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Laurier BBA or York Bcom ?
My average is 90 average right now. I got accepted from York for their Bcom program.  My plan is to get my CPA and start my own business after graduation. Deciding between York or Laurier BBA. 

Pros of York Bcom - Toronto, possibility of high GPA, Cheap, Lot of south Asians,  Save money, International Reputation
Cons of York Bcom - Overshadowed by Schulich in terms of opportunities, Student satisfaction 

Pros of Laurier - Has Co-op, Lot of opportunities, Students Satisfaction
Cons of Laurier -  Expensive if you include residence, Risk of not getting Co-op, International reputation, Not many south asians, Outside of Toronto

Any suggestions? 
Best business school for Entrepreneurship?
I have about 91 average so far . I am looking to apply to Business programs that are known for startup and entrepreneurship. My goal is to attend Uni and then start my own business after graduation. I have looked at programs like Schulich, Ivey, Rotman, Queens, etc but these programs are more focused on Accounting and Finance. I don't like the idea of paying huge tution just to attend top business schools (queens, ivey). Can anyone suggest any school  that offers good opportunity for startup and well known for their entrepreneurship program .
Place for Improving my Presentation and communication skills?
I am a high school student looking to improve my presentation and communication skills.      I believe Presentation and communication skills are very important in order to succeed at Business schools. I recently checked Toastmaster International. Does anyone know any other place where I can improve my presentation and communication skills?  Any advice?
Underrated Business Program No one Talks about
I am looking to apply for Back up Business Programs other than Schulich,Laurier, Queens, Ivey, Mcgill, UofT,  Ryerson, etc. The program should  have minimal math and great opportunities. It can be outside ontario.. Any suggestions
Ryerson Accounting and Finance
I have completed my top 6 with about 91 average and decent EC.

Ryerson accounting and Finance is one of my option for the Uni application. I know that Ryerson is very diverse and located in downtown ( advantages for me).

If someone from the  accounting and Finance program share their experience about Workload, community, social life, co-op/internship opportunities, etc that would be very helpful   
Decision: Laurier BBA or Schulich BBA
I have completed my top 6 with about 91 average with decent EC. 

I am just deciding if it's worth going to Laurier BBA over Schulich. I know it will be easier to achieve higher GPA at Laurier than it is at Schulich. Laurier is improving every year,
(new building) and also has an excellent social life compared to Schulich since many students at Schulich are commuters. There's also a risk of not getting co-op at Laurier which concerns me . Will it limit my opportunity if I don't get co-op at Laurier?   

 On the other hand, Schulich is reputed all over the world not just in Canada. It is compared to schools like Queens, Ivey, Rotman,etc. Many employers recruit students from Schulich considering the fact that it is a top business school and many hardworking students graduates from there. I am just wondering if its still worth going to Laurier BBA without co-op in my mind over Schulich.

 It would be very helpful if someone give me advice or share their experience that would be very helpful. 
School for Business/Marketing
I am in grade 12 and looking to apply to school for business and plan to specialize in marketing. What school is best for marketing specifically? I am very creative but also great with math and people, which is why I am leaning towards marketing. If anyone has any suggestions for a business program that seems fitting that would be greatly appreciated!!
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I am applying to Uni this December. I am deciding between Laurier BBA and Schulich BBA. So Far I heard..  


Pros- Reputation, Community, Small class size, networking  
Cons – No co-op, curriculum is hard, commute,  


Pros – Easier to get high Gpa, Co-op, #1 in student satisfaction ranking  
Cons- Community (not many south Asians), risk of not getting co-op, bigger class sizes.  
Both of these school offers great opportunities. It will be difficult to choose between these two. If anyone from these school could give me some guidance or share their experience that would be great
Hello university students !!! I will be applying to university soon. It would be very helpful for me and other students thinking of applying to Business Programs. I would appreciate if you share about your experience in your Business programs about the followings:

1. Workload (very important)
2. Opportunity in terms of Co-op, internship,networking, etc. (very important)
3. Social life (somewhat important)
4. What advice would you give to future students if they were to succeed in Uni 
5. If you were in grade 12 what program would you chose and why?

Thank you..