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Western Med Sci vs General Sci vs Kinesiology
I'm very confused about the differences between these two programs. My knowledge to this point is that both programs take the exact same courses first and second year, and in third year is where it changes. This is where I'm confused. What are the differences in the programs in third and fourth year? Which program is easier to get a good GPA in? Which program is considered harder? Better? Thank you!
Minimum Average for Med Sci/Health Sci Program
I'm in grade 11 right now. Ended with a 89.5% average last year and looking to go into either med sci or health sci. Wondering what the cut off average is or if I even have a chance
Pre-Med Programs and Scholarships AMA
Feel free to ask about any of the popular pre-med programs in Ontario (Mac health sci, Western med sci and/or scholar's electives, QuARMS at Queen's, UofT life sci and/or Vic One Stowe-Gullen), university scholarships (Western President's, Queen's Chancellor), and Waterloo biomedical eng! 

I'm going into my first year, so I can't talk about what each program is like precisely, but I can help clear up any confusion or questions about admissions, the process, etc! I feel like there's a lot of misinformation out there for many of these programs.
Not sure how often I'll visit yconic, but I have a blog so you can send questions there too if you'd like:

Medical School Admission Facts for High School Students
Did you know…  

1. Most provinces (with the exception of Ontario) reserve about 90% of seats for “In-Province” (IP) Students. Criteria for being IP varies from school to school, though going to a university away from your home will increase your chances for acceptance (ie. Going to UBC for undergrad when you are from Alberta will give you IP status for UofC, UofA, and UBC Medicine!).

2. It takes on average 3 tries to get accepted into Medicine. Treat each year as a learning experience and know that you will be getting closer and closer with each attempt. Don’t give up!

3. Good grades are a small part of the entire application! In most cases, GPA and MCAT are worth only 25% (sometimes even less, as Cumming School of Medicine is only 10%) of the entire application, with the Interview being 50% and your CV being 25% or more. In fact, stats have shown that a 4.0 GPA gives you only a 36.6% chance of acceptance! There are, however, other stats, such as MCAT, that are taken into consideration.

4. Any undergraduate program can get you into medicine! (So do what you are passionate about.) This will not only make you enjoy your undergrad more but will help you in building a strong portfolio that is unique, diverse, and tells the admissions committee who you are! Do remember to check the prerequisites for each university however!

5. Average national acceptance rate for Medicine is 10%! Check out some of these numbers:
• U of T: 3,488 Applications for 259 seats (3.96 Admission Average)
• McMaster: 5,271 Applications for 203 seats 
• Queens: 4537 Applications for 100 seats
• UCalgary: 1,600 Applications for 155 seats (85% of seats reserved for Alberta Residents)
• UBC: 2322 Applications for 288 seats (90% of seats reserved for BC Residents)  

My advice on beating the odds is be strategic and start early! You are in the beginning of this journey so the entire process is still in your hands to be decided. We all have our own pathways to medicine… welcome to the game!

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Grade 10 Student, Need Course Selection Advice Please!
I'm in grade 10 right now and I fast tracked civics and career and I'm taking grade 11 bio next semester. I need to pick my courses and this is what I have for sure for next year , I'm looking at a career path in medicine (I'm in the extended french program so I have to take french and anthropology):


Should I take grade 12 biology and grade 12 challenge/change in society or grade 12 biology and a grade 11 business course (or a grade 11 elective, like Canadian law) or just 2 grade 11 courses?

Please suggest what I should do, it doesn't have to be one of the options I said. Please help, thank you!
Extra Credits Count For Uni?
I took a Saturday school course (Arabic) and I don't know if I should continue with it or not. Does it help you in university or is it totally useless?
Health Sci or Life Sci to become a physician
I need people's input for which program I should do to become a physician. Please provide all possible options, pros, cons, etc.. Also please recommend the best schools and why they're good. Thank you
Volunteer Hours
Hi, I'm in high school,just finished grade 9 and I have 100+ volunteer Hours. I wanted to know if getting all these hours would benefit me at all in university applications, or scholarships. Let me know, thanks.