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McMaster Health Science SECOND YEAR CHILD HEALTH (AMA)!!! Premed, applying, scholarships...
I'm a first year in BHSc at McMaster. Yconic was my life last year in grade 12 and I found all the forums really helpful so I thought I'd make my own. Feel free to ask me anything about the application process, what the program is actually like, or my extracurriculars and stuff. If you're feeling super stressed about anything and need to vent...I get it. I was in your shoes. 

I applied also to:
Western Med Sci
Queen's Science and QUARMS
UBC Science
McGill Science

My average was 98%
McMaster Health Science Program-2017 Applicants
Hey guys, 
I am going into grade 12 in September. I have been doing a lot of soul searching about what kinds of programs and stuff I wish to apply to. One of my top choices is McMaster Health Sciences and I'm sure it is many other peoples top choices as well. Ever since I was young i knew I wanted to do something in the health field, mainly to help other people out. I have always LOVED science, especially biology and chemistry. We can use this discussion page to talk about the program and stuff. 

These are my other top programs:
-Life Sciences at McMaster
-Medical Sciences at Western
-Health Sciences at Western
-Biochemistry at Western 
-Biomedical Science at Waterloo

If anyone was or is in McMaster's Health Science program, I was wondering what do you think makes a successful applicant? How did you decide to enter this program?

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Started McGill Life Science in September! AMA about pre-med programs, applying to the US, McGill, Mac Health Sci etc
Hey guys,  

I started uni at McGill this September in the Biological, Biomedical, and Life Sciences program. I'm planning on majoring in Anatomy and Cell Biology (ANAT) and minoring in Gender, Sexuality, Feminism and Social Justice Studies (GSFS). I also applied to most of the ivy leagues and some other unis in the US.  

Here is a list of where I was accepted:  
McGill Life Science  
McGill Physical Science
McMaster Health Science (yes, I rejected mac health sci)  
Johns Hopkins  
Duke University  
Queens Science  
Western Medical Science  
UofT Life Science  
McMaster Life Science  

I also got a basic entrance scholarship from mcgill. I'm staying in Douglas Hall for my first year.  

Please ask any questions about getting into uni, course selection, top 6 calculations, applying to the US, choosing McGill, getting into/rejecting health sci, etc etc.
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QuARMS 2017 Applicants
Hey, anyone here applying for QuARMS this coming year? We can use this thread to connect and get to know fellow QuARMS applicants and support each other through the process!

There are obviously huge expectations for a student in this program, that while I am painfully aware that I will 99% not get in, I want to at least give myself the best chance in that 1%

What do you think about your own chances, and of course motivations?
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Biology 12
How many hours a day should I study the material?
How to organize for the course?
Complexity versus grade 11?

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How important is physics?
I will be starting gr 12 soon, and I'm stuck with the decision of taking physics.. I'm not at all interested in this course, but I hear it's better to take it because of the MCAT later on. I just don't want it to lower my overall average for uni apps.

For students interested in med, what are your thoughts on physics?
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Grade 12 Habits
Hey guys,
So my final year is starting next week, and I have been curious to know the working habits of the ones who easily pull 90+ in every course. I don't think it should that big problem since I took elearning for 4u english, so mainly have to focus in maths and sciences. Yet it is grade 12 where marks actually matter, so I was wondering
 What are some of the working habits  to get 90+ in all grade 12 courses. I am planning to apply for engineering at Uoft, uW, and Mac. 
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Scholarships Associations

I am a grade 12 student trying to find scholarships for university as I know that the amount of financial assistance I get is a big factor to what school I go to. I already know about Loran, Schulich, RBC, TD, Terry Fox and Scotiabank. Are there any similar scholarships like these that I should apply for? As well as any big scholarship foundations like Loran? 

Thank you
Queen's, McMaster, Western, UBC, McGill

I'm currently going to be applying to QuARMs but if I don't get accepted I don't know where to go for my undergrad. I'm considering Queen's Sciences, McMaster Health, Western Med Sci, UBC biochemistry and McGill Life sciences. My goal is to get into Med School.

I'd like some feedback mostly on the teaching style and overall community feel at these different universities. I know McMaster is PBL and group work but are the others all just lecture based? 
Applying to Medical School in 2nd Year

I was just wondering if you can apply to any medical school in Canada in the 2nd year of university or if it's just specific ones?

Thank you
Undergraduate Degree-Would like advice
I am aspiring to become a paediatric surgeon, something I've wanted to do since I was quite young. Since I am now in grade 12, I have have to actually sort my life out. I am trying to decide what undergraduate to take and where. Places I've considered: Wester Med Science, McMaster Health, UBC BSc, and Queen's QUARMS. If you have any experience with these programs or any suggestions, please let me know!