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grade deflation
So some universities are known for deflating grades in some programs, and I know no one has done all the programs listed below so it is hard to judge, but there may be a few that have friends and family that are in the courses below and could help list the the courses in order of most deflating grades, to least deflating (or inflating grades). You can either put them in order or put some side by side if you think they are equal.

* U of T Life science (probably highest in deflation)
* Mcmaster Life science
* U of T Math
* Queen's Life science
* Western Med Sci
* Western Sci
* Guelph Science (B S.c)
* Waterloo Actuarial Science
* Mcmaster Radiation Sci
* York Biomed
* York Sociology

I have done some research and to me it seems to be in the order above, but please comment your order if you think any differently of the order they should be in!
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Business and Computer Science Combined ADVICE
So I really want to pursue a BComm or BBA, but since I've been doing comp sci for the past few years, I've been looking into a lot of unis that offer a combination of both areas (like WLU/UW program, UBC, UofC, etc). Without sugar coating the difficulty of doing two degrees at once, is there anyone than can give me advice on this combination? (job prospects, friends who have done it, experience, etc). ALSO, if you are straight up doing ANY combination, you are more than welcome to answer as well.

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Laurier BBA/BA (Financial Mathematics) Double Degree
Are there any students currently in this program? How does it stack up to programs like Ivey, Waterloo Math/Laurier Business, Waterloo Math/FARM, etc in terms of job opportunities?
Also, is a coop placement guaranteed?
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Want to transfer to Waterloo, please read and give advice?
Hey. I’m a first year at U of T looking to transfer to Waterloo. I took 3 courses in first semester which I really messed up on due to personal and family issues. But anyways, based on those 3 courses my gpa is currently 1.47. I don’t even know what to do at this point. I can’t do anything with a gpa like that and it only gets harder from here, as I’m enrolled in 5 courses this semester. I want to get out before I get put on academic probation/suspended/kicked out. In high school I couldn’t decide between U of T and Waterloo and I just stupidly chose U of T after not doing any research,and after four months here I can’t take it anymore; I really want to leave. I don’t want to go to grad school or anything and I know U of T is more of a research-based school whereas Waterloo is more hands on. Is there anyone on here who transferred from U of T to Waterloo and can tell me about the transfer process? Do they look at my gpa at U of T or my high school marks? Because if the latter, I have some hope. I will also give the admissions office a call on Monday but I would like to hear someone else’s experience about how they transferred. Please, any advice is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
p.s. I'm in math.
University Admission Process
All schools grade differently, that's for sure. Some teachers give high grades, others don't. Now, universities require minimum grades for specific programs when students are applying and I believe the different method of grading is an unfair factor. I am wondering if universities do consider which school students came from, or if they don't. Obviously, this will not immensely affect admissions, but still, I'm curious.
Do i have to apply to universities if i am taking a year off?
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Residence Living
Can anybody let me know the pros and cons of living in an apartment-style residence versus a traditional dormitory-style? I hear that Bricker Residence at Laurier is the biggest residence for partying and it is apartment style, I always thought it would be the opposite
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Waterloo Math Admissions 2018
I really want to get into any math co-op program at Waterloo. I'm currently expecting a 93-95% average (bccause im taking all sciences for fun and i'm not too good at them). I don't have the best extracurriculars: volunteering here and there, summer camp volunteering, 5/6 clubs over my highschool career and i play some volleyball. I never had a part time job or earned any awards. Now, I want to maximize my chances of getting into Waterloo math (or maybe even engineering). I applied to waterloo math and i'm afraid it's going to be really competitive. Should i apply to another math program at waterloo (i'm thinking FARM) to maximize my chances of getting in or am i wasting money because they'll automatically consider me for other math programs. What are some ways I can increase my chances?
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Process to change program after first year ?
If you decide that you'd like to change your program (polisci) or take up a second major in biomedical science after first year - what would the process be like? I'm ensuring that I have all the high school prerequisites in line for biomedical science if I do decide to change my mind but I'm wondering if anything more is needed? Since the biomedical science program is pretty rigorous (to my knowledge) would the change in program prolong the time it takes to earn your degree?

While I am very interested in the political science program, I am also interested in what the biomedical program has to offer - just hoping for some idea on what would happen if I did decide to change my program of study.

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DD on the Laurier side
How difficult is the UW/WLU CS DD if I pick Laurier as my home school? (in terms of work load and content) 
I understand that the co-op at Laurier has more business placements but is it impossible to get a computer science co-op? I prefer computer science over business, although I do not want to pick Waterloo as my home school. This is because I visited both schools and I absolutely hated the environment at Waterloo but I loved the Laurier atmosphere. 
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RIP Advanced Function Test (Logarithmic Function Test)
I WORKED SO HARD PRIOR TO THE UNIT TEST TODAY, and I did extremely bad on it.
1 thinking question I strive to figure out a solution, but instead, it had stuck me for almost 40 minutes and I did not have a clue on whatsoever. THE worst thing is I completely forgot to check my test......... Next unit is the last unit of the course, which is Combined function... and which no rooms of mistakes is to be made. Please give me all sorts of advice on studying on THINKING QUESTIONS. I really want to get a 90s before the exam. (My mark is at 91.6% and I expect my mark to drop by  couple percents :(  )

If you guys are interested on the thinking question I bombed on the test, here it is.
2^k+3 + 2^k = 3^m+2 + 3^m

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UW/WLU BBA/BMath Graduate - AMA
I've seen a lot of misinformation flying around this forum about a lot of programs, so hopefully I can answer some of those questions with more details. 

About me:
- Graduated from the BBA/BMath Double Degree program
- My home school was UW
- Involved with a lot of clubs and activities on both campuses
- TA'd for courses at both UW and Laurier
- Co-op terms in teaching, operations, systems work, and finance
- After graduating I worked in communications at UW and worked closely with people from the admissions team (no, I cannot tell you how likely you are to get an offer)
- Currently in a graduate program in Operations Research 

Feel free to ask any questions you have about the DD program, Math/CS at UW, or Business at Laurier. If I don't know the answer, I will try to direct you to the appropriate people.

Disclaimer: All answers are my opinion are not the official positions of the University of Waterloo or Wilfrid Laurier University
Laurier BBA
I applied to Laurier’s BBA program (I want a career in accounting). However, I feel like it would be my last choice. I know it’s a highly regarded program but I’m not too clear why that is. If anyone could help me I’d greatly appreciate it.  I’ve listed below the factors that are making me doubt the program. 

Coop: Other programs I’ve applied to will let you know at the time of admission whether i got coop or not, it seems like a benefit to know now rather than stress your entire first year. Also, I’ve heard people say that the only people that don’t get coop are the ones with something unattractive on their application and employers likely wouldn’t hire them anyway. Shouldn’t employers be able to decide for themselves what they want and what they don’t want? Also, lots of people going to this program told me a large percentage if not a majority don’t get coop. If all of them had an unattractive application what kind of students are being admitted here?

The nature of the program: Correct me if I’m wrong, but with this program the first 2 years are general, after the first 2 years you get to specialize (for my case I’d specialize in accounting). For the other programs I applied to you start accounting on day 1. Of course not all of your courses are accounting courses but a good percentage are. Since the first 2 years at Laurier are general would that mean they disregard the first 2 years of accounting courses and jump directly into third and fourth year courses? Unless you have a much heavier course load in your last two years, there is no way you’d be able to catch up on all those missed courses.  How exactly does this work? I can’t imagine employers would prefer having only 2 years dedicated to accounting rather than 4 years. On top of that, other programs such as Waterloo AFM and Brock BAcc allow you to finish your CPA PEP much faster when compared to Laurier. 

The name: This school is practically unheard of outside Ontario. Heck, I know a lot of people in Ontario that have never heard of this school. That can’t possibly be an advantage. The school may have connections to offer their business students but I’m fairly certain many other schools known for accounting can offer the same if not better connections. 
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Does Laurier even do early acceptances for double degree?
The Laurier website claims that it sends December early offers, but after scrolling a lot of Yconic, I've seen early offers for only BBA. Of course, it might be biased since people going to BBA might be more likely to post on Yconic, but I can't be sure if they just didn't send double degree offers yet or if it's because I'm not good enough for them. I applied for the Laurier side double degrees with Waterloo because I thought that was the easiest way in Waterloo, but it seems my strategy is incorrect. My 3U / completed 4U courses aren't that bad... 

Also, is it true that they only look at the ABS (AIF knockoff tbh) in April/May? I really don't want to waste time on optional supp apps. 
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Business Schools: Pros and Cons
Hi guys, what are some pros and cons of some well-known undergrad business schools in Ontario? I'm mainly looking for insight on Queen's, Western, and Laurier. Thanks!
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I am a first year BBA student attending Wilfrid Laurier University, I'm here to answer any questions and clarify any doubts! AMA!!
Hey everyone, 

I figured y'all grade 12 students should have the chance to ask any questions about universities. I'm a registered boother for the University and I can definitely answer any questions about residence life and living alone in general, also feel free to ask about course work/load and basically any question that pops up in your mind! I was in your position last year and I definitely understand the stress that comes with grade 12, just know that it will all work out :)   

I also applied to: • Ivey 
                              • QComm 
                              • Rotman 
                              • Schulich 
                              • Mac Commerce
University Exams
Hello Yconic!

As a senior in high school, I've been looking into various programs for universities that tailor my interests, specifically business and/or computer science. However, I have a question that I have been wondering about for awhile now...

In comparison to high school, how are university exams usually structured? I know it obviously varies depending what program you are in, but did you have to change your studying habits when going into exams? Did you have to adapt to different ways of thinking on the tests? Do they make you think outside the box, unlike your typical regurgitation of memorized material like in high school?

Any advice would help, thanks!
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Waterloo and Summer School/Repeated Courses
How picky is waterloo about summer school/repeated courses for the faculty of mathematics? I redid English in the summer (85 to 96), and i want to get into Math/FARM. Do I still have a chance? Anyone who did summer school/redid a course still get into a competitive waterloo program?
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Does gpa matter in business school? There was a presentation in my university about how the next few years of school are gonna go (im in first year) they told us that gpa matters the least in importance. What matters most is networking and extra curriculars. Is this true? Would someone with a 3.7 gpa have the same chance of getting hired as someone with a 2.5 gpa? I think I’ll have a 3.7 gpa after finals this semester and people say that more doors will be open for me if I continue getting good grades, But now I don’t think that that’s true. I understand that networking is very important, but I was also told that most business grads don’t even put gpa on their resumes/job apps. So I don’t see how my gpa can help me at all. What is the point of a high gpa in business if it doesn’t even matter? I’m confused lol
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semester vs. non-semester
my HS is one of the few that aren't on a semester schedule so I take 8 courses at once the entire year. When looking at my marks will universities use all gr. 12 marks for my average even though none of them will be complete by February. Are there any other positive /negative things about having full-year courses if anyone knows anything?
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why do science research jobs have low paying salaries
im curious over why a lot of science jobs do not pay very much. These are all people who have like graduate degrees and have studied for a long time yet their salaries are comparatively low. For example, research and academia jobs (especially!!!) and jobs like zoologist, biologist, biomedical sciences and stuff. And not to be offensive but why do so many people go into uni programs like life science where there are thousands of people enrolled when the job prospects are not that good nor the salary. I get that a lot of them want to be doctors but the probability that you actually become one is pretty low.
Thanks guys for answering! I'm in Grade 12 right now and I used to be interested in a program in  life science or biology until i recently realized this.
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Tough Uni Admissions
I'm writing an English essay on how university admissions have become quite demanding. With top programs demanding high 90 averages and also a long never-ending list of EC's I was wondering if anyone could comment on their experiences or simply share their opinions on this issue. And if any previous uni students could talk about what it used to take to get into their program that would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!
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Should I take a victory lap (queens commerce)
Should I take a victory lap if I don't get into queens commerce this year?
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