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Will I get into McGill ??!
What r the chances for me getting into science with a 92.5 %average ??its just in the minimum line which is why I'm a little scared.
How hard is it to get into University of Waterloo/ UBC/ Uni of Toronto for me ?
I am an International student in grade 11. I study in an Indian curriculum (CBSE) school in Bahrain (Middle East).

I want to apply for computer science with co-op. 

My grade 10 Cumulative GPA: 9.8/10
My score for grade 11 term 1:
Math: A+ (98/100) , Chemistry: A+ (66/70), Physics: A (47.5/70) - that's my lowest mark ever (the paper was really hard), Computer Science: A (62/70), English A+ (66/80)
I don't really like my scores in grade 11, I'll improve in the second term. 

My extracurriculars:

1. NASA International Space Settlement Contest 2013 – 2nd Prize (First award winner from the entire Middle East region in the contest’s history, competing against students from 20 countries.)
2. NASA International Space Settlement Contest 2014 – 3rd Prize
3. ISWEEEP, Houston, USA 2015 – International Finalist for own invention project titled “Biodegradable Plastics for Better Agriculture” (First International Finalist from Bahrain)
4. Golden Climate International Environment Project Olympiad Kenya 2014 – International Finalist for own invention project titled “Biodegradable Plastics for Better Agriculture” Project I’d : 140677 (First International Finalist from Bahrain)
5. International Young Inventors Project Olympiad, Georgia 2015 – International Direct Finalist (First International Finalist from Bahrain)
6. Golden Climate International Environment Project Olympiad Kenya 2015 – Senior Division – International Finalist. Project I’d: 151070(First International Finalist from Bahrain)
7. INESPO International Environment Scientific Project Olympiad (INESPO), Netherlands 2015 – International Finalist. Project I’d 2136 (First International Finalist from Bahrain)
8. Autodesk Building Performance Analysis Certified and Autodesk Excellence in Analysis (year 2014)  
9. Autodesk Student Expert  
10. Certificate of Distinction in Science, International Benchmark Test, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) 2015
11. Sastra Prathibha National Examination 2014 – A grade 
12 Sastra Prathibha National Examination 2015 – A+ grade top scorer
13. National Institute of Technology, Bahrain Microsoft MTA Scholarship – Half Scholarship Winner 
14. Received Appreciation from United Nations Director for Gulf Countries (Mr. Nejib Friji) for helping in promoting the UN My World 2015 Survey and Post 2015 Development Agenda in the Middle East School Network 
15. Founder and Secretary General of Everyone Counts Society, Bahrain and founder of the Everyone Counts Newsletter to address global issues. 
16. The World Scholar’s Cup Bahrain Regional Round 2015 – 4th place and global round qualifier 
17. The World Scholar’s Cup GLOBAL Round 2015 - top 10% Science, Top 30% writing, and 4 other awards + school top scorer.

I am writing my third proposal for the NASA contest

I am also making my own formula to calculate economic feasibility of a space mission. 

Chance my acceptance into UW/ UBC/ U of T - computer science with co-op. Which university is better for me ? 

I can afford Waterloo without any aid, I will have to seek for scholarships for the others. 

Which university is better for me ? What is my chance of acceptance ? Chance me for other top universities like MIT, Caltech, Columbia, NYU etc. 

Thank you so much :D
Laptop for engineering!!
Is getting a Mac that much of a struggle for engineering students (as is to run the many different programs) than having a Windows PC?

Also, can the HP Spectre x360 (w/ core i7, 8g and 256 SSD) be a good alternative?

Any other suggestion would be appreciated! Merci.
life science vs. nursing
im taking life science this september at UTSC but im thinking about the jobs i can get with this degree and the options are limited and so now im looking into going to nursing but is it possible to change from life science to nursing after the first year or can i stick to life science and go into nursing after ¬
Do Universities bump up the average for a student applying from Alberta?
I am a gr11 student currently in high school in Alberta and I heard that if you apply to a University outside of Alberta they might bump up your average by a percent or two. I heard that UBC boosts it by 2-4% but do school from Ontario do it? 

Lawyers ?!?!
So I was thinking of going into law and I had some questions.
1) Is it harder to get into law school or med school
2) what do u need to be good at to get into law school
3) is being a lawyer an in demand job ? what are the prospects of lawyers
4) is it essential that u need to be extremely good in ur english  classes
5)what is the acceptance rate of people getting into law school

answer any thank u!
York BAS, McMaster Business, and Laurier BBA

I just finished grade 12 and i'm taking a year off. i was wondering if i can get into Laurier, McMaster or York for business?

Grade 11 marks
G11 Accounting: 87
Marketing: 95
Photography: 89
Coop: 94
Law: 94
English: 71
Functions: 66 

Grade 12 marks:
International business: 94
Accounting: 93
Law 12: 90
Economics: 90
English: 90 ( private school)
Advanced Functions: 95 (private school)
Calculus: 85

Why do students go into business?

Please don’t say because you want to become an investment banker and make millions. The job market is already oversaturated with jobless commerce/degree holders (go look on redflagdeals forums).

  The only reason I went into business because I suck in science, therefore I couldn’t go into engineering. Most students will tell you they are interested or passionate etc (complete BS for high school students with no actual business experience). Going into my 3rd year I had coop/internship experience working for two top firms and found the work doable, not necessarily interesting.

osap funding amount
is it possible to ask for more osap if you think you arent recieving enough?

#yFundUs Contest
Bring student projects to life!
More information http://yconic.com/programs/yfundus
OSAP Funding
I have directed my OSAP funds to my school but i will not be getting the osap money until September and my tuition is due in august. How much do i pay the school? Should i just pay the difference between what I am receiving and the cost or the entire amount?
Can you please do something about the night-time spam?
For many weeks now we've been bombarded with spam that usually starts right after midnight. I'm unable to post on this site at that time or read old threads, because I get a message that says "Oops, you've hit your posting limit. Please wait a couple minutes and try again." It's getting really tiresome and isn't a problem I see with other forums or the old studentawards.

What are the administrators of this site doing to stop this spam flow? It's getting ridiculous.
All PRE-MEDS READ THIS. U of T med average accepted GPA of 3.96 this year

"I got into medicine this year and decided to choose Western (waitlisted at Toronto). But I know, off the top of my head, at least 6-8 Western grads with 4.0s applying next year - and through a family friend at Health Sci at MAC - close to 40 or so in that program alone that will likely have 4.0s when applying as 4th years and 3rd years. So in my opinion, unless UofT starts ranking undergrad program difficulty, or using the MCAT beyond just a simple screen - the average GPA will rise a bit. Remember...the 3.96 GPA average includes graduate students, where a lower GPA is acceptable. Almost all undergrads (NOT ALL), had basically 4.0s. I got waitlisted, and the only people in my circle that got in were 4.0 wGPA (a few did have one or two courses less than 90 - but those were removed).

This is, of course, due to massive grade inflation, removal of prerequisites (to appease the 'progressive' masses), mass technology based exam cheating in some cases among some 'groups', and professors caving in to whiny undergrads (to be fair - at times I was one of those). The MCAT was also sort of ruined because of ease of taking multiple attempts and the short nature of the exam - I suspect the new exam may change that. I've always been amazed at the hate I've received for basically stating some of these pretty obvious trends...but here we are...an average GPA of 3.96 at UofT meds. A cutoff for interview of over 93% for dentists at Saskatchewan (which would exclude all McGill graduates, as the highest mark you can get at McGill converts to a 93%). A medical school (western) that has a 12 cutoff for biology. And the program that started this all??


I pity those that do take challenging undergraduate programs in this country. Engineering science at Toronto? Those students are almost all brilliant - and yet an insane drop out rate and low class averages. Waterloo engineering programs? Virtually all UofT science undergrad programs at St George campus. McGill science programs. These students actually have high standards to receive good marks - and there is genuine vigour and standards. Mac Health Sciences? Lovey dovey classes with 4.0s for everyone - it's as if Oprah Winfrey is the dean there.

 And once again - not an attack on Health Science Students - they are simply taking advantage of a good situation. The blame is on the academic practices of McMaster."
I'm at U of T Scarborough and need to pick my courses tonight but i have no idea what i need! I'm in life sciences and am automatically enrolled in Chem and Bio already. What courses do i need???!!!1
Razear's Credibility
I love how people mistake his advice for trolling just because he doesn't offer fairy tale answers that other people on this forum give. Grow up left wing nut bars lol
What's so good about Waterloo????
It's an overrated money sucker meant to suck dumb ppl dry. It's CS/math/engineering faculties r overrated as fvck. I feel sorry for the dumbasses who go there. Luckily I made the right choice and went to western ivey for finance. I hope prospective students do the same, don't buy into the BS waterloo hype. Bay Street, wall street and silicon valley don't give a fvck if ur in Waterloo.
Career Path Guide
Hey guys,

We're working on a way to help students decide their education and career path.

This is how we want to do it

Please let us know what you think.
Scholarships and Biochem vs Life Science
I'm a student who is going into 12th grade this September from Ontario, I was just wondering what I could do this summer in regards to preparing for university applications.
I have all the hours and marks I need so far(not including the grade 12 marks I will be completing next year). Like are there any scholarships or things I can apply to for the summer?

Also is it better to go the Life Science or Biochemistry (mainly Mac or UofT) route when it comes to pre-med options. I want something more biology based and I'm not sure I will  be accepted for Health Sci (at Mac or McGill).

My average for grade 11 (7, grade 11 credits and 2 grade 12) is 90% so would I be eligible for early acceptances?

Thanks for any help xx
worried about grade eleven.....
I'm going into grade eleven next year, and I would like to eventually go into health sciences at McMasters. In grade ten, I only managed to pull off an 87% average and I am freaking out because I know Mac requires high grades. I know I can always work harder next year and I will do that obviously, but do any of you guys have any tips? I'm just really stressed out and I want to get over a 90% average.
helping son find scholarships


I think I have messed up my profile due to not being clear on how to enter information...what i'm really looking for is scholarships/grants/awards for my son who is entering university this fall.  Could someone please help me make a parental profile that would allow me to access this information?  Thanks very much!

Really Hard Summer School Gr 12 Bio Teacher
Hi guys,

I am in summer school gr 12 bio right now and coming in, I was expecting to get at least a 90% for my only top 6 elective since I'm applying to engineering. My teacher ended up being really hard on our class and now it's too late to drop and I'm only getting 76.7. Even if i get 100% on the exam, I will only finish with an 82. I don't expect it to be in my top 6 so should I even try anymore?