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UBC (Vancouver) First Year Residence Options
Hi everyone! I recently accepted my offer to UBC for a BSc, hoping to specialize into biology/marine biology. Coming from Ontario, living in residence for at least first year is my only option. I've spent a lot of time looking at the different buildings, and I'd prefer to live in a single or connected single room - however, I want to meet lots of people and not isolate myself at all. Does anyone know the actual reputations of the different residence buildings (Totem Park, Place Vanier, Orchard Commons, etc.) or have any suggestions? Thanks so much :)
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Competiveness at UBC?
I've heard UBC is a really competitive university, to what extent is this true? I have just been accepted to Sauder, but I'm afraid of the competition there and considering accepting my offer from Gustavson or Beedie instead. Any insight or advice?
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Need some advice!
Hi people, 

So the BC English 12 provincial exam marks recently came out, I found out that I heavily screwed up the exam (30% discrepancy). Honestly I didn't even expect the mark to be this bad. I got 100% in pre-cal, 96% in bio, and 90% in chem, have a pretty decent personal profile, but with the English prov exam mark, the average is about 87%. 
I know that I probably don't have a chance to get into UBC Sciences, but do I still stand a chance for their Nutrition program? Also will it be too late if I take the provincial exam in April, since the deadlines for accepting offers at other uni are generally around May. 
I am really stressed out by my current situation. Any advice will be really appreciated! 
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UBC Sciences with 70%~ English 12 mark
Currently, I am attending a semester school system.

I got around 88% in English 11 last year but I definitely did not deserve it!!!!(She was super nice)

My teachers and counselors told me to strategize by having English 12 in the 2nd semester so I did as told. 

I believe that the lowest i'll get in English 12 will be around 70% and the highest is probably around the 75%-80% range. 

Currently these are my final grades~
Japanese 11 - 97%
Bio 11 Honors - 96%
Introductory Japanese 11 - 89%
English 11 - 88%
Pre Cal 11 - 87%
Chemistry 11 - 86%
Physics 11 - 79%

Pre Calc 12 - 99%
Japanese 12 - 98%
Bio 12 Honors - 96%
English 12 - Currently taking
Physics 12 - Currently taking
Chemistry 12 - Currently taking

I'm hoping they're going to use precal, Japanese, and bio for my avg haha.

Also, what are the chances of getting into UBC and getting rejected when I report my other marks because they are too low

Thank you so much to whom ever responds!

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Can I still get into UBC Sciences?
My Grades:
Pre-Calc 12: 96
Physics 12 :89
Biology 12: 89
English 12: 79 (provincial and school combined)

I am currently in AP Calc(my exam is in May)  and have Chem 12 in my 2nd semester. I'd say I have a decent Personal Profile. Thoughts?

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UBC admissions
Just wondering, what highschool admission average is needed for UBC engineering? What were your averages when you applied/got in?
app page crashing
does the application page usually crash on the day it's due? i know it's a dumb question, but I'm still revising my app and I'm scared that I won't make it on time
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Just wanted to know how do all of you deal with a rejection? When you really want to get a specific scholarship or entrance into a university program but get flat out rejected. How should you deal with it?
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English 12 prov
I'm currently a grade 12 student. I took English 12 during the summer and my grade didn't end up really well. My class mark was fairly decent but it totally bombed after the provincial... I was wondering if UBC/SFU arts require a high percentage in English12? And if anyone could give me tips/suggestions for doing well on the provincial? (I am retaking it during June). 
Thank you! :)
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UBC Personal Profile?
I understand that PP is worth a lot for like Sauder, but what about engineering?

Because there's 3 questions and I really think I messed up on them badly... However I did have some decent EC's with achievements, but just those 3 questions I did badly on...

How badly will that ruin my chances for engineering with a 93.8 average, which is already boarderline... ??

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In what circumstances does UBC revoke offers?
What does it take for UBC to revoke an offer? If a students average is good but one course has decreased greatly, what happens then?
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UBC/SFU/UVIC admissions
Just wondering what your highschool averages were when applying to post secondary. Please include faculty,university, and average. Thanks!
Full-time MBA
Is there a spring 2017 session for full time MBA at the Sauder School of Business or do I have to apply for the Fall 2017 session?
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