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Hey, so far this semester I have the most critical subjects that are necessary for the university I'm planning to go to (applying to UofT, Waterloo, Carleton, and uOttawa) as I'm a grade 12 student currently. I just need a few tips for the current year I'm in as my target for the marks I want is 95% + in each course, as well as, I'm looking forward to increasing my extracurricular involvement around the school/community and get a part-time job.

The courses I have this semester are: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (taking a spare too)

Next semester are: Biology, Calculus and Vectors, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science

Any tips or thoughts?

As we all know our time is very important and is limited. I'm a current gr.12 highschool student who actually needs help with this as I tend to rush tests and barley finish them. I really need some tips on this as i know in university its going to be a much faster pace than high school. So any tips?
Does anyone have any tips on how I can stop procrastinating and motivate myself to do my work as soon as possible?
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AMA: UofT First Year Engineering Student (Track One). Ask about university, engineering, other subjects, admissions…whatever!
EDIT: The title is now outdated, lol. I'm heading into 3rd year in September and am currently on an engineering internship :) 

 I was also accepted to Waterloo, Ottawa, and Mac way back when, so you can ask q's about those as well.

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