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High School Class of 2017 Offers of Admission
Hey guys! So I wanted to make an application thread to keep things organized. That way, it is easier for others to see when people are being accepted and in which programs. Hope this helps!

Please include in your post:
-Program and Post-Secondary Institution
-Date of Application
-Date of Offer
-Admission Average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
-Any other information that you deem is important 

Good luck guys!
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How is Ryerson for Computer Engineering
Hello Yconic!
I got my acceptance letter from Ryerson today!
i have been given a conditional offer for computer engineering.
I have also applied to UofT and Waterloo for computer engineering and computer science.
I am scared that I may not have high enough grades to make it into Waterloo and UofT.
I applied to Ryerson as a backup, but I was wondering if it would still be worth it to go there (if rejected to the others).
I have heard several rumors about Ryerson being a bad university, and that I will not be able to find any [good] job upon graduation. 
I am also not aware of any coop program that they have for their computer engineering students (Waterloo has coop and UofT has PEY).
Even if I get into Waterloo, Ryerson will be significantly cheaper for me because of lower tuition costs and I can live from home.
My goal is to work for a high profile company in silicon valley.
Should I attend Ryerson?
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Pros & Cons: Top 3 Ontario Universities for Accounting

Accounting is a very popular course of study at the moment – this is mainly due to the perceived job security that the CPA designation provides. So what are some of the best undergraduate programs for accounting in Canada's most populous province?

In no particular order….

Goodman School of Business, Brock University, BAcc


-Well-established co-op program

-Big-fish-in-small-pond scenario


-Friendly atmosphere/Brock's school spirit

-Accounting is one of Brock’s specialities


-Brock’s perception among some people

-Some people may be averse to St. Catharines

Schulich School of Business, York University, BBA/iBBA


-Well-established program

-Schulich's excellent reputation


-Accounting is one of Schulich’s specialities


-Perceived level of difficulty and competition among students

-Potential lack of school spirit (from being a commuter school)

-Lack of formal co-op program

University of Waterloo, AFM


-Strong co-op program

-Excellent reputation among students and employers

-Large alumni base

-Accounting is one of Waterloo's specialties


-Cost in comparison to the other school mentions (double the tuition means double the OSAP)

-There may be strong competition among students

All three schools also have a Master of Accounting program, which allows you to fast-track your way to the Common Final Exam while also earning a graduate degree.

Agree? Disagree? Voice your opinion below!

-Neal, yconic Student Ambassador

Queen's Engineering 2021
Have any Canadians gotten into Queen's Engineering? If you did, what province are you from and what was your average.
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Laurier BBA acceptances for 2017!
I'm starting this forum to see when people are getting accepted to Laurier's BBA program for 2017 If you're accepted, please comment your average, if you completed the ABS form and how many ec's you have. Thanks!
Should I Tryout For Varsity Blues
Hey so I might be going to UofT and was wondering how strenuous sports and academics would be on my mental health/ overall enjoyment of university? Anyone know anything else that would be helpful for me to know?
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Still haven't been looked at??
i applied in mid january but since there were delays with OUAC, I didn't receive acknowledgement until early February. I submitted my supplementary application to Ryerson by Feb 5th, and I didn't need to submit anything to UTM. On both of my applications it says your application for this program is current;y being reviewed (or along those lines) for Ryerson and for UTM it says pending review. I've already graduated so al of my final marks are in. Does this mean that they haven't even looked at my application yet? Do you guys know when I can expect to hear back? Anyone else in this situation? Please let me know, thank you!!
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Should I stay home or Live on Res?
I just got accepted to York University(Biomedical Science) and Guelph(Biological Science). I'm really stressed out which university should I attend. If I go to res I will have tons of debt after grad compared to York which is 1 hour and 20 Mins away from home and will save me a lot of money. What do you think guys? Should I stay home and go to York or go live in rez at Guelph? I'm planning to go to proffesional school after.
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Rotman Commerce Scholarships?
I got accepted to Rotman Commerce already but the letter did not mention a scholarship; same with some of my friends. We were all wondering if we just did not qualify for scholarships even though we were accepted early or there just any scholarships yet. Would like to know if any early accepted To Rotmans have received scholarship info in their letters
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Admission average for Math&Phys Science in UTSG
Hi guys!
I'm just curious, what is the my chance of getting into uoft?

My top six are:

English 83 (completed)
Advanced function 85 (completed)
Calculus 82 (completed)
Physics 90 (completed)
Drama 85 (completed)

AP Chemistry 70 (required for utsc): I fail organic chem in finals!! (Completed)
Or IDC: logic 91 (currently enroll)

My average is about 86.5 without chem, but 83.6 with chem?!? 

I apply to
- mathematical and physical science in utsg, major of interest in Math/phys, so chem is not required. (I'm not even planning to take chem in uni)
- Environmental science in utsc, major of interest in physical and mathematical science. (Chem, phys and cal are required, I was told bio was not.)

What's my chance of getting in?? I'm driving crazy waiting for a response from uofT.

By the way, when will their second round of offers be sent out? They said mid-mar, but any specific days or week?

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how does elearning work
Hey guys,
So I'm currently picking my grade 12 courses rn, and I'm pretty stressed lol, cause this year ACTUALLY matters?
           I was thinking about taking 12u data management through elearning in semester one. Does it matter if I have a full semester plus an elearning or it doesn't????
   So basically 2 questions: 1) How does elearning work, in peel board?
                                                 2) Is taking data thru elearning wise lol?
Thanks guys in advance!!
Queens Commerce Vs Mcill as a Quebec Resident?
Im currently enrolled in CEGEP and based on my current grades and expected grades if I keep up at this pace, I should be able to get accepted to any university. (Applying to mcgill, u of t, queens, and a few others)

The problem is that im having trouble justifying the huge jump in tuition for a maybe not so big jump in education quality if I attend Queens instead of McGill. Does anyone have any thoughts on this, especially people who have attended either schools?

A quick tuition estimate without any scholarships considered would be: 4200/yr for McGill, and 16000/yr for Queens, PLUS all the costs of living for 3+ years.

My parents have always told me that they would pay for my education if I chose to go out of province, but the Queens tuition is just ridiculously high and now they're telling me they didn't expect a school with such high tuition. They didnt say its out of the question, but we are still talking about it and looking over our options. I  dont have any noteworthy savings of my own but will be working full time on every break & summer and putting it all into savings so Im ready when I have to make the decision.

Which is better
I have applied to McMaster commerce, Brock BBA co-op and Laurie BTM. Which is better to go to and why?
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Which program is the better option?
I've come down to these two as potential places I want to go for university.  The major factor that will make me choose one is which one is better for med school based on the questions I have. 
-I've heard it's more difficult to maintain a high GPA at McMaster than York, is that true?
-What is the overall difficulty of the programs at each university?
-Which university would prepare better for the MCAT?
-What courses should be taken at either university to prepare for the MCAT?
-Overall, which university seems like the better option if Med School is the ultimate goal?

Unrelated: Are the PKIN courses at York difficult? I'm not the worst athlete in the world but at the same time not the best either.

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What Can You Do With a Med Sci/Life Sci/Health Sci Degree?
I was wondering what you can do with any of the above programs other than go into Med/Dentistry/Pharma/Optometry school?

Would it be a smarter to go into another program like Engineering and just take the pre-reqs for Med School so you have the option to go into Healthcare but also have a fallback?

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I'm super indecisive, convince me to pick your major?
Exactly as the title says. I'm a student in Ontario who's planning for the future and want to go to medical school someday but the major I pick doesn't really matter. So naturally, being who I am, I want to make sure what I pick will really interest and engage me. I have a lot of hobbies an interests so I'm sure once I find something I'm dead set I'll be good.. I'm not exactly sold on Health Sciences, Chemistry all the time just sounds... Awful. Comp Sci is cool. I'm interested in engineering too. I don't know, throw stuff at me.
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Western 2nd Year Engineering + Ivey AEO AMA!
Hey guys,

I know admissions were a stressful time during my last year of high school, and I though I might be able to help answering any questions you have. Fire away!
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York non shulich vs ryerson
i got accepted to york commerce . they've recently changed the degree from BAS to BComm . ive also got accepted to ryerson for business mangement, im torn between the two
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Anyone hear back from Laurier BBA after first sem finals?
Has Laurier started sending out offers yet for the BBA program based on first semester finals?
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Will I get revoked from Uof T ???!!!
Hey guys, here is my situation

I got accepted by UofT(both St. George and UTM) in beginning of Feb, and I just got my BC Provincial Marks for eng 12 today, it is really bad. 

My english mark for school is 79 and my Provincial mark is 61.

I am considering about re-write the exam, but if I use 61 as my provincial mark, will I get revoked by U ofT??
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Do I have a chance in being Hair Stylist? or Women's Studies?
i wanna become one and here are my grades so far
ENG 4U : 78
SCH4U 85
SBI4U 89
MHF4U 80%
CLN4U 85%
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Calculators in university?
I have heard that in many universities students are not allowed to use calculators in Computer science courses.
So i was wondering if this is true for the uoft, McMaster, and Brock computer science programs.

Btw i can't do anything without a calculator. Should I be worried?
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