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Wrestlers Going To Carleton University Year One 2017-2018!!!
Hello everyone, I am a graduating high school student planning on attending Carleton University for Architecture. But one concern is the fact that they do not have a Freestyle Wrestling Team and Club. Therefore I am planning on creating a Wrestling Club for the 2017-18 season; a club requires at least 10 members and two leaders. Please comment below if you are attending Carleton and wants to wrestle at a level like CIS.
Architecture Undergrad 2017 University Decisions Making
Hello everyone
I am an Ontario Grade 12 student, I am planning on studying Architecture in undergrad as well as a degree in Masters. But for now I am facing a hard time deciding which school I should attend for my undergrad.
I have been accepted by Carleton for Architecture-Design, Ryerson for Architecture Science and Waterloo for its Urban Planning; I failed the Precis for Waterloo Architecture therefore have been offered Urban Planning as an alternative. However I only want to pursue Architecture. Can someone please offer an insight to the experience acquired in each schools. I also would like to know which school is more reputable integrity wise between Ryerson and Carleton, and their reputation on the respected programs.