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Bizarre OSAP situation
Ill try to make this as short and simple as possible but Im even slightly confused. So I have always been in good standing with OSAP and have received funding every semester since Sept 2013. I knew that there were times I did not do so well, so I went into my financial aid office last week to enquire about my current OSAP status and this is where basically everything went down hill. 

Upon the financial aid lady looking into my file, she found that due to my academic progress in 2014 and 2015, I should have been on probation in 2014. Of course, I have never been told I was on probation nor have I had to sign any paperwork stating I was, during any point of my studies. So basically I fell under their radar somehow. She then hands me some academic explanation letter and tells me to attach documents to explain why I didn't progress in 2014 and 2015 and she will review them. She told me If everything goes well, I will be able to get funding for 2016-2017 school year. In the meantime, I go home and check my status again to find out I have been restricted from receiving OSAP. I literally went from being in good standing, to probation to restriction all in one hour. How can you be restricted without being on probation first? I didn't even get a first instance! I feel like this lady is trying to cover the fact that someone was not doing their job in monitoring my progress. (I could be wrong) 

So I gather my documents to back up my explanation letter. I was diagnosed with a permanent health condition in 2014 and my father was terminally ill and passed away in 2015. I provided a doctors letter and my fathers death certificate. This is in the process of being reviewed and if everything is good, I will apparently be on probation and will receive funding this year for school. How can they restrict me and then put me on probation? This doesnt make any sense to me. Also how long does these types of reviews take? I may have done poorly during certain semesters but both reasons were out of my control. Its also not my responsibility to monitor my own progress for the purposes of receiving OSAP. Has anyone been in a  similar situation? 

This lady told me to register but Im definitely not paying a $500 non refundable deposit to find out I can't get OSAP this year. That would just be stupid. 
Uni Admissions
 I have a huge problem that still needs to be solved but feel that with the help of members of yconic, it can be solved with beneficial advice. I have a year and a half till I apply to uni and am kind of stressed that I won't get in (especially since I know people who attend ivey league schools). Now, I do obtain good averages but when I look at more successful students around me, I feel that I need to do so much better! Do yo think that with continuing maintaining a high avg,  already being an exec of 2 clubs and potentially getting a part time job will gain the admission officers interest?  I currently am looking at Western, Carleton or UFT! 
All advice is appreciated!

What average is needed for electrical and computer engineering at waterloo?
Hi Yconic,
I was wondering what average was required to get into these two programs.
I am entering grade 12 next year.
I have several ecs, but unfortunately none of them are engineering related.
I have also held two summer jobs, this summer and last.
My ecs demonstrate leadership within the community.
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Admission Questions? Ask a Current UBC Student!
Hi guys,

I always remember finding this forum really useful back when I was applying for universities in 2012, and I'd like to offer you the opportunity to actually get some hard knowledge about admissions rather than just hearsay. Though I'm in Sauder, I can answer any questions regarding direct entry to all UBC programs, Sauder transfer applications, and general university stuff.

You should all also take a look at the holy grail of UBC admissions, specifically table 18 where all admission averages for all programs for entry in 2013W are outlined.

Hope to see you all at UBC in September!
Any Art Scholarships/Bursaries Based Of Merit?
Hi, I was just wondering if there are any scholarships or bursaries available based off of artistic ability. Although I am currently enrolled in a political science program, I am also a very skilled artist and I feel as if though I'd have a chance at winning something art related.

Thank you so much for your time. 
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UBC Media Studies?

I was wondering if anybody knew about the UBC Media Studies program? It combines:
Art History and Visual Art
Creative Writing
Film Studies
Film Production
Information Studies
Critical Theory – English Dept., German Dept.
Computer Science
It is everything I am interested in, but I am afraid that it would be another arts degree where I may struggle to find a job after graduation. What is your opinion?

Thanks :)
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Minor into a full degree down the road
Soooo I've been planning real hard before my grade 12 school year starts. I legit have a word document listing all my ECs, programs i want to apply for, etc. Anyway, I've been keeping an eye on McMaster for their B Com program lately

So lets say that if I do get in, I major in their finance program and minor in computer science. 
Down the road, is it possible for me to finish off my computer science degree as well? (bc i probably would've finished a good chunk of it as my minor). Idek if this makes sense, if not lemme know LOL. Thank ya! 
Queen's, McMaster, Western, UBC, McGill

I'm currently going to be applying to QuARMs but if I don't get accepted I don't know where to go for my undergrad. I'm considering Queen's Sciences, McMaster Health, Western Med Sci, UBC biochemistry and McGill Life sciences. My goal is to get into Med School.

I'd like some feedback mostly on the teaching style and overall community feel at these different universities. I know McMaster is PBL and group work but are the others all just lecture based? 
Missing the first four days of school
Due to a vacation, I will be missing the first four days of grade 12. Are they crucial, do you guys think? I will be doing everything in my power to stay caught up - email classmates, teachers, etc. I want into a fairly rigorous program, which is U Waterloo CS.
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University of Toronto or McMaster?
Hello I am a grade 11 student. I am enrolled in the AP Program and the SHSM program, and I have a 93.4% average. Also, I have many extra-curriculars, and I have a ton of volunteer experience. Finally, I have lots of health related certifications (FIRST AID, CPR, AED, INFECTION CONTROL etc.)
Later this year I will be applying for university. I want to become an Anaesthesiologist. What is better for me: Health Sciences at McMaster or Life Sciences at U of T? I also want to know which would better train me better for medical school? Please elaborate on how any of the experiences are, as well as what GPA i would need to get into med. school. Thank you. 
Computer Science/Ivey Dual Degree AMA!
Hey Guys!

I’m a CS/Ivey dual degree candidate at Western, I used to come on here for help when I was in HS so I figured it's about my time to start giving back! So if any of you have questions on Ivey, AEO stuff or anything Western in general let's get a good thread going, feel free to ask me just about anything!

Also I’m currently conducting research on the rising competitiveness of Canadian Business Schools and their application processes. So if you're an incoming first year business student it would really help us out if you could complete our survey. The link is below:

To anyone that took Grade 12 Philosophy
Hi everyone! I'm going into gr.12 this year and I took the philosophy course just because I didn't want to take religion again, but I'm not sure what this course really is about. So I have a few questions to ask if you guys don't mind answer:  

  1.What did this course teach?  
  2. Did you enjoy it?  
  3. Any tips I should know going into this course?  
  4. What were your assignments like?  
  5. If you don't mind answering, what was your final grade in this course?  

Thank you for answering c:
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6, 7, OR 8 courses?
Basically I'm a grade 12 student in a dilemma. I wish in my earlier years i could have thought to taken some grade 12 courses. Now I'm going into grade 12 with nothing. I need to know how many courses I should take. Here is a list of courses I have right now:

Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Advanced Function
Calculus and vectors
French (because I'm in french immersion)
Geography (because I'm in french immersion)

I need to know if taking more courses would be a good idea or would it turn out to be disastrous. My main goal is to get into top business schools. If you agree with taking more courses do you have any recommendations on courses I should take wheter it be online or in school. THANKS!
Grade 11 or grade 12 marks?
Well hello!

I go to a non semestered school. Since I'll be taking all of my grade 12 courses from the beginning, will universities look at my grade 11 marks for early acceptance? I know that grade 11 marks are looked at when there are no grade 12 marks so I'm a little confused. I had a 94% average, my lowest one so I am not sure.

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Qatar Cornell Medical School
The Cornell University has a university outside of America in Qatar where they offer a six year medical program. It saves two years albeit it is out of America and one still has to complete USMLE if trying for residency in America as it resides out the geographical borders of America. I'm not completely sure of the procedures needed in order to get a medical licence in Canada, but I've been thinking of the idea and was wondering if would this be a good option.
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Starting McGill Life Science in September! AMA about pre-med programs, applying to the US, McGill, Mac Health Sci etc
Hey guys,  

I'm starting at McGill this September in the Biological, Biomedical, and Life Sciences program. I'm planning on majoring in Anatomy and Cell Biology (ANAT) and minoring in Gender, Sexuality, Feminism and Social Justice Studies (GSFS). I also applied to most of the ivy leagues and some other unis in the US.  

Here is a list of where I was accepted:  
McGill Life Science  
McMaster Health Science (yes, I rejected mac health sci)  
Johns Hopkins  
Duke University  
Queens Science  
Western Medical Science  
UofT Life Science  
McMaster Life Science  

I also got a basic entrance scholarship from mcgill. I'm going to be staying in Douglas Hall for my first year.  

Please ask any questions about getting into uni, course selection, top 6 calculations, applying to the US, choosing McGill, getting into/rejecting health sci, etc etc.
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Transferring Credit.
I did a course this summer with TDSB. I am a YRDSB. I got a 90% and I am not sure yet if that will help or hurt my average. I was wondering if TDSB automatically sends the mark to YRDSB or if I need to do this myself. If this is something I need to do myself, can I just not submit the mark, and redo the course with YRDSB?
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Transition to University
Hi guys, 

I'll be going into grade 12 this year and am really worried about uni. I'm looking at UCalgary, and am confused about their admission averages.  They say that they use at least 2 grade 12 grades for standard admission... but what if my average with all grade 12 grades ends up being higher than my average using 2 grade 12 grades and the rest grade 11? Would they reconsider me for admission in the March-April time frame? Please help. Thanks. 

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I was wondering the averages of students who got accepted to Ivey / Schulich /Smith business schools?

I am going to be applying this upcoming year and it would be beneficial for me to know past averages that have got accepted to these schools.

Feel free to post averages for other schools too just let me know what school you are attending.

Thank you:)
Is my ENG4U mark too low for UofT?
I just finished grade 12 English in E learning and I ended up with an 83. So I wanted to know if I can get into Rotman Commerce at UofT with this English mark.
UBC vs SFU vs UAlberta business schools
I am a student in BC (near UFV) and am interested in studying business, eventually making a career in Human Resources. I have looked at rankings and lists but none of them have been very comprehensive.
Money is not an issue at this point but I just needed some feedback as to what would be the best choice. I am interested in doing international programs possibly, as well as co op for sure.
I am an IB student currently as well, I know SFU loves IB students but UBC and UAlberta give decent benefits as well.
Just looking for some guidance.. thanks!
SHSM Business for Uni
Hi guys
Im interested in business, mainly finance, and my final goal is to get into queens commerce or ivey. 
My school currwntly offers an shsm in business, and i was wondering if anyone has info on it and if it is useful for getting into top canadian business schools. 

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Nursing - MRU vs U of C
Is there anyone out there who could offer some insight about these two schools and the nursing program offered at each? I've heard the program at MRU is supposedly better, but is it so much so that future employers would prefer MRU graduates above U of C graduates? 
Of course I will apply to both and would take it from there.
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