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Ivey HBA program AEO status help
So I'm going for the psych BA at western and also wanna go for their HBA program. The lady I talked to at their preview day told me that about 60% of the people that go into the HBA program are people who get AEO status. I really wanna get AEO so I wanted to know if anyone knows anything about how to improve my application. So for I have about a years worth of work experience, 3 years of volunteering, 4 years on my swim team, a year on my schools DECA team and going to provincials, and volunteering for a couple weeks abroad, in Asia. I know my final average will fall somewhere between 85% - 92%, if all goes well. Are there any other things I put on my application that would edge me out from the competition, cuz I know it's a very competitive program. Thanks, would really appreciate the help!!
Good books for grade 12 isu?
I wanted some advice as to what is a good isu book for grade 12 U English. Our teacher wants us to do a classic book that you could do as a class reading book, but instead do it as our isu. It basically needs to be a book that has some university level critiques or analysis somewhere on the internet. I was heavily leaning towards lord of the flies by William Golding. I wanted to know if this is a good book to do for my isu and if you guys have any other advice. Thanks!
Honours of Arts and Business at UWaterloo?
i'm in grade 12 and heavily considering going through a psychology program for my undergrad then going to business school for an MBA. however, UWaterloo has a program where you can major in business and the arts. I just wanted some input as to whether business schools like this, and if this could be good for a job. I want to either go into marketing or law, thus the business and arts interest. Can doing a double major or whatever the program UWaterloo is offering good? or would it be bad for me because i have both feet in seperate programs and no clear set choice...
Should I take grade 11 physics?
So I want to go to university for law... But in in my 2nd semester of grade 11 and I chose to take physics this year. My school allows a class change if you don't like your class but the only other class available was grade 12 English, so I took it. Now I'm having regrets because I not only have friends in the physics class, but I feel like I would be better in a grade 11 class. I had a 70% in grade 10 math and an 86% in grade 10 science. Would those marks be good enough to get around above a 70 in physics. I'm just really stressed cuz I don't want to have 2 englishes in the same year. Thanks in advance!