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Questions About Schulich Business School or Business Programs
Hey  guys, I am a first year undergraduate student in the BBA program at Schulich School of Business. Last year, I had a very difficult time choosing between programs and Universities. This forum really helped me and I want to help others who are confused or have questions. I have done quite a bit of research regarding various programs in science and business, along with Ontario Universities. I will try my best to answer any questions you have about first year and life at Schulich. I am currently commuting to the school. I am planning on applying to law school or an MBA program after my BBA degree, so I also know the various requirements about some of those programs. Ask away!
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Need help asap for math
I always am reading all these tips on how to get even at least an 85 % in any of the 3 maths but the reality is I always end up in the 60s!! I have been working my but off every time there are tests yet I still fail them, I need ACTUAL tips that are instructional and not cliche ones though I understand why you would say that
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Eligibility for Scholarships Based on the Euclid Contest if Written in Grade 11
If you choose to write the Euclid Mathematics Contest in Grade 11, are you eligible to receive entrance scholarships to the University of Waterloo based on that result or are scholarships based on the Euclid contest only available for grade 12s writing the contest?
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Laurier economics
So I applied for economics at Laurier and got accpeted but I wanna know if that program is worth it and if a economics degree is good. The talking point that program seems to.push is that 97% of the econ students got a job after 6 months but ehhhhh I dunno lmao.
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UW/WLU BBA/BMath Graduate - AMA
I've seen a lot of misinformation flying around this forum about a lot of programs, so hopefully I can answer some of those questions with more details. 

About me:
- Graduated from the BBA/BMath Double Degree program
- My home school was UW
- Involved with a lot of clubs and activities on both campuses
- TA'd for courses at both UW and Laurier
- Co-op terms in teaching, operations, systems work, and finance
- After graduating I worked in communications at UW and worked closely with people from the admissions team (no, I cannot tell you how likely you are to get an offer)
- Currently in a graduate program in Operations Research 

Feel free to ask any questions you have about the DD program, Math/CS at UW, or Business at Laurier. If I don't know the answer, I will try to direct you to the appropriate people.

Disclaimer: All answers are my opinion are not the official positions of the University of Waterloo or Wilfrid Laurier University
what are the people like in Laurier
planning to move to laurier this year. got accepted into bba, and was wondering what the people were like

a lot of people have said it's a close knit community which im looking forward to experiencing 
1- uni life
2- people
3- diversity

are the people totally party freaks or are they academically oriented too? laurBBA is very highly talked about so i was wondering whether the people were serious in that aspect of academics in this uni 

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5th year Computer Science Student at Waterloo AMA
Hey, I'm pretty close to graduation and am hosting this AMA session for any prospective students considering University of Waterloo Computer Science/Math for their undergraduate career. 

A bit about me - I'm a 5th year CS+STAT double major at uWaterloo, and formerly a Laurier-based BBA/CS Double Degree. I'm going into my last internship doing Machine Learning Engineering during the summer at a unicorn company and have done several other software development co-ops before that. I loved yconic when I was in grade 12, but now that I've turned old, I want to give back to the community that helped me so much through my anxious years. 

Ask anything about CS/Math/BBA or the industry, I'll answer to the best of my ability.

EDIT: As things will get busy for me starting this week, I'm going to stop checking for new responses in yconic on Friday. If there is a demand, I can do another AMA session before OUAC deadline for application responses :)
Rejecting a school that has awarded me a scholarship
So if I apply for a major scholarship that is only rewarded to a few people, and get in, but then reject the offer, what happens to that scholarship? 

Does it just go to the runner up?

I'd feel bad if I apply for one, get it, and then just let it go to waste
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I'm a first year uwaterloo engineering student - AMA
Hey guys! I'm in my 1B term of nanotechnology engineering at the University of Waterloo. I remembered being on this site a ton while trying to decide on what university to go to last year, so I thought that I'd try and help answer some questions for future students. Ask away!
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Going into first year of university
So I'm going into my first year of university next fall at u of a doing specialization of immunology and infection and I just had a couple of questions. I was planning out my schedule and I was thinking of taking BIOL 201 and 207 instead of the required approved option and arts course and do those courses in the second year to lighten up my schedule in the second year but I'm not sure if I should here is the link for the courses I need to take
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Has anyone asked why the WLU/UW DD cutoff is?
Edit: Title should read what not why

I emailed early February and they said they haven't got anything yet. I just sent another email asking but I wanna know if any of you guys already know.
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Masters in Math
I am a 3rd year double major student in Econ/English at Western. I was just wondering if there's a Masters program in Math (or related field) in Ontario that does not require applicants to hold an undergraduate math degree? The programs that I have looked into so far all require you to hold an honors applied or pure math degree to be considered, but I was just thinking if there's maybe an exception to this standard? 

To be clear as well, I would not be going into the program without a math background. I have completed Linear Algebra (1600 at Western) and I have just registered for some first year calculus courses to complete in summer school (1000 and 1501 at Western). Next year, I will be taking either Real Analysis I or Intermediate Linear Algebra (whichever will not conflict my schedule). 

Anyway, I know it's kind of a stretch, but I hope that one of you knows a decent program that is a bit more forgiving of applicants' undergraduate degree. 

Waterloo Residence
Hi Guys!

Currently, UWaterloo is my top choice university for the coming school year.  I'm doing some research from what Waterloo has to say about the residences but I wanted to see what people who have actually experienced it would say. What did you personally choose, and do you recommend it? What residence would you recommend to avoid? In your opinion, is choosing residence worth it for first year or would renting an apartment be a better financial investment? Also, what is caf food at Waterloo like? Thank you!
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Why Laurier isn’t well known?
Sup guys, well I’ve just checked on some Canada universities ranking websites and i realized that Laurier is quite not popular and has low rank compared  to some others university. Can u guys give me some reasons behind this?
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Western BMOS with AEO or Laurier BBA/CompSci DD (Laurier CS)
Hi guys, I'm torn between going to either BMOS with AEO or Laurier BBA/Compsci. I've heard lots of good things about both programs but I'm not sure how good the DD is with CS through Laurier. The advantages of Western AEO include creating an amazing network while Laurier CS/BBA has co-op.
Ivey - only worth it for finance?
I'm a grade 12 student who is expecting acceptances to both of my top programs - Laurier BBA and Western Ivey AEO. Based on my strengths in both verbal and linguistic communication, I've always wanted to enter the corporate world through marketing. My family is not rich by any means, but we are also not struggling. Is the incredibly high tuition for Ivey worth it even if I'm likely not going to enter consulting/investment banking, or am I better off at a school like Laurier where I can get good opportunities for literally half the price?  If I went to Laurier, I'd likely graduate debt-free and with co-op, gain the experience to get a job right away. However, I'm also aware of Ivey's prestigious status and I know there are a lot of benefits that come from simply being an Ivey student. Any advice is appreciated, thanks :)
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Does class size and competition really matter? (Pre-med students)?
So I  keep reading different things everywhere and its confusing me of what undergraduate program I should do now! I have heard two things, which is the truth?

1)Class size and competition matters, if the students in my class are academically strong and there's a lot of completion it's harder to maintain a good average/gpa because there are limited percentage of students that are given each average (to maintain a bell curve),(for example out of a class of 1000, only 10 could be given a 95%-100% in that course)

2)Class size and competition does not matter, my grades are independent of how others in my course preform, there is no bell curve, and there is no limit on how many students could be given a  percentage/gpa (for example out of a class of 1000, 300 could be given a 95%-100% in that course) 

Please tell me the truth. Thank you. 
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hi there,

I am looking to apply to the University of Waterloo next year. I am looking to apply to their Statistics, Economics, or Mathematical Finance programs. I am aspiring actuary and I hope to become one in the future.

The thing is, their website does not show the cutoff and grade requirements. So far in Grade 11, I have a 92 average and next year in Grade 12, I think I can maintain that. I know that uWaterloo is extremely competitive in Engineering and Computer Science, but I'm not too sure if their Math department is the same. Would a 92 average be enough to get accepted there? Because if not, I won't even bother applying then. Thank you.
hi there,

I am in Grade 11 and really looking ahead to possible career choices for me. I am strong in Math and Business, and I'm turning towards a possible career as an actuary. With this is mind, what program would best prepare me for this career? Some I have in mind are:

-Financial Mathematics
-Something similar or a mixture of the above

I am looking at applying at UofT, Western, Laurier, and Waterloo (probably won't in the end because I heard it's extremely competitive. So, which program would be the most beneficial to me? Or is there another program for me to consider? Thank you in advance,

Economics vs Accounting vs Computer Science
hi there,  

I am choosing my courses for next year, my Grade 12 year, this week. I am looking to become an actuary in the future. Here are the courses that I'm definitely taking:  
ENG 4U (English)  
MCV 4U (Calc/Vect)  
MDM 4U (Data Management)  
HRT 4M (Religion)  
*I fast-tracked MHF 4U in Grade 11, as part of my school's AP Math program  

I'm in a tough spot as I have three courses I want to take but only two spots left. I can take all three but I want two spares. I see no point in taking eight 4M/U courses (one in Gr 11, seven in Gr 12) if unis will only look at the top six. Here are the three I am debating:

CIA 4U (Economics)
BAT 4M (Accounting)
ICS 4U (Computer Science)
*I have all of the required pre-reqs for these three courses

So, which two do you think will most helpful to me? Not only when applying to university, but for my career as well?


business schools
Between university of Waterloo's business program and McMaster's business program, which is the better option?

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