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York University/Seneca/Georgian Nursing ASK ME?
I am pretty sure there are not that many students here thinking/discussing about York-Seneca-Georgian's nursing program. But for the few lost souls out there who have a question, feel free to ask me :)

I have been answering most questions via Facebook as admin of the collaborative nursing group.
But if you would like to personally ask me anything about it, feel free to either post or message me here or find me on Facebook (Rhey De Castro). Please mention that you saw this post on StudentAwards.

Otherwise enjoy your Summer! Trust me nursing is one long road! :cyclops:
Just finished Med Sci year 1 AMA :)
Any questions about the courses you'll be taking, various profs, campus, residence, etc? Ask away !
Ivey, Schulich, Rotman or Queens for undergraduate? 
I am going into grade 12 and interested in business.  
      The title already says it all. I have heard a lot of good and bad things about these schools as well as many different points of view. Could you please tell me your preference in regard to any aspect of school and why.  
      The ultimate goal of attending a university is to land a job. Therefore, please address about the job placements after graduation.
       Please be simple and unbiased as much as possible. Real personal experiences are highly preferred. If using any source on the internet, please be selective. No rage war and stay on the subject please. Thank you.
Ask Anything About Waterloo AFM, SAF and CPA Here!
Hello prospective AFMers. I am an undergrad in AFM and I am here to answer any questions you may have regarding to AFM, SAF, Coop, CPA, or anything about Waterloo! 

UPDATE: Hi everyone, I am back. I had to avoid you guys so I don't get bombarded with questions like, "Do you think I can get in". Congrats on all the acceptances! Let me know if you need help for anything!

Has anyone taken an online course with ILC?
I'm planning on taking International Business with ILC to lighten up my day school schedule and was wondering if anyone has taken any courses with ILC and their opinions
Cut off for Western Med Sci?

I'm from BC and I'm looking to apply to western med sci. Is the cut off still about 88.5% or has it increased this year?
how long does the graduate diploma at Laurier take to complete?
I want to do my bba and then my CPA but I want to know how long does it take to finish the graduate diploma at Laurier and also where do I do my capstone 1 & 2 since Laurier bba and graduate diploma does not cover these modules?
Does anyone know the specific cutoff for Med Sci last year? (2014-15)
I know the website says "high 80s to low 90s", but what was the actual cutoff? (if not a specific number, was it more "high 80s" or "low 90s"?
Canadian Uni Student applying to UK Med School
Are there any other Canadian (Ontario) university students that are or have applied to UK medical schools? I am researching my options and I read that I may need to take ukcat or bmat. Can someone explain the application process (through ucas)? Do they look at my high school grades? What happens if I didn't take a-levels
Sadly I go to a small private school that focuses more on academics than extracurriculars. Currently I hold a 90 average and want to go to Queens for Commerce.

My extracurriculars currently are:
I work 24 hours a week in my parent's small business (2 years).
I am the treasurer at my school (3 years).
Soccer (8 years).

Side note: Its very difficult for me to find extracurriculars in my area (GTA). This is because I am not able to look for leadership roles within my city :/. If anyone can give me ideas on where to volunteer it would be great. Any help is appreciated. 

- My school does not offer any sports sadly.
-My school does not offer mentoring to younger ages. 
- In other words,  my school doesn't offer any extracurriculars. 
 I would want to join DECA but my school also does not offer it. 

U of T Single or Double room?
Hey, I'm applying to U of T as a freshman next year and I'm unsure of whether or not I want to have a single or double room...I've asked friends and done alot of research on here and the opinions are split but im leaning more towards a single room.
(in case you're wondering, i'm social but i'm shy at first which is why i kind of want to get a roomate)

I'm also torn between the New College or Victoria University!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out :)
Common sense question about my job interview?
ok, before you say no, the lady sent me and email for a job interview @ kumon almost month ago. And scheduled it for tomorrow. She didnt scheduele it earlier, because they werent hiring until september. But alot can happen in a month, so should i sent her an email reminding her about my interview?

  I know since she scheduled it, its not possible for her to forget about it. But i can help but think about the worst case scenario-her forgetting about the interview and wondering why im there or am i just over-thinking? She sent an email for the interview literally last month (July 1st and it was scheduled for tomorrow, august 4th). What should i do??
Everyone Needs To Rethink Their Lives......
I relatively new to this forum site and from what I have seen all everyone on here cares about is prestige, putting people down, and picking jobs that only make more than 500 000. The business students are the worst!!

Is that all you really care about? I read someone (a business student) recently say that engineers can only make 250 000..... yeah ONLY. Life isn't all about money. Have you ever though about the toll, stress, and time that high paying salaries can take. I hate you little high school students who think just because you go to queens or lvey you will be handed a half million dollar salary...like? You all think you are the only business students well there are thousands of other graduating at the same time and they all think they will be multi millionaire CEO's. Wake and see the real lyfe.

Textbook for Master in Economics 1st Semester

I am going to take the Master of Economics program in University of Guelph this Fall and I have 2 section: Econometrics by Prof. Thanasis Stengos and Microeconomics by Prof.Asha Sadanand.  Does anyone know any information about these 2 courses as textbook, exam and study method? I really appreciate your help much!
Software Engineering vs Computer Science major
What is better if you want to pursue a job in a big company like Facebook, Apple or Google? For programming and designing the web interface.
Which Engineering Is The Easiest
I know that engineering is hard regardless of which type it is. But in general which of these are the easiest to hardest 
Aerospace Engineering 
Biomedical Engineering 
Chemical Engineering 
Civil Engineering 
industrial Engineering 
Electrical Engineering 
Computer Engineering 
Mechanical Engineering 
Environmental Engineering 
Jobs in US (bay area) Waterloo Engineering
How difficult is it to get a coop placement in America preferbly the bay area? For someone interested in taking computer or management engineering, or computer science at Waterloo (Still have not decided yet!)
Will i get into SFU / UVIC???? HELPP PLSS!!!
Hi, Im a high school graduate from Ontario and am planning to apply for my undergrad at UVIC & SFU for their business (commerce) program. 
My top 6 marks, including the prerequisites = 82.66% average. 

Will I get into either one of those schools( SFU, UVIC) ???  

Eng: 81
Film: 91
AdvFun: 75
Environ: 82
Achieve: 87
Learning C programming
I'm going into Ryerson Eng next year and the curriculum includes a course in which you program in the C language. Now I don't know rats arse about programming and was hoping to learn during the summer. I watched a few YouTube videos, but get lost . I checked out Code Academy but Code Academy doesn't have C programming. 
Can anyone link some resources through which I can learn through? YouTube videos or a website similar to Code Academy ? Also whats a good C language compiler? 
Thank you, I really appreciate it !

Is Western's campus similar to Queen's?
I've gone to queens. I just wanted to know if queen's campus is similar to western as that is what I have heard. Does western  also have the old buildings and roads that keeps it organized ?
Brock University Medical Science
Is it hard to get a high GPA for the Medical Science program? Also how well does this program prepare you for medical school?

p.s. I REALLY want to get into a medical school in Canada