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  I have been thinking a lot lately about what I'd like to study in university (most likely at UFT/UWO). The courses I'm taking for grade 11 are:
Comp sci
I have chosen these course to get into an economics program. However, due to recent research stating that an economics degree in Canada is useless, I am in doubt and worried for my future. Is an economics degree in Canada worth it? I'd like to major in economics and minor in math. Hopefully, I won't have trouble finding a job that way.
What are my chances of getting into utsc, McMaster, Ryerson etc.
I've applied for Utsc Health studies, Uft psychology, McMaster Health sci, Western Health Sci, Ryerson Business management and York Biomed sci. My marks are the following, please tell me of my chances? My gr 11 average ranges from 80-86% based on the marks they use. My gr 12 marks are the following: 
English- 90% 
French- 91% 
Advanced Functions- 90% 
Business Leadership- 91% 
International Business- 94% 
Biology- 81% 
Chemistry- 71%  
Calculus- Haven't got a mark yet

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Ryerson University: Biomedical Science
Did anyone apply for biomedical science ? 
if you did ... with what average u guys applied????
did u get accepted?
How to get high grades (95+) in high school
Hey Guys,

I am currently trying to get into Waterloo Software Engineering. I am in grade 11, so I still have another year to improve my grades. My average (from the prerequisite courses) is currently an 85. I will be completely honest with you guys, I am not a hard working student. I study the basic material the previous day before a test. I also complete assignments the day before they are due. I do not do any of the assigned homework that teachers give me. So, considering these factors, I am surprised to have this kind of average.

That being said, my goal is to get a 95+ average for grade 12 so I can get into Waterloo Software Engineering. I often see students on this forum who have close to a 99 average. I was just wondering what I could do to attain such a high average. General comments like "work harder" would not really help me. I keep thinking to myself "I will work harder next semester", but I never really do this in reality. If I could get advice from a student who has a 95+ average, that would be greatly appreciated. I would also be interested in hearing the opinions of first year uni students who had a 95+ average in grade 12, and their current academic situation in uni.

Thank You.
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High School Class of 2016 Offers of Admissions
The Applications thread is pretty cluttered so I was thinking we could start this thread to make it easier to view when others are accepted to programs you've applied to! 

Please include in your post:
- Program
- Date of offer
- Date of application
- Admission average (Grade 11, first semester, second semester midterm - whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province
- Any supplementary information (Ex. ECs if they're required on application, predictions about quality of essays/responses)
- Any other information you deem appropriate!

Good luck guys!
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When is the deadine to submit the spf and complete the personal profile/video interview??
It doesnt say on the site..
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Stressed ...
Hey guys, 
I'm really stressed out about uni and I'm worried that I actually not get in to what I want. I've been refreshing applicant portals every 20 minutes everyday. 

Does anybody know how to their minds off of uni and how to stop worrying so much? Thanks !
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canadian universities that do not require grade 12 mathematics?
since I don't have grade 12th  mathematics  I don't  have a lot of university options. please can anyone suggest some easy to get into universities that do not require math in health science related degree  program anywhere in Canada?
Grade 11 Course Selection
My course selection is this week, and I am seeking advice about my prospective course chocies. I want to go into family law or possibly business, but I want to keep my options open if I happen to change my mind. Here are the courses I have planned: 
U english
U functions
M understandig canadian law
U physics
U chemistry
U french immersion
U world religion (mandatory)
M accounting

Please express any opinions or thoughts you have!
McMaster poli sci and communications?
if I went to Mac could i major in poli sci (social science faculty) and minor in communications (humanities)? 

Is there any other Ontario uni that I could do this at? 
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Grade 11/12 Course Selection!
Hey! I've been looking into programs fro veterinary sciences and I'm having trouble choosing my courses for grade 11/12... I know this career revolves around bios and chems so I'm not sure if I would need to take physics... Its a lot of heavy work so is it really worth it? My Plan B is probably nursing (not practical). Long story short, should I take physics?
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I need help!
Hello. Currently applying to universities and what not, but I'm currently failing math 12. I'm applying to Faculty of Arts programs which does not require Math 12 as pre-requisite. My first term top 4 average including English is a solid 84%. Here are some questions.  

1) What are my chances for UBC Arts, SFU Arts and UVic Arts?
2) Would universities look down on me for failing math 12 even though it is not required?
3) Even if I drop math 12, my transcript might show the course with a "W". With that said, would universities also look down on the "W"?

In a big dilemma and I hope you guys can help me out.
Thank you
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So many people come here asking the same damn questions over and over, let's just go over them and yall PLEASE feel free to add more so we can stop the stupidity.

My uni website says I'm accepted but I haven't gotten an email yet and OUAC hasn't changed!!!?!?!?
yeah it takes a few days to update goddamn

Do unis only look at your top six??? I have a 99% average except for 3 other courses which i have a 51% in!!!??? SHOULD I DROP OUT!?!??!
sit yourself down there's a reason why they ask for your top SIX and not your top ELEVEN goddamn

which uni has the hottest girls/boyz lol

you'd get in with like a 65% goddamn

WhaT is the cut off average this year for my program????

Hi im doing my grade 9 course selection and im planning on going to medschool... did I mess up?? ://// I got a B- in grade 8 science.... am i dooomed :////
first of all, who let the gremlins in here, second of all, nobody gets into med school goddamn

-insert extremely important, subjective yet specific question about future that would be best asked to a guidance counsellor, parent or admsission rep-
why the frick frack snick snack are you asking a bunch of high school kids on an online forum godDAMN

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Top six questions (please answer if you can!)
I know that they take your top 6 highest grades and don't really care about your others. And obviously they will specifically look to see the grades you got for your pre-requisite courses. 

My first question is do they look at the course codes of the other courses you've taken (not pre-requisite) within your top six? For example, if I was going into Social Sciences and took a SAP or some other course about social science and got a good grade, would they prefer to see that than an art course? Or would it make no difference? 

My second question is if your program pre-requisite is an 11 math course will they add that course mark into your top six, or no because it's an 11 course? 
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U of T Rotman vs Western Ivey vs Queen's Commerce: Considering Cost
So, the age-old question. 
I've been accepted into all 3. 

I MIGHT get a full ride to Rotman, I'm guaranteed at least 10k (through the National Scholarship Program).

I am applying to Western's National Scholarship Program as well, but I'm guaranteed at least 10k because my admission average will be 95+ (I say this confidently because I am holding a 99 right now). 

I was accepted to Queen's but did not receive the Chancellor's.

I really don't know what I want to do. Startups attract me, as does nonprofit economic development, impact invest, and social entrepreneurship. I'm not familiar with accounting vs finance vs consulting, but accounting sounds vaguely boring. 

Please help! Thank you in advance. 
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Laurier BBA Second Round Acceptances
With the second round of Laurier's admissions for the BBA coming up (mid February), I figured we could have a post to discuss, in an organized fashion, when people start getting accepted. If you get accepted, please post when you received your acceptance letter, what your top 5 grade 11 averages were, and what your first semester grade twelve marks were. 

Good luck!
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UofT Kinesiology
Has anyone been accepted to UofT St George Kinesiology yet?
If so, what is your average and when did you get accepted? 
Admission Questions? Ask a Current UBC Student!
Hi guys,

I always remember finding this forum really useful back when I was applying for universities in 2012, and I'd like to offer you the opportunity to actually get some hard knowledge about admissions rather than just hearsay. Though I'm in Sauder, I can answer any questions regarding direct entry to all UBC programs, Sauder transfer applications, and general university stuff.

You should all also take a look at the holy grail of UBC admissions, specifically table 18 where all admission averages for all programs for entry in 2013W are outlined.

Hope to see you all at UBC in September!
First Year Queen's Commerce Student, ask me anything!
hey everyone, I am a first year commerce student here at Queen's, and I was active this time last year when I was making decisions on where to go, so I thought I would help the next group of applicants with any questions and such! :)
Queens commerce subsequent offers
Hi guys,

I've recently faced some family issues and have not been able to compete my PSE or other supplementary essays for Queen's commerce. As a result, I know that I will not be able to meet their Feb. 15 deadline, and even if I did, it would be poor quality work. I'm planning to submit it between Feb. 15-Mar.1, which Queens says they will consider me for subsequent offers of admission. Can anyone clarify what this means? Also, what are the chances of me being accepted if I submit within this time period? (assuming I can pull off a good supplemental). Thanks so much. I would really appreciate any answers. 
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Applying to UBC, UOT , Carleton, McMaster
Hi, I'm applying for SCIENCES as my first choice and Kin as my second. My grade 12 marks are: Bio 12- 89 Chem 12-90 Pre calc 12-91 Eng 12- 82 Law 12- 88 Do I stand a chance?
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Grade 12 Biology in Summer School
I plan on going into health science/life science for university then go into pharmacy.

I'd like to be less stressed next year when applying for university because I know Biology is known to be quite difficult.

How difficult is the content in comparison to at school? Should I take chemistry 12 instead? Should I even take biology?

I'm still in the process of taking bio 11 right now; I don't have any marks for reference but grade 10 science I had an average of 92 and a 91 in chem.
Should I expect similar marks in biology 12 in summer school as how I do in grade 11?

I won't be doing any extracurriculars/taking a trip anywhere over the course of the month.

Also, what sort of marks should I be looking at to get into a program that offers high GPAs when applying for school of pharmacy? 
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What school???
hey guys, 

so i'm a grade 12 and i applied to mac, western, guelph (accepted) and Queen's. however, I am leaning more towards Queen's or Western. 

I am going to major in poli sci. I'm HIGHLY interested in student government and i want to attend a university that puts a lot of emphasis on it as it is very important to me. i want to be able to get involved right from the get go. i also am scared of the whole right-wing "if you don't agree with my ideology then you get a bad mark" arts based profs that apparently queen's and mac has a lot of. should i be considering this? 

ALSO, i think i want to attend law school, so maintaining a high GPA is obviously important to me. I don't know if this is just a myth or if I just have to work super hard regardless of where I go, but I've heard that some schools just generally have profs who mark harder (I want to avoid this).

Lastly, finances and distance are not a huge concern for me. None of the schools I applied to have a dramatic differences in price anyways. 

SO, knowing all of that, what school do you guys think i should go to? 
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