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What happens if you fail a course on academic probation?
Last year I left school cause I needed a break. Came back this year and was put on academic probation. 

Last semester (sept-dec) I did decent, 2.75 GPA (67% average). This semester (jan-april) i'm gonna end off with a 63% average, although I failed statistics. 
Will this failed course trigger OSAP to categorize me under Academic Restriction?

I have done research, most sites say I need to pass 60% of my course load. Does anybody here have experience with this issue?

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UBC Waitlist 2017
Hi everyone, let's share what program you got waitlisted to, with what average,  and the date you'll hear back by. Let's wait together! Don't give up hope everyone :)
I got waitlisted to Sauder with 91% and will hear back by May 15th.
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Laurier BBA acceptances for 2017!
I'm starting this forum to see when people are getting accepted to Laurier's BBA program for 2017 If you're accepted, please comment your average, if you completed the ABS form and how many ec's you have. Thanks!
UTM Commerce VS UTSC Management(non co-op)
First of all, I am a internatinal student from South Korea and I attended to South Korean high school
I applied for Rotman Commerce at UTSG, Commerce at UTM and Management at UTSC(non co-op). I chose not to take co-cop opportunity since I plan to get a job in my home country. 
However, I failed to get in to UTSG(I thought the conditions were met...since I was over 92%...maybe there was not enough space since it is April now).

Recently, I got admitted to UTM Commerce and my application of Management at UTSC haven't been reviewed yet. If I get offers from both program, which should I choose? or at least, which one do you think is better? (I actually prefer UTM since the campus looks better...)
York engineering?
What did you apply to? (which field) 
Are you gonna go there? 

Help me out please!!
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UTSC Coop Management 4th Year AMA
Hi Everyone, It seems my last AMA that I did a year ago somehow got deleted. Thanks for all the support in the last one! Anyhow, I am 5 weeks of class away from graduation and would love to share my experiences with you all.  

The choice was simple for me in high school. I picked the program for its direct entry coop option as well as it's a well rounded business program. It's a school in the GTA where I'm from and I'm confident I wouldn't be where I am with the opportunities that coop provided me.

I completed 3 coops (12 months) in the same big 5 bank and will be returning full time September in one of the graduate rotational programs. I've seeked in the Winter, Fall and Summer for coop positions and I can attest that summer is significantly more difficult to find a position. I was lucky since I had prior connections. 

Over my job seeking journey, I've interviewed for CPGs, financial institutions as well as mid sized accounting firms in marketing, strategy, finance and accounting. So, the plethora of everything!

Ask me anything about academics, student life, extracurriculars, coop, job seeking or anything else on your mind!
waitlisted??? I think...
What does this exactly mean??? Is there still a chance I could get accepted? Why didn't they just reject me? This is for Sauder and I have 93% average 
"We have evaluated your application and due to the competitive nature of the program to which you have applied, we are not able to offer you admission at this time. We will continue to monitor your competitiveness relative to the rest of the applicant pool and any changes to your application status will be noted on the Student Service Centre on or before May 15. You do not need to submit any additional documents or transcripts."
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Ryerson Interior Design VS OCAD Environmental Design. Which would you choose?
So I've been accepted to both, but am having travel picking which one to accept. Therefore, I was hoping some people could voice their opinions on the topic. Which would you choose between the two schools and why? Thanks
Ryerson Interior Design Program 2017
Hey everyone. I was just wondering if anyone has got an acceptance/ interview date for the ryerson school of interior design yet? It's my dream school and I am concerned that I haven't heard anything. Please let me know!
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Western National Scholarship Applicants 2017
Hey guys,
I applied for the Western National Scholarship and I heard that they will update us on where we're at in the process around mid-March. I think once you pass the first round, there's another round and eventually an interview. If you previously were an applicant, when did you hear about your application? Is anyone applying this year, and if so, how are your marks, EC'S and what did you write your essay on? Haven't discussed this with anyone, so I'm just curious!
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Western Med Sci: Just finished 3rd year, cumulative 4.0, AMA
Basically what I said above. I just finished my third year at Western Med Sci! I know choosing a university is tough (I had a really tough time choosing) and trying to determine how you'll do at university is stressful, but let me know what questions you have and I'll do my best to answer them! 

Also, despite being in third year, I can definitely answer questions about first year and all other years. I've been pretty engaged with helping out first years, so I know a decent amount about all years (or at least I like to think I do haha).

Update: I just got into med school, so feel free to ask those questions as well.  
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Q and A with the Summer Company Program Team
Calling all Yconic members! Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur? Looking for a support network of mentors and like-minded students? Well, look no further than the Summer Company program. This program is a summer program that provides students with up to $3000 grant for their own business venture!

Upon popular request. we conducted a Q and A session with a summer company team from Vaughn, Ontario for those interested to get more information about applying to the program.

This interview is conducted with the staff at the:  

Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre 
Economic Development + Culture Services 
2141 Major Mackenzie Drive, Level 200 
Vaughan, Ontario L6A 1T1 
905-832-8526 vbec@vaughan.ca 

1. To begin, what is the Ontario Summer Company program and who hosts it?

The Summer Company program is a program developed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth which provides high school or post-secondary students, aged 15 to 29, with hands-on training, mentorship and up to a $3,000 provincial grant to start a new summer business. This Ontario-wide program is administered annually through the local Small Business Enterprise Centres (SBEC) (http://bit.ly/2pumWN7)

We’re from the Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre and we are now accepting applications for the 2017 Summer Company program. If you ever wanted to start your own summer business, this is the time!

2. How will young entrepreneurs in the Summer Company be supported?

Learning how to run your own business is one of the best summer jobs you can have. You get to be your own boss while learning what it takes to manage a business. Sales, marketing, bookkeeping, customer relationship management and networking are just a few of the highly useful skills you’ll develop!

Through the Summer Company program at VBEC, successful applicants are eligible to get:
-up to $1,500 grant up front to help with start-up costs 
-up to $1,500 grant when you successfully complete the program 
-Hands-on business training 
-Advice and mentorship from experienced business leaders and professionals

3. What is the application process?

1. Submit an inquiry online by May 6, 2017:
-Visit http://Ontario.ca/SummerCompany 
-Click on “eligibility checklist
-Fill in your contact information
-If you live in the Vaughan or surrounding area, select “Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre” as your Program Provider
-Lastly, send us an email at VBEC@vaughan.ca so we can assist with the application process.

2. Complete the application (We’ll provide you with the template):
-Complete a Business Plan – tell us how you plan on running the company 
-Fill in financial cash flow – tell how you will spend the start-up grant

3. If your application meets the program’s requirements, we will invite you for an interview.
-Interview tips include: know your target market, value proposition, marketing and pricing, operation, and finances!

4. After the interview, your program provider will let you know if you’ve been approved to participate in the program. 
-After you’ve been accepted, you’ll need to sign the agreement with the program provider and participate in the program!

4. What kind of ideas have you seen being developed by the SC program (tech, contracting, etc)
-You can choose to start almost any type of business through the Summer Company program. Take a look at the 2015 yearbook (http://bit.ly/2opYg8i)  for some inspiration! Past businesses include lawn care, gardening, tutoring, tech, apparel, photography and more!

To hear a bit more about Vaughan’s Summer Company program, check out what some of our past participants' testimonial!
-Lawn Care and Clothing Company (http://bit.ly/2pce6AD)
-Aquarium and Soap Business (http://bit.ly/2oG9fXm)
-Maintenance and Accessories Business (http://bit.ly/2q07g4d)
-Photography and Graphic Design Company (http://bit.ly/2q0btEO)

5. When is the deadline and where can students find more information about the program?

The general program deadline for applications is May 6.

There may be an earlier deadline for: 
-Some local program providers-students will be informed by their program provider when preparing their application 
-Specialist High Skills Major co-op students: April 29

For more information, visit the Summer Company website and links below!

-Summer Company website (http://bit.ly/2puukb7)
-Summer Company program guidelines (http://bit.ly/2pfIvzZ)
-Business plan template (http://bit.ly/2oFvPyj)

For more information, contact the Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre at 905-832-8526 or send us an email at vbec@vaughan.ca.

For those interested, apply now! The deadline is May 6th.

-Benson Law 
Yconic Student Ambassador 

Why should i choose Wilfrid Laurier Uniersity?
Why should I choose Wilfrid Laurier University to be my home for the next four years of my life?
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Too late to apply for OSAP?
Is it too late to apply for OSAP now? It says you must apply 60 days before the end of your study period. Is it talking about my study period before i graduate high school or after I start University? I didn't even accept a program yet, so how am I supposed to finish the OSAP application?
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A tuition-free Ontario: Would it be good or bad?
Tuition is super pricy (obviously!) Could you imagine a tuition free Ontario? There are definitely some pros and cons to it - would quality of education, and the reputation of schools deplete if there were no tuition? What do you think?

Recently OSAP (the Ontario Student Assistance Program) revamped themselves that will allow low- to middle-income students to attend school for free by providing them with grants to cover their tuition.

I am sure that you have heard the “free tuition” announcement circulating somewhere.This is the major change to the old OSAP form. 

Here is how the free tuition will work: 

Some students who are part of a low- to middle- income family can be eligible for free tuition if: 

The student's parents make $50,000 collectively or less per year 

The student will be attending school full-time The student is attending a public post-secondary institution 

The student meets the eligibility requirements for the OSAP program 

Now this is not anything like Newfoundland's elimination of student loans—Ontario is still handing out loans to students, however, some students will luck out with grants only if their parents are in the right pay brackets.

 Back in August of 2015, Newfoundland announced that they were eliminating student loans, and replacing them with non-repayable grants. Newfoundland and Labrador is the first province to completely eliminate its student loan system.

How do you feel about the New OSAP. Is it evolving the education system in Canada for the good or bad? 

Personally, I can see the benefits. I'm from a middle income family, and would have loved the help without the debt attached, however, I also see the negative of people squandering away government money for a chance to "try' post-secondary school, while those who may be very serious about taking courses but are just over the cut-off are struggling to stay in school.

What do you think?
Fashion Marketing? fashion/beauty editor? art gallery director/art director?
HI my main goal is to into fashion but beauty and art is another option. I am currently aiming to get into a business university but i would like to know how to get into those fields like fashion marketing, editor, art director? Also if anyone does have that as their occupation how they became and how it is like, the both positive and negative aspect, and any advices? Or if having a business background might give me a disadvantage or an advantage?
Basically, been searching on google and youtube but still confused with this field so any tips, information, and/or advices will help!!
-thank you!!!!
Schulich BBA/iBBA Applicants - Class of 2021
Hello everyone! 

I To those of you applying to Schulich's BBA/iBBA, let's build this forum by posting our:   
Projected Average:  
Interview Outcome:  

Good luck to you all!
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U of T repeated courses/semester
Hey, first post here. Does UofT allow a repeated semester? I applied to Computer engineering, and mechanical at UTSG. I know their website says they only consider first attempts, however my marks this year were not a reflection of my potential. I was dealing with many issues which tremendously affected my performance. My marks are much lower compared to my marks in my previous years. Would doing a fifth year be a viable option?
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Tips for Finding Summer Jobs for Students
If you are in university or going in next year, you are probably looking for a summer job to help pay off that student debt. Often, it’s difficult to land one that is of decent pay and can give you a valuable learning experience that you can have moving forward. Here are some of my personal tips on how you can find that perfect summer job!  

Tip 1: Online Presence Matters- It might sound silly now, especially if you are just a student looking for a summer job, but as you move forward in life, how you present yourself online through social media can really affect the possibility of you receiving that position that you want. This is not always the case, but every once in a while, you will come across a company that will happen to check out your Facebook profile and look at those pictures you posted last weekend.  

Tip 2: LinkedIn is the Key- In high school, I was one of the few students in my high school that had it. In university, EVERYONE has it! So if you are still in high school, my advice would be to start early. Stats have shown that it is a great resource for employers to find new workers and will help you build your CV automatically.  

Tip 3: Talk to your Friends, Family, and Teachers- It seems cliché but networking is really important, especially when you are trying to find that ideal summer job. For myself personally, one of my high school teachers referred me to an internship position that I had the opportunity to be a part of for 2 years. If it wasn’t for me talking with her, I would have not even known about the position.  

Those are my top tips for finding summer positions! Do you have any of your own? Share them down in the comments section below!  

yconic Student Ambassador
Nursing Hopefuls for 2017!
There was already a post for students hoping to become nurses in 2016 (as posted by Molly Ferrigo). Now this new post is for those of us trying to become nursing students in 2017! 

So, please share: 
1. Which school(s) are you applying to? 
2. What other programs are you applying to as your back up?
3. What overall average are you aiming for in your final year? 

I have applied to Centennial, George Brown, as well as Seneca. 

My backup program is biomedical sciences at Ryerson. 

I'm aiming for an average of 90. 
are there a lot of black guys or asian at university of toronto?
I want to know if there are black guys or Asian guys in UofT, i'm not trying to be rude. But i'm just curious.
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How scary is welcome week?
Hey guys I'm going to McMaster this coming fall for my undergrad, I'm not from Ontario so I'll be moving all by myself to a new province and city, I'll know absolutely no one, has anyone been through this experience? Also, how hard is it to make friends during welcome week when you literally don't know anyone? I feel like most people would have at least One friend going to the same uni as them and I'm scared as hell because I don't have anyone
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High School Class of 2017 Offers of Admission
Hey guys! So I wanted to make an application thread to keep things organized. That way, it is easier for others to see when people are being accepted and in which programs. Hope this helps!

Please include in your post:
-Program and Post-Secondary Institution
-Date of Application
-Date of Offer
-Admission Average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
-Any other information that you deem is important 

Good luck guys!
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