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Will I receive my acknowledgement emails soon?
I sent in my OUAC application during the break so OUAC and the universities were closed. I'm worrying about getting the emails as I want to complete my supplementary applications as soon as possible!
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58 to 70?
Hey everyone,

I am not doing well in Chem right now and I had some unforeseen circumstances at the beginning of the year, is it possible to move my grade from a 60 to a 70 before semester end?
Average Calculations for Engineering
Hi Yconic,

I was just wondering does UofT, Waterloo, McMaster, Ryerson, and UOttawa uses the mandatory courses of Physics, English, Chemistry, Adv Functions, Calc and Vec, and an additional 4U course to calculate your admittance average or do the just take your top 5 or 6 4U courses and calculate it from there
Indecisive- HELP
Hey so I know it's already November and people should probably have their programs decided as to what they wanna study and where, but I'm just finding it so hard to choose when I can't stay set on one program or where to even go. I'm really into social issues and think Women and gender studies would be a good fit, but I'm also interested in the following: Psychology (BA), Sociology, Media and communications, Media Production, Marketing, etc. I don't even know where to apply, I really liked the Carleton campus but I also like the Ryerson RTA programs. If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE let me know! Thank youuu
Oh btw I'm in grade 12 so I'm applying by December!
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I didnt really know what i wanted to do until this year and I really want to do a ibba at schulich and i have no leadership experience. What do I do??? I have the grades 90+ and would do amazing on the video interview, I'm great at thinking on the spot and also very outgoing. Any tips, please and thank you!
Early Acceptance?
So I applied to four programs this weekend:
York: Dance (BA)
          Social Work (BSW)
Wilfred Laurier: Social Work (BSW)
Carleton: Social Work (BSW)

I was just curious as to when I should start receiving emails from the universities with my reference number and when does early acceptance start? Has it started already?
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Class of 2016 planning to go into arts or music programs:
Why? Are there even any job opportunities with arts or music degrees? Not to be rude, honestly. I feel like there is no point to university unless you're going for any psychology, law, business, nursing, doctor,dentistry (any health sciences/life sci etc), social work, teaching, therapy programs, you know.. professional ones that gear you towards specific professions and jobs. Why waste SO much money for arts or music program when you can just skip uni altogether and use that money that would be going towards uni for travelling?
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Lol I swear to god everyone on here has a +95% average and I'm just chillin here hoping for the best.
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Any Advice?
I was just wondering if I could get advice on how to improve my grades, I have always wanted to go into engineering, and have had okay marks in previous years in the STEM categories, with 89 overall last year, this yesr however I improved my work habits, began studying for everything in order to get the 90+% marks I wanted in my course, although to my dismay I am getting quite the opposite, mid 70's in all my courses, and I am trying so hard this year, I don't understand it, even during lessons, labs, and homework I understand all the required material, but wheb I do a test, it as if it all gets deleted, it already midterms and I don't know what I could possibly due to recover.
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University Application Question
When applying to universities do they look at your record to see how many time you were absent or late to classes in your senior year? If they do does it affect your probability of acceptance at all?
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Studies in America after O levels.
Hi There..! I am Uzair from Pakistan. Currently I am in my last year of O levels (grade 11) which will be completed in June 2016. After that I want to continue my studies (high school, University etc) in America.
Kindly suggest me a high school and the procedure of admission and how to apply for it.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Applying to Uni
The more people I talk to, the more confused I get about the entire process. I am in grade 12 and I will be getting my pin number on friday! I do not want to apply for early admission. Early admission wouldn't benefit me in any way, and if I applied for regular admission I could get my grades up. Thats the thing tho... Whenever I tell anyone that "i'm applying for regular (aka not early) admission" I just get a blank stare. I've even had someone tell me that regular admission doesn't exist and that applying at anytime is the same. So from my knowledge is this what early admission is vs "regular (aka not early) admission" is?

Early Admission:
They take your grade 11 second semester marks, and your grade 12 first sem midterm marks. If those marks are high enough you will get an admission offer earlier than people who have applied around lets say christmas. You have to keep a certain average to keep that offer but bottom line if you stay the same then you got it. The benefit is that you can start taking classes the summer before your first year (i think).

Regular Admission:
They take your grade 12 first semester final marks and grade 12 second semester midterm marks. You have to keep a certain average until the end of the year yes once you get your offer of admission, but because you are getting an offer around march- april there is no long waiting period of being accepted then looking at second semester of grade 12. The benefit is that they don't consider your grade 11 marks.

I didn't do the best in grade 11, I do not want to get an offer of admission based on those marks. I also don't see whats so great as you can get an offer in February but you are not really accepted until you know you've kept that average. Its the same for regular admission but you aren't waiting months after getting an offer to see if you're still eligible. Personally I know if I go for early admission and get accepted that i'll get lazy. I won't try as hard in second semester because in my mind i'll already be accepted you know? If I apply for uni around christmas time, and they do not look at my grade 11 marks but instead base my admission on grade 12 I know i will work hard through second semester as i'll have no other choice. So bottom line is what i've said about early vs regular admission correct? Does regular admission exist!!?!? If I apply later will they really not look at my grade 11 marks??? My goal is to be accepted to UofT St. George for life sciences. The other schools I will be applying to is UTM for the same thing and Ryerson for biomedical sciences for anyone wondering. 
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If I'm taking a grade 12 course while in grade 11, and repeat it in grade 12, does the University of Toronto see it?
Basically, it's mid November and I have a 78 in Grade 12 U Biology. If I can't get my mark up to a 92, then I'm planning to retake it. But if I'm in grade 11, does it affect my transcript?? And if it does, does anyone have advice on how I can get my mark up (exam's worth 20% and it's in Jan...)
Taking Advanced Functions and Calculus at the same time?
So long story but my schedule got kinda screwed up and I have Advanced Functions in 2nd semester but I might need Calculus for university as well so do you recommend taking them both together in school? Or should I take calculus during night school
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Calling all yconic members!
We know it’s hard to think about but it’s almost that time of year again. Tell us your top 3 “Must Haves” for back to school and you could be featured in yconic's newest article.

Example:              1. My trusty Herschel backpack
                               2. Red TOMS shoes
                               3. My lucky pen
                              ~Jon, first year Queen’s student in Economics

Reply to this thread now for your chance to be featured!
Everyone going into business on this site have tremendous ECs and leadership positions. I haven't really been involved in anything in my school till this year, the only exception being DECA. How can I improve my ECs. I won't be able to get into the leadership group/ student council in my school because the teachers in charge  don't know me. What can I do to create a strong Uni application with ECs in the school and outside? As it stands now these are my ECs
1) Potential DECA Exec (strong chance this year if not definitely next year)
2) Model UN delegate
3) Youth Leader at Church
4) Mission Trip to India 
5) Youth advocate for both Municipal and Federal Election
6) School Badminton Team
7) Business Internships at Logistics Firm 
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Best job for high school students
I'm starting my second year of high school and I'm thinking of making some money for my self. So I was wondering where the best places to work at and I was thinking of working on the weekend or something like that. Also, for my resume should I say that I volunteer for a PLASP program. And by the way, I live in Canada.
Help please to get free Microsoft Office for students
Hello! I know there is a link for students to get free Microsoft Office, however, when I entered my yorku email it says that it cannot sign me up. But when I tried it without the "my" in "", it worked ( is the new email for undergrads this year). Of course I cannot get the link :c I'm a first year student, so I don't have the old email account.
Any help please? Thank you!
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What do you even need calculus for??
What kind of university courses would I use gr.12 calculus in? Or what would it give me a better understanding of? Deciding wether or not I really need   to take gr.12 calc or not. any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!
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After graduating from High School, can I go back and take University courses?
I was interested in going to University instead of College after I graduate from Grade 12 but I only took college level courses for my upcoming Grade 12 year. 

Is it possible for me to do another year dedicated to University level courses in high school after I graduate? Or will I have to take a two year college program in order to go to university? I'm in Ontario by the way. 
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Choosing a future
I'm going into grade 12 this year and I'm super scared of having to decide a path for myself at such a young age. Anyone else feel this way?
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I need help w budgeting
I am trying to find a way into university and I am not very secure financially. I wanted to take courses in computer science as well as accounting, and don't know how much it would cost.

I have been looking into scholarships and bursaries for things that I would qualify for, but so far I have been finding rewards that I don't really qualify for. For example, there are several scholarships for places such as Saskatchewan, while I am in BC.

I know that there are bursaries for people with lower income which I am likely eligible for, but unfortunately I know that wouldn't be enough. (I mean, what kind of business would just give poor people a free education without some extra justification? I know it's a cynical viewpoint but that is the viewpoint that you often hear from people that want tools outside their reach.)

Anyways, I was thinking BCIT or SFU for getting the knowledge I need. I wanted to look into BCIT's business information technology management, ( ) and I have yet to see an alternative in SFU. I was wondering if there are any alternatives in the lower mainland (Vancouver area) that I could look into that's cheaper, while remaining mainstream.

I'd hate to get a student loan, and because of this I am asking for help. I am hoping that you guys would be more helpful than this website, but that may be a stretch.