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Extra Easy U/M Courses to boost my average?
I'm currently in grade 11, coming close to course selections for grade 12. So far I've projected to take the following courses:

ENG4U - English
MHF4U - Advanced Functions
MCV4U - Calculus and Vectors

I've considered taking Business Leadership and Exercise Science. Not sure how easy/hard these courses are, but I feel I will have a grasp in Exercise Science cause I'm taking chemistry and biology this year.

The following courses I'm currently taking:

ENG3U - English
MCR3U - Functions
BAF3M0 - Accounting
SCH3U - Chemistry
SBI3U - Biology
BAT4MO - Accounting
PPL3MO - Phys Ed

I have the option to chose the following courses (All U/M Courses):

Exercise Science (4U)
International Business (4M)
Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals (4M)
Politics (4U)
International Law (4U)
World History since the 15th Century (4U)
Canadian and World Issues (4U)
The Writer's Craft (4U)
Data Management (4U)
Biology (4U)
Chemistry (4U)
Earth and Space Science (4U)
Philosophy (4U)
Equity and Social Justice (4U)
Challenge and Change in Society (4U)
Families in Canada (4U)

I want to go into a business career, specifically accounting. Which of the courses I listed are quite easy? I really need to keep my average as high as possible cause my math marks are usually not spectacular, but they're pretty average (between 77-82). Replies/Advice much appreciated, thanks.

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University Recogmendations for a Panicked highschooler????

So I am a grade 12 female student from British Columbia, with a current 88.5% average (will likely go up by 1 or 2 percent, and if I choose to aim for McGill, I will put even more effort in although I know I should always be trying my best, but I am just human haha). I know McGill is a bit of a reach for me, but I like a challenge. I am strongly interested in the field of Biochemistry (primarily) but some interests in certain minors such as immunology, genetics, and neurology, but the emphasis is on biochemistry. Thank you so much for you time and help!!!! I am reaching crunch time and am having real difficulty making these decisions, seeing I can only apply to a limited number :) 

The most important things I look for in a university are....
(Sorry for the long list, not everything on it is essential, they are just nice things to have)
- Overall friendliness (one of the most important things) and a little bit of a party life (I am not a party animal, but I would like the option)
- On campus Residence
- No extreme competition between students
- Reputation (I am not overly concerned though, it will not make or break my decision)
- no reputation of grade curving preferably
- Strong science programs
- Good research and Co-op opportunities
- A liberal/artsy/diverse environment, preferably with at least a little bit of a nightlife scene
- BONUS****** non-competitive recreational dance classes with a variety of styles. Triple gold stars for you.
Here are the universities I had in mind but if you have ideas from off the list i would LOVE to hear them :)

University of Victoria
University of Ottawa
University of Northern British Columbia
Western Ontario

Sorry for the information overload!!! :( Please do not dismiss me, I am just simply trying to make progress in my applications.

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What are my chances of getting accepted to Queens/ Mcmaster??
Hey guys, I want to go into engineering and I'm starting to get worried about my grades. I currently have a 88 ish average and I was wondering if that is enough to get accepted to Queens/Mcmaster,UFT engineering. Queens being the one I would prefer most.

My grades were as follow in Grade 11:

English 84
French Immersion 95
American HIstory 82
Biology 87
Functions 94
Chem 85
Physics 85
Travel and Tourism 96

In grade 12, Ive already taken english in summer school and got an 88 and currently, my marks are as follow

Advanced Functions 89
Data Management 97
Chemistry 81 (teacher is an ass)

What are the chances of me getting accepted? I am really scared cause im just above the lowest competitive average for the schools. Plus,my extracurriculars are terrible (only have french tutoring), on a side note, what are some other good engineering universities I should apply to? I am thinking of going into chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering or some other IT related field. i am aware that the computer sciences are easier to get in but I'm still focusing on the engineering.
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midterms or grade 11 marks?
How much will waterloo look at my midterm grades or grade 11 marks for early acceptance. My grade 11 marks are better than my midterm grade 12 marks. (not applying to engineering or cs btw)
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Averages needs for life sciences or physical sciences
I'm applying to both life sci and phys sci at mcgill, uoft, waterloo and mcgill!
what average would i need to get in early?? I have like an 88-90% average from grade 11 and about a 87% average from my midterm report card I got last week for grade 12. 
if i dont get in early what is the minimum mark needed to get in? but like i mostly wanna know about early? do they even consider my grade 12 marks for early?
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First Year Nanotechnology Engineering Student at Waterloo (AMA)
Hello prospective STEM students! I remember using this site quite a bit as a prospective engineering student last year and, among the flourishing egos, found some interesting and helpful information. I'm hoping to return the favour and offer some advice and insight to prospective students looking at STEM fields primarily at Waterloo. However, I did do some extensive research on U of T, Western and Queen's as well during the admission process, so I may be able to answer questions about some aspects of those universities as well. Feel free to ask me anything about engineering or Waterloo!
Hello All,

I am going to make this as detailed as possible to maximize the quality of the responses and the insight I obtain from them. All responses will be greatly appreciated not only by me but from all university applicants interested in pursuing similar career paths.

Most Probable Top 6 for Semester One:
-English (97)
-Advanced Functions (96)
-Math of Data Management (91)
-Analyzing Current Economic Issues (94)
-Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals (94)
-International Business Fundamentals (85)

Universities/Programs I Applied to:
1. Schulich School of Business - Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Specializing in Finance and Economics  
2. Ted Rogers School of Management - Bachelor of Commerce (BCOMM) in Business Management with Co-op - Majoring in Economics and Management Science - Minoring in Finance
3. Degroote School of Business - Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Honours BCOM) with Internship - Minoring in Accounting and Financial Management Services

My EC's:
-DECA Chapter Member (Competed in Provincial Competition Ranking Top 3 in Ontario, Competed in Stock Market Game Ranking Top 3 in Atlantic Region)  
-Vice-President of Financial Literacy Investment Club
-Interactively participating in all aspects of management of family pizza business
-Stock Trader Since the Age of 14

My Questions:
1. Is my estimated average higher than the cut-off at all three of my programs choices?
2. If I don't get my first choice (Schulich), which option would be a better choice, Ted Rogers or Degroote? Consider that I will be staying at home and I live in downtown Brampton, ON. I like the prestige of Schulich, location and campus of Ted Rogers and the trading floor at Degroote.
3. How hard is the academic life at these schools in comparison to each other? Is it much more intensive than having 3 university level courses in high school per semester?
4. Hows the social life at these schools in comparison to each other? I heard Schulich, although it may be one Canada's best business schools, has a very poor social life. I have heard similar things about Ted Rogers as well, maybe because it is also a commuter school.
5. I realize that the value of a degree comes from how successful you are in achieving it, but which one of those schools offers the best career outlook? I am interesting in pursuing my masters degree, accounting certification and then going on into investment banking.
6. Are my EC's solid enough to use for my Schulich supplementary application? Any advice or suggestions?
7. What are the interview questions for the Schulich video interview? Any tips?
8. Other than the Schulich entrance scholarship, what other scholarships should I apply to?
9. Any other helpful/insightful/interesting advice?

Thank You!
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$500 "Ultimate Study Tip" Community Contest
Love them or hate them, exams are a part of student life. We want to know what your "ultimate study tip" is that helps you get through (and ace) them! 

Essentially we’re looking for some inspirational advice that will help other students have an amazing academic year. Whether it’s “Don't leave it to the last minute” or “Memorize facts with a song”, we want to hear from you. There’s a $500 cash prize up for grabs!* 

How to Enter: 
Simply comment below using your real name with, “My Ultimate Study Tip Is:” followed by the piece of advice you think will help other members as they prepare for exams.

Deadline to enter is January 29, 2016 @ 3:00 p.m. ET.  

How to Win: 
Encourage your friends to vote your comment as “helpful”. The comment with the most helpful votes at the end of the contest period will be awarded the $500 prize.* 

Only friends that have an active yconic profile will be able to vote. So connect and make new friends in the yconic Community or invite your friends to join http://yconic.com for FREE today. 

Please note: Anonymous or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated nor entered into this contest. Good luck! 

*See full rules and regulations ( https://support.yconic.com/hc/en-us/articles/206119646--Ultimate-Study-Tip-Contest-Rules)

Repeated Courses at for UTM Admission
Hi guys,

One of the programs  that I'm applying to is UTM Commerce and I read on EInfo under the Repeated Courses title for the program: "While recognizing that there may be valid reasons to repeat a course, multiple repeats are discouraged. We reserve the right to use the first attempt at a course when calculating the admission average and may give preference to students who have not repeated courses. Appeals for special circumstances will be considered".
Does that mean that UTM will use the initial mark that I got? (I know that it's written pretty obviously, but I want to make sure) The funny thing is that the UTM website actually doesn't really mention that...
How do the UT schools feel about repeated marks? I know that Rotman doesn't take repeated marks and that's actually fine by me. Nevertheless, I updated my Advanced Functions mark from 75 to 92 and I would just rather not have that mark drag me down for this one program.

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Completely Torn Between Guelph, Western and Queens?
Hoping to go into math... I like partying but I would like to be in a community where you're not 'just a number'. I don't even know what I'm looking for anymore I'm so torn between the three. Any advice would be hugely appreciated from current/past students !!
University Admission
I am currently a grade 11 student and I am planing on taking International Relations/Development after high school. I talked to my school counselor and she told me that for a BA program they accept everyone, just make sure your marks meet the requirments, so if I get all 70 percents will a university with that average marking let me in or would they take the higher other students first? She said if they have alot of students for a BA program, they just get more teachers, is this true? Also, I live in Nova Scotia, do they just look at your English and 4 other marks, so in total 5 marks?
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Best Undergrad for Med School
Hey guys, I want to eventually go to med school, but im just getting a little confused over all the undergrads people are saying is the best for premed (and of course doing good on your MCAT). Which undergrad (life sci, med sci, health sci, biomed) best prepare me for it? Thanks for taking the time to help me out :)
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Best Political Sciences Program
I was wondering which university would be the best to apply for political sciences program. So far I've looked into the honors arts and business in waterloo, political science (co-op) in uottawa, poli Sci in carleton (co-op). It's for my undergrad degree and I really can't choose. Also, I'm planning to do a MA after. Please list the top 5 :)
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Will I get in? - Queens Commerce
Avg: 91-93 (projected)
Captain of the gymnastics team
National cheerleading team
Yearbook Co-Pres 
Special Needs Gymnastics Coach volunteer
Camp Councillor volunteer

I've always wanted to go to queens comm, does anyone think i have a chance?
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SBI4U population dynamics homework help!
Help! I got answers for all, but I am not confident in my answer for E
Note: All formulas are correct, just the values for question E is concerning  me
In one year, biologists tracking a bear population counted 33 new baby bear cubs in a population of 546 bears.

A. Calculate the birth rate (b) of this population.
(My answer: The per capita birth rate is: b = 33/546 = 0.06044)

B. In the same year, the biologists counted 28 black bear deaths. Calculate the death rate for this population.
(My answer: The per capita death rate is: m = 28/546 = 0.05128)

C. What is the per capita rate of increase for this black bear population?
(My answer: The per capita rate of increase is: r = b – m → r = 0.06044 - 0.05128 → r = 0.00916)

D. What would you estimate the change in black bear population size would be for the following year? Be sure to adjust the N to reflect the new births and deaths. When you get your answer, round to the "nearest bear" and answer the question - is this population increasing or decreasing in size?
The value of N is adjusted: N = total population + (births - deaths) → 546 + (33-28) = 551
∆N = unknown 
N = 551
∆t = time interval of 1 year
r = per capita rate of increase of 0.00916
Hence: ∆N/∆t = rN → ∆N/1 = (0.00916)(551) → ∆N = (1)(0.00916)(551) → ∆N = 5.04716 = 5 black bears
(change in population = 5 bears, therefore overall population for the following year = 551 + 5 = 556)

E. Determine the number of births and deaths you would expect the following year. Round to the "nearest bear".

Expected number of births: B = b x N → B = 0.06044 x 556 = 34 births
Expected number of deaths: M = m x N → M = 0.05128 x 556 = 29 deaths
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Self reported grade form for university of western university
I have a question about self reported grade form for university of western university. I am required to do it so I did it 2~3 days ago but my to do list stayed the same as before I sent my srgf and still says that my admission is imcomplete.. do i have to wait a while?
Anyone else applying to the MIT program at Western?
I just wanted to see how many other people were applying and what other schools you will be planning to apply to  :)
Good luck everyone
Getting into UBC
I'm currently in grade 11 and UBC is the only school I would like to go to. Although I am only in grade 11, I'm already extremely nervous about the upcoming year. My grades are as follows:

English 11 - 86%
Pre Calculus 11 - 70%
Biology 11 - 91% (may be higher)
Social Studies 11 - 88%
All my electives are close to 100%

Next year as for academics, I plan to take English 12, English literature 12, geography 12, economics 12 and biology 12.

As for extra curriculars, I'm in 4 clubs, each of which I am extremely involved in. They are:

-one involves planning events for grade 8 students, helping them transition to high school life, etc. 
-one is organizing the school library once per week (Library Club)
-one is volunteering at local elementary schools and tutoring the students, playing with them, hoisting a variety of programs for them (Community Schools Team)
 **next year I will be a "mentor" in this club, training new members and being the "leader" during programs.
-the final involves keeping the school green and environmentally friendly. (Green team)
-I also help my dad with his construction company and I had a part time job last summer

Let's say I continue to get similar or lower (hopefully not) marks like these in grade 12 and my extra curriculars continue to be as so. What are my chances of being admitted to UBC? 

Also, I would like to go into either arts or kinesiology as they don't require math to be in the admission average.


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Chances of Getting in?
I'm planning on applying to Rotman, Waterloo AFM, Queens and Laurier BBA depending on if my average goes up or not. 

My averages:
Advanced Functions: 85
APS: 95
Finance: 83
Expected Marks Next sem:
Calc: 88
World Issues: 90
Accounting: 90
English: 82-85

-volunteered for Walk of Life
-volunteered at a place where I tutored kids grades 1-8
-volunteered at Habitat for Humanity
-1 year Rugby
-1 year Flag Football
-Intramural Volleyball 
-Multicultural Club
-Kindness Initiative
-SAC Sub committee
-Mental Health Club
-Yearbook Club

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Anyone Ever Taken A Course At Virtual High School (Ontario)?
Anyone Ever Taken A Course At Virtual High School? What is it like? How did you find the course? How long did it take you?


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Software Developer?
Is becoming a Software Developer worth it? Is it a good job, that is easy to get after Uni?
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Chancellors Nominees
Hey everyone! Just wondering who on here was a chancellors nominee, and if they sent in their application yet! I sent mine yesterday, crossing my fingers it arrives.