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Queen's Chancellor's Scholarship 2017/18!!
Hey so I was looking around for one of these updated threads but couldn't seem to find one so I thought I'd make one! Just thought of making this as an update thread on applications/acceptances. 

EDIT: Got a request to change this to a Queen's Commerce Thread lol there do seem to be a lot of people here for commerce
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Global Business and Digital Arts (GBDA)
Hey guys- 
I've been accepted to Waterloo. Is there anyone in GBDA who is able to tell me how it is and what you get to do? 

THanks :)
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Laurier Biology BSc/BA
I applied to both BSc in Biology, Biochemistry, and BA in Biology. I love science but I'm more of a biology girl. I don't mind chemistry but I struggle more with it because it's not something I'm passionate to learn about. I graduated HS in 2017 but I came back to take advanced functions since at the time I was going to apply to strictly BSc programs. I recently discovered that Laurier has a BA in biology where I can learn the concepts and not have to worry about math or chemistry. My dilemma now is that I came back and wasted a year assuming I was applying to a BSc and I want to graduate and be able to get a job fast which I know a BA in Biology I probably won't get. If anyone is in the BA for Biology of BSc can you tell me how it is the first year, especially for BSc because I know first-year courses include fundamentals of Calculus and it's too late for me to take that now.
Also if anyone got accepted to any of the above programs can you comment when and what your average was!

Applying to University of Ottawa
So I want to apply to the University of Ottawa, but my concern is that they won't accept me because of some of English mark. You see, the first time I completed the course the mark wasn't a good one but I didn't fail the course. The second time I wanted to upgrade my mark and people told me that online English wasn't hard at all and it was good for upgrading, but that was a mistake. I was almost failing, asking teachers for help but they wouldn't help at all so I dropped it before I even had the chance of failing. Now I want to complete it again to upgrade my first mark  but in class and not online like the send time. The reason why I've been having these problems with English is because it is not my first language and I recently moved to Canada. With so little time I've been trying to learn how to write essays when never in my life had I ever heard of them, trying to learn to analyze and stuff like that. I want to explain this to the university but they don't have an AIF (additional information form) or anything like it (that I know of). Any ideas how I could communicate it to them?
What are my chanes? Really worrued
I applied to business/commerce peograms and really worried i wont get in.

Schools applied to: McGill, Rotman, Ivey aeo, Queen’s and Schulich

Average: 92-93
EC’s: Literature club exec, Sick Kids Volunteer, Part time job for one year, math tutor
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Am i f****d?
The more i think about university the more i get worry about my future. Here is my dilemma. In grade 10 my math teacher forced me to take math applied because he didn't think academic was the right class for me. At the time, i didn't know or care about the difference or the impact it can have on your life. Now i find that i can't apply to any programs that require math (adv func, calculus etc). This really closed a lot of doors because now i can only apply to arts programs which are useless most of the time. I applied to mostly poli science as that's the only path i see myself taking without math. The problem is that i know i will dislike poli science as i am more interested in business and i know i'm not the the poli sci type of guy. What do you guys think i should do.
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Should i listen to my parents?
Hi, i'm in a bit of a dilemma. Because my grades last year weren't very good, my parents think  i wont make it anywhere. Even though i am maintaining a 90 average, my parents still think i'm f**ked. They keep talking about it everyday. Their doing this only because my friend got accepted early and i didn't. My parents were not born and raised here so i don't blame them for not knowing how the application process works. But still their negative point of view is really getting on my nerves and at times, it can be discouraging. How should i handle this situation?
Thank you in advance. 
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Will I get into UWaterloo?
I have applied for UWaterloo, McMaster, and Guelph for the environmental science program. Waterloo is my first choice right now though. I know I won’t get early acceptance because my grade 11 average is about 80% because I slacked off.  
Grade 11:  
Functions: 74%
Physics: 84%  
Environmental science: 90%  
Visual arts: 81%  
Had another course but won’t count for anything  
Here are my grade 12 makes as of right now:
English: about 87%? Haven’t gotten a mark update in a while 
Advanced functions: 90%
Biology: 78%
 I also have one other course but it’s an open level course and won’t count for anything, I need it to graduate, because I didn’t have anything from a certain group of courses.
 Also, I had my bio lab exam today and believe I did really well so my mark may be 79-80 now? and there are other assignments that can help raise it, as well as exams next week, so hopefully will end with at least an 80-82? Also, I expect my functions mark to go up too since we just had a test and the exam will help as well.
 Next semester I have 
 I expect to have high marks in physics and calculus just need to work harder in chemistry 
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freaking out big time
GUYS i'm literally going to SCREAM. i'm so scared i'm not going to get in anywhere. please tell me my marks are ok, i haven't even been in this country for that long & i'm terrified this affected my math mark but wHATEVER. my top choice is uoft and waterloo but i know i'm not getting in to either 'cause i'm dumb, but here are my marks: 
- advanced functios: 75 (final) (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)
- philosophy: 90 (final)
- ib: 88 (final)
- english: 92 (projected)
- calculus: 90 (projected)
- economics: 90 (projected) 
any chance? of ivey @ western? of schulich (my dad forced me to apply). utm commerce?!! york??!?!? ryerson? ANYWHERE?
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Why does bmos have a poor reputation? What's the actual difference in course content that doesn't make it as good as other universities, other than it just not having the 'superior' degree title?
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Will I get in to University of Calgary Computer Science?
Hello, I am just wondering if you guys think my grades are good enough for UofC comp sci. The following grades are what courses I think they will take:
Math 30-1: 95
Chemistry 30-1: 87
Computer Science Advanced(5 credit): ~95
Social 20-1: 80
English 30-1: 71

Also just two more questions:
Does UofC take only look at class marks (excluding diploma marks) for first semester for standard admission?
Lets say my 5 course average is 83.8, would UofC just leave it at that or round it to an 84?

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Has anyone done Virtual Ontario High school? Is it easy?
I've heard people pay others to do courses for them. Is it true and worth it? ( I wouldn't because the course I'm taking, I'm taking because I actually need to KNOW the information). Is it a summer school thing or can I do it during the school year? I was hoping to start second semester for Grade 11 Computer Science. Any advice??
How do I know if my application was successfully submitted? And Can I logout once completion?
Okay, when I applied and paid for the programs it brought me to a page where it gave my OUAC reference number. 

Im just worried that is this the page you're lead to when you complete your application? And can I logout now?
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UBC Early Admission 2018
Hey guys,
I'm a BC grade 12 student and have applied to UBC Vancouver campus for early admission. What are my chances of getting a first round offer? I have a Grade 12 97.5 average (English 95, Pre-Calculus 12 99, Physics 98, Chemistry 98) and a Grade 11 average of 97 (English 92, Chemistry 97, Biology 98, and Pre-Calculus 99) and pretty good EC's in my opinion (School and club volleyball, volunteer at my optometry, junior camp counselor, teaching assistant for Physics 11, grad committee core member, and the regional manager for a non-profit organization). By the way I applied to science as my first choice and applied science as my second. Thanks!
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Need help with studying for exams?
Hey everyone, I recently released my own productivity app called Finite. The app targets high school students and aims to help them fight procrastination. Feel free to download it and try it out!  


Twitter: @finite_app  

Currently, the app focuses on the upcoming exam season. Finite includes a ‘Marks Calculator’ for students to calculate the exam marks they need. From there, students are brought to the main ‘Exam Prep Central’ which includes a Countdown Timer’ to help them to envision the timeline that they have to work with.
Do you use your OCDSB email or personal email when applying?
Ik im late af but i had lot's going on in my life so please don't bash me for applying the day before. 

Anyways the title says it all
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Dropping a course in grade 12.
I have data management second semester (in February), and honestly I really don't want to take it anymore. I thought it would be beneficial to me, but it looks like most of it is just stuff I can learn on my own, and I've had a couple of people advise me not to take it. I think it's a lot of unnecessary work to be honest. I want to drop it, but would it be a bad idea since I already submitted my university application? As in would it affect my chances for being considered for the programs I want to go into?
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Nursing Hopefuls for 2018!!
There has been posts like these in the past years, so I decided to make one for 2018 applicants!

You can share...
1) What school(s) you`re applying to?
2) What other programs are you applying to as a backup?
3) What overall average are you aiming for at the end of the year?
4) For current/past nursing students, what is your advice for anyone applying for nursing programs this year?

I am applying to Western, McMaster, Brock, Ottawa and some collabs!
Hoping for a 90 average this year.
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mcmaster life science cutoff
i was just wondering about the stats for life science cutoffs over the past few years?

what was the lowest and highest cutoff there's been? do you think that the cutoff will ever go above a 90%?
Mcmaster Life Science Admissions?
hello! i was just curious about why calculus and vectors is a recommended course for admissions?

i have a higher mark in advanced functions than in calculus and vectors, so will they look at advanced functions? or will they look at vectors because it is recommended? thank yoU!
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TIPS for the English 12 Provincial Exam. Please Help!
How to prepare for English 12 Provincial exam?!? 

I went over all provincial exams I found on the web. I want more practice, but can't really find any more practice. I am okay at MC, I really need some tips on improving synthesis and stand alone essays. I usually get 4/6 and very rarely 5/6. What can I do???  English is the hardest subject for me. My provincial exam is on January 25th, 2018. Thank you SO MUCH!
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Official SHAD 2018 Thread!
Hey guysss! I'm currently working on my SHAD application for 2018! Any of you doing the same? We can chat here :^D
What do Canadian students do to get into Ivy League schools?
I'm a junior and my dream is to go to Harvard, but the international acceptance rate is ridiculously low, like 1%. I want to be a doctor eventually but I don't know how to make myself look unique. Has anyone on this site actually gotten in as a Canadian resident, to an Ivy League school or similar eg. Stanford, MIT, duke?
MAC HEALTHSCI application: what counts as help?
Hey everyone, I'm trying to understand what McMaster means when they say that they do not allow you to receive "help" for your supp application. A couple of my friends are using a company called Base 15 Admissions Consulting, and they're having students inside the program help them edit/make their essays. This is a huge advantage compared to people who are writing it themselves, and I'm not sure if I'm going to do it, since it's pretty expensive ($489 for 5 hrs). But if it can get me into the program, a couple hundred dollars would definitely help a lot. Does anyone have any experience with this company (www.base15ac.com) and can share? People at my school say it's really helpful, but I'm not sure if people outside have had the same experience. Please let me know if you have had any experience w this company.
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