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Hello everyone,

My name is Max. I have been living in the UK for five years. I tried to enter the University of Kent in England which I did. I relied on government financial help which I was entitled to but did not receive for some unknown reasons. They explained it that I did not have enough evidence for my address history in the UK. That was strange because I presented all the necessary proof of addresses. I don't know it might be Brexit and change in the regulations of Great Britain that became an obstacle for obtaining student finance. I am married and have two kids and it's very difficult for me to find money for education. My passion is languages, literature and history. I read a lot. The other day I was watching the opportunities of studies in the United States. Could someone help me, please? I really want to get a PhD. At the moment I hold a Master's degree in Linguistics, Translation and Interpretation. My search led me to this website. Could you, please, tell me how it works and whether it is possible to get any help?

Many thanks in advance