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What marks are good for Life Sciences at UofT?
I'm in grade 11 right now but I have an 82 in grade 12 biology because I'm fast tracking. I screwed up on one test and my mark dropped but I want to know a couple of things

what should i get to get into uoft life sciences?
does uoft look at grade 11 marks?
does ap program affect my acception? because im in ap bio.
If I'm taking a grade 12 course while in grade 11, and repeat it in grade 12, does the University of Toronto see it?
Basically, it's mid November and I have a 78 in Grade 12 U Biology. If I can't get my mark up to a 92, then I'm planning to retake it. But if I'm in grade 11, does it affect my transcript?? And if it does, does anyone have advice on how I can get my mark up (exam's worth 20% and it's in Jan...)