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Waitlisted Nursing Students
Hey, if you have been waitlisted for nursing programs post below
Mention what school, what average you have and when.
Hopefully this will help people know what the chances of them are getting in are and as well as will know which schools have an active moving waitlist.
Good luck to all :)
U of T Admissions Average-Engineering
I'm in grade 11 right now, but I'm taking physics 12 right now, and it looks like I'll finish at best with 93%. Would I still have a chance at any engineering if I can get 98+ in math 12 and 95+ in chemistry & English 12 (both are also AP)? Because someone told me you need over 95 in every science you take to get into U of T engineering, but is 93 close enough?
Yconic vs student awards
Has anyone else noticed that when it was student awards, the bursaries were things relating to you.  Now that its yconic, I'm an ontario student and am being shown bursaries for people in British Colombia! is it just me or is this their problem?? HELP
Everything that is part of U of T's engineering SPF
Can someone please give me a detailed explanation of what the SPF is like so I know for when I apply to engineering at U of T in the future? I can't seem to find much information elsewhere so those of you who have done it what is it like? I know there is now a video portion and that your academic history and extra curricular activities are to be reported on there. So what is it actually like? How do I provide proof of my activities and do I also put volunteer activities that I have done? Do I need references? What is the essay and written portions like? Are the essays meant to be written during the time when the video portion is to be done or do you have ample time to complete the essay on your own? Overall how hard is it to make a very appealing SPF
Which business school di U get accepted into!!!
<p>So the title says it all!!</p><p>Which school did u get into for business, and what was your gpa.</p><p>Congrats on making it, and hope we all enjoy. </p>
Schulich Second Round!
Anyone expecting a second round offer with midterm marks? What are your averages like?
What's the best business program in Canada?
My dad really wants me to attend Queen's Commerce, but I live in Kingston, and hate Queen's.
WATERLOO cs (math)
I got a defferal from waterloo cs to waterloo math non coop. After talking to so many people I have decided to take this offer over utsg. Waterloo's name means a lot in this world thats what I have heard. Good or bad choice.
Guelph VS Queen's??
I need to make my decision by tomorrow and can't come to a conclusion. I am choosing between Honour Bio-Med at Guelph and Honours Science at Queen's. I visited both campuses and like Queens' campus better, although the city of Kingston was sort of dead. Guelph is only an hour away from Toronto (where I live) so I can come for visits next year easily. I guess my deciding factor should be about the program...which one is better? Although, I also want to hear about campus life.
Final Waterloo Decision
After a long process of analyzing every single university that I have been accepted, despite my deferred program to UW Math coop. I finally accepted my offer!! Hope to see you guys next year in Fall 2015. I'm not trying create a brag post, but I feel a bit nervous for UW. Do you know any good study suggestions that I can make the best out of my first year studies? Anyone give me some tips on Math/CS courses at UW, I heard most of the math there is abstract ones, is this true? And this summer I'm going to try extremely hard to overcome my procrastination habit. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can do this? 
Thanks in advance for all the responses :)
Wilfrid Laurier BBA/Fin. Math DD vs. McGill Desautels
I really need some advice on choosing between the BBA/Fin. Math double degree program (with guaranteed coop) at WLU and the BCom program at McGill. Any of your opinions would really help because I only have a couple days left to decide! I'm not only basing my decision on academics/ school reputation but also on the atmosphere & social life.
What programs at U of T have grade-only admissions and what programs have other requirements as well?
I know that engineering at U of T looks at grades but also requires an applicant to complete a student profile as an additional requirement. So what are the programs that only look at grades and do not look at EC and such. Does Computer science have any additional requirements? What about the math and physical sciences?
Alberta Diploma Exams
Do you think that changing the diploma exams from weighing 50% to 30% will have an impact on Alberta students applying for university in 2016? If so, why kind of impacts?
Which life science program should I choose?
Didn't get into western med sci or general sci (my first choice) or mac life sci. My average was mid 80s. I got into UTSG life science and a few other universities like waterloo life sci and queens sci, but the only three I'm actually considering are UT, Ottawa health sci, and guelph general science. 
It was my fault for slacking this year and messing up my chances at a great university. I'm really torn because I know I'm capable and just need to get my act together, but I'm unhappy with the university choices. UT accepts just about anyone for life science and they weed people out first year. I have people close to me who went to UT same program and advise against it, and many of these people have become doctors themselves. They say it ruins your GPA and is really tough and stressful, and no coop opportunities anyway.
I was going to go to UT but now I'm doubtful. I'm thinking of going to Guelph first year and I'd try to get really high grades so I can transfer to western's general sci or med sci program 2nd year because they seem like a more reputable university. But what's the switching process like? I heard it's really tough.
I'm not too sure what I want to do for a future career, all i know is I want to go to graduate school (so that's why I want to go to an easier undergrad program so I can maintain a higher GPA), and either dental school or pharmacy (whatever I like better), and nursing as a backup.  
Please help me out, I really don't know what to do and I only have a couple of days to decide. Is it worth coming back an extra semester? 
Has Anyone on this Forum Ever Received a MES?
Hey! I was just wondering if anyone on this forum received a MES (Major Entrance Scholarship) for UBC, or any other university.I just want to know how you got there and what were your grades and ECs, if you did win one. I know MES are rare, but hey, there's a ton of excellent students on this forum, and everything's possible!

Where Should I Go?
So the day to accept is less than a week away and I have no clue what to do. I've got into 4 programs:

Carleton - Computer Systems Engineering
- Co-Op
- $9000 Scholarship ($3000 first year)
- Internship summer after first year, where I will make $4000 (Granted I maintain an average)

Ryerson - Computer Engineering
- Possible Internship after year 3
- $4000 Scholarship ($1000 first year)

University of Toronto Scarborough - Computer Science
- Co-Op

McMaster University - Math & Statistics 1 (Actuarial and Financial Math)
- Co-Op
- $4000 Scholarship ($1000 first year)

Carleton seems like the obvious answer, but I live in Toronto. If I go to Carleton I will be all alone which is my biggest concern. My strongest subject is Math, so I know I will be able to excel in McMaster's program - but will I be able to find a job? Computer Science isn't really an option because I didn't take ICS, but I included it anyway. Below is my transcript. Would be great to hear feed back from fellow students!

Chemistry 76

Physics 75

Advanced Functions 93

English 84

Calculus 90

Robotics 93

Engineering 100

Food & Nutrition 83

Comp. Engineering Average 86.33

Comp. Science/Math Average 90.5
Waterloo Math
Anyone going to waterloo math?
What honours plan or major do you plan on declaring? 
Why waterloo?

And general discussion

I am planning on trying to switch to cs after first year. Any input or advice would be helpful. :)
have I been rejected
so today is the deadline for offers, and I applied to Guelph like 10 days ago, but haven't heard anything. My average was above the cut off I believe too. Anyways can anyone tell me where I can check if I have been rejected?
Will I get into QC?
I've received a letter of rejection from QC about a week ago, but realized that they likely made an error because my average was 91.8%, my EC's were on point and my essay responses were written in good English. I contacted admissions on the day of and explained to them that they likely made some sort of an error and that I'm not mad at them for doing so(most people mistakes so it's understandable).

Since, for some odd reason, several people working for QC's admissions unit did not seem to understand what my problem was, I kept on calling them repeatedly hoping to reach someone competent (so many idiots these days aha). The lady who I ended up speaking to at the end said that she understands my problem, and that I'm truly "one really special snowflake".

I know that standing out and demonstrating brilliant character is something that Queen's Commerce really cares about. Now that they realized how special I am (and better than like 99.99% of the people they accepted), do you think they will modify their decision?

Thanks guys,

- John Smith
Schulich BBA vs. Laurier BBA/BSc vs. Western BMOS
Hey yall,

I got accepted to all the programs mentioned above and I'm really torn on what to choose. Schulich obviously has the reputation, but does reputation really matter for an undergrad program? With Laurier I got into the Business/Computer Science double degree (not waterloo, just at laurier) with guaranteed co op and its five years. As someone who's not really passionate about computer science, is it really worth doing a Computer Science degree and stay at uni for an extra year? I love the campus and environment at Western and theres a better chance to get into ivey from western, but is it worth going to Bmos with no guarantee of actually getting into Ivey?

What are your thoughts?

Any feedback or information about the programs is appreciated. 
Architecture Back-up Plan

Okay so I just got rejected from Ryerson Arch, I e-mailed them to see where I went wrong and I plan to re-apply next year.

But for now I am planning on doing a generic degree at Ryerson, but which one should I choose?
-Urban Regional Planning or
-Environmental and Urban Sustainability