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Undergraduate degree in Canada/US if I wish apply to law school in the US?
Is it a disadvantage if I pursue my undergraduate degree in Canada and then apply to an American law school? Would it benefit me to be an American undergrad applying to an American law school (T-14)?
So I know most people are going to ask why I want to practise law in the States. There are several reasons. The most important reason is that I am more interested in practising American law. My family is also moving there once I finish high school. With regards to finances, even if I dont work (which I plan on doing), I believe I will have enough funds.
UofT, UBC, or McGill for American law schools?
I am planning to study Math and Economics for my undergrad at either UofT, UBC, or McGill. From what I have heard, American law schools look at your school's reputation AND your GPA. Hence, I ruled out lesser known Canadian universities. My conflict is that UofT seems to have the best reputation, but deflates GPAs. UBC grades slightly easier, but their reputation seems less established. And McGill doesn't seem to have a great Math and Economics program. Between UofT, UBC and McGill, how does their reputation and grading compare? Which is the best option for me if I want to apply to an American law school?
I have a 98 in Advanced Functions, what should I expect my GPA to be at UofT Math?
I have a 98 in Advanced Functions (grade 12). What should I expect my GPA to be at UofT if I want to major in Mathematical Applications in Economics/Statistics? (I want to apply for an American law school)
Are dogs allowed in residence at the St.George UofT campus?
Hey, I have a dog that I will have to take care of through University. I am considering staying in residence for first year if I can bring my dog. Does anyone know if dogs are allowed at the various St. George residences?
Political Science
How is political science taught differently in Canada compared to the US? Is it based on Canadian or American politics?
Transfer to American University
What are the requirements for a student that has finished his undergraduate in Canada and would like to do his graduate in the US? Does he need to do a SAT? Other?
University selectionto
Im a Canadian student planning to do my bachelors degree in Canada and then do my Master in the US. Which Canadian university should I select for my goal if I'm doing life sciences? (western, Toronto. McGill, McMaster; I know some universities can get you a higher GPA, whereas others have better reputations.) What should I be looking for?
Homework for Physics in Summer School: Amount in Hours

How much homework (hours) is there for physics when you take it in summer school?

How many hours daily?

How many hours over the weekend?