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my written and video essay questions  were kind of similar to eachother so i ended up with similar answers to both of them as well. Will this jeopardize my chances of getting in? I have a 93 avg  with a 86 in eng and 94 in calc
Waterloo Computer Science Applicants of 2016!
This forum is for Waterloo computer science applicants of 2016!

This is created to get a better understand of the applicants this year. Share the following please:

1. Estimated admission average
2. EC's

Just want to get to know the competition a bit better! Good luck to everyone!
SHAD 2016 General Thread
Hey guys! I just submitted my application for SHAD 2016, so I'm wondering who else already submitted? :) I don't know if there's already a SHAD 2016 thread so I just decided to start one. If there already is one, can someone direct me there?
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Queens or McMaster Kinesiology?
I am having a hard time deciding between which school would be better for Kinesiology: Queen's or McMaster.
Can you please list some of the pros/cons of each program, and which one they think is better/more reputed (and why)?
Thanks so much!
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how to make a deferral??? UoG)
Hey there! I just got early acceptance into Guelph in the enviro. science program (yay!) however I am planning to stay at my high school for one more year to take some extra courses I never got a chance to take. I was looking through the booklet I got and it said nothing about deferrals. I was wondering how I could defer to Guelph, or I guess request a deferral? Do I just have to write to them and tell them my situation and why I'd like to defer? Thanks!
Acceptances To Guelph! 2016
Just wanted to make a little discussion for Guelph! They have officially started sending out first round offers, so everyone that has received an offer list:
Acceptance Average
Congrats on the acceptance and hope to see you all at UofG this September! :)
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online school//challenges and changes?
has anyone taken challenges and changes in online school? Was it easy? what were the assignments like?
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Economics exam tomorrow... should I go?
It's an extra course basically. I don't need it. 

Should I just not study for it and not do it. Because universities only look at your top 6 marks right?
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Hey guys! Just wanted to make a thread to see who has been admitted to a kinesiology program for fall 2016! If you've been admitted, could you please comment which university, when you applied, and your average! Thanks and good luck to everyone!
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3rd year Ryerson student: Ask Me Anything!
I'm a current 3rd year student at Ryerson, majoring in professional communications and minoring in law and marketing. Aside from holding 2 internships over the last 3 years, I work as a mentor for first year students and in student recruitment for my program faculty. 

I can answer questions about:
- all program requirements and acceptances 
- campus life 
- residence 
- internships and co-op opportunities
- basically any other questions you might have 

Hope you're all excited about the potential of attending Ryerson! AMA! 

Current UBC Student- Ask me anything
I'm a second year UBC student. I took first year sciences, lived in rez, and have since transferred into Engineering. I'm also an Orientations Leader and a volunteer for Destination UBC. 

I can answer questions about about rez life, science, how I got into UBC, engineering or transferring.
Are you able to switch between life sciences and physical sciences at UofT and/or McMaster?
Hi there, 

I'm wondering if it is possible to switch between life sciences and physical and mathematical sciences programs at U of T? Like what if I get into life sciences but decide after first year or something that I want to go into physical sciences? 

Same for McMaster, is it possible to switch between life and chemical and physical science?

Should I apply to both life and physical or should I just apply to one and switch if I really want to later? What if I get accepted to one but not the other?

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McMaster Applicants 2015
Posted this thread for everyone who applied to Mac this year.

If you get an offer from McMaster, let us know when and what program.

Applied for Life sciences and Physical Sciences

Admission Info links:

2015 Admissions cut offs:
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So im in grade 12, applied for Mac general Engineering, Ryerson Aerospace Eng and Carleton Aerospace Eng. My marks are as follows:

English - 84
Advanced Functions - 89
Calculus - 91 (religiously busted my ass practicing before the semester began)
Business Leadership - 86
Chemistry - yet to take

Physics. Oh physics... I decided to fast track that in a semester in grade 11 (fast track grade 12 physics), did poorly (lack of concentration) AND got a concussion. I finished with a 43 LOL (I couldve pulled my mark up but I was in bed half brain dead). But then I took it again this semester and got a 70. Was at an 81 but bombed an ISU and exam (sort of, keep reading). I swear Im less dumb than it sounds. So anyway, I "technically" did a REPEAT of GRADE 12 PHYSICS and got a 70 on my REPEAT... Should I do it again? Buy the credit for a 90 privately? Leave it as such? Perhaps hang myself? (No I won't but you know what I mean). I am scared shitless. 

A funny story, this was my exam marks:
INQUIRY - 19/20 (1 QUESTION that covers all units with 2 parts)
K/U - 14/30 multiple choice was the death of me


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what are my chances
I finished first semester of engineering with an 86.17 average what are my chances of transferring to mcgill, u of t, and waterloo, for electrical engineering?
Requirement for Ryerson accounting
Hi, I applied to Ryerson accounting a few months back and I was wondering if there are any prerequisite requirements? In my application portal for Ryerson there's a link that takes me to the list of programs that the university offers and I clicked on accounting to double check and all it says is that I maintain an 80-84% + average. There's no mention of any prerequisite grade  requirements, however, when I did a Google search I found a 'future students' page from the Ryerson Uni website and it states that I need a 75% minimum grade in English,calculus,and advanced functions and as an overall average to be considered for their accounting program. So, do they just look at your overall average or prerequisites as well? The reason I'm asking is because I scored 5% below the required grade for advanced functions...am I completely screwed?
I'm looking for scholarships I can apply for involving community volunteering & involvement, student council, or Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee. Any recommendations? Thanks!
Schulich Leader Scholarship 2016
2016 Schulich Leader Scholarship nominees?
-Universities applied:
-First choice:
-Province from:  
Please do tell other fellow nominees about this thread so we can all connect and help each other.
First year Med Sci student, happy to answer questions!
Hi, I am currently attending University of Western Ontario for the Medical Sciences Program.
I am happy to answer any questions that anyone may have about the program, course load, and overall experience at Western! 

A bit about myself:
I attended a high school within Ontario and received my acceptance to Med Sci in January (or early February?). I was also accepted to multiple science programs from other universities including, but not limited to: U of T, Waterloo, York, McMaster, Queen's, Ryerson, and Guelph. 

Post questions down below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible! 
Ryerson Biomedical Science
Did anyone apply for biomedical science at Ryerson and york  ? 
 if you did ... with what average u guys applied???? 
Biochemistry at York
          I have gotten accepted to York's Biochemistry program and Biomedical Science program. I want to end up in a medical school, so at first, I thought of doing Biomedical Science because it is an easier major than Biochemistry which allows me to achieve a higher GPA. After long thought, I decided that I should so Biochemistry instead because I am interested in it and it has a better job scope just in case I do not end up getting accepted to medical school. So, my question to everyone willing to help me is, How is Biochemistry at York University. I want to know about the difficulty level, course load, professors, and whether you can manage other extra-curricular with the major? I am an average Grade 12 student who gets an average of 85%.

Thanks to anyone that helps :)
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Rotman Supplementary Help
Hi, i was just wondering how the video interview is done. In Schulich, I was given 3 questions and  given 45 seconds the answer. How is it done in Rotman. Can we practice the question before we actually do it or are the questions random. Thanks
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