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Early Acceptances to University
I just completed grade 11 and I am going into grade 12 in September. I wish to apply for early acceptance to Guelph and Western. How do you apply for early acceptance? I want to go into the genetics major program....also are extracurriculars required to apply to this program? Thanks for your help :)
AMA Request: Summer Co-op/Intern at a Big 4 Accounting Firm
I and many others on this forum are pursuing a CPA designation and would probably want to work at a big 4 firm. I think it would be beneficial if someone who is currently working there this summer or recently worked there as a student could answer some questions for us.
Bachelor of Technology
This is fairly new degree created I believed by Mcmaster, I'm going into this but i'm still having second thoughts. I'm not sure how successful in the future but after doing some research, it's basically like a fancy term for college. I'm not sure if this was a smart move to make or should I just take a gap year since i'm still unsure of what I really want to do. Also if you are taking this, please share your information and job outlooks for this
1st Year Waterloo Software Engineering Student/Blogger AMA
Hey everyone,

I'm Bo and I've been around on this forum since forever ago. I just completed my first year of Software Engineering at uWaterloo and now I'm working at a startup in Waterloo for co-op. Back when I was in grade 12, I received offers to CS, Math/CPA, Double Degree, UofT EngSci, Schulich, and QC. Feel free to ask me anything! I also have a personal blog: https://bopeng.io which you guys can follow for tips and information related to University.
EC 238 or EC 248
Pros / Cons of both courses. Which one is relatively easier ? 

Ec 238 : Environmental Economics
Ec 248 : Health Economics

Transfer from Waterloo to Ottawa ?
I am an international student studying computer science (co-op) in uWaterloo, and I feel overwhelmed by the increasing tuition fees. The University of Ottawa has a much lower tuition if I choose to study in French (which I can do), and I am considering applying there for that reason.

I am not totally unable to pay but it seems like I am paying way too much.

Should I do it ?
AIF Examples?
What is Waterloo looking for in terms of AIF and EC's? can anybody who has applied give me a example? Applying to Computer Engineering with System Design and Electrical as the other two next year so was wondering what it takes?
How to do good in grade 12 english
How do I do good in English? I always seem to suck at it and for the program I want to get into the cut off was 93% last year and I need a high English mark?
Laurier BBA without co op
Hello, I am going in to first year at Laurier as a BBA student and all I hear is co op co op and co op. I was wondering, is co op what makes BBA and without co op is being a BBA student almost useless? Are BBA students still really successful without it? 

Thanks for your time,

Waterloo Penalty for Repeated Courses
I am wondering if I should still apply to Waterloo's Computer science (Co-Op) program because I have repeated all three Pre-reqs and I'm hesitant that I still have a chance. Is it worth still giving a shot?

ENG4U 77 ( 85 after repeat )
MCV4U 58 ( 92 after repeat )
MHF4U 77 ( 94 after repeat )
THD4M 94
THJ4M 95
SES4U 95
McGill vs McMaster
Grade 12 student here who is going to apply this fall to various programs. Just to compare, which is better for science in terms of competitiveness, difficulty, quality at these universities: McMaster and McGill?
Ivey HBA Acceptance Thread 2015
This is just a thread for applicants entering HBA1 in the fall at Ivey Business School (people actually starting HBA1, not high school applicants for AEO), feel free to share when you got your acceptance!

Criminology schools
Hi, just wanting to get some opinions on some schools from students. More in the criminology and psychology department and campus life as well. Currently at Thompson Rivers but looking to go to a better school for crim and psyc, if anyone has any advice or comments that would be great :)
Is it too late to get involved with leadership EC's?
Hi, I'll be going into grade 12 this year and I want to do business at schools likes Queen's, Western, Schulich, Laurier etc. I have pretty good marks and my EC's are ok  but i doubt they're good enough. Here's a list:

-Relay for Life participant
-volunteered as a performer for a theater group; a group of about 30 of us performed shows to citizens of Toronto. We helped them "expand their horizons" in terms of  visiting forgotten restaurants and landmarks (weird af i know, but it was fun) I also recruited a few members
-i had a job as a sales rep at Future Shop before it closed 
-currently have a stock associate/cashier job at Food Basics
-volunteering for the Pan American games this summer

I know its all about how well you sell your EC's but I doubt I'd stand a chance with virtually no leadership experience. What kind of activities can I get involved in for my last year of high school to help fill the void?
which uni has a lot of hot guys?
Im not basing my decision on this so no hate please, I'm just curious
Finance or economics degree?
I am interested in business but also law.  Initially, I planned on just pursuing finance and working as some kind of analyst, and eventually get my MBA.  However, I've begun to consider the possibility of an economics degree.  If I get an economics degree, I can get my masters in economics, get an MBA (I read US schools prefer economics undergrads to business undergrads), or I can go to law school (statistically, economics majors are top scorers on the LSAT).  Whereas if I only got my BBA, I feel as though I am limited to just getting a MBA.  

What do you think?  Even if I didn't end up getting into an MBA program or law school, would an economics degree provide me with the same opportunities as someone with a BBA?
Getting ahead for Queen's Commerce first semester classes
I don't have a job and there are moments where I'm bored in the summer so I wanted to know if there was any sites or resources I could use to get ahead in my first year courses.

My first semester courses are the standard:
Intro to Mathematical Analysis
Principles of Economics (Took gr. 12 economics)
Business Management
Managing Work and Teams
Intro to Financial Accounting (Took gr. 12 accounting)
Housing second year Uoft
Is it easy to find housing in downtown Toronto? If not is it possible to live on campus for four years. I really want to attend uoft but am worried where I will live after first year.
Price of Textbooks for first year
Hey everyone,

I am a freshman joining UTSG for Computer Science this fall. Just so I can start planning, I want to know how much typically textbooks cost for first year (on average/range). Where is the best place to get them? Is it better to guy them early, or better after the first week of school?

Thanks in advace 
U of T first year arts and science programs
I know that in first year at U of T if you're applying to the faculty of arts and science that you pick of these categories: humanities, social sciences, Rotman commerce, life science, physical and mathematical sciences or comp sci  and then you specialize later but is it possible to take courses from two of those categories, for example math and commerce. Is there the option of doing a major/ minor or a double degree within the faculty of arts and science? Is there anyone that knows/has done this that can tell me about it?
What are the conditions in UBC's offer for IB(International Baccalaureate)?
Hello I got an offer from UBC-Faculty of Arts and want to know what is my conditions as it is a conditional offer. I took IB and my predicted grade was about 28 to 30. 

When I looked on the UBC's page (How to keep offers)
it said that
Your final IB Diploma score has fallen by 6 points or more.  
Your IB scores have fallen 3 points or more on any given course.  
You score 2 or lower in any given IB subject.  
Your final IB scores in Math or English have fallen below 4.
 You have not completed the IB diploma.

So does it mean that I just have to get the diploma? Just to maintain my grade over 24?
PLZ help me! Thank you!
Got denied
Really quick question. 
I checked my quest today and it showed "deny" as my status. Is there absolutely no hope left or can I still be considered before June 1st (Since ppl who got accepted might not accept their engineering offer, so there would be more spots left)? If this is the case, do I still have a chance?

really really wanna get into waterloo :'(
I'm a Canadian studying at an Ivy League school - Ask Me Anything
Basically what the title says. I find that people--especially Canadians--hold a lot of misconceptions regarding what it means to go to an Ivy League or Ivy-calibre school. People on this forum also love to throw around terms like prestige, liberal arts degrees, connections, success, wealth, etc. in their discussions, especially when the Ivy League is brought up or when people are fighting about which business program is the best. I thought I could answer a few questions and clear up a few things about the Ivy League and what it actually means in the real world. I'm not a freshman/1st year so I stopped seeing everything with rose-coloured glasses like I used to when I first got here.

About me:

Sex: Male

Program/Major: History, but I'm also completing the requirements for medical school.

High school: Regular public high school in Ontario. No AP or IB. My 4 year average was 94%, with course marks ranging from 83-99%. I did a lot of extracurriculars in high school and I had a couple of leadership roles. My teachers also really liked me so I was able to get good letters of recommendation from them. My school isn't known for sending kids to the US at all.

SAT/ACT scores: 2140 (out of 2400) and 35 (out of 36).

I did not get in because of money or connections. I come from a middle-class family, and most of the $60,000 cost of attendance per year is covered by my school's generous financial aid policy. I pay about $8000 a year for tuition and room + board.

So go ahead. Ask me anything. I'm currently studying for midterms so I'll try to answer when I can.
Waterloo admisson :/
Hi guys

I really want to know if Waterloo looks at grade 11 marks. I got an average of 60% in the pre requisites, and failed in physics (which im going to go for summer school for) only because I had huge problems (i dont live with my family). I had math, chemistry, physics and accounting in my first semester. I had computer tech, communication tech, gym and english in the second semester and I got a 92% average now. I'm going to grade 12 this year and my dream is to get into Waterloo. I really don't know if I can get in because some people told me they look at grade 11 marks. I would love to know the percentage I would need to get for my chances in getting into Waterloo would be great. Thank you so much taking the time reading this.