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Opinions on U of Guelph
Any opinions on the University of Guelph, just in general and/or specifically any of the following programs: animal biology, animal science, zoology, wildlife conservation, and equine management. Thanks in advance!
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$500 "Ultimate Study Tip" Community Contest
Love them or hate them, exams are a part of student life. We want to know what your "ultimate study tip" is that helps you get through (and ace) them! 

Essentially we’re looking for some inspirational advice that will help other students have an amazing academic year. Whether it’s “Don't leave it to the last minute” or “Memorize facts with a song”, we want to hear from you. There’s a $500 cash prize up for grabs!* 

How to Enter: 
Simply comment below using your real name with, “My Ultimate Study Tip Is:” followed by the piece of advice you think will help other members as they prepare for exams.

Deadline to enter is January 29, 2016 @ 3:00 p.m. ET.  

How to Win: 
Encourage your friends to vote your comment as “helpful”. The comment with the most helpful votes at the end of the contest period will be awarded the $500 prize.* 

Only friends that have an active yconic profile will be able to vote. So connect and make new friends in the yconic Community or invite your friends to join http://yconic.com for FREE today. 

Please note: Anonymous or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated nor entered into this contest. Good luck! 

*See full rules and regulations ( https://support.yconic.com/hc/en-us/articles/206119646--Ultimate-Study-Tip-Contest-Rules)

I want to apply to ubc next year and was just wondering what type of average I would need to get into arts?
Why is everyone on this forum so dead set on telling kids not to go into any given program?
I understand that it's hard to find jobs in some fields. I'm sure almost everyone on here does as well. It seems that every post i see, there's always some anonymous commenter discouraging them and telling them "good luck working at starbucks/mcdonalds/burger king/etc." I just saw something that said the only useful degrees were engineering and computer science. Do you think that Engineers and Comp. Sci majors can do every job that our complex society needs? No, they can't. Yes, it may be hard to find a high paying job with certain degrees but who are you to assume that making money is all someone cares about? Coming from the home of a single mother who makes a little over 50k a year, I can tell you that having an average paying job isn't hell like people on here make it out to be. I would never go against what i aspire to do based on the amount of money I'd start off making.

It just seems that some people are so dead-set on tearing people's goals down on here and I just wanted to let people know that their degree isn't "useless" if it doesn't get them a job paying 100k off the bat.
Trent University Environmental Science/Studies?
How good/rigourous is the program at Trent? What can graduates do with their degree? Are there a lot of research or international study opportunities offered? How about the profs?
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Current UBC Student- Ask me anything
I'm a second year UBC student. I took first year sciences, lived in rez, and have since transferred into Engineering. I'm also an Orientations Leader and a volunteer for Destination UBC. 

I can answer questions about about rez life, science, how I got into UBC, engineering or transferring.
Chancellors Nominees
Hey everyone! Just wondering who on here was a chancellors nominee, and if they sent in their application yet! I sent mine yesterday, crossing my fingers it arrives.
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What program should i go into?
I'm a grade 12 student and i really don't know what to do in university

I really like math so i know i want to do something related to that i just don't know what. 

At first I wanted to do engineering but i realized i wasn't very good at science as my marks were usually at high 60s - low 70s. 

Computer science is an option but i wouldn't consider programming one of my strengths. I usually maintain low to mid 80s in my advanced com sci where the average is around 90. 

Business isn't an option either because i didn't really take any business courses and i just find it to be generally boring.

So as of now im thinking of going into mathematics and statistics but i'm worried about the job market after graduation which is why i considered computer science again.

So i would appreciate any suggestions of what i should go into.

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Waterloo Engineering Admissions Question
Hey, guys just wondering if  people who had high 80's actually got in any engineering program at Waterloo. I've read a few discussions and it seems to me that people who applied/responded generally had an average greater than 90. Were there people who had high 80's and got in? Should I even bother applying? Please let me know if any of you got in?
What is UofA Biochemistry like?
I'm trying to decide between applying to Biological Sciences or Biochemistry at UofA. I'm also considering taking a similar undergrad degree at UBCO. I don't really know which one will set me up best for the future or if one degree is better/more interesting than the other. My dream is to get into vet school at UofC but I realize that vet school is super competitive and may not be the most realistic goal, so I need something to fall back on.
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Mechanical Engineering as a possible study?
Hello, I was hoping that some of you guys could tell me what Mechnical Engineering deals with, and be specific. Should I study it in Unil if so, What uni would be the best? Lastly, is it easy to find a job for Mechanical Engineering? 

Thank you !
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Acceptances to university of Guelph?
Has anyone been accepted to university of Guelph yet? If so what date, program, and average did you apply with? I think it would be a great way to know when the early acceptances start coming out and how high the bar is. Best of luck everyone!
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Best business undergraduates programs to apply to in Ontario??
I was wondering what undergrad programs are the best for accounting or finance for 2015 in Ontario? Please list the top 5, and also list the averages. I need an idea for what programs to apply for.
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Best Political Sciences Program to Apply to in Ontario
I was wondering which university would be the best to apply for political sciences program. So far I've looked into the honors arts and business in waterloo, political science (co-op) in uottawa, poli Sci in carleton (co-op). It's for my undergrad degree and I really can't choose which ones would be the best if I want to go for government jobs. Also, I'm planning to do a MA after. So anyone who has any experience in these programs or field and would like to share their opinions would be very helpful !!!!
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The Official Canadian Undergraduate Social Pyramid (CUSP)
Canadian Undergraduate Social Pyramid  -- CUSP
1. McGill University
2. Western University
3. UBC 
----------------------------------------------------^The Elites 
U of A, Waterloo, McMaster, Queens, U of T
----------------------------------------------------^High Class 
The rest 
----------------------------------------------------^Middle Class 
Regina, Saskatchewan, U of Guelph
----------------------------------------------------^Low Class 
Ryerson, Lakehead, Carleton, Brock U
----------------------------------------------------^Les Miserables (Slaves)
Algoma, Royal Roads, MacEwan
----------------------------------------------------^Animal Kingdom
EDIT : Top 3 based on entering averages of 2014/2015
Where do you belong? Leave a comment down below!
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The Only Majors to Go to University For

Ok so I see high school kids talk about going into art or business, and I think to myself, " well I will be seeing you in four years making my coffee". So I have to write this, because I fell for the trap. Every year high school kids think about going to university and spending thousands of dollars to study a hobby. I attended queens commerce for my undergrad, and learned the hard way. College majors such as English, political science, business, social sciences, humanities, psychology are all scams(to the most part). In this forum, business major seems to be the most popular, as I was one a couple of years ago. When I got accepted, I was so happy because I heard all the good stories of students going to work at big financial and consulting firms. This is not true. In theses so called " top Canadian business schools", the students are misinformed. Only a few and I mean a few go work in these big firms, while the rest works at crappy places. Today, everyone has a business major, so the job market is sh*t. Majors like English and humanities, are the biggest scam also, because high school kids think they are hoping to be the next Shakespeare, but instead they will be making sandwiches at McDonalds. Also pre med is another scam. If you major in biology, but do not get into med school, you are then useless. Unless you spend 5-6 years getting a PhD, your bio degree has 0 value. As the job market gets tougher and tougher, people need to realize that only a handful of college majors make the student more valuable. Examples, such as engineering, accounting and computer science. I wanted to rant about this because High school kids need to know about the trap of university majors.   
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Will I make it to UofT, Uwaterloo, or Carleton?
I've applied for:

UofT - Engineering Science (I know how it is, I"ve heard pretty much everything about it and I'm still going for it)
Uwaterloo - Computer science
Carleton U - aerospace engineering

and my averages are going to be (at the minimum, I'm predicting):

Physics: 90
Adv. Functions: 95
Chemistry: 90
Religion: 85
Calculus and vectors: 95
English: 82 (it's because I met a horrible teacher in summer school and I'm thinking of re-taking it in night school, which I hope to get around high 80s)

My EC's are: currently bronze cross (lifeguard process), robotics team for 3 years, now a senior member and one of the leaders, and swim team. Back in grade 9, I was in a soccer team. I also was a certified peer tutor for school where I helped out a grade  9 student with math for a full semester. I've taken two math contests (fermat and sunlife open challenge) which I didn't win in neither of them. I'm planning on taking Euclid next year. I'm not sure if it helps but I've also been a honour-roll student for 2 consecutive years, grade 10-11 and most likely for grade 12 as well.

I would really appreciate it if you can tell me what are my chances of getting accepted to these programs and if they are unlikely for some of my choices, please tell me which to improve so I can work on them even harder before it's too late, I just want to have a general idea of what my chances are. 

Secondly, I would love to hear suggestions on alternate options to those programs that I applied since I have very little knowledge about engineering programs and I'm planning on applying for more programs. My major interests are 1. aerospace engineering 2. computer science, specifically information security and then software engineering

Thank you!
Career Confusion
I understand that many careers are in demand (engineering, nursing, accounting), and it is very likely for these majors to get jobs after university. But if all students pursue these majors, wont there be an oversaturation of these majors and other positions will not be able to be filled? Dont we need some people to pursue arts and sciences?Someone please explain this philisophy.
Chances of getting in?
I'm applying to the following business programs:
- Schulich BBA
- Queen's Commerce
- Laurier BBA
- Waterloo Accounting and Financial Management
- UofT Rotman
- UTSC Co-op Management 
- Brock Accounting

My first report card marks are (btw my school is non seminster):
English: 82
Advanced Functions: 92
Calculus: 80
Families: 92
Accounting: 93
Data: 98
International Business 95 (completed in summer school)
Average with calc: 90
Average without calc: 92

ECs are: 
- VP for JA company
- A head for my school's charity committee 
- Student mentor
- Library helper
- Tutor
- DECA general member and general member of other clubs

Yeah my english and calc marks are really bad. But my calc mark is all vectors as we don't start calc until next year. I find vectors really hard and I never did physics. My ECs are pretty average too. My main choice is Schulich so thank goodness I don't have to use calc. I may not apply for Rotman as my english and calc marks are bad and I do not want to go to Rotman at all. That would be my last choice. Also, I'm not applying for Ivey as it is 50% grades and 50% supplementary so i do not think I would get in as my ECs are not great. And I do not like the idea of the 2 year program.

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BBA/BSC Laurier
Hi, I am planning to apply to the double degree program as just Laurier. The business and computer science one. My average right now (assuming my Calculus mark based on my Functions mark), is 88.5. What are you my chances of getting in?
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University Application
If I applied to a certain program that I didn't want and meant to apply to a different program and already paid, can I delete that university program and switch it to another one for $0 or do I have to pay for that program? (Ill still have 3 programs afterwards). Plus will the university receive information that I switched programs?
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