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am i the only one who doesn't care about prestige?
I really could care less about how prestigious a university is because I really feel that the program and facilities itself is much more important. A uni could have the best prestige in the world but crappy facilities, which is obviously highly unlikely but for certain programs it is actually true.

I feel like your choice of university should also depend on what you plan to do after undergrad studies so if you want to go med school, law school etc., a uni with easier academia would be better in that case and grad schools in Canada don't give a flying f*ck about how reputable your school is!
This is just my honest opinion. I am tired of kids bashing each other because one of them goes Waterloo and the other goes to York. Who cares? You guys are all getting a wonderful education and that is the most important thing. If a person is happier at a different school, isn't that what matters the most? I respect everyone at every school regardless of what bachelor's degree they are pursuing. We should all just respect each other's decisions and just help each other out because the world really sucks and I just think it's important to be kind. This is super cheesy.

I won't lie though, UofT is my favourite university in Canada. lmao. I just contradicted myself in a way but yeah. Make wise choices my homies because we all deserve to have the best education and a life full of joy so f*ck prestige and block out all da crap talkers and choose a uni based on your preferences. Good luck to everyone! Every single one of you deserve to achieve your dreams!
Presidents scholars of excellence-u of t

Hello, I am very interested in U of T's President’s Scholars of Excellence Program which offers $5000 and additional benefits. However, there is only a limited amount available. I was hoping that any individuals who received this award could please tell me what their average was at the time of application as well as the courses that were included in their top 6 average.
UofT Scholars Program, President's scholar of excellence program
I am interested in the Scholars Program and the presidents Scholars Excellence Program offered at the University of Toronto. The numbers may have been different in years past but they currently offer $6,000 and $10,000 respectively. Would any past or current recipient of any of the two awards mind posting their averages?

U of T's President's Scholars of Excellence
Does anyone know how high the average needs to be to get this award? Do they look at the prerequisite courses, or the highest six marks?
Schulich Rejection Posts!
Who else ended up getting rejected?! Lets squad up people!
UW/WLU double degree or ryerson aerospace
Should i choose the double degree or aerospace at Ryerson? I know i want to go into the aerospace industry after university but the double degree seems really valuable and i feel like i can work in the aerospace industry with a computer science degree. Also, can i get a masters of engineering after i do the double degree or am i stuck being a computer scientist.

residence roomate
looking for a roommate. I'm Canadian and South Asian decent. I'm a hard working student who likes to chill and hang out with friends on free time. Interested in watching hockey and pretty much any sport, playing video games, going out, playing sports, working out, watching movies and tv shows etc. Program: Engineering. Res preference: Essex Hall. Non-smoker and non-drinker. tell me about yourself if interested
Is it better to go to Ryerson for Computer engineering and get a 4.0 gpa or go to UofT and get a 3.0 gpa?
Just wondering:
Is it better to go to Ryerson for Computer engineering and get a 4.0 gpa or go to UofT and get a 3.0 gpa?
WiFi On Campus at Western
This is a question for current Western students. I thank you in advance for responding. My question is whether there is free WiFi to be used with cellphones on campus. I understand there is the RezNet in residence, but what I want to know is if students get free WiFi in classrooms, bus stops, gyms, cafeteria etc on campus.

I ask because I am on a tight budget. I want to see if I need to pay for a more expensive cell phone plan with more data, instead of one with minimal data if WiFi is freely available on campus.

OSAP deadline
If I wanted to apply for OSAP for the 2015-2016 school year, when would the deadline be?
What is IELTS and When to Take It?
Well the title explains it. What grade are you supposed to take it in and why? Do you take it in school or something?
York University Program-Science and Technology Studies
I'm going to Science and Technology Studies in York, I'm just wondering how is the program? Easy? Difficult? Does it extend your level of thinking? Does the pro

For the future for me, I hope to work in a lab where I could put my live for Chemistry into goods works. 

Thanks for your level of input! 
Schulich Second Round!
Anyone expecting a second round offer with midterm marks? What are your averages like?
Most Fun Musical Instrument In Your Opinion?
Hey! So I was thinking of getting lessons on an instrument this summer, and continuing it for who knows how long. Anyway, I've played the guitar a bit, and know the basics. I want to know what instruments you guys think are fun to play and how much it costs for the instrument.

Summer Job
Any tips on for getting a summer part time job? This will be my first job so I just wanted some opinions and experience from you guys? I am in Grade 11 btw with no work experience whatsoever. 

Thank You 
Western Quiet/Alcohol Free Floors
Can anyone tell me what the quiet and/or alcohol free floors are like at Western University?
Please help with my decision
Which of the following should I pick from. Explain choice plz.

1. U of T - ECE
2. Waterloo - Mechatronics Engineering
Choosing a program in 2nd year (UTSC)??
To any upper years i need some help! I'm at UTSC and going into my 2nd year, so i need to choose a subjectPOSt. I cant choose between doing a double major in biology and chemistry or doing a specialist in Biotech and molecular bio (co-op). Co-op is a big plus, but i've heard that there aren't much jobs in the biotechnology field. Also, if i do a major in Chemistry i have more options...
The ultimate goal is Med school, but since its extremely hard to get in, i'd want a back up plan. GPA is what matters most so which of the two options do you think might give me a better gpa?
Is uOttawa only good for law and politics? Not science and Engineering?
Is there a point in going so far and spending so much for engineering when I can go to Ryerson?
They have co-op unlike ryerson, which has an internship, but in the end they are both just average schools for engineering right?
Does it really matter where you study engineering in Ontario
U of T and Waterloo are probably the most prestigious places to study engineering in Ontario and one of the most competitive. What about other schools such as Ryerson? Are the co-op programs really better and are jobs really that much easier to get if one were to attend U of T or Waterloo?
Well I'm Screwed.. Do I have a shot?
Okay I'm in a crisis right now :(
I'm waitlisted to GB and the ryerson mainsite and I got rejected from York today. I only applied to 3 programs because I was pretty damn sure I would get into a nursing program with an 88 average, but that didn't happen and I screwed myself over. I don't mind taking the year off the boost my average to hopefully a 92-93. Since I got rejected from York today I decided to delete that from OUAC and apply to business management. The program was open on OUAC and they take a 1185 students each year.. what do you think my chances are since I applied so late? (Literally applied a couple of hours ago)
Really depressed. Accepted my offer of Kinesiology at York University but I can't afford my first year
Hi guys, I live in Venezuela and I don't have family nor close friends in Canada. I applied to York University this year and I've been admitted to the Kinesiology program to start this Fall. Everything went out pretty well but I didn't get any scholarship and in my country we are facing an economical crisis that got worse lately and now it is almost impossible to change our currency in dollars and either way it's an awful lot of money to afford at least my first year at York University. I'll need to pay residence and a meal plan. 

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ANY ALTERNATIVE SCHOLARSHIPS? Do you think if I manage to pay at least for the fees of this first semester I could work throughout the whole fall and save some money to pay the fees for Winter? Is there really anything I can do once I arrive in Canada to help myself pay? 

I have work experience in my country, I'm currently working as an English teacher in my country and I also worked in a travel agency for a time.

My email is, I have a plane ticket to leave in September and I even though I don't have the money to pay for an education I'm saving and doing my best. If there's anything you advice me to do please let me know.

Thanks a lot! 
University engineering program
I need to make a final decision regarding university very soon.
I've been admitted to industrial engineering at UofT but I would like to study electrical.
In order to transfer after first year I need a 65 average in first year.
Would anyone be able to comment on the difficulty of first year engineering and that ability to maintain a 65 average.

I also got accepted to McMaster for general first year.
Furthermore, I got accepted to ryerson, Ottawa, York, and UTM for various programs.