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What are your study tips for a Grade 11 student
In grade 9 and grade 10, I had fairly bad study habits where I would just listen to the teacher in class but still managed to get easy 90's.
I had also switched schools now to a new school, but now its not working out the same for me, I am taking all 3 sciences and with the bad habits, in the beginning of the year I hadn't started off too well, although now I've managed to change my habits up a tad bit.
Now, I go ahead of the class as much as I can and rewrite notes from the textbook, whatever seems important, and focus a lot more rather than waste my time procrastinating.. oh god procrastination will be the end of me.

I want to know what are your personal study tips, and also what would you suggest I start to do?
will i get in to Ryerson????
i'm currently an American NYS student and i applied to ryersons psychology department my post 11th grade average was an 85 and my current 12th grade average is an 88. do i have a good chance of getting in?????? ahhh
Smartness level has gone down?
Hey, guys. So I just finished grade 11 and super pumped for grade 12. But report cards came out and it was the worst report card I have ever gotten in my life! I feel like my intelligence level has gone down. For instance, I had chem 20. I studied so, so hard for that final. When I did the final it was soo easy and I felt like I did really well. Turns out I did not and it brought my final mark down by 6 percent I was just wondering why, after all of the hard studying I did, my mark didn't reflect it. Now it has got me worried. Like if I am not doing well in my 20 classes, how the hell will I get a 90% average in the courses I am applying with. It has also gotten me stressed about uni too. Like, will I even get in and how will I cope for 4 years and the next two because I want to do my masters. So if you guys have nay tips to study better or anything that will help in my later years, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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Help regarding medical schools
I am currently in grade 11 and hope to pursue a career in medicine.

What my question is that, I'm not sure what universities and programs I should apply for, as I have heard a lot of things on this forum, such as 

don't go to mac unless you're in health sciences, as your GPA won't be the best, and I've also heard to just go to universities such as york as to easily get a high GPA, but hearing so many sides I have just confused myself and am unsure what to do!

If you guys could share your opinion on the best universities and programs where I could get a high GPA, it would be very helpful!

These are the universities programs I had wanted to go to before I confused myself:

5.Anatomy and Cellular Biology - McGill 1.Health Science - Mac 3.Life Science - Mac 6.Arts & Science - Mac 2.Med Science - Western 4.Life Science - UofT

Listed from 1-5 indicating the ones I like better.