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College to University
How hard would it be to transfer to a university after 1 year of college? I don't have enough U or M credits to apply to university, so my guidance counselor suggested I apply to a program at college.I feel as though a college degree will not help me succeed in life, and I only applied because I might not be able to complete a victory lap. I don't know how it works at other schools, but at my school you have to apply to complete another year and I was told I may not be accepted. I'm looking to apply to a computer science university program after my first year at college. Can anyone tell me where I'll likely be accepted? Anymore information on transferring to computer science programs would be great! Thank you :)
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McGill Engineering vs U of A Engineering (Undergrad)
So here's my situation:

If I go to U of A I'm offered:
-$30,000 scholarship
-Co-op program
-Familiarity since I'm from Edmonton

If I go to McGill:
-Only $3,000 one-year entrance
-Downside no co-op
-Better reputation
-Guaranteed mechanical engineering specialization because I'm entering with IB diploma

I've been thinking about this for the last month, and right now I'm still impartial. What would you guys choose?
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I failed grade 11..do I still have a chance?
I'm an IB student, and I just finished grade 11 with around a 75% average (not converted). I want to go into the double degree program at waterloo (math) and Laurier (business admin.). If I work really hard next year and get a 90+ average, will I still have a chance? I'm hoping that the IB conversion will help me in achieving a 90+ average, but I know I can't rely on it, and I'm not planning to, however a few of my teachers told me that it's not worth trying super hard in grade 12, cause the conversion ranges will convert, for example, someone with an 80 will get converted to around the same mark as someone with a 90. This leads me to my next question: how much can you rely on your IB marks for uni, and what average (before conversions) should I aim for? I was thinking 80% but is that just me?
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12U Philosophy worth it?
would taking grade 12 philosophy help if i needed to take philosophy of medicine and ethics at guelph in third or fourth year? i'd have 8 12U courses without it already so i'm not sure if it's worth the added stress considering my math and science heavy courseload
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Conrad Hall
I just wanted to know something about Conrad Hall at Laurier. I know its an all girl residence but is it true that guys can get single rooms there?
I ask because a friend of mine is a guy but got assigned a single room there.
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OSAP LOAN not showing HELP
so i was checking OSAP the other day it only showed Ontario grant for low income family and no Loan or tution Fee amount, why can this happen

Also i made some mistakes on my parents income some lines were not filled in correctly is it cause of that and how can i correct it? can it be done by just visiting the financial aid office at my college 

1st Year uOttawa Engineering Student (Civil/Mechanical)- AMA!
If you have any questions about the program or student life in general- feel free to ask me! I also have friends in all the other engineering disciplines, and know quite a few people in biomed (both first and upper year), so have at it :)

Update: just switched from civil to mechanical so if you have any questions about switching programs in later years feel free to ask!
Problems accessing SSW?
Anyone other BC students having problems with loading the SSW (student secure web) to get our provincial results or is it just me?
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Volunteer Based Scholarships?
Hey guys! I'm going into grade 12 next year and I have a LOT of volunteer hours (almost 800). I can't say that I enjoyed every second of volunteering, but for the most part it was a fantastic experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Does anyone know of some good volunteer-based scholarships? I haven't found many and any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks guys! :)



1) Is there A.C? Or do I need to bring a fan?
2) Are washrooms shared amongst the floor?
3) Do floors have alternating same gender floors?

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University admission with individual mark
Hi, since this is my very first post, I apologise if i do anything wrong.

I'm taking ENG4U right now in summer school and I currently have a 73. I was wondering if this one mark is going to affect (lower) my overall chances to get into a prestigious school for accounting. English is the only course I struggle with and I'm certain all of my other courses will be over 90.

The reason I'm asking this is because I need to make a decision whether or not to take English again during the school year.

Thank you for your time.
UBC Engineering admissions & program questions answered here!
We represent UBC Engineering. You can ask us almost anything about admissions, our programs and student life!

Join our mailing list to stay updated on events relevant to you: http://engineering.ubc.ca/eng/prospective-student-mailing-list

Want to connect with us on Facebook? 
Joining the UBC Engineering Prospective Online Chat group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubcengineeringprospectives 
Like the UBC Engineering Page: https://www.facebook.com/engineeringubc

Our team will monitor this page and respond to comments within 24-48 hours Monday to Friday. If you have an urgent question about admission, please call the Undergraduate Admissions office at 604-822-9836 or 1-877-272-1422.

To protect your privacy, please do not disclose personal information, such as an email address, home address or phone number for yourself or others. You do not need to tell us the name of your high school or university. For example, “an American high school with an American curriculum” is fine. Remember—the information you post here is visible to everyone.
Will non day school courses show up on my transcript?
I am taking ENG4U in summer elearning with TCDSB. I am a TDSB student. I have a bad mark, and it is too late to drop the course. My exam is this Wednesday. My guidance counsellor said that students need to submit report cards for any courses taken outside TDSB if they want it to appear on my transcript? If I don't submit my report card, will the course not show up on my transcript? This is assuming that I myself do not want the course to show up. TCDSB said they will not send report cards to non-TCDSB schools, and it is the students responsibility to submit the report cards to the schools guidance department. However I gave my OEN number when signing up for the course, so will there be some record of me taking the course on OUAC? 
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How can I get into Queen's Commerce
I am wondering if it is too late for me to get into Queen's Commerce. I am going into Grade 11 at a public school.  I have a 89% average but last year I rarely studied so I can probably get my average up to the mid 90s. My main problem is ECs. The first 2 years of hs I didn't take anything seriously and and a result the only EC I have is Basketball in Grades 9 + 10 as well as a club basketball team in Grade 9. What, if any, ECs could I do this year to give me a chance at attending QC?
Brock Sports Management
- how difficult is it to obtain a high GPA? 
- Can someone give me an overall feel for the program? 

2nd year UBC student! Ask me anything!
Contact: elizabethsflower@gmail.com 

In second year at UBC as a Health Science (FNH) student from LFS. 

Want to know how I got in? What UBC life is like? General advice about gr. 12/senior year, study tips, and applying to universities? I'll try my best to answer any of your inquiries (:

See you at UBC in September!
3rd year Ryerson student: Ask Me Anything!
I'm a current student at Ryerson entering my 4th year in September, majoring in Professional Communication. I'm currently studying for the LSAT and hoping to go to law school after my undergrad. Aside from holding 2 internships over the last 3 years, I work as a mentor for first year students and in student recruitment for my program faculty. I've also recently been hired as a Project and Communications Assistant for the Government of Ontario.

I can answer questions about:
- all program requirements and acceptances 
- campus life 
- residence 
- internships and co-op opportunities + job search + how I got hired in the government 
- basically any other questions you might have 

Hope you're all excited about the potential of attending Ryerson! Ask me anything! 

If you're looking to contact me personally, you can reach me at ienoukov@ryerson.ca

Nanotechnology engineering
I was just hoping to get a little more information on nanotech engineering, from a student's perspective. What are the courses like? What do you actually study and do as a nanotech engineer? How are the job prospects? Any insight would be great.
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Have you taken the ACT, SAT or both in Canada for admittance to a U.S. school? Please tell me the following things;

1. Which test(s) you took
2. When you took it (what grade you were in)
3. Your mark/percentile
4. Which books you recommend for studying
5. Anything else you think I should know

Thanks in advance!
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Rising 2nd Year at Queen's Commerce. Ask me what you want to know about the program.
I used to browse these forums before I went to uni. Looking back on them now, I see a huge amount of disinformation and trolling that is absolutely hilarious to me. 

Ask me any questions you might have about Queen's, Queen's Commerce, or business schools in Canada in general. I will do my best to answer. 
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Western vs. Queens
I'm just wondering if anyone could help me out. I'm currently debating between Western social science and Queens arts. As of right now, I think I would like to study psych but I'm going in with an open mind. I live in Kitchener Waterloo and so Western is much closer than queens but either way I'm staying in residence. I've been to both schools multiple times and I genuinely love them both. I know I will be happy with either school. As of now I'm definetly planning on pursuing further school after my undergrad, weather that be law school or something else, and so I know it doesn't matter that much where I go for my undergrad but it's  just that I still have to make a decision and I just want to make sure I make the best one! 

What I have so far: 

-guaranteed res 
-ranked high in Canada for social science 
-fun/party atmosphere 
-nice campus 
-London is a nice city 
-good distance from home 
-very familiar (both parents went to western, I know lots of people going, and people there)  

-large somewhat spread out campus
-large student body 

-guaranteed res 
-Great reputation overall 
-beautiful campus 
-Kingston is a nice city 
-campus is a little more compact 
-smaller student body 

-far from home 
-West campus 15 minutes from main campus
-unsure of reputation for social science 
-possibly less courses in social science? (not sure if it's true or not) 

Any help would be awesome :) 
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