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Revoked Acceptance: What should i do next?

I got accepted at U of T for Sociology and then my acceptance got revoked because my final english mark was 65% and i needed a 70% to maintain my acceptance. 

I really need help, what should i do now?

Should i take night school this upcoming September for english (about 3-4 months) and try to reapply? Is it possible?

or accept another university that will still accept me for my grades and then after a year reapply at U of T? - is this possible? 
(The university is York University [Glendon Campus] for the same program)

Notes: All my parents want is for me to go to U of T or graduate from there. I just graduated high school. 
List of things you should keep in your car as a commuter student / if you drive to school:
If you are a commuter student, or use your car to get to school like me, here are some things you should keep in your car. You don't know when emergencies will come, so it's best if you're prepared for it. 

- Car charger for your phone. Those things that turn your Cigarette Lighter into a USB port. Most cars have USB ports now so you might not need it but a few of them don't have the proper ability to charge phones. i.e. 2012 Honda Civic (what I drive). It does charge, but it's VERY slow at doing it

- Spare Tire, + Tire change kit. Seriously, keep these in your car. And don't tell me getting rid of these help with mileage. Unless your car is made out of tin foil, removing these won't help with mileage. 

- Battery Booster / Jump Starter Kit. Some cars come with it. If it doesn't, you should have it in your car. Cars don't have a battery gauge like phones and laptops. That light only turns on when the battery is dead. 

- Ice Scraper / Snow Brush. A must have in the winter. Wipers can't clear off snow from your windshield, and the window heaters at the back won't melt the snow. 

- Collapsible Shovel. If it snows a lot where you are, you'll need this too as well as the ice scraper / snow brush. I've actually had to dig my car out of the snow once.

- Flare. Most cars have this already, so keep it in there. Helps other people spot you if you're ever stranded on the highway or somewhere dark. TIP: If you're on the highway, light it and place it a few hundred meters behind where your car is stopped so people know that you're stopped ahead. 

- Flashlight. You may have to park your car somewhere and start walking in the dark. Also useful for looking at things under your car. 

- First Aid Kit. For patching yourself up or someone else. 

- Rescue Medicine. Inhalers, Epipen, etc. 

- Pads, Tampons. If you're female that is... you know..... for the female problems.....

- Bottled Water.  Don't just keep 1, keep a few. I usually keep 4 because of how many I usually seat in my car. 

- Granola Bars, Chips, Snacks, Cookies. Yes, there may be a day when you forget lunch at home and don't have enough money to buy something from the cafeteria or convenience store. 

- Poncho / Rain Coat / Umbrella.

- Extra Pair of Clothes. 

And as always, keep your car up to date with maintenance. Change oils, fluids, rotate tires, etc. regularly, not only when that check engine light comes on. Usually, when it comes on, it means you're past due for maintenance and something is broken inside. 

Good luck! :)
Can you please do something about the night-time spam?
For many weeks now we've been bombarded with spam that usually starts right after midnight. I'm unable to post on this site at that time or read old threads, because I get a message that says "Oops, you've hit your posting limit. Please wait a couple minutes and try again." It's getting really tiresome and isn't a problem I see with other forums or the old studentawards.

What are the administrators of this site doing to stop this spam flow? It's getting ridiculous.
1st year UBC student! Ask me anything!
I'm finishing up my first year at UBC as a Health Science student in the Land and Food Systems faculty.

Want to know how I got in? What UBC life is like? General advice about gr. 12/senior year and applying to universities? I'll try my best to answer any of your inquiries (:
Everyone Needs To Rethink Their Lives......
I relatively new to this forum site and from what I have seen all everyone on here cares about is prestige, putting people down, and picking jobs that only make more than 500 000. The business students are the worst!!

Is that all you really care about? I read someone (a business student) recently say that engineers can only make 250 000..... yeah ONLY. Life isn't all about money. Have you ever though about the toll, stress, and time that high paying salaries can take. I hate you little high school students who think just because you go to queens or lvey you will be handed a half million dollar salary...like? You all think you are the only business students well there are thousands of other graduating at the same time and they all think they will be multi millionaire CEO's. Wake and see the real lyfe.

COMM 161 and 162
Hey i always had trouble with mathematics and never did too well in math that i went to night school to boost up my calc mark, because of that i am not too confident in the COMM 161 course that i have to take at Queen's! Can somebody help me out by telling me what is it and how hard!?! Also if you could please give me a copy of the notes or review sheets or tell me what to review so i am prepared for QComm!
Any ECs that are similar to DECA or Youth Parliament?
Hi guys! I am really interested to join more extracurricular activities to challenge myself, gain leadership skills, and possibly increase my chance to get into a good university. DECA and Youth Parliament caught my attention, is there any other similar ECs out there in Ontario? (I live in ottawa)
Why do students go into business?

Please don’t say because you want to become an investment banker and make millions. The job market is already oversaturated with jobless commerce/degree holders (go look on redflagdeals forums).

  The only reason I went into business because I suck in science, therefore I couldn’t go into engineering. Most students will tell you they are interested or passionate etc (complete BS for high school students with no actual business experience). Going into my 3rd year I had coop/internship experience working for two top firms and found the work doable, not necessarily interesting.

Schulich BBA
Can somebody explain the credit hour system and electives process at Schulich's BBA program to me. I have no idea how this works?!
Will UBC revoke my offer?
I am extremely worried about whether UBC will revoke my offer or not?

I got admitted to B.I.E with an average of 95 I believe, but since I got a 20% difference on my English provincial I think UBC will only use my provincial mark to calculate my final average, and that turned out to be 87.75. That is a 7% difference, so will they revoke my offer?
University of Toronto Engineering Student - Ask Me Anything
Hey everyone! I started this thread to answer questions from the potential class of 2017, and to keep all of the University of Toronto-related items in one place.

I'm a first year engineering student at the University of Toronto and I'm currently studying electrical/computer engineering (same courses as TrackOne). I commute to school every day, so I can't really answer that many questions about residence, but I'm sure others will be willing to chime in on that.

Without further ado, ask away!
repeated courses
I retook math 30 in summer school and ended up with a average of 99. My average before was a 85. I was wondering if uofc, uofa and ubc look at my upgraded marks or do they just look at the mark before it was upgraded

Any help is appreciated
"extracurriculars " do not really matter after all...
for mcgill atleast..this is directly from their website : 

"Generally speaking, extracurricular activities are not significant in the admission decision, although they are an important factor in awarding certain entrance scholarships."

Just wanted to let y'all know. 

Peace out 
Learning ahead in the summer?
I'm contemplating on whether I should start teaching myself content for Physics 12U and Advanced Functions 12U before the school year starts in September. What do you guys think?
Movie suggestions?
So I'm pretty much a movie noob... Can anyone suggest some good movies to watch? Anything from the classics to new stuff will work :) I like any genre besides horror 
Why are high school students going into business so optimistic?

High school business students be like:

“I’m going into Queen’s/Ivey, therefore I’m better than you” *creates hierarchy of tiers of b-schools as a thread*

“I want to become a CPA accountant and work for Big 4 at Bay street and then I’m gonna become an investment banker and work for GS at Wall street to make millions.”

“I have a 98% average (private schooled) and was the president of every club at my school, therefore everyone be jealous”

“After I finish undergrad with a 4.0 GPA, I’m going into MBA program then law school, then get my CFA, then CPA, then PhD to make my business card credentials as long as possible because I’m going to become a CEO”

I honestly don’t see engineering, science, arts students say these type of ridiculous things on the forum.

How hard is it to get into University of Waterloo/ UBC/ Uni of Toronto for me ?
I am an International student in grade 11. I study in an Indian curriculum (CBSE) school in Bahrain (Middle East).

I want to apply for computer science with co-op. 

My grade 10 Cumulative GPA: 9.8/10
My score for grade 11 term 1:
Math: A+ (98/100) , Chemistry: A+ (66/70), Physics: A (47.5/70) - that's my lowest mark ever (the paper was really hard), Computer Science: A (62/70), English A+ (66/80)
I don't really like my scores in grade 11, I'll improve in the second term. 

My extracurriculars:

1. NASA International Space Settlement Contest 2013 – 2nd Prize (First award winner from the entire Middle East region in the contest’s history, competing against students from 20 countries.)
2. NASA International Space Settlement Contest 2014 – 3rd Prize
3. ISWEEEP, Houston, USA 2015 – International Finalist for own invention project titled “Biodegradable Plastics for Better Agriculture” (First International Finalist from Bahrain)
4. Golden Climate International Environment Project Olympiad Kenya 2014 – International Finalist for own invention project titled “Biodegradable Plastics for Better Agriculture” Project I’d : 140677 (First International Finalist from Bahrain)
5. International Young Inventors Project Olympiad, Georgia 2015 – International Direct Finalist (First International Finalist from Bahrain)
6. Golden Climate International Environment Project Olympiad Kenya 2015 – Senior Division – International Finalist. Project I’d: 151070(First International Finalist from Bahrain)
7. INESPO International Environment Scientific Project Olympiad (INESPO), Netherlands 2015 – International Finalist. Project I’d 2136 (First International Finalist from Bahrain)
8. Autodesk Building Performance Analysis Certified and Autodesk Excellence in Analysis (year 2014)  
9. Autodesk Student Expert  
10. Certificate of Distinction in Science, International Benchmark Test, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) 2015
11. Sastra Prathibha National Examination 2014 – A grade 
12 Sastra Prathibha National Examination 2015 – A+ grade top scorer
13. National Institute of Technology, Bahrain Microsoft MTA Scholarship – Half Scholarship Winner 
14. Received Appreciation from United Nations Director for Gulf Countries (Mr. Nejib Friji) for helping in promoting the UN My World 2015 Survey and Post 2015 Development Agenda in the Middle East School Network 
15. Founder and Secretary General of Everyone Counts Society, Bahrain and founder of the Everyone Counts Newsletter to address global issues. 
16. The World Scholar’s Cup Bahrain Regional Round 2015 – 4th place and global round qualifier 
17. The World Scholar’s Cup GLOBAL Round 2015 - top 10% Science, Top 30% writing, and 4 other awards + school top scorer.

I am writing my third proposal for the NASA contest

I am also making my own formula to calculate economic feasibility of a space mission. 

Chance my acceptance into UW/ UBC/ U of T - computer science with co-op. Which university is better for me ? 

I can afford Waterloo without any aid, I will have to seek for scholarships for the others. 

Which university is better for me ? What is my chance of acceptance ? Chance me for other top universities like MIT, Caltech, Columbia, NYU etc. 

Thank you so much :D
Scholarships and Biochem vs Life Science
I'm a student who is going into 12th grade this September from Ontario, I was just wondering what I could do this summer in regards to preparing for university applications.
I have all the hours and marks I need so far(not including the grade 12 marks I will be completing next year). Like are there any scholarships or things I can apply to for the summer?

Also is it better to go the Life Science or Biochemistry (mainly Mac or UofT) route when it comes to pre-med options. I want something more biology based and I'm not sure I will  be accepted for Health Sci (at Mac or McGill).

My average for grade 11 (7, grade 11 credits and 2 grade 12) is 90% so would I be eligible for early acceptances?

Thanks for any help xx
Why are Toronto's top law firms filled with U of T and Osgoode grads?
The general consensus on http://lawstudents.ca is that all of Canada's law schools are good and no rankings really exist.

I just took the time to go through the profiles of students and lawyers of Toronto's top corporate law firms (the seven sisters)- Blake, Cassels & Graydon, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg, Goodmans, McCarthy Tétrault, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt, Stikeman Elliott, Torys.

I barely see any Ottawa or Windsor law school graduates; and I mean barely. Out of the hundreds of lawyers there were very few. It's all U of T and Osgoode grads. Western also makes a good chunk of student/ articling hires, but not as many are hired back as lawyers.

I didn't see a ton of Queen's graduates either though you may chalk this up to the school focusing more on family, criminal and labour law. Lots of Queen's law school graduates go into these fields and I see them working in good firms.

Good luck getting a job if you go to law school outside Canada- I saw maybe one or two people who went to Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Columbia. If you went to a UK law school or a lower ranked US school, you won't be getting into these top firms without serious connections.

Anyways, what do you guys think about this and the bull about all law schools in Canada being equal. Sure the education you receive may be equal, but there certainly appears to a stigma pertaining to how firms and lawyers view students from certain law schools. I even read online that many hiring partners based on past experiences viewed U of T and Osgoode students as having some of the best work ethics and intelligence over other law school graduates. What makes these schools special?
Do universities look at SAT scores?
do they even if I'm from Canada and I did the SAT? especially Mcgill and Western? even thought they r not mandatory, will it make my file look a little better if they r moderately high ?