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How's Waterloo's Life sci?!?!
Thoughts on waterloo life science program? I've been accepted to it and was wondering if I could get some real insight into this rather than the university's pages praising it.
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Thoughts on Laurier's heath sci program
So I've been accepted to this program, but there isn't a lot of stuff online about it. I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight into this program
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Acceptance average after being accepted UofT
Anyone know the average one must keep to stay accepted to Life Sciences at UofT? If you've gotten accepted please reply! I just want to know how intensely I should keep my average up.
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One failing class. What it affect admission?
So I'm doing poorly in one class, I already got  admission offers. Unfortunately, I am failing 1 of 7 of my courses, which is not a prerequisite. Will this affect my admission?
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Acceptance to Biomedical Sci/Bio Sci?
Wondering if anyone's been accepted to the biomedical sciences or biological sciences program at university of calgary? My first choice was biomedical sciences and second biological sciences but I have yet to hear back.
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Acceptance to SFU
Hi guys, 

 I applied to SFU quite early and self-reported my grades on December 1. Many of my friends have already received their conditional offers and I'm still waiting. I was wondering how long will I have to wait? I'm getting slightly worried that I might not make it. I applied for the Health Science faculty with an 87% average which isn't as impressive, but I want to know if I could be accepted? 
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Simon Fraser University: Health Sciences
Hi everyone! I was just wondering what the admissions ranges are roughly for Health Sciences at SFU. I'm sitting at an 85% right now and haven't heard from anyone. Who here has gotten into Health Sciences and, with what average? Thanks!
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Am I safe for Engineering at these schools?
I've been worried recently that because of my horrendous grade 11 marks I may not be safe to get into my dream schools for engineering. I had a lot of mental health and attendance issues which caused my grade 11 marks to be horrible. I'm an Ontario student applying to UBC, U of T, and Mcgill for engineering physics or electrical engineering.

My final grade 12 marks so far:
97 - English 4U
97- AP Statistics
96- Higher functions 4U
96- Chemistry 4U

Expected grades for courses I'm currently in:
~99 AP Calculus BC
~93 AP Physics

My horrible grade 11 marks:
67- Physics 3U 
80- Functions 3U
73- English 3U

Will these marks make it hard/impossible to get into these schools?
Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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Do i need Functions?
So I'm planning to go to Ryerson business next year (I've been accepted) under the condition that my English and math are over a 70 (any 1 math) and my overall top 6 average is a 78+. So I take functions (80) and data (88) does that mean I only need to keep one of these over a 70? Meaning that if I don't try in functions anymore it wouldn't  go towards my top 6?
Waterloo vs Uoft
hey friends,
just got my acceptance letter for computer engineering at both uoft and waterloo. Average of acceptance was 93. Which school is better overall?
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York University & Ted Rogers BM Admission Rate?
I was just wondering the thing a lot of people are wondering I guess.. I start maths next saturday (Adv. functions) so the university will not give me acceptance until I give them the letter from my school on Saturday stating that I am currently enrolled in advance functions. However, I would still like to ask of your opinion to see what my chances are of admission to York Bcomm and Ted Rogers School of Management (not regular Ryerson) 

My courses and marks are follows: 

World Issues: 82 
Healthy and active living: 82 
ENG4U: 85 
Challenge & Change 84 
Business leadership management fundamentals: 85 (expected) 
World Cultures (77) 
Advance functions (expected around 75-80)
Total average (not considering advance functions) =82.5 (83) 

Is that enough to gain admission to Ted Rogers School of Business Management Commerce and or York University Business Commerce? 

Legit haven't slept... 
Why is the retention and grad rate so low
What are universities doing to improve retention and graduation rates?    

Many schools are so low - what are they doing about it?    The school I chose has a really low grad rate (in the 60s) and now I'm wondering if I should look elsewhere.  
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York? Ryerson? Or McMaster?
I'm in grade 12 and have an 85 average I take Functions Data and English for my prerequisites I've been accepted to York commerce (not schulich) and Ryerson Business managment I am also waiting for a response from McMaster business 1 where should I go ?
Study Tips
Hello, everyone, I know this is kinda late but I'm currently a Grade 12 student wishing to attend  McMaster University's Engineering I (co-op) program. I have an 87% average and I was hoping if you had any tips which can help me do better in school.
 I feel very unmotivated and I fear that I won't get into any university. I
 go to a non-semestered school and am taking chemistry, physics(90), calculus(81), computer science(93), law(91) and biology(83). If you have any tips that may help, please leave them below. Thank you so much in advance! :) 
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AFM Admissions 2017
Hey guys, if you've been accepted to Waterloo's AFM program, please comment below when you got accepted, your average and how many extracurricular activities you're a part of (if any). Thanks and Goodluck!
To: Veronica Guthrie
What're you doing with your life? Have you thought about that? On yconic 24/7 as a "Biomedical Engineering at Waterloo". I'd be pleased if you answered my question (:
4th year Ryerson student: Ask Me Anything!
I'm a current student at Ryerson in my 4th year, majoring in Professional Communication. I'm currently studying for the LSAT and plan to write in Summer 2017. Aside from holding 2 internships over the last 3 years, I work as a mentor for first year students and in student recruitment for my program faculty. This past summer I worked as a Project and Communications Assistant for the Government of Ontario, and in September I was hired at the Ontario Energy Board in the Public Affairs department. 

I can answer questions about:
- all program requirements and acceptances 
- campus life 
- residence 
- internships and co-op opportunities + job search + how I got hired in the government 
- basically any other questions you might have 

Hope you're all excited about the potential of attending Ryerson! Ask me anything! 

If you're looking to contact me personally, you can reach me at ienoukov@ryerson.ca

Laurier BBA or Queens Commerce?
I got accepted into Queens Commerce and am waiting on Laurier for BBA. Given my average and my extracurriculars (that I provided on the ABS form) I am pretty confident that I will be accepted into Laurier. I am conflicted between the two programs because they are both very reputable.I don't know which program might be better for me given I want to go into finance. 


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High School Class of 2017 Offers of Admission
Hey guys! So I wanted to make an application thread to keep things organized. That way, it is easier for others to see when people are being accepted and in which programs. Hope this helps!

Please include in your post:
-Program and Post-Secondary Institution
-Date of Application
-Date of Offer
-Admission Average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
-Any other information that you deem is important 

Good luck guys!
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I'm scared I won't get accepted ?
My g 11 average is 66
G 12 currently 
93 - advance functions 
85- eng
90- physics 
95- chem (mt)
98- calc (Mt)
97- data (mid term)

Computer engineering at...

Where do you think I will get accepted and will they penalize me for my g11 average ty
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Laurier BBA acceptances for 2017!
I'm starting this forum to see when people are getting accepted to Laurier's BBA program for 2017 If you're accepted, please comment your average, if you completed the ABS form and how many ec's you have. Thanks!
Nursing Hopefuls for 2017!
There was already a post for students hoping to become nurses in 2016 (as posted by Molly Ferrigo). Now this new post is for those of us trying to become nursing students in 2017! 

So, please share: 
1. Which school(s) are you applying to? 
2. What other programs are you applying to as your back up?
3. What overall average are you aiming for in your final year? 

I have applied to Centennial, George Brown, as well as Seneca. 

My backup program is biomedical sciences at Ryerson. 

I'm aiming for an average of 90. 
Queens/UTSG/Western/McMaster Philosophy?
Hey guys, I have got a conditional offer from Queens, Western, McMaster and UTSG. And now, I am deciding which university should I get into. I once looked at the QS World University Ranking website and it indicates both Western and UTSG have a top world ranking in philosophy (Western is 38; UTSG is 17), so should I put this into my consideration? Also, I have noticed Western have a relatively scarce amount of enrollment in the faculty of humanities. Or is there any factors I should consider when choosing a suitable university for me? (P.s. Also, do the number of enrollment important in deciding which program is better?)

(Sorry for my poor grammar)
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