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Questions about waitlist
I was just curious how the waitlist thing works. The sooner I apply for the program next year, am I likely to be on top of not everybody but higher than some other people or are the students just go on list in random order?
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Grade 12, don't know what last course should be
Hi everyone! So Gr.12 is about to start for me in a few weeks and I have some issues about my courses! I originally planned to take Adv. F, Calculus, Comp Tech, Chem 11, Chem 12, and Physics 12 (I took English in SS, but hated it so I am taking it again in day school). However I realized that I want to go into Accounting so I plan to switch out Chem 11, and 12 for Accounting 12 and English. That leaves me with Physics which I need to switch out, but I don't know what to replace it with. Do you guys have any idea of any courses I should take which can assist in my knowledge of Accounting, or in general a "filler" course? Thank you!

P.S I also have a Grade 8 Piano thing I did on the side as a hobby and I was told I can use that examination mark as a credit? Would it work so then I can have 3 spares?
Do universities look at SHSM?
I'm wondering for all the students who are in a SHSM program in high school (whether it be health & wellness, communications, etc), if universities look at this and if it does or doesn't give you a preference over other students applying for the same program?
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