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Hardest program to get into at Ryerson?
Title says it all. Lowest acceptance rate compared to people who applied, as well as the one with the highest cutoff please.

Hi i'm interested in leaving Toronto but not too far away from it. My options would be

Guelph Accounting Commerce

Mcmaster- Business 1[Accounting]



My goal is to become an accountant and get my CPA, I'm concerned on which program is the best for me. I also want to have an memorable experience in university too but obviously  my education is my #1 priority but I would like to know which one would be the best for me.  Pros and Cons of each would be helpful in me deciding, like how the city is too,but im aware there all good schools

Waterloo AFM
I'm interested in this program and I am curious to know the difficulty of first year and also throughout the program. Is there a high dropout rate for this program or is it if you are accepted into the program that their is a lot of support and ultimately high graduation rate. Plus I see that you have to qualify for the masters year and was curious to know how rigorous it is because of the fact you get a masters in one year compared to the average time to get one(2-3 years)
Sauder school of business.
I've been looking through at schools which offer a BCom in Canada. I was only looking at Ontario but my dad told to be more open to and see what the other provinces offer. I was hesitant but now Sauder at UBC has become my #1 choice. I haven't heard much about it on this site. What are your thoughts
To all the kids who say you should go to york/guelph/"easy GPA schools"
http://www.md.utoronto.ca/admissions/statistics.htm read that. 
York sent 5 kids to U of T medical school, so did guelph. Of all Canadian schools not listed specifically (including Trent, Lakehead and all the other schools you guys circle jerk about on this forum) 17 got into U of T medical school. That's a combined 27 kids from all the "easy GPA" schools out there, or one-in-ten students.
Whereas Western sent 36 kids to U of T med school, U of T sent 55 kids  (more than double all the "easy GPA" schools combined), Mac sent a whopping 69 (over two and a half times the "easy GPA" schools). Combined these three "competitive" and "difficult" and "not worth it" schools make up over 60% U of T medical school--the best and most selective medical school in the country.
So you should understand that even if you go to these "competitive" schools, the outlook is a LOT better than that of those from "easy schools".
York, Ryerson or U of T?
okay so id like to go into a life sciences program then later on medical school. i want to attend a university where its easier to maintain your gpa which i heard is hard to at u of t. i want to go to york due to it being "easier" yet still having somewhat of a reputation but as for ryerson, the location is much more appealing to me than york - i heard the reputation isnt so good though. what should i go for? im currently in grade 12.
Will I get into health sci?

I am applying this fall and am aiming for a 96% average .

But that is not why I am here.

8 days ago I had the weirdest dream, I was in an orientation for Mac Health Sci and it all felt so weird.

Is this dream foreshadowing something good? Is it true that my destiny is health sci?

Will I be suitable for Ophthalmology?
I'm in grade 11 and going into grade 12, as of now my marks have not been the best and I'm going to be starting to work efficiently and more productively. I've had bad study habits and have been procrastinating on work throughout grades 9-11 and thats reflected in my marks. 

My grade 11 marks:

60% Biology
60% Chemistry
60% Physics
70% Accounting
70% English
70% French
87% Anthropology 
48% Functions <------ Still don't know what will happen since my district is in strike mode

So clearly my marks aren't good and I know that i've been screwing up somewhere and i've realized that it's within my study habits. I just waste time browsing or watching videos that I start my work late and hence don't do well and don't get enough sleep. In the end im left without energy since i'm sleep deprived and can't adhere to the class lessons and knowledge being taught by my teachers. I think the studying environment maybe bad for me since i'm at home and surrounded by family, i think it would be better if I spent my time outside at say the Library working and studying to understand what I'm learning. 

I know that i'm a determined student, if I put my heart to it and considering the Grade 12 is the year that counts and is most important in my case - I will be working and giving my 100% at all times. 

I know that becoming an Ophthalmologist is not something that happens fast and takes time so I'm willing to dedicate myself to it now since i haven't dedicated myself to anything yet. I know that in the end it'll pay off and I'll be able to look back and see what I've achieved and come past. 

As a person, i'm very caring and like to work with people and learn more about them and try to help everyone that I can. I've always been like that and I think becoming some sort of Physician would be one of the best choice for me.

So yeah i'm just putting this question out there, do you think I can pull this off or would i be better off going into the Finance industry?
Best university in Ontario for chemical engineering?
Which is the best university in Ontario to pursue chemical engineering? Also tell me why you think so. Thanks
2nd Year Rotman Commerce Student. (Ask me anything)
Hi guys, so I still remember all the anxiety on this site back when I was in grade 11/12, scouring through every post and trying to grapple as much information possible about university. Well I am just about to head back into my second year at University of Toronto Rotman Commerce program and would be more than happy to answer ANY questions you have about UofT/Rotman.

Let me just say somethings, there are MANY misunderstandings about programs out here and don't let the advice of other high school kids be the decision factor for your 2013/2014 year. Let students who have GONE through the system once aid you to make a good choice.

A little bit about me:

Offers received:

-Rotman Commerce
-Queens Commerce
-Laurier BBA
-McMaster BComm
-Ryerson Bcomm

91% avg through a total of 6 basic grade 12 courses taken at Gordon Graydon MSS

Feel free to ask me about high school, application process, rankings. I will try to be unbiased and answer everyone! Thanks!
Business Schools
Hi, I want to pursue a career in business, but I don't know which school to go to. I've heard great things about Laurier's  BBA program, plus if you get into their co-op it gives you an extra edge because of work experience. But what about other programs, like Schulich at York, Ivey at Western, Degroote, or Brock? What sets those programs apart, because I've heard now that a BBA is now very general, and employers look for experience, which Laurier offers, but none of these do. 
Can I please have an unbiased opinion, not which school is best based on where you go, also can you state your experience?
Everyone going into business on this site have tremendous ECs and leadership positions. I haven't really been involved in anything in my school till this year, the only exception being DECA. How can I improve my ECs. I won't be able to get into the leadership group/ student council in my school because the teachers in charge  don't know me. What can I do to create a strong Uni application with ECs in the school and outside? As it stands now these are my ECs
1) Potential DECA Exec (strong chance this year if not definitely next year)
2) Model UN delegate
3) Youth Leader at Church
4) Mission Trip to India 
5) Youth advocate for both Municipal and Federal Election
6) School Badminton Team
7) Business Internships at Logistics Firm 
Waterloo science/business
I'm looking into the science business program at waterloo. My average is 93%. Is this a program with a lot of potential for a good career. Also is this program recognized as a good one or am I better off with life sciences at u of t.
Ivey Grad / IBD in New York, AMA
Hello all. Used to frequent this site somewhat. I graduated Ivey not too long ago and work as an investment banking analyst in New York with one of the top firms. Feel free to ask me anything and I'll try my best to answer. 

I've been where you are now and received a lot of guidance back then. Hoping to return the favor. 
Grade 11 Chemistry
I hav grade 11 chem coming up this semester and im kind of stressing over it. My question is, should I be? Alot of people i've been talkin to say that it is a very difficult course and it is hard to get a good mark in it. Is this true? Also how big of a jump is it from grade 10 science to grade 11 chemistry? 

Thanks in advance!
Help!! How to fit in dentistry pre-reqs and when to write the DAT?
Hi! Im a current grade 12 student who has wanted to become a dentist as long as I can remember! But when it comes to how i should be applying to get my pre-reqs in I'm completely lost, and the admissions offices aren't being at all helpful! 

I have a very competitive average, and was told that I am very eligible to apply to dental schools after the two years of study requirements at my university of choice, however I was hoping someone who might have gotten after two years (or the bare minim required of by the school) could share some helpful tips/information? 

Another question.... When should you write the DAT? 
The pre-reqs my university needs for dentistry are

6* in Biology
6* English
6* Physics
6* General or inorganic Chemistry
6* Organic Chemistry
3* Statistics
3* Biochemistry
Please feel free to add in any courses you believed helped you
** I am not dead set on getting in after 2 years, I understand the chance I don't make it is there and I am totally prepared to take as long as I need to accomplish this dream**

BC New Provincial Scholarships: 2015!

Graduation Program Examinations Scholarships will be phased out. Final allocation will be to graduates in the 2015/16 school year District/Authority Scholarships will consist of vouchers only. A new area of recognition has been added: Indigenous Languages and Culture A new BC Excellence Scholarship ($5000 to 55 well-rounded students) will be launched for graduates in the 2015/16 school year. A new BC Achievement Scholarship ($1250 to 3000 graduates with highest average on grad requirement courses) will be launched for graduates in the 2015/16 school year
Western Engineering
what is the quality of western engineering? Do students in their engineering programs get hired by big companies? How does it fare against other great engineering schools like Waterloo, UBC etc.
Volunteering Ideas
I completed the mandatory 40 hours of community service, but my program requires me to complete an additional 150 hours in grade 11 and 12. I ran out of ideas of what I could volunteer for, any ideas???
Entering Scholarships
I've been trying to enter into some scholarships but I have no idea which ones that I have entered in. Does yconic have any way to show you what scholarships that you have applied for through the site? 

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Animal Bio or Animal Science?
Which degree is better to get into vet school? Which would provide the most learning experience or possibly job opportunities if the vet thing doesn't work out? Which would provide better scholarships? ...Or does it even matter?
Calculus 12
How hard is it to get a minimun 3.5 gpa in Calculus and Vectors for grade 12?

Is it only students with high IQ`s that can acheive a 90% + in the course knowing how logically demanding it is?
Universities for aviation???
Other than University of Waterloo, what other universities offer aviation courses??? 
Please dont tell me Seneca. My aim is to go to university :)))
Thank you