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11U -> 12U Chemistry
Is there lots of overlap? i took 11U in first semestsr of grade 11 and won't have 12U until second semester of this year (so a year and a half between) I'm super nervous... what should i review, if anything? This is Ontario curriculum by the way lol
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Research Project

We are doing research on students needs and job opportunities, please help us complete our survey https://sydequest.typeform.com/to/v1z0Pm

Queen's BISC Year 1
For those whose been to Queen's BISC Castle in year one, what were the pros and cons? How often do the students drink alchohol?
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Uni Admissions
 I have a huge problem that still needs to be solved but feel that with the help of members of yconic, it can be solved with beneficial advice. I have a year and a half till I apply to uni and am kind of stressed that I won't get in (especially since I know people who attend ivey league schools). Now, I do obtain good averages but when I look at more successful students around me, I feel that I need to do so much better! Do yo think that with continuing maintaining a high avg,  already being an exec of 2 clubs and potentially getting a part time job will gain the admission officers interest?  I currently am looking at Western, Carleton or UFT! 
All advice is appreciated!

Do universities care much about repeated courses?
I'm going to repeat advanced functions for the third time in an extra semester before applying to comp sci at Ryerson. I got an 87 in calc but a 65 in func. Will Ryerson care about the repeat much or am I screwed?
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Grade 11 Average to Grade 12
In grade 11 my average of all my courses (8 classes) got me an 87. I need a low to mid 90s average for grade 12 and I was wondering if in your experience you think it will be possible for me. I can use all the study tips you got and even if you guys can post your daily routines during the school year it would help a lot. Thanksss
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Sports in university?
Hey guys,

I will be starting my senior year soon, and I'm wondering if playing a sport (basketball) in university would be worth it. Is it difficult to balance the work ethic and practices/games? What do you think about uni sports in general?

I am planning to go to  UofT, McMaster, Western, or the uni in my city. I'm into the sciences so I already know it's going to be extremely time consuming. 

However, I do hear ECs are extremely worth it!

Tell me what you guys think, thanks in advance. 
Excelllent work ethics and effective study strategies!
We are moving into our new school year 2016-2017 so....Feel free to post your best work ethics and study strategies that helped you out and ensured that you did well on your tests and assignments!
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I am making this thread for students who will be graduating in 2017 and are hoping to enter a business program/school.

Please feel free to share the classes your taking and where you are thinking of going to uni!
Ryerson University Business Management 2017
Will I be able to get into the program with a repeated grade 11 math grade? I did not pass grade 11 math. Also, does the reputation of a university actually matter if the program is still good at that university? My grade 11 average did not make honours because I was struggling with the three sciences and a few other courses that were not my strengths.

My guidance counsellor suggested I take data managament and advanced functions only. Do u think Ryerson chooses the people who took calculus first? 

Also, I tried calling Ryerson but there is always recorded answers to general questions. I can't seem to find a real person who I can talk to who can answer specific questions. 
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McMaster Health Science Program-2017 Applicants
Hey guys, 
I am going into grade 12 in September. I have been doing a lot of soul searching about what kinds of programs and stuff I wish to apply to. One of my top choices is McMaster Health Sciences and I'm sure it is many other peoples top choices as well. Ever since I was young i knew I wanted to do something in the health field, mainly to help other people out. I have always LOVED science, especially biology and chemistry. We can use this discussion page to talk about the program and stuff. 

These are my other top programs:
-Life Sciences at McMaster
-Medical Sciences at Western
-Health Sciences at Western
-Biochemistry at Western 
-Biomedical Science at Waterloo

If anyone was or is in McMaster's Health Science program, I was wondering what do you think makes a successful applicant? How did you decide to enter this program?

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biochemistry at waterloo
Hey guys I'm gonna be starting first year of biochemistry this fall @ waterloo. I looked over my schedule and I love all the classes and labs and I chose a really interesting elective. I can't wait to start. However (even though I love it) I noticed physics was on my schedule both a class and lab. Out of all the sciences physics is my greatest struggle (got a 88 in high school) so my question is do I only take physics first year for a biochem major? And should I only take it for one year? Since I reckon if I chose to go down the field of medicine/optometry/pharmacy I will have to write entrance exams (I'm familiar with the mcat but not any others) and they will have a lot of physics related questions. 

Also one more question: 

For students who have been through first year how much of the content is learned through reading your books? 

Oh one last one:

What are labs like other than applying the knowledge you learn from classes are they fairly difficult?

Thanks!!!!!!! *mwuahhh* kiss for u if u read and answered
3rd year Canadian medical student happy to answer questions!
UPDATE July 11, 2012:

My name is Josh, some of you might know me as the guy who started MedHopeful. For those of you who don't know me, I am currently a 3rd year Medical Student at UofT and I have run a blog called MedHopeful for almost 4 years now which provides stories and advice relating to undergrad, scholarships and medical school.

I originally wanted to remain anonymous in this thread because I was working on a few new projects (like a new group blog I had started) with some medical school classmates who wanted to remain anonymous. However, after long discussions and thinking, I decided to go back to primarily posting on MedHopeful. I also figured that I was OK not being anonymous (my friends still want to be, which is fine and I understand why).

In any case, I am happy to answer any questions, and for those of you who didn't know, I started a similar thread like this last year on the old Student Awards forums, which you might also find useful:


* * * * *

Hey everyone,

I am a 3rd year medical student at a Canadian medical school. My first 2 years were spent mostly in the classroom learning anatomy, physiology, disease, treatments, etc.

I started 3rd year in September 2011, and since then, I have been in "clerkship" - which means I have been working and learning full time in the hospital - seeing real patients everyday, and learning to diagnose/treat their illnesses. I have to say, it's very different from what I imagined. No matter how much you try to learn what it's like to practice medicine (e.g. shadowing), you really don't know what it's like until you do it.

I found these forums very helpful while studying in undergrad and applying to medical school. I'd like to give back by answering questions about medical school if anyone has any.

I'll try to be as honest as possible. I just won't be revealing any personal details as I'd prefer to remain anonymous.

Ask away! :)

P.S. I now blog everyday about med school life, getting in to med school, undergrad tips, etc. (see signature)
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University Open Houses
Calling all Grade 12 or gap year students!!!

I have created a calendar of all the open houses for the 21 Ontario Universities with open house info at this time. I hope this helps you all!

Early Acceptance-Pros and Cons(?)
Hi. Like the title, what are some pros and cons to applying early to university (more interested in the cons btw). I am moving onto grade 12 this september, and I have finished grade 11 with an average of 95%. Also, how does this early acceptance thing workanyways?
I am going to apply to U of T, UBC, SFU and McGil, to the Humanities department. 
So far, the only pros I see is that you get the application process over with quickly without having to carry that anxiety for months until the proper deadline- that is if you get accepted of course. 
Thanks for your help! 
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Hospitality Management courses in Chicago
So many hotel schools claim to be the best - which is actually the top? And is this degree really esteemed worldwide? I heard about Les Roches International School (http://chicago.lesroches.edu/programs-admissions/academic-programs/bachelor-degree-in-hospitality-management). Can you advice me smth? I want to obtain hospitality degree in Chicago
What grades do American universities look at?
Do American universities look at grades 8-12 or 9-12 for Canadian students when applying? I'm confused by this because in Canada high school is from 8-12 and in America it's from 9-12. I've been told that they look at your grades from all of high school but does this also apply to Canadian students? Or do they only do 9-12?
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Engineering Transfer courses?
Hi, I was just wondering if Universities look at the relevant Math, chemistry and physics courses from your transcript instead of your whole GPA with the elective when you apply for the transfer, or do they take your whole GPA in account when taking your transfer application into consideration? (I want to transfer from ryerson to UofT or Mac)
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UBC students! Please help :(((
Did all of you guys do some sort of sport in high school to get in during your senior years?
If I don't do a sport but im I'm clubs like helping hands, volunteer, career exploration and play the trumpet will that still not be enough? Like was everyone accepted to UBC some sort of athlete in high school?
When should I start applying for scholarships
I'm going into grade 12 and my parents have been nagging me about scholarship applications. I know lots of small scholarships don't need u to wait till grade 12 to apply, but for the scholarships offered by universities when is it best to apply for them? And is it possible to get a scholarship with a flat 90 overall average?
Enzyme Esterase
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