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Computer Engineering admission average for uoft
I really want to get into computer engineering at uoft, I was just wondering what the cutoff you guys think would be, for 2016-2017 applications, I know the other ones are definitely high and are around the 90s but the site does say for computer engineering that it should be around mid 80s, what average do I need for a solid chanxe? do I have  a decent chance with an 87-88 avg?

Also besides uoft what are the cutoffs around for Waterloo, Mac, and then my backup ryerson, (computer engineering for all of them), I am guessing ryerson is mid low 80s ishh Mac is around 89-91 and Waterloo I have no clue

Any enlightenment is appreciated guys
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iTRAQ Labeling
Creative Proteomics offers <a href="http://www.creative-proteomics.com/Services/iTRAQ-based-proteomics-analysis.htm">iTRAQ Labeling</a> service suited for unbiased untargeted biomarker discovery. Relative quantification of proteins for biomarker discovery in complex mixtures by mass spectrometry can easily and quickly be achieved using iTRAQ technology. iTRAQ is ideally suited for comparing normal, diseased, and drug-treated samples, time course studies, biological replicates and provides relative quantitation.
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Why is Math so difficult
I strive in literacy based courses such as English and Law but when it comes to Math I completely suck. I am in grade 12 considering learning math all the way up to grade 12 university level. Any tips on where I should begin and how to tackle it?
First Year Nursing Student: ASK ME
Hi! I am currently finishing up my first year as a nursing student (in the middle of exams haha, just a few more to go). I am part of the Ryerson-Centennial-George Brown collaborative program and I attend the Centennial site, so you can definitely ask me about that. 

A post like this helped me before I entered, so I wanted to do the same. If you have any questions about first year in terms of courses, what to expect, school life, the campus, clinical, specific study tips etc. then I'll answer as best as I can!
Mcmaster Life Science vs Guelph Biomedical vs UFT Life Science
Hey guys! so I have gotten into all these programs mentioned above and I am having a real hard time deciding which program I should go for.. can anyone who knows about any of these programs help me and tell me which one would be better for someone who wants to apply for medical school after their 4 years.
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hey can someone pls explain how choosing liberals/electives/minors work? Are liberals same thing as electives? 
I'm going into computer engineering and I have no clue how this stuff works. 

How does one get a minor? Is there a specific amount of courses we must take in before we graduate order for it to count as a minor?
Is a liberal an elective course (like hs)
I've heard some people say its better to take a liberal in first semester while others say they do it in spring or summer. What are your opinions?
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Protein Phosphorylation
<a href="http://www.creative-proteomics.com/services/Phosphorylation.htm">Protein phosphorylation</a> is the most commonly studied area of post-translational modification since it plays a vital role in intracellular signal transduction and is involved in regulating cell cycle progression, differentiation, transformation, development, peptide hormone response, and adaptation.
More information: contact@creative-proteomics.com Tel:5166698109
Web: http://www.creative-proteomics.com/services/Phosphorylation.htm
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Did I mess up my chances of getting into Laurier BBA next year?
I took BAT4M (Accounting) in grade 11, and only managed to get an 81% which will bring down my average if it is included in my top 6. I'm taking 6 U/M courses next year, so I'm hoping to bump that 81% off my application. 

The thing that worries me is when you apply with first semester midterms, and the university looks at grade 11 marks and completed grade 12 courses. I got an 84 in advanced functions, and an 85 in English. 

What I plan to do is to retake accounting in my first semester, so the universities I apply to won't incorporate the 81 I got in gr 12 accounting into my average, since I know I'll be able to obtain a higher mark if I repeat the course in first semester. 
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2nd year UBC student! Ask me anything!
Contact: elizabethsflower@gmail.com 

In second year at UBC as a Health Science (FNH) student from LFS. 

Want to know how I got in? What UBC life is like? General advice about gr. 12/senior year, study tips, and applying to universities? I'll try my best to answer any of your inquiries (:

See you at UBC in September!
UOttawa vs. Waterloo for Coop in social sciences
Hi all, I was wondering which university would be good If I want to study political science/sociology but also interested in participating in a coop program. Ottawa is more likely an advantage considering its location than say Waterloo, but I'm really interested in what other people might say. Also, i've looked both Waterloo's and Ottawa's work/school sequence for their coop program, but still unsure if the length of program is the same. cheers.
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ryerson rez
Applied to Ryerson rez late because of late acceptance. Their website says priority is given to those who live furthest, but i got waitlisted in the 600's and know Canadians who got in. Does anyone know if this is because of my late application or if they were wrong?
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Mechanical Engineering Co-op Alternatives?
So I just finished my first year at Carleton University. My CGPA isn't that great (mainly because my elective and one class brought me down) and now I'm not qualified for the co-op at Carleton. I've been looking around and found the co-op the school does is pretty much giving your resume out to companies and I'm just wondering if I will still have a chance 2nd-year summer and third year to work for a company if I do it myself or should I do summer school 2nd year summer (I have no time during school). Thank you for any help possible
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Honours or Regular stream?
Hey everyone. As a preface to this post, I should say that I'm currently studying the BC curriculum. 
 So this year (grade 10), I excelled in Math foundations and pre-calc and I've had a few of my friends tell me that I should consider taking Pre-Calculus 11 Honours instead of through the regular stream. I've always been pretty good at math but in Gr. 8, I decided against taking the honours route- a decision I'm regretting at the moment. Anyways, my concern is that I will be the only true Gr.11 student in the class seeing as all the other students will have taken honours all the way through highschool and thus, be a year younger. 
 Has anyone ever been in this kind of situation before? If so, was it awkward not knowing anyone ? 
 Any advice would be appreciated because I don't want to make the same mistake I did in Gr. 8 by not pushing myself, but at the same time, I really don't want to be alone either.
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Elearning Accounting 12 Exam
Hi. Just wondering if anyone took the TDSB elearning Accounting 12 exam. I was just wondering what the exam is like. If so, what are topics to focus on? Level of difficulty? 

I'd greatly appreciate any input. Thanks. 
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What Engineering Discipline Should I pursue at the University of Waterloo, based on the ability to get a job after graduating and level of pay?
Hey guys, I'm going to be starting grade 12 this year and I'm interested in pursuing a career in engineering, hopefully at Waterloo. However, I'm having a difficult time deciding between which discipline I should pursue as I lack sufficient knowledge of what each one encompasses to make a good decision at the moment, not to mention that I'm also quite indecisive. 

Right now, I am thinking of applying to biomedical or software with environmental or management as a backup, as the first two are extremely competitive, and I'm uncertain of whether I will be accepted to those programs.

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out with their recommendation or shed some light on what some of the programs entail, especially Management and Biomedical as I can't seem to find much information on those two.
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1st Year uOttawa Engineering Student (Civil/Mechanical)- AMA!
If you have any questions about the program or student life in general- feel free to ask me! I also have friends in all the other engineering disciplines, and know quite a few people in biomed (both first and upper year), so have at it :)

Update: just switched from civil to mechanical so if you have any questions about switching programs in later years feel free to ask!
residence check list
What are your thoughts about biotechnology? Why does it come with Chartered Accountancy at Uni of Waterloo? How is biotech and business related - I don't get it? Would you recommend it for someone who wants to go to med school after?
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General Business Program
I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a difference in tuition cost for business in:
1. University of Laurier (?)
2. University of Waterloo (?)
3. University of Guelph ($10,000/year)
4. McMaster University (?)
Carleton University - Engineering
I just got back from my first year at Carleton for engineering. If you have any questions about the school or the program let me know
BioEng Difficulty?
Can someone speak to the difficulty of Biomedical Engineering, specifically at Ryerson or Guelph as it compares to their Biomedical Science program? thanks
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Med School in the UK from high school Q&amp;A
A small number of high school students from Canada goes abroad every year to medical school in the UK around 80 or so each year. Around 300 (mostly people who have finished undergrad) go to Ireland each year. Many of them want to return to Canada, go to the US or stay in the UK. Depending on your route, you might want to know more about the difficulties you might face including residency, completing, studying in a different country.

 I've done a lot of research into residencies, the difficulties an IMG will face etc etc. So if you have questions, PM me or post on this topic. 

Edit: I no longer am a medical student in the UK. I did finish three years in the UK but am now attending medical school in Canada. I am still available for advice regarding the UK however.