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Business programs I can get in with a 80-85 percent average since I can't pull off a 90?
Idk what I'm doing wrong with my studying but I can't get high marks in math,  maybe i should study 2-3 days ahead instead of the day before. I'm not sure.
Over the next two weeks I have 10 tests to do, and I can't pull off a 94 average for top business schools such as Schulich, Queens, Ivey and Rotman. Maybe if i studied ahead i might but its hard to change study habits.
I know York BAS, Ryerson Bcomm or BBA ( forgot) is easier to get in. Can you guys recommend me other programs that are in Toronto?

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Will I get in?
I am currently sitting at a 69.9%. I am looking to apply to Queens Commerce as my 1st option, Western Ivey (Go Mustangs!!!!!) as my second and Nippising as my safe choice. My EC's include Mcdonalds employee of the month, School Cricket Captain, Helping Children in Kenya, and Fantasy Football commissioner (Won it all! shoutout Tom Brady)

Need help and advice regarding my chances thanks and all the best

Does gpa matter in business school? There was a presentation in my university about how the next few years of school are gonna go (im in first year) they told us that gpa matters the least in importance. What matters most is networking and extra curriculars. Is this true? Would someone with a 3.7 gpa have the same chance of getting hired as someone with a 2.5 gpa? I think I’ll have a 3.7 gpa after finals this semester and people say that more doors will be open for me if I continue getting good grades, But now I don’t think that that’s true. I understand that networking is very important, but I was also told that most business grads don’t even put gpa on their resumes/job apps. So I don’t see how my gpa can help me at all. What is the point of a high gpa in business if it doesn’t even matter? I’m confused lol
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