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Here are some of the partners that share our core values and believe in helping and investing in students just like you. Whether providing you with new Money for School programs, or opportunities offering invaluable academic and career-beginning experiences, they share our passion for giving you the guidance and support that'll help you better manage student life.
yconic has been partnering with Canadian brands to bring students new opportunities. As a result only Canadian members are eligible to participate in the below partner programs. With our recent extension to the US market, we will be expanding our partnerships to include US organizations by 2016. If you're interested in partnering with yconic, please contact us.
CPA Ontario wants to help students fulfill their passion by ensuring they gain the skills and credentials they need to succeed! Join CPA Ontario’s Post-Secondary Ambassador Program (PSAP) and enjoy exclusive access to a wide range of opportunities, resources and events designed to give you a head start toward a successful career in business and finance.
Josh Rajkumar
Josh Rajkumar
Pickering, ON
I am truly honoured and grateful to yconic and CPA Ontario for presenting me with this scholarship. It’s really exciting to be presented a scholarship from CPA Ontario especially because I am striving to become a CPA of Ontario. It’s also encouraging to know that CPA Ontario and yconic are helping me reach my goal. 
From tuition, to books to everyday living, Scotiabank knows just how expensive post-secondary education can be. Scotiabank helps students stay focused on their education, not their bank balance. Through Scotiabank’s partnership with yconic, there will be a total of $1.95 million awarded to the yconic community.
Photo of Elise Pullar
Elise Pullar
Calgary, AB
Thank you so much to yconic and Scotiabank! I am so grateful to have won this contest. As a university student living away from home, $500 will go a long way. Thanks again for educating youth about banking terms and for offering this contest to help students like myself!
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