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Prom Dress Shopping Locations?
I know this isn't exactly an academic topic but amidst all my posts about school and how much i'll be focusing on getting those 90's in a month, I also want to start browsing for prom dresses (around the Toronto, Vaughn, Maple and surrounding areas please)! any help from those who already bought a prom dress would be amazing :) also, hoping to keep the price under $250 thank you!!!
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Going to University after a LONG time
Hey guys So I will be going to University and I wanted to know what I should learn/ review so I can Excel at my studies?

What's research like?
How would you get into it? Can you make a career out of it? Is it financially stable? As a high school student whose experience is really just basic labs in class, I'm not sure if I would enjoy/succeed in research? I think I'm probably going into science for uni, and from what I've read on yconic, most plan to go to med/grad/ whatever school afterwards. Otherwise, a bach in science is useless(?) Thank you!
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Opinions Wanted: nursing blog
Hello prospective nursing students, current and past nursing students, anonymous people and other awesome yconic members,

I am a recent graduate of a nursing program in Canada who potentially passed the licensing exam - nclex. In my free time I like writing, conversing with people, and sharing opinions/etc. 
So I decided to return to the blog I started a while back. I know I want to focus on nursing/health but I'm not sure if I should be more specific - nursing education, field of nursing, health in canada, nursing tips, politics, etc. 

If anyone has any opinions, feel free to comment here or message me on the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NSVoice/
OSAP LOAN not showing HELP
so i was checking OSAP the other day it only showed Ontario grant for low income family and no Loan or tution Fee amount, why can this happen

Also i made some mistakes on my parents income some lines were not filled in correctly is it cause of that and how can i correct it? can it be done by just visiting the financial aid office at my college 

Tips on frosh week?
So I'm an introvert and not many people I know are going to the university I'm going to, I tried making friends online on my schools Facebook group and then I found out that my school which is York University does frosh in a way where everyone is kind of separated so your frosh depends on the college you're affiliated with. All the friends I've made are associated with different colleges so I won't see them at frosh since they're not in my college. So basically I'm asking how to make friends in frosh when you don't know anybody and you're introverted and pretty shy. I didn't want to go to frosh but a friend of mine said she made her best friends at her frosh, and since she's a commuter she doesn't live on res (same thing as me) so I'm mostly going to frosh to meet new people but I don't wanna waste 110 or more dollars on frosh if I don't end up liking it anyways please help with some tips and what are some examples of activities that would be at frosh? (Also I tagged other schools so that i can get a feel of what frosh really is)
got 55 on English Provincial
My UofT conditions said that I need to maintain my academic standing. Well, I got 90 in cal, 80 in chem, 83 in eng and 90 in biology for the first term. Then my grades dropped, 79 in cal, 80 in chem, 88 in bio and final mark 76 in eng. The point is that I got 55 on my english provincial. What should I do right now??!! I can't take summer school because it's almost over. ????
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12U Philosophy worth it?
would taking grade 12 philosophy help if i needed to take philosophy of medicine and ethics at guelph in third or fourth year? i'd have 8 12U courses without it already so i'm not sure if it's worth the added stress considering my math and science heavy courseload
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College to University
How hard would it be to transfer to a university after 1 year of college? I don't have enough U or M credits to apply to university, so my guidance counselor suggested I apply to a program at college.I feel as though a college degree will not help me succeed in life, and I only applied because I might not be able to complete a victory lap. I don't know how it works at other schools, but at my school you have to apply to complete another year and I was told I may not be accepted. I'm looking to apply to a computer science university program after my first year at college. Can anyone tell me where I'll likely be accepted? Anymore information on transferring to computer science programs would be great! Thank you :)
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Want to become a nurse
Hello friends! So as you can tell from the title of the discussion I do want  to become a nurse. My mind is pretty much set about becoming one and I have a TRUE PASSION for it. I have done a lot of research and I have a couple of question in my mind so if anyone can help me out then that would be awesome!

1. Does it really matter which university you go to to get a degree in nursing. Also, which universities would you suggest me to apply to cause I have researched every university in Ontario that offers a nursing program but am so confused as to which one I should choose to apply to (not so much worried about the money spent) and since I have to apply in the coming grade 12 year I really need to make up my mind. 
2. My current grade 11 average (will be in grade 12 this September) is a 92. How hard do you think it will be for me to get into a nursing program considering this average or even since universities will consider grade 12 average, i expect my grade 12 average to be around 90-93 so how hard would it be according to this average.
3. I'm thinking about specializing in a nursing degree once I complete nursing school and gain experience for a year or 2 so which degree would you suggest me to do? I am thinking more towards being certified registered nurse anesthetist which seems to be more common in the US than in Canada or a nurse practitioner (could be pediatric or neonatal since I absolutely LOVE kids)
4. I also heard that you can try out for med school if you consider a nursing program as a pre-med option. Would you recommend this? Though I am hell bent on being some kind of a nurse, I just want to know if I can also become a pediatrician or something in the future if I change my mind through med school once I complete nursing school.
5. Since I love kids A LOT, would you recommend any other careers in the medicine field beside nurses and pediatricians?  

I consider nurses to be just as important as any other doctors and I know some of you may feel that I'm choosing this field because of the money but trust me, more than the money, I'm choosing this field because helping is my passion and especially when it comes to kids so I hope that no negative comments are being said on this discussion.

BTW if any nurses and/or future nurses would like to share their experiences then please feel free to do so. As well as if anyone like me wants to become a nurse then do not hesitate to post anything here. 

How does transferring work? (Scenario)
I'm a grade 12 student and here is a scenario.

I finish my year with an 87% average in class (ENG4u, LAW4u, Finance4u, Kiniesology, Writers Craft, and Advanced Functions 4u)

So I am unable to take any business or science degrees based upon the fact that I only have one math pre requisite and no science. But here's the question.

Let's say I attend a university for a Bachelors of Arts in (psych, polisci, sociology, etc.)   First Year

How am I able to transfer into a business program second year? Would I have to take a calculus class in my first year BA? How does this work and what is the process?

Am I able to even transfer into a business or science program ?
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I made a correction on one of the documents but realized i forgot to get my parents initials on the changes and submitted the application. Now i am aware that i should notify the financial aid office with a formal letter. Do you think i can fax it to the school or i'd have to drop it off in person? 

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Hello, Wondering do i individually apply for the different scholarships and bursaries or does it do it for me since is have a profile?
For first year nursing, which stethoscope do you suggest?
Hi guys! Just wanted to ask some suggestions from upper year nursing students about which stethoscope should I get for my first year. I heard the Littmann Classic II S.E. and Classic III are really great ones which of the two do you suggest that is sufficient enough in terms of quality, cost, etc. for a nursing student?
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Do grad schools look at prestige?
Hey everyone :))) I'm looking at political science/economics and after that hopefully a masters degree at a school overseas, most of my family lives in Paris so maybe Sciences Po or LSE. Right now, I'm entering my grade 12 year with a 92 top 6 average and average EC's. McGill & UBC are amazing schools but I really looking towards university of Ottawa as I love the city and am planning on studying in French as I am bilingual. HOWEVER, I know McGill and UBC have a much better international reputation and rankings, and if grad schools overseas look at prestigiousity of the school I may be better off attending McGill? Also from what I've heard, it's easier to get a higher gpa at Ottawa, if someone. could help me out that would be amazing especially as this may be the swing vote in my future plans!
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OSAP Amounts Beyond 1st Year
If you are approved for a certain amount for first year, are you likely to get the same amount each year after (give or take $1000-$2000 I might make during summer of subsequent years)?
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Spending Money
What is a good amount to have saved up just for general spending while alway in university? This doesn't include meal plan, tuition, residence etc. I'm going to Guelph.
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OSAP not enough...
So the estimate of my osapis around $8000 dollars for two semesters. I'm attending a public college in September. The tuition is about $4000... I have zero assets and have been out of high school for four years. My parents are no longer supporting me. I thought I could receive maximum amount of OSAP, which is around $12000... So is there a chance I can appeal my osap to maximum when the exact amount comes out? Do they only give maximum to university students whose tuition are twice as higher as me?
A universiry i'm interested in is just over an hour's drive each way, is it worth commuting?
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