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Business Programs: What are your expected Top 6 Grades?
I'm not here to judge or anything. I want to let people figure out where they stand in the acceptance of the program that they want to get into!

List your Top 6 Marks (expect marks if not yet completed the course) or just your Top 6 Avg.
Also please list the program(s) you plan to go to!

All are welcomed for discussion on your opinion of what grades you may need for each program.
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UTSC Management Acceptances
Ontario students, when did you get in and do you think you'll be going to UTSC?
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I am in grade 9and my math average this year was 67% but my class average was 68% should I be worried for my upcoming years of high school
st michaels college
i got accepted into saint michaels does this mean i didnt get accepted into trinity ?
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When does trinity send acceptances
for any of its programs when does trinity college at UOFT send acceptances?
Thanks so much.!
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graduation in june, I want to do summer school instead of night school what should I do?
Ok I'm a grade 12 student this year, right now I have 25 credits doing 4 credits in day school I need that one credit to graduate. Usually our graduation would be in October but out of nowhere they push it to June. I was intended to do night school this semester but I have cold feet right now and I feel like I will fail it or do poorly. Right now I'm kinda stressed about my courses I'm taking grade 12 law with no grade 11 knowledge and I feel overwhelm in that and I also feel overwhelm in bussines and in grade 12 parenting. I feel like I'm adding to much to my plate if I just do these courses (I don't even want to do law that much) and have night school. My question here is if I do summer school then can I be able to graduate on time before September 2016? I don't care I can't go to commenment in June I care about graduating and being able to go to college or University. Has anyone dealt with this before and what did you do?
is uoit good?
I'm planning on going there for software engineering or for a business program (something that will get me a job as a business analyst) 

I heard people with UOIT in there resumes don't get hired by employes, is that true ? :S
I want to do a BSc. But I don't know what to do after.
I want to either study biology or physics. But I don't know what to do for getting a job. Obviously I'll need more education after my BSc. As far as I'm aware there's only like 4 options for jobs: doctor (or other health care professional), researcher, teacher, or professor. These are all too competitive so I'm at a roadblock of what I want to do. I think I want to get a MD-PhD but I don't know.
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How to get high grades (95+) in high school
Hey Guys,

I am currently trying to get into Waterloo Software Engineering. I am in grade 11, so I still have another year to improve my grades. My average (from the prerequisite courses) is currently an 85. I will be completely honest with you guys, I am not a hard working student. I study the basic material the previous day before a test. I also complete assignments the day before they are due. I do not do any of the assigned homework that teachers give me. So, considering these factors, I am surprised to have this kind of average.

That being said, my goal is to get a 95+ average for grade 12 so I can get into Waterloo Software Engineering. I often see students on this forum who have close to a 99 average. I was just wondering what I could do to attain such a high average. General comments like "work harder" would not really help me. I keep thinking to myself "I will work harder next semester", but I never really do this in reality. If I could get advice from a student who has a 95+ average, that would be greatly appreciated. I would also be interested in hearing the opinions of first year uni students who had a 95+ average in grade 12, and their current academic situation in uni.

Thank You.
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Current University of Guelph Biomedical Science 2nd Year student: Ask Me Anything!
Hi, I'm in my second year of the biomedical science major at UofG! If anyone has any questions about the program or the campus in general, ask away!
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U of T life Science
what are the chances of getting an acceptance to u of t st. george life science with an 86% average?
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waterloo life sci vs utm and mac life sci
ok i am looking at applying to life science programs, i want to go to dentistry and since they obviously dont have pre med or pre dental programs i feel life sciences would be suitable, but anyones, mac is obviously much higher to get into, but offer coop which is +++, utm is literally outside my door which is ++++, not that hard to get in ++, does not offer coop :(, and is apparantly hard to stay in, waterloo i would have to life on residence, however it is easier to get into (then mcmaster), AND has coop, so just wondering, thoughts???? also if you have any other program recommendations as a predental id love to hear 
THANKS guys, 
also i really would ike coop, its great for xp and for paying for tuition, but thing is, utm theres no coop, but i wouldnt have to pay for res, waterloo offers coop, but id have to live on res, i dont know how much res is or how much you make from coop but just pointing that out
High School Class of 2016 Offers of Admissions
The Applications thread is pretty cluttered so I was thinking we could start this thread to make it easier to view when others are accepted to programs you've applied to! 

Please include in your post:
- Program
- Date of offer
- Date of application
- Admission average (Grade 11, first semester, second semester midterm - whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province
- Any supplementary information (Ex. ECs if they're required on application, predictions about quality of essays/responses)
- Any other information you deem appropriate!

Good luck guys!
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Repeated courses
Would repeated courses be considered for York and ryeron universities 
My mark in English was 68 and repeated is 80  
3rd year Ryerson student: Ask Me Anything!
I'm a current 3rd year student at Ryerson, majoring in professional communications and minoring in law and marketing. Aside from holding 2 internships over the last 3 years, I work as a mentor for first year students and in student recruitment for my program faculty. 

I can answer questions about:
- all program requirements and acceptances 
- campus life 
- residence 
- internships and co-op opportunities
- basically any other questions you might have 

Hope you're all excited about the potential of attending Ryerson! AMA! 

Shad Valley 2016 wait list
Hey guys! I got my letter saying I've been waitlisted for shad 2016. I decided to make a post and see if we could all kinda talk and things until we all get our final fate ?
Guelph Acceptances
Did anyone get accepted for Biomedical Engineering? And if so post when u got accepted and with what average.
western round of admission
i have not been accepted to MOS yet, I have a 90 average and I believe their first round went out yesterday. If you have been accepted to MOS, would you mind stating your average?

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Acceptances To Guelph! 2016
Just wanted to make a little discussion for Guelph! They have officially started sending out first round offers, so everyone that has received an offer list:
Acceptance Average
Congrats on the acceptance and hope to see you all at UofG this September! :)
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@Western Students
1. How long does it take to walk from one end of campus to the other?

2. How long does it take to walk from campus to downtown London?

3. How long does it take to bus from downtown London to campus?

4. Are there a lot of grocery stores near campus and downtown London? 
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Colleges at University of Toronto
So I just got accepted to U of T based off of my grade 11 marks (87 average) and it says that the College I got into was University College. I put Trinity as my #1 and was really hoping to get into Trin. My semester 1 average is a 90, and I was wondering if either a) people have already been accepted into Trinity and b) if it's not to late to still get accepted into Trinity, if I already have an official offer from University College.
Should I take grade 11 physics?
So I want to go to university for law... But in in my 2nd semester of grade 11 and I chose to take physics this year. My school allows a class change if you don't like your class but the only other class available was grade 12 English, so I took it. Now I'm having regrets because I not only have friends in the physics class, but I feel like I would be better in a grade 11 class. I had a 70% in grade 10 math and an 86% in grade 10 science. Would those marks be good enough to get around above a 70 in physics. I'm just really stressed cuz I don't want to have 2 englishes in the same year. Thanks in advance!
Admitted to u of t comp sci?
On the front page of joinid, it says that I got admitted to the computer science program. But when I press check status, it still says pending. Is this a bug? I haven't received any email notification either.
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