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First Year McGill BCom Student - Ask Me Anything
I owe a lot to yconic in helping me choose a university so I thought I could help a few high schoolers out. If anyone has any questions about McGill, Desautels, or any of the other big business schools in Ontario, I'd love to answer them!
Where to attend university?
I live in Hamilton and my future career goal is becoming a lawyer. I am currently a junior in high school and do not know where to go during my undergrad or what to study. I live in Hamilton and my sister is planning to go to McMaster. My parents would prefer if I stayed home but I would like to study the arts/humanities (Political Science/French), or business/commerce. Going to McMaster for this would be a lot cheaper, but I know that it isn't prestigious in these fields. I am seriously considering corporate law at the University of Toronto after my undergraduate degree. The universities that I am thinking of are: McMaster for arts/humanities or business, University of Toronto for arts/humanities or business or (my top choice) Western Ivey AEO (2 years arts/humanities, 2 years business), it seems like the best fit. My grades are in the 90's but money is also something to consider. Thoughts?
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Chances of getting into engineering
@ ryerson
I seriously messed up chemistry this semester and ended up with a final mark of just flat 80. Also took a computer course and had a 90 but final mark is terrible. However it wont be used for my top 6.
First semester final marks are:
English - 90
Advanced Functions - 87
Chem - 80 T_T
Hopefully next semester my marks for physics & calculus will be (possibly mid but aiming for high) high 80s to low 90s. What are your opinions ? What are my chances

○ applied to mechanical and computer engineering
● btw does ryerson send out rejection letters
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High School Class of 2016 Offers of Admissions
The Applications thread is pretty cluttered so I was thinking we could start this thread to make it easier to view when others are accepted to programs you've applied to! 

Please include in your post:
- Program
- Date of offer
- Date of application
- Admission average (Grade 11, first semester, second semester midterm - whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province
- Any supplementary information (Ex. ECs if they're required on application, predictions about quality of essays/responses)
- Any other information you deem appropriate!

Good luck guys!
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Waterloo 2016 Admission Cut Off: Life Sciences!
For anyone who got into Waterloo by now, can you reply with the cut off this year? Usually they give you a sheet listing the cut offs
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Engineering applicants u of t
Just a thread for u of t engineering applicants. If anyone wants, comment the engineering major you applied to, your grades, and your EC's!
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Ryerson Biomedical Science
Did anyone apply for biomedical science at Ryerson and york  ? 
 if you did ... with what average u guys applied???? 
Acceptances To Guelph! 2016
Just wanted to make a little discussion for Guelph! They have officially started sending out first round offers, so everyone that has received an offer list:
Acceptance Average
Congrats on the acceptance and hope to see you all at UofG this September! :)
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Non-District School Board E-learning
Anyone know or have experience with doing an elearning course for free from Ontario but not in your own district and during day school.
What do I need to get into McMaster Health Sci?

I'm a grade 10 student from British Columbia and I recently discovered McMaster Health Sci. From this forum I've read that it's hard to get into Mac Health Sci. I once read that getting into Mac Health Sci is as difficult as getting into med school itself. I've already applied to the IB diploma programme at my school, but I was going to do that anyway. The subjects I'm planning on taking are:

English A: Literature HL

Spanish Ab Initio SL

History HL

Chemistry HL

Biology SL 

Math SL

I'm doing physics throughout the summer. Any advice about the grades that I need? And do you have any advice about the EC's that might help me. Thanks in advance!

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Idk anymore really
First and foremost, I am really sorry for being one to complain about my grades in school. But I really just need to let this out. I just got 3 out of my 4 exams back for semester one, and I feel like a complete failure. I really didn't realize that grade 11 would be this difficult, and I know that I have been working my butt off to do well in school. I have spent hours studying, but maybe the amount of time dedicated to studying was not the issue; instead it was how well I made use of that time. I don't know how to feel, because my exam results were not the best. I set my expectations so high, I am at a point where I feel worthless because regardless of the amount of effort I'm putting in, I'll never be good enough. Someone please, please tell me that it gets better. I feel like my grade 11 marks will put me in jeopardy when I apply for universities next year. I really want to get into Western University/Queen's/McGill/Uoft and I just dont know if I can at this point. I keep telling myself that it will get better in grade 12, that I can really pull it together. Please help me. Please. I don't know who to talk to at this point. I really just want to know that my grade 11 marks will not hinder me from achieving my goals. 

on my exams i got: 
math: 80% 
english: roughly 75-80% ( I'm not quite sure, but 80 is perhaps the highest i could've scored on the exam) 
law: 73% 

My overall marks in these courses ranged from 75 to 85 
please help me. i really need someone to make me feel better. sorry if i sound desperate but i feel like no one understands. 

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Business Programs: What are your expected Top 6 Grades?
I'm not here to judge or anything. I want to let people figure out where they stand in the acceptance of the program that they want to get into!

List your Top 6 Marks (expect marks if not yet completed the course) or just your Top 6 Avg.
Also please list the program(s) you plan to go to!

All are welcomed for discussion on your opinion of what grades you may need for each program.
SHAD 2016 General Thread
Hey guys! I just submitted my application for SHAD 2016, so I'm wondering who else already submitted? :) I don't know if there's already a SHAD 2016 thread so I just decided to start one. If there already is one, can someone direct me there?
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Computer systems
Can anybody tell me about the computer systems engineering program at Carleton, in terms of coop and future employment opportunities
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Next round of acceptances?
Anyone know what weeks the most acceptances will be going out? Also is it still early or regular admission?
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Which course is easier? CLN4U (Law) or HHG4M (human development throughout the life span (psychology))
I have an intense semester and i need to decide between the two but im not sure which one is easier to get a higher mark (95+). Any advice from anyone who has taken either course?
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UBC Alberta High School Records
Hey guys. for my high school records that I submitted, all of my grades are up by 4 percent. All of the classes I took were in the Alberta curriculum, are these grades just from the grade inflation they do for Alberta students?
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I've recently been accepted to SFU, but my first choice is UBCO. I'm worried I won't get accepted because of all the previous posts talking about how tough it is to get admitted to UBC (vancouver campus). Does anyone know my chances of getting into UBCO? If they are good? and if you applied to UBCO what grades did you admit with?

My current grades
Pre-Calc 12 - 94%
Calc 12- 90%
Chemistry 12- 87%
Bio 12- 95%
English 12- 86%
Literature 12 - 97%
French 12- 96%
Geography 12- 95% 
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Help! Where to Study Crim./Poli Sci??
I'm a high school student with low 90s average that wants to get into a BA somewhere in Ontario.
I want to end up going to law school and becoming a lawyer.
In University I'd like to study Criminology (UofT?), Sociology (Queen's?) or Criminal Justice and Public Policy(Guelph?).
Or major in Poli Sci. Or minor in it if the Criminal field worked out haha.
SO I'm just wondering what my best options are? If I went to Guelph, I feel like it would be easier to get better marks seeing as there's less competition and more good grades to give out. But law schools might like to see going to U of T or Queen's? Which has the best programs for what I'm looking at?? 
I'm open to hearing about whatever schools you recommend in Ontario.
Thanks so much in advance!
Grade 12 Courses
Course selection time is coming up and I can't decide what to do. I only know I'm taking biology, advance functions and chemistry. I can't decide if I should take calculus and vectors and physics. I'm not the best at math , but I plan on going into sciences. Would not taking calc and vectors close a lot of doors in terms of going into sciences? Also, I heard that you if you don't take physics in high school you have to do an extra course in uni. My #1 program is western health sci , but I want to keep a lot of other doors open (life sci,med sci,environmental sci) just in case I don't get in.
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