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Laurier BBA Coop Chances
Hi everyone. I am in grade 12 and plan to apply to Laurier BBA. How difficult is it to get coop in terms of marks/GPA? How difficult is the program in comparison to high school? Thanks
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Going into BBA
Question regarding university options for Business. Currently I am in grade 13 and am applying for business as my first option as well as other programs. My marks are generally mid 70's and that is while juggling a lot of personal things and a full time job. Currently my options for business with my current grades are: Lakehead,Trent, Windsor, Dalhousie and Guelph-Humber. ?(Also because I do not have Adv. Func. or Calc.) Which is the best option in terms of reputation and quality of education. Ideally I would prefer UofG, Waterloo or McMaster but of course at the moment those are not ideal. Should I switch 2nd year assuming my marks are good enough? Or should I apply undeclared at a university I'd rather go to and switch second year? SOS lol