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Is McMaster Boring?
How is the social life at McMaster. I'm not asking about the education and courses just strictly asking about the social scene. From what i've heard about McMaster is that it can get pretty dull quickly. Could you tell me about the social scene of McMaster in comparison to UWO, Laurier and Guelph. Thank you.
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How easy is Mac healthsci, really?
It is common knowledge that mcmaster health science is the best undergrad program in canada to gain entrance into medical school. Some high statistic is always thrown around regarding the number of graduates who get accepted into med school. Are the rumors true? Mac healthsci students, how hard or easy is it to get a high (3.8+) GPA? What is the average gpa of healthsci students, and how many actually make it into medical school? How many make it into other professional programs in the medical field, such as dental or optometrist school? Please provide some references (eg links to uni websites) regarding these stats. basically, it seems like the only hard part about this program is getting admitted but once you're in its smooth sailing from there!
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Offers of Admissions at McMaster
I applied for business at Mac with my grade 11 average around 88 and my grade 12 around 91 so far. 
Does anyone know when they start offering? some of my friends already got accepted for business at other schools...laurier, Waterloo, etc.

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How inflated are Ontario's secondary schools?
I read in the Toronto Star about a secondary school in Ontario that gave 6 students a 100% average in Grade 12. No joke. I have heard that most Toronto secondary schools give most students 90s with minimal effort, especially private schools. 

I go to a high school that doesn't give 90s unless you put the effort. The class average for many of my courses, mainly Sciences and Maths are high 70s-low 80s.

This begs the question. How inflated are they?
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For Marketing: Rotman, Schulich, or Laurier?
Hi there! I've been accepted into all three of these programs, and I'm having a really tough time deciding where to go. I know academically, Schulich and Rotman have a bit more prestige than Laurier, but I'm also looking for a place that gives me a really good sense of belonging, and the only place I really found that was Laurier. I'm planning to enter marketing after I graduate, so I'm also trying to determine which one of these schools is the best for that specific field.

I'm really conflicted over if the prestige a certain degree offers outweighs the university experience I'm looking for. If anyone who got accepted into these schools could let me know where they ended up attending and why they chose it over the other options, that would be great! I'm also most likely going to be living in residence, so if you guys could weigh in on the residences at each school as well that would be amazing (I got placed at University College for Rotman).

Thanks in advance!
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Questions for McMaster's DeGroote School of Business?
Hi guys,
I've been doing some research on McMaster's business 1 program and I want to know more from the student's perspective. Some questions I have are:

How academically difficult is the program? (in your opinion)

How's the student life at Mac? 

How difficult is it finding a job in their internship program?

If you were/currently a student, why did you choose this program?

These questions will help me out a lot in my decision thanks :) 
Top 3 Business Schools in Canada
Hey everyone, these are certainly the top top 3 COLLEGE business programs in Canada if you want to break into jane street and morning side, thoughts?:

1)McKeil School of Business (Ranked as #1 college for several consecutive years in GTHA)
2)Seneca College Faculty of Business (Now CPA Accredited, they can take ur Big 4 Jobs)
3)George Brown College Business School (Boasts a strong list of alumni connections to take advantage of)
Western BMOS or McMaster BCOMM
Ok so I've received offers of admission from both Western bmos (not Ivey) and mcmaster's business 1 program and I live in Alberta so I am torn as to which program is better. I plan on pursuing accounting and both university programs (bmos and Mac) are CPA accredited and both offer an internship opportunity in their third year. I am also not a very strong math student and I've heard that Mac's business program has been changed this past year to make it more math focused, whereas BMOS seems to be a bit more well rounded. I am not a cutthroat business savvy type of person, I just want to know which program u guys think is right for me, my goal is to achieve a good GPA, do the internship, graduate and get a JOB (most important thing at the end of the day). Which program do u think is better for this?
Ryerson Business?
I heard Ryerson Business is a joke and it's super easy to get in. Is this true? How does it compare to other lower tier business schools?
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Will I be ready for Queen's Commerce math?
This is for students that are currently in 1st or 2nd year at Queen's Commerce or even higher tbh. 

I private schooled both Advanced Functions and Calculus to be safe and get the high marks and I do understand that I'm at a disadvantage. How difficult are the two math courses you take first year? (calc, and stats) Please let me know!! 

If I put in a lot of work will I be able to do well or even pass?
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FML Horrible Schulich GPA
so basically i fucked up big time and there is a slight chance that my gpa might be under the required 5.0 gpa to stay in the program. I didn't fail any courses, but what happens if i dont maintain that 5.0
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How difficult are business schools?
I heard from a lot of people that the difficulty is not in getting into uni, but staying in. I just wanna know which business programs are the most difficult,
Add whatever elite business school. How is the courseload, how difficult are the profs, and most importantly, how many people drop out.
Med School Undergrad
Currently in high school looking to pursue a career in medicine, maybe a physician. I got an 88% average on my midterm. My work ethic and extracurricular's are good. What undergrad is the safest and best to go to med school or maybe pursue another career in medicine? What universities do you recommend ?
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First Year Ontario Med Student, AMA
I started a thread about UWO Med Sci that people found pretty helpful, so I figured I'd start one for med school too. I'd imagine a decent number of you are considering medicine as a career and it can be a road full of questions, unknowns, and generally misleading information, so I thought I could be a source of accurate info and advice.

My Story: I was a Med Sci student at Western and got into multiple Ontario med schools after my third year. I'm currently in my first year at one of the med schools. Feel free to ask whatever you want, I'm here to help out! :)
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BBA at Schulich or Bcomm at York?
I'm currently in 11th grade...ill be in 12th grade in ill be applying to university this year
My marks are average so from low 70s to low 90s
my future goal is to be a CA...but I'm not sure if I should do it at York or Schulich
BBA at Schulich or Bcom at York...
I'm scared I'm not smart enough for Schulich....
any advice?
Getting Ivey Status without AEO
I was wondering how hard it is to get into Ivey without being an AEO. I applied for Western BMOS and got in yesterday, but did not apply for AEO since I felt I did not demonstrate enough leadership and also did not want to pay an additional $130.

I think I will be able to have a decent amount of leadership experience and job experience by the end of my second year at Western, but I was wondering how competitive it really is. Is is much harder than getting AEO status from high school?

The reason I ask, is because I don't want to waste two year at Western to find out that I did not get into Ivey since it's too competitive. I would rather have gone to a school like Schulich right after high school (which I applied for and hope to get in).
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laurier bba acceptance
hey guys my current average is 87.5% which is really crappy :( do you think if I can raise it 2% by second semester midterms I'll be able to get in ?with an average abs
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Business School Applicants
Let's stress out together!! 

Name your ECs, Average, Top choice, Date of applying,  Acceptance date (if/when applicable) 
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laurier bba abs
does laurier bba look at the abs form? Or is it strictly marks? as of right now my average of a 90% on the dot and I don't know if it might drop next semester??/ If I have an 88/89 average with a good abs do you think they will consider me?
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Ryerson Business Management
 For Ryerson Business Management, it says that the prerequisties needed are english and one of the 3 maths however calc is preferred. does this mean if I took advanced functions and calculus, they will calculate calculus into my top 6 even though my advanced functions mark is higher?
Please advise.
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Anybody currently in or already finished your BBA?
I am currently thinking about going into Business Administration and have actually applied to some universities already. I was wondering if anybody in it or have done it already could give me some tips, pros and cons about the program and why you wanted to go into business? I just want to see other perspectives and get some insight.