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Does anyone have any recommendations on Equine Courses?
I was wondering if anyone had taken any courses equine related that they felt was very beneficial. I have had many years experience with horses and graduated from a Breeding and Stallion Management course at The National Stud (UK) earlier this year. I am not afraid to travel places. Feel free to reply, would love to hear from you! :)
Movie suggestions?
So I'm pretty much a movie noob... Can anyone suggest some good movies to watch? Anything from the classics to new stuff will work :) I like any genre besides horror
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Do any of you guys do creative writing?
Are you guys prospective writers in the future? Are you guys planning to publish a book (any type)? 

If so we should help each other out here!
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Anyone here write novels?
Does anyone here write novels on this forum? We should help each other out on plot ideas, sentences, story structure, titles, publishing, agents, editors etc!
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Any book suggestions?
I love a good fantasy or science fiction book. My personal favourites are Ender's Game series and The Darkest Minds trilogy. Any suggestions? What are your favourites at the moment?
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Olds College: Exercise Rider Jockey Training Program?
Although I am on the go with Online Classes, working towards either a Certificate in Equine Science or a Diploma in Equine Science, I am considering the Exercise Rider Jockey Training Program at Olds College for next year (January 2017). I'd be coming from out of Province but have family in Edmonton currently.

I was wondering if anyone on here has done this program or known someone who has done this program within the last few years. How was it? What did you love? What did you hate? Does the College offer residence for this program? Did you learn a lot? What did you find to be the hardest part of the program? Any tips or advice? What would you recommend for fitness training/preparation? For mental preparation? Was the course primarily male or female dominant?

Thank You

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