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A degree in environmental science?
I was thinking of pursuing a degree in environmental science. Are there lots of jobs that you can get with this degree? What kind of jobs require this degree? Also, what school offers the best program in Ontario?
To those starting grade 12...
I've been waiting to graduate for so long because I hate my high school, but as the days have passed ive noticed that im becoming more nervous for this year. Do any of you feel this anxiety building up? How are you coping with it?
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Health Studies, Physical Science, and Life Science at University of Waterloo (Co Op)
Hello! I was wondering if anyone here was accepted to the programs listed in the title this year and if you could share your average. It says the admission range is low-mid 80's, but does that really mean you need a 90 average in order to not be in the competitive range?
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6, 7, OR 8 courses?
Basically I'm a grade 12 student in a dilemma. I wish in my earlier years i could have thought to taken some grade 12 courses. Now I'm going into grade 12 with nothing. I need to know how many courses I should take. Here is a list of courses I have right now:

Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Advanced Function
Calculus and vectors
French (because I'm in french immersion)
Geography (because I'm in french immersion)

I need to know if taking more courses would be a good idea or would it turn out to be disastrous. My main goal is to get into top business schools. If you agree with taking more courses do you have any recommendations on courses I should take wheter it be online or in school. THANKS!
What to expect in a job interview? (part-time)
I recently applied to a discount shop for a part time job as a sales associate. I got a call for a drop-in interview tomorrow but I haven't had much experience with job interviews. I was wondering what to expect, in terms of questions and how to respond to them, and how I should act or talk? What they like to hear and what type of questions should I ask them? Thanks.
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Would taking only 3 courses first semester have any affect on my university admissions?
My plan is to take 6 courses in grade 12, 3 each. I was wondering if this would affect the university admission process in any way.
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What are the chances that you will get into the program of your choice after a first year common/general engineering at Western? Mac master? 
i am concerned that I will not get into the program of my choice after first year 
if anyone goes to Western or Mac, please help! is there any way i can check the statistics? 
Starting a Model UN Club
Hi guys,
I'm hoping to get into top US and Canadian universities, and I currently have the grades, but I believe I have to work on my ECs.  
I was wondering if I could possibly start a Model United Nations club/team at my school, and how I would do it. 
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Do I have the grades for Concurrent Education
Hi everyone. I'm a Grade 12 student hoping to attend university (hopefully either Queen's, York or McGill) for Con. Ed.

I finished Grade 11 with an overall 87% average and a top 6 average of 89%.
I have many extracurriculars (Concert Band, Jazz Band, Student Parliament, SLAM Leader [Student Leader and Mentor], Counsellor at an Integrated Arts camp every year since 2015, led school tours, role model in school, etc).
Do you think I'll be able to get in to top Education schools such as Queen's, York, McGill, etc.

Concurrent Education
I'm a Grade 12 student that hopes to attend university for concurrent education in September of 2017.
What schools have good Con. Ed music programs? My top choices are Queen's, York and McGill. What other schools have good Con Ed programs?
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What average is needed for electrical and computer engineering at waterloo and uoft?
Hi Yconic,
I was wondering what average was required to get into these two programs.
I am entering grade 12 next year.
I have several ecs, but unfortunately none of them are engineering related.
I have also held two summer jobs, this summer and last.
My ecs demonstrate leadership within the community.
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Sauder 2016/ 2017 transfer thread
Hi Guys!!

I want to transfer to UBC sauder from sfu arts and would really like some helpful tips!!! This thread is also for other people wanting to transfer. I'm want to get in for second year!! Thanks in advance! 
Odds of Getting Accepted to an American Aerospace Engineering Master's Program
Hello folks, First time posting on yconic so I'll try to keep it brief. Haha, this is yet another "what are my chances" post that we've all seen many times over and have either grown to love or despise. Nevertheless, I will give a quick backstory and follow that up with the obvious question.  

I completed my undergraduate degree from Queen's University in mechanical engineering back in 2014. Academically, I did very well. GPA: 4.13 out of 4.3 and I did receive some scholarships based upon academic performance. I was accepted to a fully funded master's program at Queen's University after my undergrad. The area of research pertained to reducing the heat signatures on military aircraft, which I was very excited for. This was largely funded by a military defense company. CFD would comprise a large part of this program. Long story short, I found out a month before I was to start that my professor (supervisor) would be out of the country for the majority of my program and that he could only be reached sporadically via Skype or email. I also was a little burnt out on school at the time and felt work experience might do me some good. I therefore decided to withdraw from the program and instead found employment working as a Mechanical EIT in the nuclear power industry.  

I've been at my current job for 2 years and do a lot of mechanical design work involving fluid mechanics, CFD analysis and stress analysis using hand calculation and FEA techniques. All of the stress analysis work (always with regards to pressure boundary) needs to either comply with ASME BPVC Section III & VIII or ASME B31.1. So I do have quite a bit of experience with designing to code. Lately, I've been involved with some CFD work at the office and it's made me realize how much I wish I could pursue further study in the field of aerospace engineering (most likely focusing on computational aerodynamics or CFD & propulsion). A quick aside, aerospace has always been my chief area of interest but the employment opportunities in Canada seem to be limited in comparison to the opportunities available in the USA.  

For the past month or so I've been contemplating taking the GRE and sending out applications to upper echelon aerospace engineering master's programs in the USA. Schools such as Caltech, Stanford, Georgia Tech, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, etc. I have even looked at what we have to offer here in Canada at U of T and was very impressed. However, my first choice would be to go to the States for study, if possible.  

Anyways, to quickly wrap this up and save you folks from a lengthy read, what are my chances of getting accepted to an upper tier American aerospace engineering master's program given my current situation? Would I just be wasting my time and money on applications? Any advice or personal experience from anyone willing to share would be greatly appreciated :).  

[U. of T.] Enroll to Computer Science major/specialist from other department
I was originally enrolled to Social Science program at U. of T., but last year I decided to switch to Computer Science major or specialist and started taking the courses those are prerequisites to enroll. 

In addition to my other non-computer science courses, so far I have taken: CSC108H1 (A+), CSC148H1(A) and CSC165H1(B+)

This year (Fall 2016 and Winter 2017) I am taking: CSC209H1, CSC236H1, CSC258H1, MAT135H1

I found that the Comp Sc. department is very strict to 'migrating' students those are coming from other departments. Can you please guide and advice me how and what path should I go so that I could choose my career path as a Computer programmer.

Your helpful advice would be very much appreciated.


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Graduating high school with no friends?
Man, I feel hella sad
I moved to a new school in a good area in Grade 10, tried to make friends
And its grade 12, I'm graduating with no squad I actively chill with

I have a lot of people that talk to me at school, say hi to in the halls, want to work with me when it comes down to school stuff

But no squad to call my own. No friends that invite me out.

All of the people at my school have their groups made since grade 9, and even before since middle school. It's so hard to find a place where I just fit in man

I tried getting to be friends with one group of people, but despite all my friendliness and my efforts showing that I see them as friends outside of school, they ignore me and don't see me in the same way

I try to invite them out places, but they never come through. And when it comes down to their stuff (movies, birthdays etc) they don't invite me out

And now I'm graduating Grade 12, no real friends that I chill with outside of school
I'm not an awkward person, I play basketball casually, but idk man

I'm normally a guy not fazed by sh*t like this, but when I saw my friend posting pics of his birthday party on his snapchat story, I got kinda sad :/

What should I do :/
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Is my ENG4U mark too low for UofT?
I just finished grade 12 English in E learning and I ended up with an 83. So I wanted to know if I can get into Rotman Commerce at UofT with this English mark.
Courses taken first semester (grade 12)
Hey guys!

I will be staring grade 12 soon, and I'm not quite sure what's right to do with my schedule. My first semester will consist of functions, a spare, bio and a bird course (like challenge and change or gym). I know, that's too easy!

I know the univeristies I'll be applying for will look over my first semester average.If I'm going into the sciences, is taking just bio and functions good for one semester? Should I add another science like chemistry (instead of gym)? I also know that if I do get accepted into a program, there's a specific average I need to keep up with. So what do you think?

Any advice will he helpful! Thanks. 
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Should I be taking grade 12 chemistry?
I didn't do too well in grade 11 chem, got a 73. I want to get into a computer science program, and a lot of them don't require chemistry. Regardless, would it still be worth it to take it? I'm currently taking:

ENG4U(took it in the summer already)
Computer Science
Business management

I'm being told to drop fitness or business and take chemistry, but I feel like it might drag me down. I'm just scared, and need advice.
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Notebooks vs Loose leaf
Hey, so schools about to start soon and I was wondering if I should buy a bunch of loose leaf paper for taking notes or buy  200 page notebooks for each course. What's your take?
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Kinesiology at Waterloo
Hey! I'm going into grade 12 and I am interested in the kinesiology program at Waterloo.  I am wondering if the program prepares me to apply for a physiotherapy program afterwards.  Would it be relatively easy to fit the necessary prerequisites for physiotherapy school into my timetable? Thanks in advance!
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Hello all I'm headed to university in a year or so (hopefully UBC, medical sciences) and I'm wondering what scholarships you guys would recommend me apply for. I'm not quite a super-nerd but my GPA holds at ~90%. Thanks in advance!
Is this transfer to Engineering Science at U of T feasible (work-load wise)?

I am currently entering my first year into an engineering physics program at a "recognised university". Because this school is not my "dream school", I would like to transfer to U of T's engineering science. My courses are comparable for the most part (except for 4 courses which i would need to catch up on), which means I would more than likely get (if my grades are competitive of course)a transfer to second year, while needing to catch up on four courses. This would mean that I would need to take 8 courses per semester during my second year. I am not sure whether this would be feasible, in the sense that I've heard that second year is already the most difficult of the entire program.
What do you guys think? Is it feasible for a strong student?
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How Does IVEY contact your references? *URGENT*
I was letting my references know that they might be contacted by Ivey School of Business regarding my essays. So, they all asked whether EMAIL is the most prominent way of contacting or is it through a PHONE CALL. 

Please let me know so I can relay the message to my references. 
Thanks in advance peeps.  
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Best undergrad program at each university for medical school?
I'm doing a little summer research on universities and their programs because I will be applying this year, but, as each school is different, can anyone tell me the programs suited for biology and medical school at each university? I realize that any program can get you into med school as long as you have the prereq's but I'm really interested in only biology. It's fine if you only know one.  

For example, at McMaster, it would be health sciences and life sciences.  

I'm looking for programs at University of Toronto, Waterloo, Queen's, and Western.