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Carleton or Universoty of Ottawa for Commerce
I plan on doing my commerce and was looking into Carleton and University of Ottawa as I'm confident I can get into them and also because it would be cool living in Canada's capital. However I don't know how good these programs are so could anyone tell me which one is better and if I should go to one of these universities or Brock for commerce.
Online Advanced Fucntions
Should I be ok for university if I take advanced functions online as my teacher next semester is very diffcicult and many people have dropped her class. I plan on going into business or finance.
Need help with Finance Program
I'm looking to get into a finance or business admisistration program. However, I'm having a hard time with selecting a finance program. I took AF and Data and I'm looking for a program that requires a low-mid 80s average. Please give me some suggestions. P.S. Do not want to leave Ontario for school
Should I Take Night School PLZ HELP
So I want to take calculus but advanced functions is full first semester so if I take AF second I can't take calculus.  Should I take AF in night school. Do you actually learn from night school because I don't want to take it and then do very poorly in calculus.  Oh and by the way I'm in grade 11 going into grade 12.