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HELP UBC Science admission
Grade 11 marks, does it actually matter for UBC science, later on specializing into biology? 
I am getting such a bad mark. My top 4 is biology, precalculus 12, chemistry 11, english 11 and im doing well in socials 11 as well. I go to school in BC. I am getting crappy marks in physics, like 60 70 something. Should I retake physics 11 or is it useless? Please be honest and helpful! 

Biology 11 92 
Precalc 12 87-88
chemistry 11 86-87
english 11 88
socials 11 90s 

The marks are not finalized as I am not finished the school year yet.
I Have not studied for the entire year and my marks are SHIT and now im so worried. Is it for sure UBC doesn't look at grade 11? I will be retaking my math 12 online as well as taking chem 12 online. Is UBC ok with online courses? Also, my volunteer is pretty good so I think my personal profile will be ok. In grade 12 I am pretty sure I can get like 92-93. Do you think I will be able to get into UBC science biology with a starting point like this? I will NOT be taking physics 12.
Please help!
I'm very paranoid... my chem mark  has dropped from a 77% as my midterm mark to a 66%. It's a class that is not a pre-req, but is getting counted towards my top 4. However, as long as i don't mess up big time on the english provincial, I've some what calculated that despite my low mark, I'd only drop 2-3% from my overall average.

I got into Arts, and all my other classes are over 90% if that helps.
English 12 provincial discussion
Hey guys, I'm  going to be taking my provincial next month and I'm nervous AF. For those of you who took it in January, could you please tell me how you found it or what the themes or essay questions were?  Thanks in advance!
Tips for Calculus and Vectors exam?
Hello guys,

So yeah, I will be heading to Queen's Commerce soon and I am so far meeting the conditions on my offer, except for Calculus, which I dropped an 80 to a 76 (Damn vectors). Luckily, We have an assignment plus another test on 4 sections, 9.1-9.4 coming up, which I plan to ace. However, the moment of truth thing is the exam. I hope to bring my mark up to a 77 or a 78 with the assignment and test and get a 89 or 90 on the exam.

Do you guys who do 90+ in Math exams, which I plan to do, have any tips. I will start studying this weekend and plan to look over old notes, redo chapter reviews (and sections if I was weak in them), focus on my weaknesses as well as redoing old tests. Do you guys have any tips to get a solid 90 on the Calc exam?
McMaster Integrated Science - Ask Me!
Hey, if anyone is interested in applying for McMaster's iSci program, I have info on that! I'm in first year, and just finished about half of my end-of-term exams (i.e. it's officially procrastination time), so if you have any questions about the program, or other Mac programs, or Mac in general, I'll do my best to answer them!

Supp apps for iSci are due on Feb 1!!

Good luck on your applications!
Western Med Sci is no different from any other life sci program (for sending ppl to medicine)
27% of the Med Sci students do not go to medical school. Its 11%. 27% of 274 ppl = 74 people. 74/700 x 100% = 11%. This is similar in all other schools including U of T, UBC, McGill, McMaster and so on. (For example U of T sends about 100 ppl to med school from life sci so that's about 6%. Not much of a difference from the med sci program in terms of percentages.  So in conclusion Mac Health Sci is Canada's only premed program. So far I still think we have to say Western Med Sci trails Mac Health Sci but the gap between the two are large + Western med sci sends slightly more people to medicine than other life sci programs but the difference is not noticeable. I'm going to Western Med Sci btw.
The Cotswold Group United Kingdom - Our Process
'Prospect' extranet also acts as a web based portal for clients to interface with our internal case management system CoG. The portal is owned and operated by The Cotswold Group and enables clients to add a new job as well as to track the progress of an instruction throughout its lifecycle. Source:

please has anyone heard from Carleton regarding your admission? I'm an international student and applied for the graduate architecture program but I'm yet to receive a decision.

Hi all,

If anyone can kindly advise or provide details and input on a university that I should choose.

I have been accepted into Electrical engineering at Waterloo and Engineering COOP at McMaster and I am wondering which one to accept. 

I am looking to have a fun life for my university years and I am also hoping that I could end up finding a job at a big tech company. I value both my education and my time spent as a student. 

Is Waterloo really only studying/work? Would going there have any moments of being just as fun as MacMaster?


How many people have been wait listed for Sauder? is it harder to get into than sciences at UBC?
Could someone please explain to me all the details?
Specifically at Western with its Ivey Program.
What are the prerequisites?
Waitlisted for Sauder
Hi !

I have been already admitted into UBCO into sciences, however i have been wait listed for my first choice which was Sauder. Although I want to pursue sciences, my parents pressured me into applying for business at the UBCV campus because that is what they want me to go into and I was still confused as to what my passion truly was at the time. My plan was to get into Sauder and then transfer if I wasn't passionate about what I was studying. I have been wait listed what are my chances of getting in? and if i do get in is it possible to transfer from Sauder to Sciences. OR  should i just go the UBCO sciences and try transferring to the vancouver campus? and finally was sciences at UBCV easier to get into than Sauder? Any advice would be priceless

Thank-you for all your help

BMath/BBA Double Degree student - Ask anything
Just like the topic says.

I am a BMath/BBA double degree student currently in my 4th year.

If you have any questions at all about admissions, co-op, courses, competition, work load, etc. just let me know either here or in a PM and I'll do my best to answer them.

I can also answer things about Laurier's BBA program or UW's Math programs.

Student life at York University
What's up. I'm from Venezuela and I'm planning to attend York University this fall to study Kinesiology. I would like to know if the gay population there is big or something? I would also like to meet new people from York that tell me stuff about student life there... if you're interested let's get in touch.
Please help . General Admission questions
i am an indian student and i have applied to york. I uploaded my 10th grade transcript. I am yet to send my documents. Also i cant contact them through email(i couldnt find one thought !). Firstly, do i need to send them my 11th grade transcripts as well ? and the midterm transcripts also ?
I have applied to the computer science program at york. I had a 9.2 gpa on a scale of 10 in 10th grade (that is approximately 90% on a scale of 100%). My problem is that my school is pretty strict and i could only score 55% in 11th and in my mid terms i could score 57% . My finals are yet to happen in march. So , my question is that
1. Do they give conditional acceptances ?
2. Do i have a chance to get into york if i get an 80% or above in my finals ?
3. Will i be eligible for scholarship ? (because my results will be out in the month of may)

Kindly answer asap.
Accepting two offers
I am a student in BC and I can't make up my mind right now between UBC or SFU so I want to accept both offers. When I make my choice how will I cancel my other offer?

Thanks guys
Is it cheaper to live in-campus residence or off-campus in York University? (Keele Campus)
I'm an international student with no family or friends in Canada. I want to attend York University and I've been granted an offer of admission. 

I have to save as much as I can in my first year at York University and I wonder if it's better to look for a place off-campus because at York I have to pay 50% of my room & board and meal plan fees and it would be better if I have a place where I can pay rent monthly. THE THING IS: I do not have enough money to pay for a rent contract or something. I would figure it out to pay monthly a rent fee. Do you know anything guys? 

I'm really depressed right now. Don't know what to do. HELP :( :( :(
    I've always been a music lover since I was little and my dream is to pursue a career in music composition. I'm also pretty decent at math and the sciences, which is why my parents and my family relatives wanted me to go into engineering. I've had many debates with my parents and it didn't work out. I thought maybe I should just give up my dreams and obey my parents since they've worked so hard to raise me. They even immigrated to Canada to work on low wage jobs in order for me to have a healthy environment and less rigorous education (I came from China). 

    So I stayed away from playing music in the past 8 months and focused on my academics. I was a slacker from grade 9-11 and my marks were in the 60s and 70s, and even 50s. Because I care a lot about pride and prestige, I worked really hard this year and competed against the top students in each of my classes, and I got accepted into U of T Electrical Engineering. 

    Getting the marks needed for engineering admission at U of T was a really big stretch for me because of how bad my foundations and study habits were in the lower grades. I've pissed off a lot of my friends and teachers this year because of how academically focused and stubborn I became. Some of them are going to different universities this year and I really regret not spending enough time with them. I don't even know if I'm going to enjoy my life as an engineering student and engineer. I can't switch into music because my parents will be disappointed in me and I will feel bad.

 Is it worth sacrificing the things you enjoy doing and live on pride and live for others? 
Really depressed. Accepted my offer of Kinesiology at York University but I can't afford my first year
Hi guys, I live in Venezuela and I don't have family nor close friends in Canada. I applied to York University this year and I've been admitted to the Kinesiology program to start this Fall. Everything went out pretty well but I didn't get any scholarship and in my country we are facing an economical crisis that got worse lately and now it is almost impossible to change our currency in dollars and either way it's an awful lot of money to afford at least my first year at York University. I'll need to pay residence and a meal plan. 

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ANY ALTERNATIVE SCHOLARSHIPS? Do you think if I manage to pay at least for the fees of this first semester I could work throughout the whole fall and save some money to pay the fees for Winter? Is there really anything I can do once I arrive in Canada to help myself pay? 

I have work experience in my country, I'm currently working as an English teacher in my country and I also worked in a travel agency for a time. If there's anything you advice me to do please let me know. 

Thanks a lot! 
Schulich Second Round!
Anyone expecting a second round offer with midterm marks? What are your averages like?
Life Science against Business
I have to say, Im stuck in a little dilema. I am thinking either life science or business.  I have been admitted to McMaster Life Sci, Western Life Sci, Schulich business, Waterloo Math/CA & AFM.   If I go into Life Sci, I want to be a doctor.  But the chances of getting into medical school is very small.  If I cannot get in, I am not interested in other health related professions.  If I do business, I am not yet sure what to specialize in either.  An accounting profession is a safe bet, and I can easily get a co-op with Waterloo accounting programs.  However, if I take Waterloo, that means I have limited myself to accounting or finance only.  At this stage, I am not sure whether accounting is what I like even if I choose business.

What should I choose if I still want to keep both doors - Life Sci & Business open?  
International Entrance Scholarship at York University?
Hi, did anyone get the International Entrance Scholarship at York University last May 1st? How much did they offer you? If I may know, I'm interested
York University/Seneca/Georgian Nursing ASK ME?
I am pretty sure there are not that many students here thinking/discussing about York-Seneca-Georgian's nursing program. But for the few lost souls out there who have a question, feel free to ask me :)

I have been answering most questions via Facebook as admin of the collaborative nursing group.
But if you would like to personally ask me anything about it, feel free to either post or message me here or find me on Facebook (Rhey De Castro). Please mention that you saw this post on StudentAwards.

Otherwise enjoy your Summer! Trust me nursing is one long road! :cyclops: