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Western Kinesiology
Hey guys! What average do you think would be considered "safe" to get into Western's Kin Program?
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UofT Kinesiology
Has anyone been accepted to UofT St George Kinesiology yet?
If so, what is your average and when did you get accepted? 
U of T Rotman Supplementary!
This is a chain to discuss how our ROTMAN supp went. Include: how long it took to process your payment, what questions were asked if you remember, your GPA and any ECs you have, & any other info you deem important :)
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High School Class Of 2016 Offers Of Admission *Mid February - June*
I created this thread so people can post their information on their acceptance, so that others can see if their program have started sending acceptance letters. Anyone who has recieved an offer from the start of February to the end of June post the following:
- Program 
- School 
- Date of offer 
-Grade 12 First semester average
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Stressed ...
Hey guys, 
I'm really stressed out about uni and I'm worried that I actually not get in to what I want. I've been refreshing applicant portals every 20 minutes everyday. 

Does anybody know how to their minds off of uni and how to stop worrying so much? Thanks !
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Schulich Deadline Wednesday!
Hey, just out of curiosity, has anyone still not done their interview/ finished their supplementary docs for Schulich? Any tips? Comment.
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McMaster poli sci and communications?
if I went to Mac could i major in poli sci (social science faculty) and minor in communications (humanities)? 

Is there any other Ontario uni that I could do this at? 
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What are my chances of getting into utsc, McMaster, Ryerson etc.
I've applied for Utsc Health studies, Uft psychology, McMaster Health sci, Western Health Sci, Ryerson Business management and York Biomed sci. My marks are the following, please tell me of my chances? My gr 11 average ranges from 80-86% based on the marks they use. My gr 12 marks are the following: 
English- 90% 
French- 91% 
Advanced Functions- 90% 
Business Leadership- 91% 
International Business- 94% 
Biology- 81% 
Chemistry- 71%  
Calculus- Haven't got a mark yet

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Parent's won't let me go to college to study.
I'm in 11th grade and I'm thinking about my future. I genuinely feel that I have nothing going for me at the moment. My grades are atrocious and I feel like I might even fail a couple classes. I hope to pursue a career computer related, as computers are the only thing that I have known my whole life, but I am certain that my current grades will hold me back from reaching that field. I feel like grade 12 won't get too much better, unless I manage to find some massive motivation out of my ass that will drive me into improving my grades drastically. Without good grade 12 marks, I know university won't be an option, so I am really considering college where I can study, and then hopefully make the transition into Uni that way, but my parents got extremely mad and started lecturing me for even bringing it up. I'm confident that a decent university for computer science will not consider me with the grades I have, and college seems like the only option, but my parent's are too traditional to let me go that route. It's as if they don't understand that my bad grades are already jeopardizing my chances of going to Uni, so what am I supposed to do? Atleast I'm willing to give college a try, but they just refuse to let me. What do I do in this situation.
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First wave of regular admissions?
Now that ontario universities have received our marks through OUAC, when will the first wave of regular admission take place? Like how long does it take to process those marks?
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Leadership Roles
Can you guys give me your honest opinion of my extracurriculars for my personal profile for UBC?

- Played Lacrosse at varsity level, was captain for 2 years, and won provincials (played it for 9 years)
- Was an assistant coach for a novice Lacrosse team
- Volunteered at homeless shelters
- I am vice president of Cancer Awareness Program
- Volunteered for Red Cross
- Played Basketball for 5 years ( was captain for 3 years)
- Did cross country
- I am the lead volunteer at a daycare and have been volunteering there since grade 8

My average is also sitting at 89%-90%

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Admission requirements??
I'm studying in an American curriculum school oversees but I'm a Canadian citizen. Do I need SATs?? I'll apply for undeclared engineering.
Does university cares about the course other than the top six
I didn't realize I don't have group 1 credit until gr12 so I have to take world issue but I really don't like the course and it's boring :( I might end up with a 50% so I'm wondering if the university will care if they see a 50 on my report card
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SOS Queen's commerce SE &PSE
Is there anyone knows what the PSE and SE look like (the questions?)? I really need help rn
High School Class of 2016 Offers of Admissions
The Applications thread is pretty cluttered so I was thinking we could start this thread to make it easier to view when others are accepted to programs you've applied to! 

Please include in your post:
- Program
- Date of offer
- Date of application
- Admission average (Grade 11, first semester, second semester midterm - whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province
- Any supplementary information (Ex. ECs if they're required on application, predictions about quality of essays/responses)
- Any other information you deem appropriate!

Good luck guys!
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U of T St.George Computer Science

My joinid says that I've been admitted into the program and that they've sent a package containing the details. However, I haven't received an email confirmation. Has anyone who has been admitted gotten one? 
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public administration and policy management @ carleton
I'm really excited to have been accepted to the PAPM program and im 99% sure that I'll be going but I still have a few more questions that I would love if some current students/grads could help me with. 
When I look through lists of courses I would be taking throughout the 4 years, it seems like there isn't much room for electives? Am I looking at this wrong or is it true that you'd have only 4 elective credits total? I was hoping to do a minor or at least take some courses in a different subject area and now I'm unsure if that will be possible. 
I also just wanted to know more generally about how co-op and the different specializations work. 
Most importantly are you enjoying/did you enjoy the program? How useful has it been for you/do you think it will be for you after graduation?
Thanks in advance!
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So many people come here asking the same damn questions over and over, let's just go over them and yall PLEASE feel free to add more so we can stop the stupidity.

My uni website says I'm accepted but I haven't gotten an email yet and OUAC hasn't changed!!!?!?!?
yeah it takes a few days to update goddamn

Do unis only look at your top six??? I have a 99% average except for 3 other courses which i have a 51% in!!!??? SHOULD I DROP OUT!?!??!
sit yourself down there's a reason why they ask for your top SIX and not your top ELEVEN goddamn

which uni has the hottest girls/boyz lol

you'd get in with like a 65% goddamn

WhaT is the cut off average this year for my program????

Hi im doing my grade 9 course selection and im planning on going to medschool... did I mess up?? ://// I got a B- in grade 8 science.... am i dooomed :////
first of all, who let the gremlins in here, second of all, nobody gets into med school goddamn

-insert extremely important, subjective yet specific question about future that would be best asked to a guidance counsellor, parent or admsission rep-
why the frick frack snick snack are you asking a bunch of high school kids on an online forum godDAMN

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Financial Economics
I have applied for Financial Economics program at Carleton. 

Courses so far :

English : 60%
Advanced Functions : 86%
Computer Tech : 87% 

Will I still have a chance of getting in this program since the requirements in the handbook say 73%-76% ?
What are my chances of getting into Rotman/Queen's/Schulich/ Sauder
I am grade 12 student from British Columbia and here are my marks:

English 12- 84%
Pre Calculus 12- 91.4%
Physics 12- 94%
Spanish 12- 100%

Currently taking Calculus and have around 93%

My average is 92.3% for the 4 courses without Calculus 12

My essay and video questions were decent. 

I have a leadership role in a Swimming club and a few other one-day events I volunteered

What are my chances?

Grade 12 Biology in Summer School
I plan on going into health science/life science for university then go into pharmacy.

I'd like to be less stressed next year when applying for university because I know Biology is known to be quite difficult.

How difficult is the content in comparison to at school? Should I take chemistry 12 instead? Should I even take biology?

I'm still in the process of taking bio 11 right now; I don't have any marks for reference but grade 10 science I had an average of 92 and a 91 in chem.
Should I expect similar marks in biology 12 in summer school as how I do in grade 11?

I won't be doing any extracurriculars/taking a trip anywhere over the course of the month.

Also, what sort of marks should I be looking at to get into a program that offers high GPAs when applying for school of pharmacy? 
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