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Jobs in US (bay area) Waterloo Engineering
How difficult is it to get a coop placement in America preferbly the bay area? For someone interested in taking computer or management engineering, or computer science at Waterloo (Still have not decided yet!)
University Schedule Changes
Are you allowed to swap tutorials or labs without changing your lecture and reverse?
helping son find scholarships


I think I have messed up my profile due to not being clear on how to enter information...what i'm really looking for is scholarships/grants/awards for my son who is entering university this fall.  Could someone please help me make a parental profile that would allow me to access this information?  Thanks very much!

Dropped out first year, want to get back in.
Hey guys, I went to Mcmaster for Commerce in first year and got really shitty marks, so much so that I felt really discouraged and dropped. I was very uncomfortable living away from home and my roommates were ruthless(partying all the time). I'm feeling really bad about my performance but I really want to get back in university and redeem myself. Is there anyway I can get accepted into university again? I'm thinking humanities or some sort of social science. Are universities forgiving and sympathetic? Is this the end for me?
worried about grade eleven.....
I'm going into grade eleven next year, and I would like to eventually go into health sciences at McMasters. In grade ten, I only managed to pull off an 87% average and I am freaking out because I know Mac requires high grades. I know I can always work harder next year and I will do that obviously, but do any of you guys have any tips? I'm just really stressed out and I want to get over a 90% average.
University Advice!
Hi everyone,

I am currently heading into grade 12 and I need advice on various things!
Firstly, as for scholarships, my marks are not the top best. I was wondering if there are any scholarships that are easier to apply to/ not completely based on marks ? 
Also, I want to enter science at UBC and later become a pharmacist. 
I am aware that competition makes this very difficult... But anyone have advice on applications/ how to improve ones marks?

Any additional advice would be appreciated

Thank You All SO Much!

Math and Business
If you aren't the strongest math student, is it still safe to go into a business program with a specific interest in finance?
Screwed up, depressed, need advice on admissions!
My entire high school life I was the biggest screw up you could ever find. I never went to class, missed exams, and just didn't give a damn. I'm sure you've all encountered those people. Seeing everyone get accepted into top programs around the country while I couldn't even graduate. This really woke me up and made me get my act together. I currently have only Top 5 U-level courses completed and 29 credits. I would like to get in for January. I'm interested in York U for Biology, Kinesiology, or Nursing. 
My Current Marks are: Bio 91, Exercise Science 91, Advanced Functions 88, English 76, Chemistry 72. Those are the 5 I currently have. These are all repeated but as I said the first time around I didn't attend school and my marks were 51, 14, 23, 30, 14. My questions are, a) can i realistically get in to certain programs? b) What can I do about my last U-level course I need to get in order to get accepted for the winter semester? Please give me any advice you can, this is really depressing me.
Physical Sciences??
Context: High school science with greater preference towards chemistry over bio and I'm not sure if I want to pursue life science if I have to do some kind of post grad or med school type thing (for financial/length of schooling reasons).

I want to look into physical sciences programs but they are often overshadowed by life sciences and I can't really find what I need so if anyone wants to help me out/link me something I've missed...

(NOTE: Physical science ≠  the physical aspect of biology... I swear I've had upper year engineering/life science students ask me this. No.)

(1) Is there any university reputable for their phys sci program? I know reputation won't get me very far, but it's still good to know what people think about them... also, are there any known reputations for phys sci programs? Is it known to be more/less difficult as life sci? Etc...

(2) Do most seek professional school/further education after graduating? I've heard life sci is basically a dead end program if you're not accepted into a graduate school. Is the job demand relatively high for people in the field of physical sciences (specifically chem)?

(3) Anything and everything else you know about physical sciences??????? Please and thank you and excuse my typos ... help a sista out.
Advantages of IB?
On the transcript does it say this student was in ib? Or do you get a boost in your mark?
Entering grade 12 mega-thread
So this thread is for people who just finished grade 11 and will be applying to uni in the fall, post your grade 11 average and top three choices!

Me: grade 11 average--89.5
Top 3: Ivey/Queens (tied) and Laurier
How reputable are Irish universities for dental school?
I am currently in grade 12 in Canada and I want to become a dentist. I came across a program named Atlantic Bridge, that allows students from Canada or the US to go to Ireland and do the dentistry program in 5 years. I am quite drawn to University College Cork and Trinity College Dublin. I would probably like to come back to Canada after the competition of my degree. Has anyone had any experience with it or known anyone who's been down this path? I would appreciate any help.
Tough for first year?
I am planning to take the following courses for first year at UTSG:
1) BIO120 and BIO130
2) MAT135 and MAT136
3) PHY131 and PHY132
4) CHM151
5) SOC101
Is it going to be tough for me to handle? Anyone who has similar courses? Also what are your views about the seminar courses?
All PRE-MEDS READ THIS. U of T med average accepted GPA of 3.96 this year

"I got into medicine this year and decided to choose Western (waitlisted at Toronto). But I know, off the top of my head, at least 6-8 Western grads with 4.0s applying next year - and through a family friend at Health Sci at MAC - close to 40 or so in that program alone that will likely have 4.0s when applying as 4th years and 3rd years. So in my opinion, unless UofT starts ranking undergrad program difficulty, or using the MCAT beyond just a simple screen - the average GPA will rise a bit. Remember...the 3.96 GPA average includes graduate students, where a lower GPA is acceptable. Almost all undergrads (NOT ALL), had basically 4.0s. I got waitlisted, and the only people in my circle that got in were 4.0 wGPA (a few did have one or two courses less than 90 - but those were removed).

This is, of course, due to massive grade inflation, removal of prerequisites (to appease the 'progressive' masses), mass technology based exam cheating in some cases among some 'groups', and professors caving in to whiny undergrads (to be fair - at times I was one of those). The MCAT was also sort of ruined because of ease of taking multiple attempts and the short nature of the exam - I suspect the new exam may change that. I've always been amazed at the hate I've received for basically stating some of these pretty obvious trends...but here we are...an average GPA of 3.96 at UofT meds. A cutoff for interview of over 93% for dentists at Saskatchewan (which would exclude all McGill graduates, as the highest mark you can get at McGill converts to a 93%). A medical school (western) that has a 12 cutoff for biology. And the program that started this all??


I pity those that do take challenging undergraduate programs in this country. Engineering science at Toronto? Those students are almost all brilliant - and yet an insane drop out rate and low class averages. Waterloo engineering programs? Virtually all UofT science undergrad programs at St George campus. McGill science programs. These students actually have high standards to receive good marks - and there is genuine vigour and standards. Mac Health Sciences? Lovey dovey classes with 4.0s for everyone - it's as if Oprah Winfrey is the dean there.

 And once again - not an attack on Health Science Students - they are simply taking advantage of a good situation. The blame is on the academic practices of McMaster."
Will I get Admission if I did bad in Grade 11 Math
I got a 66 in grade 11 math and I dont know if universities look at it significantly or not. But i got a 75 in grade 12 Advanced functions in summer school. I need to know Asap. Thanks
Question about AFMAA
Hello everyone,

I did some research on AFMAA for AFM at UoW and discovered that they look at your Gr.11 mark English and Math mark (If you don't have it in Gr.12 First semester). I was wondering how much they weigh your Gr.11 Math mark because I did rather poorly in MCR3U. Due to personal problems, I ended up getting a 74% with an 82% overall average. My English mark for Gr.11 is 80%. I was wondering how much they consider your Math mark in determining whether you get an invitation or not. I have enrolled myself in tutoring and I am hoping to get high mark in Math next year. But I know that Math is split even into 2 semesters, Advanced Functions and Calculus. If by chance, I have Calculus in the second semester, will my chance of getting an invite be significantly reduced? 

Do all Arts majors suck? (Without Law School)
I've been hearing a lot of sh*t talked about arts majors. But I heard that when it comes to things such as finance, HR and marketing, some firms prefer arts, liberal arts or social science majors compared to business majors. They also like, I also herd to hire Math, Physics, CS and Engineering majors for the things I listed above.This is because those major are taught to think in a different way compared to business.

I've been highly considering economics as way to pursue a career in finance because I though it would be more useful and relevant to the career. Any thoughts?
How to get into U of T
I'm a born American citizen and am currently in the 12th grade. I wish to go to University of Toronto after graduation, I wanted to know how an American gets in and how differently do they view our admissions. What's the overall acceptance rate? What are the SAT requirements? Btw I wish to major in commerce.
Switching Universites
I was just wondering is it possible to switch universities, specifically i want to transfer from Ryerson Engineering to UofT Engineering, I am just wondering what king of GPA, i should be going for to make the switch, ( i am currently in first year, starting September)
Potential Transfer at U of T - Engineering to Comp Sci
Hi everyone, I will be attending U of T in the fall for TrackOne General Engineering. I was wondering how hard will it be to transfer from engineering into computer science after first year?
I think I like engineering, which is why i accepted this offer, but im just asking in the case that I dont and I wish to transfer, will it be a very difficult transfer? Will have to take a lot of additional courses in order to so?
Thank you very much! Any feedback, advice, tips, and comments are greatly appreciated :)
What are ryerson engineering class averages like?
Just want to know what to expect. GPA is inportant to me as I plan to attend graduate school.  Thanks in advance.
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[size=8]Give and get advice on this summer best books! [/size]
University of Toronto Engineering Student - Ask Me Anything
Hey everyone! I started this thread to answer questions from the potential class of 2017, and to keep all of the University of Toronto-related items in one place.

I'm a first year engineering student at the University of Toronto and I'm currently studying electrical/computer engineering (same courses as TrackOne). I commute to school every day, so I can't really answer that many questions about residence, but I'm sure others will be willing to chime in on that.

Without further ado, ask away!