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SHAD 2016 General Thread
Hey guys! I just submitted my application for SHAD 2016, so I'm wondering who else already submitted? :) I don't know if there's already a SHAD 2016 thread so I just decided to start one. If there already is one, can someone direct me there?
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Which Grade 12 courses should I take?
Hello. My courses for grade 12 have to be submitted within the next few days and I have many courses to choose from. I want to make sure that I select the courses that are going to have the most influence on my grade. I plan to pursue post secondary education in Modern Languages or International Relations. These are the courses which I am debating about:

International Business (BBB4M1)
The Writer's Craft (EWC4U1)
Canadian and International Law (CLN4U1)
Earth and Space Science (SES4U1)
World Histoty: The West and The World (CHY4U1)
Philosophy (HZT4U1)
Challenge and Change in Society (HSB4U1)
Analyzing Current and Economic Issues (CIA4U1)
French Immersion (FIF4UF)
Studies and Literature (ETS4UE)

Four of my courses are occupied by Sciences, English and Math. Are there any courses which are candidates for the summer? Which ones are best to take during day school and online? Thanks!

Non Semestered School Uni Acceptance Help!
Hey there, I go to a non-semestered high school and wanted to know how many grade 12 final marks I need to be eligible for acceptance (not early acceptance). I have 2 so far, so do I need a minimum of 3 or...?

Thanks, much appreciated!
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Engineering applicants u of t
Just a thread for u of t engineering applicants. If anyone wants, comment the engineering major you applied to, your grades, and your EC's!
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Chances of getting into engineering
@ ryerson
I seriously messed up chemistry this semester and ended up with a final mark of just flat 80. Also took a computer course and had a 90 but final mark is terrible. However it wont be used for my top 6.
First semester final marks are:
English - 90
Advanced Functions - 87
Chem - 80 T_T
Hopefully next semester my marks for physics & calculus will be (possibly mid but aiming for high) high 80s to low 90s. What are your opinions ? What are my chances

○ applied to mechanical and computer engineering
● btw does ryerson send out rejection letters
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Need Help - Extracurriculars
So here's the thing. I'm in grade 11, and feel like I have no volunteering I can use to apply for university. I am part of Student Council, and a elementary program where I go once a week and help a grade 6 student with math. what else can I do to make my volunteering profile stand out? I want to hold a leadership position, I want to make a difference, but I don't see myself getting any opportunities. Any ideas how to go about this? Even in my school, in the various clubs I am interested in, the executives are chosen, and I feel like every year it's the same ones, so there's no way I can become part of something like that. HELP?

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Second Year Computer Science (Co-op) Student At University of Waterloo
Hello everyone, 
Many of you may want to ask me questions about university or anything really. I will try to do a weekly QnA session (at the very least I will try to have one up once a month) where I'll compile questions from the week into a single blog post on my blog. Best way for you to get your questions to me will probably be to comment on the newest Questions and Answers post or shoot me an email. I will check this thread periodically as well so that may work too.

Blog: http://blogstudentbcs.blogspot.ca
Email: BCSStudentBlog@gmail.com
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Major or honors???
Whats the diffrence between honors, combined honors and major? Can you later get a graduate degree with taking major sciences? If i apply to honors does it cost more and if I dont get in am i automatically considered for major?
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Schulich/YorkU Entrance Scholarships
Does anyone if the average used to determine the entrance scholarship for Schulich/York is the one you get accepted with or your final top 6 at the end of the school year? Thanks
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Hey guys just wanted to know how hard it is to get accepted into the queens art/sci program? Or if anyone got accepted please put down your averages thanks!
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First Year McGill BCom Student - Ask Me Anything
I owe a lot to yconic in helping me choose a university so I thought I could help a few high schoolers out. If anyone has any questions about McGill, Desautels, or any of the other big business schools in Ontario, I'd love to answer them!
So im in grade 12, applied for Mac general Engineering, Ryerson Aerospace Eng and Carleton Aerospace Eng. My marks are as follows:

English - 84
Advanced Functions - 89
Calculus - 91 (religiously busted my ass practicing before the semester began)
Business Leadership - 86
Chemistry - yet to take

Physics. Oh physics... I decided to fast track that in a semester in grade 11 (fast track grade 12 physics), did poorly (lack of concentration) AND got a concussion. I finished with a 43 LOL (I couldve pulled my mark up but I was in bed half brain dead). But then I took it again this semester and got a 70. Was at an 81 but bombed an ISU and exam (sort of, keep reading). I swear Im less dumb than it sounds. So anyway, I "technically" did a REPEAT of GRADE 12 PHYSICS and got a 70 on my REPEAT... Should I do it again? Buy the credit for a 90 privately? Leave it as such? Perhaps hang myself? (No I won't but you know what I mean). I am scared shitless. 

A funny story, this was my exam marks:
INQUIRY - 19/20 (1 QUESTION that covers all units with 2 parts)
K/U - 14/30 multiple choice was the death of me


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First year Med Sci student, happy to answer questions!
Hi, I am currently attending University of Western Ontario for the Medical Sciences Program.
I am happy to answer any questions that anyone may have about the program, course load, and overall experience at Western! 

A bit about myself:
I attended a high school within Ontario and received my acceptance to Med Sci in January (or early February?). I was also accepted to multiple science programs from other universities including, but not limited to: U of T, Waterloo, York, McMaster, Queen's, Ryerson, and Guelph. 

Post questions down below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible! 
Where to attend university?
I live in Hamilton and my future career goal is becoming a lawyer. I am currently a junior in high school and do not know where to go during my undergrad or what to study. I live in Hamilton and my sister is planning to go to McMaster. My parents would prefer if I stayed home but I would like to study the arts/humanities (Political Science/French), or business/commerce. Going to McMaster for this would be a lot cheaper, but I know that it isn't prestigious in these fields. I am seriously considering corporate law at the University of Toronto after my undergraduate degree. The universities that I am thinking of are: McMaster for arts/humanities or business, University of Toronto for arts/humanities or business or (my top choice) Western Ivey AEO (2 years arts/humanities, 2 years business), it seems like the best fit. My grades are in the 90's but money is also something to consider. Thoughts?
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High School Class of 2016 Offers of Admissions
The Applications thread is pretty cluttered so I was thinking we could start this thread to make it easier to view when others are accepted to programs you've applied to! 

Please include in your post:
- Program
- Date of offer
- Date of application
- Admission average (Grade 11, first semester, second semester midterm - whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province
- Any supplementary information (Ex. ECs if they're required on application, predictions about quality of essays/responses)
- Any other information you deem appropriate!

Good luck guys!
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Mcmaster Admission question!!
I just checked my status and I have a blue square that says conditional for life science. Yet i have an accept/decline button. But the accepted offer icon is a green checkmark, does this mean I still have not yet been accepted? Cause when i hover above the blue square it says incomplete, yet I have nothing to do on my to do list, do any of you know if there a supplementary for mcmaster life science? Thank you
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Can I get into UTSC or UTSG comp sci with these marks?
88 physics
88 chemistry
88 calculus and vectors
85 English 

I know people who have made it with these marks, just wanna confirm if I can make it or not
McMaster Bcom
I'm still deciding on which university to attend. I wanted to clarify the benefits McMaster offers. I know there is internship after 3rd of 4th year, but I would like to know the guarantee rate of actually getting in, I want an actual percentage, not a shady percentage that the school tells incoming students.
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I'm almost done with my first year of Social Work at Laurentian. I was originally in Biochem. I have lots of friends in engineering & nursing. Ask away!
Top of my head: 
1. best res- University college or University of Sudbury
2. staff members (not necessarily teachers) are stupid af. They're not very helpful and don't know much about their own job. not very helpful 
3. you need a 70% min to get into any program except some like nursing, engineering, and maybe SPAD. pretty much accept anybody. takes in any transfer applicants.
4. If you like privacy or you're older- choose West Res. SSR is b.s. 
5. choose one of the lowest meal plans- lasts longer than you think. 
6. Teachers are alright. Course load is alright--science=more work 
7. Sudbury is a cute town. It's not all sketchy. Lots of lakes and forests. I'm from Toronto so it was a huge change. Don't rely on google images--actually go see the city! 
8. medical school (NOSM) gives preference to their own--they prefer people from smaller town (mainly Northern Ontario).
9. lots of people from Toronto--so not hard to find a ride--so you can go home every weekend if you want.
10. no football team=no homecoming! there are quite a few sports teams. 
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