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Please help . General Admission questions
i am an indian student and i have applied to york. I uploaded my 10th grade transcript. I am yet to send my documents. Also i cant contact them through email(i couldnt find one thought !). Firstly, do i need to send them my 11th grade transcripts as well ? and the midterm transcripts also ?
I have applied to the computer science program at york. I had a 9.2 gpa on a scale of 10 in 10th grade (that is approximately 90% on a scale of 100%). My problem is that my school is pretty strict and i could only score 55% in 11th and in my mid terms i could score 57% . My finals are yet to happen in march. So , my question is that
1. Do they give conditional acceptances ?
2. Do i have a chance to get into york if i get an 80% or above in my finals ?
3. Will i be eligible for scholarship ? (because my results will be out in the month of may)

Kindly answer asap.
Can I get accepted into these schools?
Hi! I'm currently a grade 12 student in British Columbia, looking at post-secondary options. My academic strengths are in History, English, and French. I'm looking at going into the arts/humanities, or maybe even history or French specifically. I was considering the following institutions: UWO, U of T, UBC, and SFU as my top four choices. My grades are as follows: 97% in Socials 11 (including 97% on the provincial exam), 96% in French 11, 94% in English 11, and I also received 90% in both chemistry and biology 11. I also have an 83% in Pre-Calculus 12, but I would rather not submit that mark if it isn't required. Of course, I haven't completed my grade 12 courses, but I currently have 97% in History 12, and about 85% in both chemistry and biology 12 (hoping to raise those to at least 90% by the end of the semester). I am also hoping to achieve a 90%+ in English and French 12. Of course I can't predict my final grades, but I am usually consistent with my academics; this will give me an average of between 91 and 95 percent for admissions. On top of that, I have been involved in the music program for all 5 years of high school, I am in Grad Council at my school, I  have a consistent position as a volunteer at my local community center, and I have had a steady job for two years. I know my grades aren't as high and I don't have as much in-school involvement as many other candidates, but do you think I should bother applying for these schools, or will my personal profile just not be strong enough to compensate for my grades? Sorry for the long post, I just didn't want to leave out any important details!
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UBC Kinesiology or SFU BPK
hi everyone! I'm a grade 12 student living in BC and I'm really interested in the field of kinesiology and I was wondering which kinesiology program is better: UBC or SFU. my main goal is medicine and I've heard that by going to SFU you're at a disadvantage when applying to UBC medicine. I live near both schools so I wouldn't need residence. I've also been looking at UBC Okanagan Human Kinetics, it seems really interesting and it would be a great experience, but I've heard UBCO referred to as an "exalted" community college and I'm worried that it might affect my chances of getting into medical school. for UBCO I would need residence.
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guys do you think is it possible to study economics but to take media classes at the same time? do you think it ld be weird?
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Is it possible for universities to look at my grade 12 math mark and not my grade 11 mark?
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Is there any undergrad Media studies in Western? If yes, is it a good choice?
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SFU's Admission Average for Faculty of Science is 95%
SFU's Admission Average for Faculty of Science for Spring 2016 average is currently 95%. Is it just me or is that REALLY high?  

I got an admission for the previous fall term but by then, the average was only 85%. I didn't apply elsewhere because I thought that with a 90% average and previous admission, I would surely get in... But no, I got wait listed

But why did the average jump so suddenly? Is that normal? Is it going to go down any time soon?
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Whats the difference between them?? I know what they are but I just dont understand the actual differences(details)..and the thing is; which one is more important????
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What do I use if my classes that I am using for admission is second semester?
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Will I get into UTSG art with a good average but low english mark?
My current average is 89, but my English is 71 and it totally ruins my average mark
I am interested in art programs but unfortunately English is not my first language.
Is there still hope for me? 
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BMath/BBA Double Degree student - Ask anything
Just like the topic says.

I am a BMath/BBA double degree student currently in my 4th year.

If you have any questions at all about admissions, co-op, courses, competition, work load, etc. just let me know either here or in a PM and I'll do my best to answer them.

I can also answer things about Laurier's BBA program or UW's Math programs.

$500 "Ultimate Study Tip" Community Contest
Love them or hate them, exams are a part of student life. We want to know what your "ultimate study tip" is that helps you get through (and ace) them! 

Essentially we’re looking for some inspirational advice that will help other students have an amazing academic year. Whether it’s “Don't leave it to the last minute” or “Memorize facts with a song”, we want to hear from you. There’s a $500 cash prize up for grabs!* 

How to Enter: 
Simply comment below using your real name with, “My Ultimate Study Tip Is:” followed by the piece of advice you think will help other members as they prepare for exams.

Deadline to enter is January 29, 2016 @ 3:00 p.m. ET.  

How to Win: 
Encourage your friends to vote your comment as “helpful”. The comment with the most helpful votes at the end of the contest period will be awarded the $500 prize.* 

Only friends that have an active yconic profile will be able to vote. So connect and make new friends in the yconic Community or invite your friends to join http://yconic.com for FREE today. 

Please note: Anonymous or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated nor entered into this contest. Good luck! 

*See full rules and regulations ( https://support.yconic.com/hc/en-us/articles/206119646--Ultimate-Study-Tip-Contest-Rules)

Digital Marketing/Media Programs??
Hi there! 

I've been researching for programs that would help me pursue something along the lines of digital marketing/media?? I could only find UWaterloo's Global Business and Digital Arts. 

Does anyone know of some university programs that are good for digital marketing? Thank you so much!
Ryerson Commerce Programs!
Hey everyone, I am a current Ryerson Commerce student.

I used this website a lot last year, so if you have ANY questions about the school or program let me know and I can answer them for you.

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Join a Laurier University Admissions Rep and a Current Student for an AMA
Hey Everyone,
We’re excited to invite you to an exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) with an admissions representative from Wilfrid Laurier University and a current WLU student.

The AMA will take place right here on Thursday, December 10th, 2015 from 3-6pm EST – so get your questions ready!

How will it work?
During the date and time above, simply hit reply on this thread to ask your question.
Computer Science and Engineering at UoC
Hey everyone i am currently a grade 12 student planning on moving to Calgary. I was wondering if anybody got accepted into these two programs yet? I plan on using

Math 11 - 84% completed
Chem 12 - 92% in progress 
Physics 12 - 89% completed 
ELA 12 - 75% - in progress

I will not finish math 12 or calc until the end of second semester, but the expected grades for those are 95.

What are my chances of getting in? also how do admissions work based on the courses i have finished
Rotman Supplementary Application 2016
Hello everyone!

Does anybody have any idea what kind of questions are asked in the Rotman video interview (even from previous years) and the 30 minute essay as well.

All answers appreciated, thank you!

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Brock's Accounting or Waterloo's AFM?
I will be applying for unis in a short amount of time. I have researched a bit into this, but I'm still confused. Which one is better overall? 
1) Which program is better? Are they both alike?
2) Which co-op is better?
3)Which uni is better, as in its environment, people, professors. 
4)Would employer's really care what uni you went to amongst the two, if you have a CPA and good co-op experience? 
ANY other information is welcome!
Students who are going to these unis for the Accounting program, please help me! Although anyone is welcome to answer!

Thank you for your answers!

Have questions about engineering applications? (UW/UTSG/Queen's/McMaster)
Hey everyone! (current grade 12s)
A year ago I was in your shoes stressing out about applications and things like averages, OUAC, supplementary essays/interviews, etc.  I know it can feel overwhelming at first, but if you have any questions about the process, feel free to ask me here! Upper years on these forums answered many of my past questions and while I'm just starting first-year at UW, I have gone through the whole application thing (applied/accepted to Waterloo, U of T, Queen's, and Mac's eng programs) and will do my best to help you out.  

tldr; any questions on engineering-specific applications, shoot them my way and I'll try to help yall out :)

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