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I got in ted rogers on Feb. 22 and if You have any questions about admissions. I can  try to answer them. My program is business management and I got in with a 86 from Ontario and applied around dec.
Ryerson or UTM
I got accepted to 
UTM - Digital Enterprise Management joint program with Sheridan (Bachelor of Arts + Certificate in Digital Communications)
Ryerson - Business Management (Bachelor of Commerce) 

If I was to go to Ryerson I would want to major in business law
I realize these are two different programs but I see myself in both
I was wondering if anyone in either program could tell me a little bit more about the type of jobs they could get, the social scene at both schools and what the projects and courses are like. I am not a fan of functions but I did very well in data management, so what kind of math does the Ryerson program focus on? I want to go to a school where I can meet many new people and have a good time along with getting my degree
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I wanna hear yours! comment down below what your grad quote is/was
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