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Grade 9 IB First Semester

Hi, Need comments, positive suggestion on my IBT marks of grade 9 first semester. Suggestion for improvements are highly appreciated.

Math 94%

Geography 92%

French 82%

Healthy Living 75%

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Nursing at Queen’s (Class of 2020)
I had a few questions regarding Queen’s nursing.

1) what was the minimum overall average and minimum marks in the 4U courses you had to have to keep the offer?
2) when did you receive your conditional offer?
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(another) 1st Year Queen's Eng AMA!!!
Hi everyone! 
I know there is already one of these, but I thought I would offer a different perspective. 
I am currently nearly done first year in Queen's Engineering (we have a general first year, and I am doing Geological Engineering next year - I came in thinking I was going to do Eng Phys but changed my mind about 1000 times). I am also considering doing a dual degree with astronomy, as planetary geology (the geology of other planets, a key for space travel) is my main interest. 
I finished first semester with a 4.0 GPA, which translates to a mid-high 80s average, and am predicting a 4.1 for this semester. 
I have been involved with various sports, arts, and engineering clubs this year. I am also going to be a residence don for next year, so I can answer questions about residence as well. 
I volunteered at both fall preview days and the March break open house, so there's a good chance some of you may have met me! This also means I know a little bit of the ins and outs of admissions and such. 
Feel free to ask me anything about eng, the school as a whole, extracurriculars, or anything else!!!
Cha Gheill!
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Western National Scholarship 2018
Hey guys, 

I am applying for the Western National Scholarship this year and I would really appreciate advice from anyone who has applied/received the award before.

Estimated Average: 95%

Clubs & Sports Teams: 
* President of Debate Club
* Founding Member of Diversity Club/Black History Month Committee
* Executive on Enhanced Council
* Member of Athletic Council
* Captain on Mentor Club (lead a team to guide gr. 9s)
* Played on badminton and table tennis teams for past three years
* Played on basketball team for two years
* Played on lacrosse team for past three years and will be one of the captains this year

Volunteer Experience:
* Teen Advisory Group at public library
* Assist treasurer at church and volunteer chorister 
* Done some volunteering with black award shows but only one day events
* Volunteered at a Braids for Aids event (one day event)
* Volunteered at Bollywood Ignite event, led other volunteers to run a child sport area (two days)

Work Experience:
*  Newspaper carrier, 2014 (for 6 months)
* Kitchen assistant, part of YMCA summer work exchange, 2017 (6 weeks, full time)
* Sales associate at the Gap (september 2017 - present)

Do you think I have a chance even though I haven't done a lot of things in my community outside of school? Should I include volunteer experiences that I only did for one day (ie. the award shows, aids event and bollywood event)? And should my essay be formal/rigid or more personal; should I talk about how i feel personally connected to my topic or just treat it like a research paper?

I would love to gain your insight and advice. Thanks
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Schulich Class of 2022 - Acceptance & Applications Forum
Hello everyone! To those of you applying to Schulich's BBA/iBBA for the Class of 2022, let's build this forum by posting our: 
 Projected Average: 
 And if you got accepted!

 Good luck to you all! P.S if you have any questions feel free to ask as it will be answered.
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1st Year Ryerson Engineering AMA Thread!
Well, the title says it all
To all the grade 12s, I was in the same boat as you last year, wondering about admissions, career and so on. But I am finally onto my next stage of life, studying engineering. Woohoo (have midterms soon, so mixed emotions! :/ )
Anyways, If you guys have any questions related to admissions, student life, commuting, programs, and so on, feel free to post them below. I'll try to answer as fast as I can.
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Uoft St. George CS accepted 2018?
Hey, did anyone get accepted in the Computer Science program at UTSG for class of 2018? If yes, please say your admission average and your grade 11 marks. Thanks
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Queens Engineering First Year - Answering Questions!
Hey guys! I'm a first year engineering student at queens and I can totally help answer any of your questions about applications, eng, queens, res life, or the best places to nap on campus! Hmu I'm always down to help some people out, I known how stressful application season can be :)
University of Toronto Computer Science Applicants 2018
Grade 11 avg: 98

Grade 12 avg: 96-97 
Grade 12 Marks:
100 Computer Science 
100 Computer Engineering
95 Advanced Functions
98 Calculus
90 English
97-98 Chemistry (predicted) (97 grade 11)
96-97 Physics (predicted) (98 grade 11)

Applying to UTSC and UTSG

1) Post your estimated entrance average
2) Post which campus you are applying to
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Are my Extra Ciriculars Good?
I'm in grade 11, planning to go to waterloo, for either Mechanical engineering, systems design, or maybe mechatronics if my marks are up there. I anticipate my admission average will be around 90-93. I know those marks are in the ball park for mech. and SYDE, along with good EC's. I don't really know if my EC's qualify as "good". I'll list them below. If anyone can let me know, or suggest some more that I can do in grade 12, that will look good on my application, that would be great.
Extra ciriculars
Student Council Grade 9/10.
Varsity Baseball all years.
Senior Basketball 2 years.
Sound Technology all years.
Tutoring. (will also put 2% on any mark)
Volunteering at soup kitchen (maybe 5-10 hours next year if this will help my case???)
Work at Golf course in summer
Referee in house league
I may consider doing house band or coaching house league ball next year.
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Queen's Nursing Difficulty
I was wondering if someone could tell me just how difficult Nursing is at Queen's. 
How hard is it to have a 3.5+ GPA, while being involved in extracurriculars as well?

Anything else anyone wants to add about the program would also be appreciated!

Thank you!
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Where Do "Average" Students Go For University?
On this forum, it's obvious that the main majority here are high-achieving students. You hear the phrases "IB", "AP", or "95+" thrown around like crazy. But here is what I am wondering, what happens to the not-so-high achievers?

I go to a normal Ontario curriculum high school and thus that means even in Academic you have the best of the best and the mediocre to mid-tier students. For example, one of my friends gets around a low to mid 70 average and he says he wants to go to university. Other than Trent, Algoma, or Lakehead where could he go? Would a degree even be useful from there?

He's definitely not an applied or college level kid but I don't think that he and other mediocre students know how competitive the university admissions landscape is nowadays. Oh, and you can't say he has mediocre grades because he has amazing ECs. All he does and others I have seen are play Fortnite or maybe play in some house league hockey/soccer/basketball team.

So what is the general outcome for mid to low 70s students, with extremely minimal ECs but with a desire to go to university?
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Dalhousie Scholarships
Does anyone know when Dalhousie starts sending out scholarships?
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Architecture Acceptances 2018?
If you guys got accepted to any architecture / environmental design / urban planning programs, please include the following:

Date of Application: 
Date of Offer: 
Grade 11 Average: 
Grade 12 Average: 
Province You're Applying From:

I know most architecture programs don't give out acceptances till later, but U of T started rolling out some.
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I have seen a lot of discussion on the forums saying that Queen's University usually sends acceptances on Wednesdays, and a lot of people anticipated that the University of Toronto would be doing their March round this week. Similarly, does anyone know when Western will do acceptances? I get that no one probably will but I'll just ask anyway in case. Thank you in advance.
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2018 - Who is Applying to Architecture?
As I was finishing up my Carleton supplementary Application, I realized there aren't any threads for architecture applicants this year yet. If you're applying too, tell me where you've applied and where you've heard back from! That way, we can all network with our future classmates and/or scout out the competition.

I've applied to UofT, Carleton, Ryerson and Waterloo, finished my supplementary applications (excluding the Waterloo interview) and been accepted to UofT.
Mcmaster Integrated Business and Humanities 2018
Hey everyone I just wanted to start a thread for people who applied to McMasters IBH program so we can discuss our application process with the video interview and everything, as we await patiently for acceptances!
Feel free to post whatever you would like to spur discussion.
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Nipissing nursing
Has anyone been accepted in the nursing program at Nipissing yet?
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UW Biomed Sciences Admissions
For anyone who got into UW biomedical sciences within the recent years, what average did you have?
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General Science
hi, i'm interested in going into just gen sci at wester. So from my understanding, you pick a field of study in second year, and from there you just continue with courses in that field. How hard would you say this program is compared to med sci for example, or even kin. Is it easy to get a good GPA lets say, of 3.7 and over? IS the workload a lot , or is it manageable. I want to enjoy the university experience but also acheive a good GPA. Which other programs would you say are "easy" or easier to get a high GPA in which are science related. Thanks in advance!
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The BBA co-op programs in Ontario
I'm probably going to go for a BBA in university and if I do, I definitely want to do co-op. I'm really not into finances or accounting, and I haven't seen a lot of posts about co-op in OTHER fields since most of them are devoted to finances/accounting. So, if anyone knows anything about any of the various BBA co-op programs in Ontario, please share! Particularly:

1) How good are the placements? (Non accounting/finance)
2) How difficult is it to get/maintain your spot co-op?
3) It's reputation, and whether it will curry favour with future employers

The particular universities I had in mind are Laurier, Brock, Guelph, McMaster, and UTSC, but if you know others feel free to share.
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