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KNES 203
I'm actually so nervous for this class since my whole summer was spent being inactive and not working out... and this whole class is wholly based on working out and such! My first lab is on Sept. 18, rip. Also, what are the exams (final and mid) like? THANK YOU
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UofC Orientation Week
Do I need to bring anything to this event or do I just bring myself? Stupid question but kinda confused on what occurs during orientation week, insight provided for this event will be appreciated. THANK YOU
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Newly admitted to Kinesiology... First year Classes Required?
I am wondering what classes I would need for my first year... Kinda confused on how the degree navigator works. Please include the classes!
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Winter Term Open Options...
Hi everyone! I'm wondering if any of you guys are stumped on picking an open option, cause I am.. if any of you have picked one... what did you pick?
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Conditional Offer....
Hi! This will sound stupid, but I'm wondering how these work... I just received an offer for biological sciences, but I don't understand how exactly these conditional offers work. Like if I meet the minimum competitive average, will I still be able to get in? my current average right now is 85, exactly on the mid-80s mark for the competitive average. 

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WILL I GET REVOKED FROM UBC? 21% discrepancy in English 12 Provincial Exam
Hi, I have just received my English 12 provincial exam result and I got 60% on the exam (yes i know. I fked up) I had 81% in English 12 as my school mark. 
 I had 93.25% average when I received offer from UBC Science and now I have a 88.25% average (100 Calculus, 98 Pre calc 12, 95 Chemistry 12, and 60% exam mark in English 12). I have also paid my deposit to the residence which was around 1.6~1.7k CAD and I have also registered for all the courses. The combined mark of my english 12 is 73% which is a B and it does not meet the UBC first-year english requirement. To those who got their offers taken away for doing poorly on the provincial exam, what did you guys do? I need some help. 

Update Aug 3, 2017: I have just received my confirmation letter from ubc. good luck to everyone
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Swimming in Scholarships!?

I know this is such a first world problem, but I honestly think I have too many scholarships. 
I currently have $29,000. 

$25,000 is payable over 4 years, with $10,000 in year one and $5,000 for every year following, and this scholarship must be payed directly to the institution. 

The second scholarship I got was $4,000 but it doesn't specify how it will be payed. Has anyone ever had a scholarship like this and used it towards living expenses? That's basically $14,000 for year one and my tuition is less than 7 grand. 

Also, how will this likely affect my student loan application? I already applied and entered the smaller scholarship, but I just found out about the big one. 

If anyone has any experience with this, I'd love to hear how it turned out for you :) 
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Keeping my UBC offer of admission.
Is it hard to lose your offer of admission? What is a safe average in order keep my offer?
UBC Vancouver: Bachelor of Applied Science. My admission average: 94.5%
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Arts - UoT vs UBC vs McGill
Q: Which one is the best in terms of undergraduate history? (without the tuition factor)
Hey guy!
I'm a gr.11 student in BC, and I was wondering which university would suit me the best next year (or the year afterwards XD)
My average for this year's 95ish, and I want to major in History. Now I've got three universities in mind: UoT, UBC, and McGill.
I don't like the weather in Toronto, but I figure I could live there if I have to. I think Montreal's quite nice, and McGill's tuition is a WOW factor! But I like UBC as well, and many of my friends are saying that UBC's history's the best in Canada..
I'm not sure which university's better in terms of undergraduate history, and would really appreciated if you guys could help me out! 
Thanks a lot!!
Pathways to Medicine Scholarship Program
Hey! I applied to University of Calgary's Pathways to Medicine Scholarship Program and I was selected to fill out a secondary application, as well as attend an interview. I was wondering if anyone who has gotten the scholarship could perhaps give me some tips about the application or the interview. Thanks!
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What grade year does UBC use to calculate admission averages? And which term?
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Extremely CONFUSED! (UBC, SFU)
Hi! I am a Canadian student from Vancouver, British Columbia. 

I am wondering what admission average do I need to get into UBC, or SFU?  

For UBC, there was a section saying that they might use grade 11 marks as supplements if grade 12 marks are not ready. Which term do they use? Or do they use the final grade? And they use term 1 of grade 12 to calculate admission averages right? I heard something about sending them 5 courses or whatever to calculate the average, could somebody clarify? Thank you. 

If I am applying to the Faculty of Science, does my social studies mark matter to UBC or SFU? Is social studies 11 a prerequisite of science? Will they use social studies 11 to calculate my admission average? 

While browsing UBC's website, it said that everybody applying needs to write a personal profile. As for the SFU website, it did not mention anything about a personal profile. Do I need to submit a personal profile if I apply to SFU? How do you write a good personal profile? Any tips? 

Thank you everybody helping to answer :) 
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Will I be accepted?
So i'm currently in grade 11 and i screwed up terribly this year. I finishing English 20 with a grade of 68 percent. Physics 20 with a 85. Finally, Chemistry 20 IB with a 68 percent. I really want to pursue engineering in post secondary so I'm really banking on my grade 12 marks to get me in. I' m taking math 30 in the summer and I'll probably get around a 92 (cause i'm strong in math). Also, I'll be doing chemistry 30, physics 30, and ela 30 first semester grade 12. If I maintain a high enough average. Will I make it into my desired program?
Do I have a competitive average for nursing?
Can anyone tell me if applying to U of C with an average of 84% for nursing is considered competitive enough to get in? also for MRU is having an 88% a high enough average to get into nursing?
ubc question!
i read on the ubc website that it sometimes uses grade 11 marks when grade 12 marks are not ready. 
what term of grade 11 does ubc look at? (do they look at term 1,2, or 3?) 
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QUESTION (urgent, serious, please help!)
Hi everybody,
I am a grade 11 student, I will be in grade 12 in September. 
I am wondering if anybody is taking pharmacy at UBC? 
If you are, could you please help and answer my questions? Thank You. 
1) I looked through UBC's website, and it said that you can apply to pharmacy after receiving 60 credits. It takes about 2 years to receive 60 credits. So, during my grade 12  high school year, when I am filling out my univeristy application, what faculty do I select? 

2) 1st term of social studies 11 - 100%, 2nd term of social studies - 98%, 3rd term of social studies - 80% (My third term mark is very low for social studies because the student teacher messed up my mark, I am still trying to get it fixed) Anyways, if my third term mark does not change, then my average final mark will be 92%. Will UBC care about my social studies mark? Will it affect me in anyway? 

3) How hard is university? How much homework do you have to do? Do any of you live on campus? How's the area? 

Thank you so much for your time to answer my questions. I greatly appreciate it. 

(I may have some errors on my grammar because I did not edit this, I am sorry.) 
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Med school prerequisites slowly vanishing...

Most schools just require a bachelor's degree, an English credit and for the applicant to write the MCAT. For example, you can apply to Western's medical school without taking one science course in your entire undergrad. 

Of course some schools still require math, biology, organic chemistry, etc. But a lot of schools are dropping those requirements now. 

Thoughts and opinions?

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What will it take for UBC to revoke an offer?
Hi everybody, I just got an offer of admission into UBC Bachelor of Arts a couple days ago, its very late, I know... Anyways Im just wondering what is the discrepancy ratio like for UBC to revoke your offer? I've been struggling to maintain my grades for the third term of school and now I've been working as hard has ever to fix it back up. Anyways, I need your help, plz and thanks
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U of A average GPA
What is the average GPA or average letter grade to be accepted? How competitive is it?
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Which english mark does ubc look at?
For English, will UBC take your course mark (w/o the provincial) or the blended mark (course + provincial) when calculating your final average, assuming that there isn't a 20% discrepancy between your provincial and course mark. Thanks!
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5 Reason's why you should pick those 8am classes
Course selection is just around the corner and if you are a first year, this is definitely going to be a new experience. We all hear about these dreaded 8am classes, but are they really all that bad. Here are 5 reasons why you should say YES to those 8am classes:  

Early On, Early Off: Starting your day early most likely means that you can get off early. Why not spend the rest of your evening with some free time instead of being in a classroom.

Higher grades: Studies have shown that those that wake up early have stronger productivity habits leading to higher grades.  

You’re awake to eat a real breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if your classes don’t start until noon, odds are you would have missed your entire morning.

Smaller class sizes: In first and second year, you can often find yourself drowning in a sea of 300 students in a lecture hall. Early morning classes tends to fill up last, resulting in smaller classes.  

Transition to the “Real World” is easier: The “8-5” workday is the norm for most people after graduation. Get yourself prepped up for when this new chapter begins. 

yconic Student Ambassador
AMA: Kinesiology Student, Researcher & UofC Medicine Scholar
Hey Everyone! My name is Mathieu and I am one of yconic's Student Ambassadors! I am currently a first-year Kinesiology student (majoring in Biomechanics) at the University of Calgary and would love to answer any questions you have regarding Universities in Western Canada. 

Who Am I:  
-First-Year UCalgary Kinesiology Undergraduate Student majoring in Biomechanics
-University of British Columbia Major Entrance Scholar 2016
-Thrive Volunteer, Right to Play VP Finance, KSS VP Public Relations
-UCalgary's Cumming School of Medicine Pathways to Medicine Scholar 2016
-SIPRC Researcher (Markin USRP Scholar): "Evaluating the effect of body checking policy on physical contacts in youth ice hockey players using video analysis."
-Acceptance into the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine MD Program in 2020 (P2M Scholar).

Please feel free to throw your questions below and I will be sure to answer them to the best of my ability and as quickly as possible!