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Are spares in grade 12 worth it?
Hi, I'm currently a junior. I've been in a weird spot as of late, because I have been thinking about my classes next year (there's 8 I want to take) but I've had a few people tell me to stick with 6, and that 8 would be too difficult. So, I wanted to hear some of the experience you guys have, and why I should/why I shouldn't take 8 classes in my senior year. Here are the 8 classes; 

French (Full french school, obligatory credit) 
AP Functions 
AP Calc
*AP physics (not official, but the teacher does it during lunch and after school) 

Thank you in advance! 
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Acceptances by Email or OUAC?
Do universities usually send acceptances/rejections by email or do they post only to OUAC? Thanks!
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Favourite Courses in University
Hey yconic, 

For those of us in university, tell us what your favorite course is right now and why?

Maybe we can help out the grade 12s for next year ;)

What are you doing during the winter break?
Hey yconic, 

What are you planning on doing for the winter break? For some of us in university, we don't really have readings/exams to study for but it would be a great time to apply for scholarships  or apply for summer jobs/internships/co-ops 

For all of you in high school, have you considered started applying for scholarships yet? Even though the major third party ones (Loran, TD) are over, there are a lot of other smaller scholarships you should look into. 

Tell me what your doing during the break below ;)
Applying to Western

I've applied to Western for Health Sciences and I just wanted some info from people who are already there? 

If you guys could include: 
-Your average
-When you got your offer
-Life on campus (Residence, Events, Social Life, Clubs, etc)

Thank you!! 
Hey everyone! I am sure that some of us are looking in the market for a new laptop. I want to make this thread so current laptop owners can share what laptops they have and how it is going for them. 

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Need Some Help, Give Me Your Thoughts
So I'm mostly applying to BBA and business-related programs.

Here are the ones I am thinking on applying:
Western Science + Ivey AEO
Laurier + Waterloo DD (from both sides)
Rotman Commerce
Laurier BBA

Philosophy: 100
Adv Functions: 90 
Business Leadership: 95
English: 88 (Final)
Calc & Vectors
Financial Securities
International Business

Some of my better EC's:
Peer Tutor
Pharmacy Assistant
Assistant Coach for Girl's Senior Volleyball
Event Coordinator for this annual thing
Process of starting a blog with friends

1. How are my EC's for Ivey and Rotman? TELL ME STRAIGHT UP 

2. What are some good backups schools? So I can do some research on it

3. Should I try shooting for McGill? 

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I'm reading everywhere that Uni students, especially science students, spend 6-7 hours daily studying. What do they do during that time? Rewrite notes?, go over notes?, Read ahead in textbook? Can someone explain why they spend 6-7 hours studying each day?
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McMaster or Western
What university should I go to!? Feedback from actual students from those unis would be nice. Thanks :D
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UWO Health Sci Average
Anyone know the projected Western Health Sci cutoff this year. What would I need to get to have a decent chance of getting in?
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What are you doing in preparation for finals?

It feels like midterms just passed but finals are just around the corner for us (in 2-3 weeks). I'll be having my chemistry final first and was wondering how everyone was planning to study. Do you make a schedule? Do you cram? Comment below!

Scholarships with upcoming deadlines! (Ep.2)
Hey yconic, 

This week, I have several more scholarships lined up for you. I also heard some of you got invited to the semi-final and final round of the scholarship. Congratulations! 

If you're interested in the last scholarship post I made, the link is below so remember to check it out.

1. Upnature's Scholarship for Nursing and Medicine Students (Deadline: November 30th 2017) 
-All you have to do is complete a short application and a 500-word essay about your career aspirations and how you plan to contribute to your chosen field in the future.

2. The Expert Institue's 2017 Annual Healthcare and Life Sciences (Deadline: December 31st 2017) 
Complete 1,000-2,000 words on how you feel your specialized knowledge and training could be applied to improving the practice of law, submitted electronically as a document attached to the form below.

3. yconic's #13FTW contest (Deadline January 18th 2018) 
Complete several quizzes for your chance to win (3) $1313 cash prizes.

Best of luck applying for these scholarships and contest!

-Benson Law 
How do you plan on paying for post-secondary?
How are you (Grade 12's) planning to pay for post-secondary education?

Some of you might have: 

Comment below on how you are paying up for university or college!
Medical Professional Stream
This is a new program for this year at Trent University in Peterborough and I was wondering if anyone has experience in it. The enrolment is 50 students and the cutoff is 80%. Do you think this program would increase my chances getting into medical school. It has connections with St. George’s in Grenada and that sounded pretty cool.
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First year bio and chem courses AMA
So I've just finished my midterms for bio and chem. In high school, there was a lot of speculation in terms of how hard it was or how big the jump was from high school to university. Feel free to AMA about...

-Class Averages 
-Study habits, 

*I got to Western. 
Loran Interviews 2017/2018
Hey guys,

This discussion is for those awaiting emails for sponsored (or direct) applicants that are waiting for their regional interview! 
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Loran Regional Interview Questions?
Hey guys, my regional interview for the sponsored pool is tomorrow. I am super nervous and all I'm reading online is "be yourself"

I really want to prepare for this interview and since I don't even know who I am I rlly would like some tips/advice or any practice questions anyone has. 


Toronto, Ontario 2017
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How are you preparing for final exams?
So midterm season is officially over! I have a month left before my finals and I wanted to see how some of you were preparing for your final exams. What are some strategies you use? Do you starting making study guides/notes now or just before the exam? Comment below!

Scholarships with upcoming deadlines! (Ep.1)
Hey yconic, 

I've decided that each week, I'm going to try and update you on some up and coming scholarships that you might be interested in. I thought this might be a good idea because I want to help you develop the habit of looking into scholarships and financing your post-secondary throughout the year as opposed to only the end of the school year.  

1. The RBC® Black History Month Student Essay Competition (Deadline December 1st 2017)
In 750 words or less, please tell us how black Canadians have helped to define Canada’s diverse heritage and identity through their achievements and contributions to the broader society. There are a total of 30 scholarships available. 

2. Body Gear Guide Scholarship Program (Deadline November 27th 2017)
Submit a 100-300 word essay about why you should be considered for the Body Bear Scholarship. You will also need to submit a short video of your recent achievements and a short video recommendation from you professor/teacher.

3. Burger King McLamore Foundation Scholarship  (Deadline December 15th 2017)
Multiple scholarships of varying amounts available for high school students. An extensive online application must be submitted to their website and only the first 50,000 applications will be admitted.

Loran Semi-final interviews (AMA)
So its about that time of year again when semi-finalists should be getting their invites. I was a semi-finalist last year so i wanted to make a thread where you guys can ask me anything (tips, general questions, etc)!

If you are a semi-finalist yourself, share below what city you're from!
Western Science
Is it hard to keep an 80% in your first two years in westerns science program?
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Elgin Vs Essex
I plan on living in residence next year and really like the idea of the suite style residences. I am lookingwestern at Elgin and Essex and wondering if theirs and pros and cons to them to chose one over the other. Any suggestions of experiences for deciding?
Western Nutrition Program
I'm currently in grade 11 hoping to go into nutrition. Western is my dream school! I have two questions regarding a bit of my confusion though. All of my research on Western's nutrition program has lead me to Brescia. However, I'm much more interested in main campus. Does main campus also offer the program or would I have to live on Brescia's campus? Also, is nutrition just a minor from health sciences? As a side note, if anyone here has gotten into the nutrition or health sciences program, what were your grade 11 and 12 averages?
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