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How to do good on essay exams
Recently I had a mid term exam and we were suppose to write a mini essay based on a fairytale using a literary theory. When I got to the essay part there was only 30 minutes left so I got super anxious and I wasn't able to finish the essay. everyone else around me seemed to be perfectly fine and almost half the class were done the essay 5-10 minutes before and then theres me struggling to find good quotes in the passage. 

So my question is, how can i study or what can i do to do better on essay exams? I never get to finish my essays and i always stress out because i wanna write faster but then my hands cramp up, and it takes me a while to generate ideas which i cant do on a time limit. 

are there any tips? because i got another essay exam which is the final exam in a week from now and im scared that the same thing will happen
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AMA: UofT First Year Engineering Student (Track One). Ask about university, engineering, other subjects, admissions…whatever!
EDIT: The title is now outdated, lol. I'm heading into 3rd year in September and am currently on an engineering internship :) 

 I was also accepted to Waterloo, Ottawa, and Mac way back when, so you can ask q's about those as well.

Improving My English Grade
A little background information. In Gr. 9 English I had an 88%. In Gr. 10 I had an 87% and scored 360/400 (90%) on the OSSLT, but in Gr. 11 I received a 77%. I have no idea what I did wrong that year. English is generally my strong suit, so when I received that mark, I was gravely disappointed in myself. I cannot be getting that low of a mark in Gr. 12 English, yet alone any of my other classes. What are some tips I can get to improve that grade immensely, and possibly bring it back up to high 80s or even low 90s?
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WILL I GET REVOKED FROM UBC? 21% discrepancy in English 12 Provincial Exam
Hi, I have just received my English 12 provincial exam result and I got 60% on the exam (yes i know. I fked up) I had 81% in English 12 as my school mark. 
 I had 93.25% average when I received offer from UBC Science and now I have a 88.25% average (100 Calculus, 98 Pre calc 12, 95 Chemistry 12, and 60% exam mark in English 12). I have also paid my deposit to the residence which was around 1.6~1.7k CAD and I have also registered for all the courses. The combined mark of my english 12 is 73% which is a B and it does not meet the UBC first-year english requirement. To those who got their offers taken away for doing poorly on the provincial exam, what did you guys do? I need some help. 
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uOttawa 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering- AMA!
Hey everyone! I did one of these last year and it seemed to help a bunch of people so I thought it would be good to do one of these again. I'm currently in 2nd year Mechanical Engineering with co-op at uOttawa! Feel free to ask me anything about residence, campus life, living in Ottawa, academics (even outside of engineering), admission, etc etc! Whatever comes to mind! Some background info:

-I play on the quidditch team (it's a real thing and we're fantastic)
-I was in Civil Engineering first year, then switched into Mechanical this past summer
-I originally applied and got in for Electrical and Civil
-I lived in residence first year (go Stanton!) as I'm from the GTA

Ask away! :)
Living at Home?
What's it like living at home instead of residence first year? Tips?
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Conditional Offer....
Hi! This will sound stupid, but I'm wondering how these work... I just received an offer for biological sciences, but I don't understand how exactly these conditional offers work. Like if I meet the minimum competitive average, will I still be able to get in? my current average right now is 85, exactly on the mid-80s mark for the competitive average. 

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York University
I am going into Global Health BSc, and Idk how the gpa average works at york. Like what is the gpa to graduate with the BSc in global health. Also what are some esay courses to take?
High School Class of 2017 Offers of Admission
Hey guys! So I wanted to make an application thread to keep things organized. That way, it is easier for others to see when people are being accepted and in which programs. Hope this helps!

Please include in your post:
-Program and Post-Secondary Institution
-Date of Application
-Date of Offer
-Admission Average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
-Any other information that you deem is important 

Good luck guys!
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Waterloo Engineering Student AMA Thread
Thought I'd make another thread while I have time to spare over coop :P

I'm a biomedical engineering student entering my second year this fall. I'm currently working at a medical imaging company.

Ask me anything that comes to mind and I'll try my best to answer!
Nursing Hopefuls for 2017!
There was already a post for students hoping to become nurses in 2016 (as posted by Molly Perrigo). Now this new post is for those of us trying to become nursing students in 2017! 

So, please share: 
1. Which school(s) are you applying to? 
2. What other programs are you applying to as your back up?
3. What overall average are you aiming for in your final year? 

I have applied to Centennial, George Brown, as well as Seneca. 

My backup program is biomedical sciences at Ryerson. 

I'm aiming for an average of 90. 
UofT, UBC, or McGill for American law schools?
I am planning to study Math and Economics for my undergrad at either UofT, UBC, or McGill. From what I have heard, American law schools look at your school's reputation AND your GPA. Hence, I ruled out lesser known Canadian universities. My conflict is that UofT seems to have the best reputation, but deflates GPAs. UBC grades slightly easier, but their reputation seems less established. And McGill doesn't seem to have a great Math and Economics program. Between UofT, UBC and McGill, how does their reputation and grading compare? Which is the best option for me if I want to apply to an American law school?
Undergraduate degree in Canada/US if I wish apply to law school in the US?
Is it a disadvantage if I pursue my undergraduate degree in Canada and then apply to an American law school? Would it benefit me to be an American undergrad applying to an American law school (T-14)?
So I know most people are going to ask why I want to practise law in the States. There are several reasons. The most important reason is that I am more interested in practising American law. My family is also moving there once I finish high school. With regards to finances, even if I dont work (which I plan on doing), I believe I will have enough funds.
Kinesiology vs Biomed

I am in grade 12 and will soon be applying to university programs. I need some advice on the differences between Western's biomed and McMaster's kinesiology program. I also want to know the benefits of each program and the different opportunities each provides.

Thank you so much for your help!
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Incoming Waterloo AFM Student! Ask me anything
Hey everyone! I'm going into the Accounting and Financial Management program at Waterloo in the fall. Throughout the duration of the last school year I was on this site 24/7 as it helped me seek clarifications when needed.  I figured I would like to attempt to help students like me who will be applying to post-secondary locations in the coming school year  with any questions you might have about the application process. (I also got into UTSC Co-Op Management, Rotman Commerce, UTM Commerce, Laurier BBA, Western BMOS, Brock BAcc and Ryerson A&F and got rejected by Schulich.) 

Hey guys,

So I'm currently in summer school doing precalculus 12 so I can do calculus 12 during the school year. The only reason I'm taking calculus 12 is because I'm not sure if I want to go to U of T or not and they're the only university on my list that requires it. I'm a straight A student, 92% average, generally around a 89% in math. 

So here's the situation. I'm half way through summer school and things are extremely fast paced. I keep learning everything one day too late and bombing quizzes and sometimes tests. Some units I aced though. I'm sitting at 77% and that is not a grade I am happy with and I don't think it's physically possible for me to bring that up to 90%. I wanna go into health sciences/biology. 

Should I...
-drop summer school tomorrow, do precalc online starting end of august
-drop summer school tomorrow, scrap calculus and do percalc during the school year
-stick out summer school, do precalc online starting end of august
-stick out summer school, scrap calculus and do percalc during the school year
-try my very hardest until the end of summer school and accept the mark I got

I know I can't rely on others to make decisions for me but I'd appreciate your opinions! Also if you graduated and are in some kind of science program, what did you get in precalculus 12? 

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Are big noses (on girls) a turn off?
My nose looks nice and straight and not wide from the front but from the side it sticks straight out and has a little bump on the bridge (from when a basketball hit me when I was 9, is that a turn off? The rest of my face looks good it's literally just how my nose looks from the side that bothers me a lot, do guys notice these types of things?
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OSAP Grants
I just received an OSAP grant of 2000$ for permanent disability. I was wondering if I would be able to use it as spending money during the year or if it automatically will go towards tuition
Science Research
Hello, I am currently a high school student living in BC. I want to participate in scientific research. Do you guys know of any opportunities, such as organized programs? Or also, I heard that people ask professors or researchers in colleges or institutions by email if they could have a chance to volunteer or research at their research lab, are there any people who did this? If so, where did you do it? In addition, do you think this kind of research/lab experience would look good for university? I am planning to go to a medical area. Thank you!

Western Med Sci: Just finished 3rd year, cumulative 4.0, AMA
Basically what I said above. I just finished my third year at Western Med Sci! I know choosing a university is tough (I had a really tough time choosing) and trying to determine how you'll do at university is stressful, but let me know what questions you have and I'll do my best to answer them! 

Also, despite being in third year, I can definitely answer questions about first year and all other years. I've been pretty engaged with helping out first years, so I know a decent amount about all years (or at least I like to think I do haha).

Update: I just got into med school, so feel free to ask those questions as well.  
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Guelph Bio-Medical Science
I am a now second-year Bio-Med student at Guelph, so if any incoming first years or other high school students have any questions at all about the program or Guelph in general, feel free to ask me!! 

So i have to decide by next week... From the research I have done the ivey alumni network is significantly better, has a modern teaching approach similar to Harvard Bschool and slightly better reputation. What I like about QCOMM is the fact that it is a 4 year program so potential internship opportunities may be possible during first and second year summers. The comsoc is definitely a step above ivey's clubs. As of now I have a strong interest in the markets and hope to pursue a career within investment banking. If I WERE to chose IVEY i would do bmos as my undergraduate.
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Keep my laurier computer science offer
I was just wondering if my Laurier computer science is 100% confirmed or can it still be taken away if my English mark does not meet the 70% cut off. My overall average in my final year was 80%  and I graduated with honors, however ENG4U was a course which I was taking online and for which I just recently completed the exam for, however the exam was not too good and my mark before the exam was 70% so I am just wondering if I still get to keep my acceptance or what happens?
Thank you for your advice and help 
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UBC Science Student (going into 2nd year) ASK ME ANYTHING
Hello everyone,
As the title mentions, I am a UBC student who just finished first year in Faculty of Science, beginning 2nd year specializing in Integrated Sciences. I took the first year general science courses and commuted to campus during first year. Feel free to ask anything if you are  a prospective/accepted student and I hope i can be helpful. 
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