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$500 "To My Past Self" Community Contest
Hindsight is everything, right? 

With Happy Student New Year quickly approaching, we want to know what one piece of advice you would have given yourself 12 months ago to better get you through your last academic year.  

We’re looking for some inspirational advice that will help other students have an amazing 2015/16 Student New Year. Whether it’s “No matter how comfy your bed is, go to class” or “life’s short, eat the cake” we want to hear from you.  

To enter, simply comment below using your real name with “To My Past Self:” followed by the piece of advice you think would have helped you one year ago. 

Encourage your friends to vote your comment as helpful. The comment with the most helpful votes at the end of the contest period will be awarded the $500 prize.* 

Only friends that have an active yconic profile will be able to vote. So connect and make new friends in the yconic Community or invite your friends to join http://yconic.com for FREE today.

Deadline to apply is October 15, 2015 @ 9:00 AM EDT.  

*See full rules and regulations. Please note: Anonymous or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated nor entered into this contest.  

What advice will you find most helpful? Help us identify the best advice by giving your favourite comments a ‘Help Vote’!

* https://support.yconic.com/hc/en-us/articles/205369054--To-My-Past-Self-Community-Contest-Rules
Art-Sci at University of Toronto?
Anyone here in the art and sciences faculty at UofT or planning to go there?

What are your thoughts about this program? Would you consider it a decent undergraduate degree for someone who is interested in going to graduate school (i.e. law school) since there is no 'pre-law' degree.

I would most probably major in International Relations, Political Sciences, History OR Computer Science. Still thinking about this one.
Pre Law Thread 2015-2016
I know a lot of people are interested in engineering, cs, medicine and it looks like pre law students have been shunned from this forum. So I decided to give us a voice... 

Every pre law hopeful write down wat ur planning on majoring in and wat school u will attend.

Myn is.... Economics at either ubc or sfu
Ophthalmic Medical Technology
Hey, I'm interested to know more about the Ophthalmic Medical Technology program at uOttawa. Im in grade 12 atm and im a mid-80s avg student. I wanted to know how does this program play out, I heard apparently its split into 2 years of studying and another 2 years in a hospital somewhere in ottawa, and I wanted to know if this is a good program to go into optometry school after or maybe even medical school. Thanks :)
Do I leave home or not?????
I am currently trying to decide between York for Digital Media or Waterloo for GBDA (Global Business and Digital Arts). I am from Waterloo so I would save money if I went for GBDA by not living in residence, although the tuition is almost the same amount that I would pay to attend Digital Media at York (tuition plus residence etc). Both programs seem equally interesting and tailored to my interests. It's a tough call, so that's why I'm asking for advice!

GBDA appeals to me because, like I said, I am from Waterloo so I like the fact that I wouldn't have to pay for residence (for first and second year...the program moves to Stratford for the last two years). Also, since I would be at home, I would have access to my "home studio" whenever I want rather than having to travel back on weekends. I also like the idea of moving to Stratford as it a cute, tiny city and I have wanted to experience living in such a place. Since I would wait an additional two years after finishing high school to move out, I may feel more ready at that time to start my adult life.

Digital Media at York is also eye-catching as I would be in Toronto, away from my crazy family. Most times than not, my siblings are very rowdy and it is hard to be at peace. Not having to deal with them on a day-to-day basis would be lovely, but then I worry about noisy students in residence. Besides that, Toronto is a great place to be due to the film industry, which I am interested in. Even though I probably won't get a job in that, I love acting, so having access to auditions will help me get a head start on my fantasy career. I also enjoy directing and producing film of course, this is why I want to study digital media. Everything else in Toronto seems great, too. The numerous concerts and Kensington Market make me happy. It would just suck to be away from family and I worry about not being able to produce music in my dorm.

Given my ups and downs for each program, which do you think would be better suited for me? Feel free to ask questions, I just need help!

ALSO, I would like to start a career after I am finished school (who wouldn't?) so I am worried about the job prospectives for each program. Does anyone know the likeliness of getting a job after graduation in the field of study for each of these programs?

Thanks for taking the time to read this if you have and I apologize for the length!

The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did With My Money
The dumbest thing I have ever done with my money is pay my younger sister to do small chores for me. I pay her to do the dishes and sort the recycling so that I may complete all of my homework on time, retain a healthy physique, and get enough sleep every night. Only my money doesn't go directly to her. I buy her tickets to local hockey games so she can chatter about the eye candy there. She doesn't appreciate the game, she just wants to make snap judgements about the players based on their looks. I know some of the players on the OJHL team Wellington Dukes, and she'll joke about their performance during games.
Each ticket is worth ten dollars, and home games are about once a week during the regular season. During playoffs, the tickets rise to twelve dollars for best of seven. I have paid for my sister to attend two full seasons plus playoffs. Seasons usually go from September to March, which is seven months. Assuming there are four home games a month, there are 28 regular season games... multiplied by ten dollars... I no longer think this is a funny story.
Hello, can someone please explain university to me? I mean that in the most non stupidest way, lol. Like what does it mean by units (5 units, 12 units and such) per semester. 
Please just explain courses, units, how much credits they are worth, semesters and what not. I don't want to be clueless in this whole process.
Thanks in advance! Appreciate it. 
I'm a current grade 12 student and want to go to Laurier. After I want to go into marketing but I keep seeing people refer to it as a 'bird course'. Also does joining things like DECA help students get into Business schools
career help
i need help finding a career!! i am so stuck. i am in between going into business or health sciences - Forensic nursing to be more specific. I love presnting and persuading people and doing like sale pitches, but i dont want a SALES career, i want to go into some fun creative business marketing career, but i donty know any. What might be some good paying fun business careers, hopefuilly dont have to deal with alot of math...
I'm an international prospective student. Please I need information on masters programme for civil engineering, but must be affordable though. Good lifestyle and sports like basketball. Cheap accommodation.
Do universities look at your attendance record? Do they care if you skipped class or was late one or twice?
What else do i have to do to get into Queens Commerce
Okay looking at this website has made me scared shitless for uni applications in the next couple months. I'm set on going into business & my top 3 unis are Queens Commerce, Western IVEY (BMOS as first year) and Laurier BBA.

Grades 9-11 i pretty much had an 88% average, but that's only because i slacked in some courses. This year I'm sure I can get a 93% average at LEAST. (i have 3 courses each semester, more time to literally work my ass off)

Grade 9 junior girls rugby, varsity badminton
Grade 10 indoor & outdoor track and field, drama club director, student council grade rep, peer mentor
Grade 11 student council exec (social coordinatior), peer mentor
Grade 12 student council exec (president), peer mentor, softball team

180 volunteer hours at local soccer club,


I am a 3rd Year Queen's Commerce Student: AMA!
I'll be happy to answer any questions, whether they're related to your entry essays/application, academic things, or the social life here at Queen's!
I want to go to a top-tier business school,  but I am afraid my calculus mark is bringing me down! I have an overall average over 90 but my past calc quiz and test I got 54% and 61%. I understand all the homework and do it correctly I just can't seem to do well on the tests. Does anyone have any advice?
2nd year UBC student! Ask me anything!
Finished first year at UBC as a Health Science (FNH) student in LFS; now I'm a second year student for 2015-2016. 

Want to know how I got in? What UBC life is like? General advice about gr. 12/senior year, study tips, and applying to universities? I'll try my best to answer any of your inquiries (:

p.s. Yes, Ana Steele and Shia LaBeouf "went" here.
Admission Questions? Ask a Current UBC Student!
Hi guys,

I always remember finding this forum really useful back when I was applying for universities in 2012, and I'd like to offer you the opportunity to actually get some hard knowledge about admissions rather than just hearsay. Though I'm in Sauder, I can answer any questions regarding direct entry to all UBC programs, Sauder transfer applications, and general university stuff.

You should all also take a look at the holy grail of UBC admissions, specifically table 18 where all admission averages for all programs for entry in 2013W are outlined.

Hope to see you all at UBC in September!
Engineering At UofGuelph
What's the admission average for Guelph engineering. Also wat would it be for biomedical Engineering
Average needed for engineering?
Im trying to apply for electrical , computer engineering at ryerson, Mcmasters , uni of toronto, waterloo. could you tell me around how much mark average you need, to get in. And if you know someone or someone who is in what average did they/you get in with. 
Best business/ accounting
What is the best university program for aspiring CPA?
A little background of me: I love the business world. But I also want to keep my options open, I like accounting and also  want to work as marketing manager/ or CEO in the future. This is my ultimate dream (might sound unrealistic)
So yes, which program do you recommend in terms of reputation, easy route to cpa, tuition and so on. 
I never took accounting in HS . Worried
Do you think I will like accounting in general if I'm pretty much/average good at math. Got 90 on grade 11 functions and Im expecting a higher 90s for grade 12 adv. Functions since my tests are either perfect or one to two mistakes. My data management will be low to mid 90s i should say.. i never took accounting in grade 11 so i dont have the chance to take it this year. what do you guys think? I want to get a CPA designation.. but actually no idea what they do specifically. I mean, i know they do debits and credits and all that stuff, and it kind of interests me. Im just not so sure if i will like or hate it. Anyone here who didnt took accounting in hs but enjoyed it in univesity? And vice versa.
Advanced Function Grade
I sort of messed up in my math class. I got a 91 on the first unit test while on the thinking task i got a 61. I didnt prepare at all for the thinking task and my course mark right now is a 85% if i was to get over 90s on the rest of the test/thinking tasks, will my mark be over 90 by end of semester? I know i can get over 90s on test. I want to apply for SE and CS at waterloo so im just wondering if i can still get it to be above 90%

Thanks so much

A worried grade 12 brown kid
UofT PEY vs Ryerson IIP
What's better, UofT or Ryerson internships for ECE/biomed/robotics related jobs?
What are the major differences?
Will PEY really give me a big advantage?