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How do you cope with stress?
All of us get stressed. As students, this is typically caused by assignments, tests, and deadlines.

That said, how do you cope with it? What do you do to lower your stress levels? 

It'd be nice to hear from you!

yconic Student Ambassador
What are your study tips for a Grade 11 student
In grade 9 and grade 10, I had fairly bad study habits where I would just listen to the teacher in class but still managed to get easy 90's.
I had also switched schools now to a new school, but now its not working out the same for me, I am taking all 3 sciences and with the bad habits, in the beginning of the year I hadn't started off too well, although now I've managed to change my habits up a tad bit.
Now, I go ahead of the class as much as I can and rewrite notes from the textbook, whatever seems important, and focus a lot more rather than waste my time procrastinating.. oh god procrastination will be the end of me.

I want to know what are your personal study tips, and also what would you suggest I start to do?
What are your programs of interest's admissions requirements?
When you apply to some programs in university, they might ask you to write a supplementary application or conduct a video interview in addition to you having to meet their admissions average requirements.

What are the admissions requirements you have to complete for your programs of interest?

Let me know in the comments below.

yconic Student Ambassador
How do you write a personal profile/personal statement?
For some post-secondary programs, admissions might ask applicants to complete a personal profile or a personal statement. It’s likely that what you’re applying for is VERY competitive. Completing a personal profile or a personal statement is beneficial, as it allows admissions to learn more about you instead of just solely basing their decisions on your academic record. 

So… What exactly is a personal profile or a personal statement? 

Essentially, it’s a short essay about YOU. Specifically, this is where you get the chance to explain why you’ve decided to apply to their program, talk about your future goals, and relate how your extra-curricular involvement has shaped you, your goals, and aspirations.

How do you write one that stands out? 

When you’re completing your personal profile or personal statement, remember that it has to be personal. Don’t just write what you think admissions would want to read. Be passionate about it. Instead of just listing all of your achievements, talk about the impact you’ve made in those activities and its impact on you. 

Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself when writing: 

- What made me decide to apply to this program? How does this relate to my future career goal?
- What inspired me to pursue my future career goal? 
- What makes me, my life or my experiences different from everyone else?
- In what ways did my extra-curricular activities or community involvement shape my goals and aspirations? How did they shape me into who I am now? 

Best of luck! :)

yconic Student Ambassador
How do university exams differ from high school?
Since it's prime midterms season in university, I'm wondering as a high school student, what are the biggest differences between taking an exam in high school versus in university, in your experience. Every professor will have a different way of administering tests, of course, but what can one expect? Is there much difference between the two?
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When do you start studying for final exams?
Final exams are worth A LOT. In one of my courses, our final exam is worth 60%. Depending on what you're taking, your final might be cumulative. This means that you'll have to study EVERYTHING you've learned in the course from the very beginning.

That said, when do you start studying for final exams? Have you already started? Or do you just wait and kick it into high gear the night before?

Hope to hear from you soon!

yconic Student Ambassador
Have you ever been on academic probation?
The transition from high school to university is not particularly easy for many students. Recently, I attended an event where I got the chance to hear several industry professionals' success stories. A couple of them talked about being on academic probation and what they did to turn it all around. I thought their stories were inspiring.

If you're a post-secondary student or have graduated, it'd be nice to hear from you.

Have you ever been on academic probation? If so, how did you get back on track?

yconic Student Ambassador
Which extra-curricular activities are you involved in?
Whether you may be in high school or university, there are many clubs, sports, and student groups that you can participate in. Being involved helps you gain leadership skills, network, and build your resume.

Which extra-curricular activities are/were you involved in?
Has your involvement impacted and helped you decide on a career path in some way?

yconic Student Ambassador
Which university programs are you applying to?
Hi everyone!

If you're currently a Grade 12 student, chances are you've already heard your guidance counsellors talk about university. You might've had recruiters from different post-secondary institutions present at your school as well. At this time, you might even have a stack of viewbooks from attending university fairs and presentations.

Which university programs are you applying to?
Was there a university program you didn't know about that peaked your interest? If so, how did you find out about it?

Hope to hear from you all soon!

Alyssa Vidal
yconic Student Ambassador
Midterm Marks?
If I apply now, would universities look at my first-semester midterm marks? Or do they only see my grade 11 marks?
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Commuting to School?
Hey there fellow Yconic members,

For those in University or College and that happen to commute from home, how long does it take for you to commute to school? Also, how do you spend that time efficiently while commuting? 

Kind regards,
AMA: First-Year Business Management Student, Creator & SHSM Graduate
Hi everyone!

My name is Alyssa and I am a yconic Student Ambassador for the 2017-2018 school year. I am currently a first-year Business Management student at Ryerson University. I'm here to answer any questions you may have. If you just want to chat, that works too. Haha!

Here are some things about me: 
- Attended 9 different schools before university, including 1 private school, 3 international schools, and 5 public schools
- Worked several part-time jobs in high school
- Was a high school co-op student
- Completed Leadership Pathway high school specialized program
- Graduated with a Specialist High Skills Major in Arts and Culture
- Ontario Scholar
- A 2017 #RoadToRyerson Storyteller

Please don't hesitate to ask me anything, whether it may be about community involvement or university applications. I will answer them to the best of my ability and respond as quickly as I can.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Alyssa Vidal
yconic Student Ambassador
Days Off? Ryerson University

I had a question, so I know that Ryerson University doesn't allow you to plan your timetable out. So for Ryerson Students how do you mange a part-time job with like commuting and going to school at the same time? and do you have any days off?
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What is your go-to restaurant?
Hi everyone! I'm Alyssa, one of your yconic Student Ambassadors. 

As a university student in the heart of downtown Toronto, I am surrounded by SO MANY restaurants that offer a wide-variety of food options and different cuisines. Though I bring lunches (It's a great way to save money aha!), I would eat out once in a while.

And so...

When you eat out during your lunches or breaks, where do you go? 
Is there a specific place that students from your school go to? 
If you could recommend one item from the menu to someone going to your favourite restaurant for the first time, what would it be?

Maybe through this discussion, we can all visit a new restaurant and try something new. My fellow foodies, I look forward to hearing from you! :)
What's stopping you from applying to scholarships?
There are so many scholarships available to help students pay for their post-secondary education. Some scholarships even end up being unclaimed due to lack of students applying for them.

What's stopping you from applying to scholarships?
Are you caught up in a lot of schoolwork?
Does the application process play a factor in it?

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment down below. Also, now that we're on the topic of scholarships, check out my post about scholarships for Canadian students:

yconic Student Ambassador
What are some scholarships for Canadian students?
Post-secondary education can get really expensive. Even though you may have decided getting a bank loan or applying to OSAP is the way to go when it comes to funding your education, scholarships could still help lessen or even cover all of your tuition and expenses. Here are four scholarships for Canadian students:

1. Loran Award (Deadline: October 25)

The Loran Scholars Foundation's Loran Award is one of the most prestigious awards in Canada. According to their website, they "offer four-year undergraduate awards valued at $100 000 to young Canadians on the basis of character, service and the promise of leadership." The deadline is on Wednesday, so get your applications in ASAP.

More info:

2. Scotiabank National Scholarship (Deadline: November 2)

Brought to you by yconic and Scotiabank, the Scotiabank National Scholarship is back! There are $80 000 in awards available for yconic members. All you have to do is answer this scholarship question in 150 words or less: What word, quote, or phrase best represents your life as a student and why?

More info:

3. TD Scholarships for Community Leadership (Deadline: November 17)

The TD Scholarships for Community Leadership is open to Canadian students in their final year of high school or CEGEP. Students who are making a positive change in their communities could get a scholarship valued up to $70 000. 

More info:

4. RBC Students Leading Change Scholarship (Applications will open in November)

The RBC Students Leading Change Scholarship is open to graduating high school, CEGEP, and post-secondary students. There are $150 000 in scholarships available for "Canadian students showing a passion to lead and inspire positive change in their community."

Applications are not open yet, but you can find more info about it here:

Best of luck in your applications! 

yconic Student Ambassador
Extra Semester/Year?
I am currently in Grade 12. I think I am doing fine in my courses but honestly, I have no clue what program or what I want to do as a career. It's as if a huge weight has been placed on my shoulders and won't be gone until I choose. I was extremely confused during Ontario University Fair, as I did not have a clue what to ask or talk about. All I really know is that I want to be able to help people. I thought I would be fit as a doctor, but then I am not the best at memorization or application in regards to bio. Plus, I don't enjoy it as much as I enjoy chemistry and physics. I think I only enjoy human anatomy. But apparently grade 12 chemistry is a whole different story and physics gets more complicated in university, though this is not necessarily true for everyone. Should I take an extra semester or year, to explore other courses like computer technology, business (I have never taken a business course in my life) or physics? Would universities in Canada and outside Canada (US and UK) be less inclined to accept me into their programs?
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Do you think co-op or going on an international exchange is beneficial?
Practical and experiential learning is very important to me as a student. 

Despite being a first-year, I started looking into co-op and international exchange opportunities.

If you're a post-secondary student or have graduated, I'd like to hear what you think.

Have you done co-op or gone on an international exchange? If so, what was it like? Was it beneficial?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Alyssa Vidal
yconic Student Ambassador
Hey guys, I was wondering how you think I can maximize my spare time. I always end up wasting time on my phone, being with friends, and not finding a way to be isolated to do some work. Any tips?
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Would it be weird to try striking up convo now
So a month into school I haven't made as many friends as I would have hoped to in university (primarily because I've been trying to avoid contact with them). I think I now have the courage to talk to them, would it be weird if I started striking out convos just small convos when I see them in the halls? 

Or is it too late in the year? Same thing with people in my classes 
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Early Acceptance
Hey people
I would like to seek your advice on whether or not I should apply for early acceptance.
Here are my marks as of yet:
11 Fuctions- 90
12 Advanced Functions(fast tracked)- 96
11 Physics- 99
11 Chemistry- 91
11 World Religions(M course)- 94
11 English- 87
12 English(summer school)- 90

Here are programs I am planning to apply to:
- U of T Chemical Engineering
- York Atmopheric Science
- Queens engineering chemistry
- McMaster Integrated Biomemdial Engineering and Health Sciences
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University Applications: Things to Keep in Mind
Hello! My name is Alyssa and I am one of your 2017-2018 Student Ambassadors. 

Applying to university can be really exciting yet stressful. This is the time when you actually have to figure out what you want to do or at least have a very good idea of it. That said, here are 5 things I think you should consider when applying to university:

1. Program

Start looking for programs you might be interested in pursuing. Figure out if the program has co-op or internship opportunities, as well as how long it would take to complete the program. Attend university fairs and check out websites like eINFO ( to learn more about them.

2. Program Prerequisites

Before you apply, make sure you are taking or have planned to take all of the courses needed for you to get admitted into your programs of interest. This is very important! Your Top 6 is determined based on your course prerequisites followed by your highest 4U or M courses.

3. Location

Do you plan on commuting to school or moving away and staying in residence? It's good to start thinking about this now to figure out the potential expenses and lifestyle changes you might incur in the future.

4. Fees

If you are planning to apply to Ontario universities, you will have to pay $50 to the Ontario Universities' Application Centre or OUAC for each program.

Last year, the minimum number of programs we had to apply for was 3. However, many of us ended up applying to 4-5 programs. I narrowed down my decision of which programs to apply to by asking myself questions like "Do I see myself being a student in this program/school?" It really helped me put things into perspective.

5. Supplementary Applications

Some university programs might ask you to submit a supplementary application, which you might have to pay another fee for. There may be an essay-writing and/or video interview component. I would advise you to get right on this ASAP and submit it way ahead of time.

If you have any questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to ask me in the comments down below or my AMA post (

I look forward to hearing from you! 
To anyone in university currently or finished:
What did you major in, and did/do you like the program/courses/university etc. Do you regret your decision, wish you could do something else, or are you happy with what you're doing?
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