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First year Med Sci student, happy to answer questions!
UPDATE: keep track of my journey through my blog (https://followmetomd.wordpress.com/)! After numerous comments on this forum, I decided to start up my own blog to help guide all that are interested in pursuing medicine, and keep you guys updated on my journey. Follow my blog, and do not hesitate to leave comments with questions, comments, suggestions that you may have. Cheers!

Hi, I am currently attending University of Western Ontario for the Medical Sciences Program.
I am happy to answer any questions that anyone may have about the program, course load, and overall experience at Western! 

A bit about myself:
I attended a high school within Ontario and received my acceptance to Med Sci in January (or early February?). I was also accepted to multiple science programs from other universities including, but not limited to: U of T, Waterloo, York, McMaster, Queen's, Ryerson, and Guelph. 

Post questions down below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible! 
Do guidance counselors allow you to change classes cause you don't like the teacher?
I had this terrible math teacher for grade 11 and i only got 87, and now I have him for grade 12 and I'm afraid it's gonna be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad............................. even the smartest in our grade only got 90
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Are graphing calculators allowed on tests in high school?
I'm in the TDSB. I know programmable ones aren't allowed. Are there non-programmable graphing calculators?  + Is it useful to own one (programmable ones) even if they're not allowed in exams, say for doing work on your own? Are calculators like these allowed in university? Or only scientific calculators only allowed throughout one's academic career?
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Advanced function and calculus
Okay so I'm returning for a post graduate year and was originally going to attend university for an Arts degree. I now would like to have the option of transferring into a business program second year. Currently I am at a grade 10 level of mathematics due to stopping. Now that it is summer I would like to learn everything to prepare ahead. I have a grade 12 advanced functions textbook and I plan on working my way all the way up from grade 9-12 using Khan Academy..is this a tangible method? Will I be able to understand this on my own considering this? How long should it take? What are some tips
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0.75% below admission requirement ?
I have to call uni tomorrow and ask ..... Is this unacceptable :| I'm traumatized 
Has anyone ever experienced something similar 
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biomed eng. at Waterloo.

I'm about to start my second year at Marianopolis in Health Science. I also did 2 years of IB in high school and kept doing volunteering at a local hospital as well as was in several math/ physics competitions.  I would like to apply to Biomedical Engineering at Waterloo. I was wondering how they will evaluate my file. Will they ask for both Cegep and high school grades ? Will my IB grades help in any way ? What are the chances of getting accepted ? My average in high school was around 87 and in college it's around 80+. What are the cut off ranges for cegep/ib students ? What are my chances of getting accepted (the advisors at my college aren't helpful)
Thank you ! 
UTSC 3rd Year Co-op Management Ask Me Anything!
Hi Everyone, 

I post a lot here and I figured I just do a AMA. Please note that this is going to be a serious discussion so if you feel the need to troll this thread, please do it elsewhere or just don't do it at all. It really doesn't contribute to anything. A lot of HS seniors are spending the winter holidays working on their university applications so hopefully I can shed some light on UTSC Co-op Management which is really under rated on this forum and maybe some of you will consider applying. That said, I will be as objective as I can but there will be some bias.

Schools I applied to in Grade 12:
Rotman Commerce
UTSC Management Co-op
Queen's Commerce
Waterloo AFM
Brock BAcc
Ryerson BComm

90% HS average
Completed 2 co-ops at Fortune 500 Company and will be doing third term at same 
2 Study Terms Left
Interviews for First Co-op: Banks, GE, Small Accounting Firms
Second Co-op: Multiple Return Offers
Third Co-op: Banking, same company, 3 interviews, one dinner application process.  Other interviews: GE, London Office Capital Markets, Financial Analyst 

What is the difference between Co-op vs. Internships? 

Many employers are opting to choose this route because of a tax credit. What does this do for the student? Well, since the employer is receiving a credit, they can choose to pay you more. Example: Pay you $15,000 but they get $3000 back so they are really paying you $12,000. To do this, you need to be a student enrolled in an accredited co-op program. http://www.fin.gov.on.ca/en/credit/cetc.

Co-op programs and jobs are regulated by a board meaning there is a standard that employers and schools have to meet. For UTSC personally, the co-op department screens every job and ensures that every job is relevant. Will you find secretary only positions? Nope but you might have some administrative duties in your job mandate. There are compensation standards and so on. All co-op schools have a job portal exclusive to co-op students. While the jobs can be found on TalentEgg and Linkedin and so on, the advantage comes in the 1st round and continuous round and Ranking System. 

Finally, co-op programs allow for more opportunity. Most jobs posted in the Winter and Fall semester are only for co-op students to apply meaning instead of only getting to apply for summer internships, you can get 3 semesters a year for a chance. Some industries like accounting hire more in the Winter. For UTSC, they allow us so much flexibility in the length of our work term (4,8,12 months) as well as our sequence order. A study did show that on average co-op students get an 11% higher starting salary on full time offers because of the experience. There are not that many co-op schools in Canada compared to non co-op. The job qualities are the exact same. You can do IB or Consulting in the Fall or Winter.

Let's begin!

Note that everything said here is purely my opinion and not of my employer or university. 

EDIT: This site is a bit weird, when a new response is made I have to scroll through the thread to find it. If I miss your question, please post it on the bottom.
Rising 2nd Year at Queen's Commerce. Ask me what you want to know about the program.
I used to browse these forums before I went to uni. Looking back on them now, I see a huge amount of disinformation and trolling that is absolutely hilarious to me. 

Ask me any questions you might have about Queen's, Queen's Commerce, or business schools in Canada in general. I will do my best to answer. 
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Osap Funding 75% less than estimated
Hi Yconic community,

I am looking for some help regarding the recent estimate i recently received from OSAP. About a month ago, I used OSAP estimate calculator to determine how much I could get. OSAP estimate calculator estimated approximately $12 000, which gave me the necessary money i needed to cover my expenses with about $2000 left over. The estimate I actually got was $3000 dollars, which actually puts me in serious trouble because my father contributed the maximum he could and I already included all my assets and the money I will earn in my application. Is there any noticeable reason my funding is so low? I've seen other people's funding's, who have much more than I do, get much higher funding than me. Somebody please help me figure this out.
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OSAP LOAN not showing HELP
so i was checking OSAP the other day it only showed Ontario grant for low income family and no Loan or tution Fee amount, why can this happen

Also i made some mistakes on my parents income some lines were not filled in correctly is it cause of that and how can i correct it? can it be done by just visiting the financial aid office at my college 

Tips on frosh week?
So I'm an introvert and not many people I know are going to the university I'm going to, I tried making friends online on my schools Facebook group and then I found out that my school which is York University does frosh in a way where everyone is kind of separated so your frosh depends on the college you're affiliated with. All the friends I've made are associated with different colleges so I won't see them at frosh since they're not in my college. So basically I'm asking how to make friends in frosh when you don't know anybody and you're introverted and pretty shy. I didn't want to go to frosh but a friend of mine said she made her best friends at her frosh, and since she's a commuter she doesn't live on res (same thing as me) so I'm mostly going to frosh to meet new people but I don't wanna waste 110 or more dollars on frosh if I don't end up liking it anyways please help with some tips and what are some examples of activities that would be at frosh? (Also I tagged other schools so that i can get a feel of what frosh really is)
Enrolled in BA Economics with Management Option in Wilfred Laurier University.
I had doubt about the Math courses I'll be doing in my 4 years. Anyone knows what and how many Math course I will be doing? It'll be a great help with any information. Can add me on Facebook for a private PM[ Manish Ranjan from Muscat, Oman ].
I got accepted to mcgill computer science
I got accepted for a transfer to mcgill computer science, I just finished my first year of ee at uwindsor, should I accept the offer?
Will it help me land jobs at google, apple, amazon etc.
Tips for Succeeding
What are some tips for succeeding in these courses and getting high marks:  



Conrad Hall
I just wanted to know something about Conrad Hall at Laurier. I know its an all girl residence but is it true that guys can get single rooms there?
I ask because a friend of mine is a guy but got assigned a single room there.
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Did I mess up my chances of getting into Laurier BBA next year?
I took BAT4M (Accounting) in grade 11, and only managed to get an 81% which will bring down my average if it is included in my top 6. I'm taking 6 U/M courses next year, so I'm hoping to bump that 81% off my application. 

The thing that worries me is when you apply with first semester midterms, and the university looks at grade 11 marks and completed grade 12 courses. I got an 84 in advanced functions, and an 85 in English. 

What I plan to do is to retake accounting in my first semester, so the universities I apply to won't incorporate the 81 I got in gr 12 accounting into my average, since I know I'll be able to obtain a higher mark if I repeat the course in first semester. 
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Co-op after graduation in summer before university?
Hey guys,

I'm taking co-op right now for SHSM before university, and my high school has withheld my OSSD, even though I've already fulfilled all of the OSSD requirements already. My co-op grades won't get uploaded to the OUAC, and my diploma status won't be updated until August 19th. I received a conditional offer, and met those requirements by the time I graduated. But since my diploma is being withheld, will the school revoke my offer before I get it? Can I upload a transcript proving I met the requirements of the OSSD (minus SHSM)?

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2nd year International Dual Degree AMA
Hey guys,  I am currently enrolled in the International Dual Degree (Irish track) at Brock University. If you have any questions regarding the campus life, co-op, academics etc... Feel free to ask!

*I'll try to answer all of your questions as soon as I can. 

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A new laptop for university
Hello everyone as the title stated, I would like to have a new laptop for y post secondary education. I have been browsing different models and puzzled by all the options. Right now, I am using ASUS S56C... and it only lasts for 4 hours (without internal browsing) .... 

So here's some specs I would like to have in my future laptop, and hopefully tech gurus can help me  :)

1. Long lasting battery (at least 6 hours, the more the better , if possible)
2. Graphic Card
3. Intel i7
5. DVD drive
6. Window Operation (I still don't know how to use Apple laptops)
7. At least 8 GB memory
8. 3+ USB Ports and 1+ USB-C port(s)
9. 256 GB+ Hard drive
10. 17" screen
11. Bluetooth

May have: 
1. Touchscreen
2. Good sound system
3. Glowing keyboard (cuz I think this is cool but it's not necessary at all)

Major usage:
1. Normal tasks (PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, Excel)
2. Video editing (Premiere Pro - it freezes when I use my current laptop)
3. Photoshop
4. Tons of internet browsing at the same time (can up to 100 pages at the same time)
5. Graphic Design (Inventor and AutoCAD)

Price: As long as it is under $3000

Thank you very much :)
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Question about Con.ed
Hi, I'm graduating Cegep(English) in Quebec and considering to study Conc.Ed to be a French teacher in Canada. I've heard that Queen's, York, UT, UOttawa have good programs for it. My average is 85% but not so sure about which one to choose...

And so if I understand the system right, I study B.A in French studies and Conc.Ed at the same time for 5 years then after become qualified to teach French?

I'm not sure if I should do concurrent or consecutive Education. Any suggestion?