 
It is just something I have been hearing and I was wondering if there is any truth to it.
Same kinda goes for people of different ethnic backgrounds, etc. 
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BBA/BSC Laurier
Hi, I am planning to apply to the double degree program as just Laurier. The business and computer science one. My average right now (assuming my Calculus mark based on my Functions mark), is 88.5. What are you my chances of getting in?
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