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Anyone else unable to unfollow threads/schools???
I followed all of the universities i  applied to on here when i first started using the site, however I have chosen my school now and no longer want to see content for the other schools. BUT, it won't let me unfollow them? Has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone found a solution??? please help lmao
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Help please.
Man, I love to program/code, love science, but I just strongly hate math. I'm strong in science and programming, but not in math because it does not appear bodacious to me. But yet I want to go to Waterloo or UofT for Computer Science xD ... Rip my life :/
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Anyone really good with computer coding?
I was just wondering, what kind of functions I would need when making facial recognition software. I realize that creating a well funtioning program is relatively hard, but I would just like experiment and test my limits. Any advice would be helpful.
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Laurier vs Trent
right now Im at a university that I hate hoping to transfer to either Trent or Laurier into there Archaeology programs...pretty much Im undecided on which school I feel would be academically better so I want to know which one has the better social scene and school spirit?

also if you personally know about if one program is better than the other let me know :)
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Does anyone actually win scholarships or money from here??
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Hi, I am very much glad and grateful to share my academic dream with you.. I had has a dream to start my undergraduate studies abroad particularly  in CANADA due to its higher known-quality education in the world.. However like other many Tanzanians, my single remained parent (mother) is extremely not able to finance my studies abroad. Hence in order to realize  my academic goal, I warmly ask for your scholarship because I graduated my upper secondary education in Tanzania on May, 2015..  I SHALL BE SO THANKFUL  IF  I GET THIS HELP NOW.