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University of Waterloo- Conditional Acceptance to Pharmacy (CAP) Discussion Group of 2017
Hey guys!

Realized I've been late to starting this thread, but better late than never!

I'm a current CAP 2016 student, if you guys have any questions about CAP, the application process, university life, feel free to ask!

Check out the website; https://uwaterloo.ca/pharmacy/future-students/conditional-admission-pharmacy-cap
Remember to look at the FAQs section too!

Applications have been open since Oct 6th- they close on February 13th

Don't hesitate, because it's likely that a question you have is the answer someone else needs :)

Western Med Sci vs. Waterloo Life Sci?
I was accepted into both recently, and I was wondering what your opinions were on both programs. Which would you choose for my situation? Which would you choose for yourself?

Based on my grades, Western is offering more money, with about $2500 yearly, I think, while Waterloo offers $2000 once, and you need to apply again each year if you have an 80+ average in university. Western's Med Sci is also more prestigious to get into (thus giving me more pride and school spirit), with a medicine/dentistry school in case I decide to pursue that route. There is also a third year exchange program I'm quite interested in. 

Waterloo, however, has the better atmosphere in my opinion, and it's always been my target so it's hard to shake that. Though the life sci has less prestige than Western's med sci, it could give me better grades to get into Waterloo's pharmacy or optometry schools, should I pursue that route. I also know many more people at Waterloo and have some relatives there, so I'll feel more comfortable and at home whereas Western is more known for being a party school. 

So, both programs and schools do have their pros and cons for me. Which sounds better, in your opinion? If you have any additional information that may help me with my decision, can you please also let me know?

Thank you! 
Early Admission Anxiety?
I don't know if anyone else is experiencing a situation akin to my own and I hope it doesn't sound conceited or anything, but is anyone else experiencing anxiety when people with worse marks and less ECs are getting into programs you applied to, and you're still waiting? 

Can anyone tell me if I'm somehow missing anything important, or if there's possibly something unappealing about my application? My average in grade 11 was 95, my average currently seems to be hovering around 96-97. I'm a member of several sports teams, exec members of a couple of school clubs, founder of an out of school organization, and I have a part time job as a lifeguard. 

I applied to Waterloo Life Sci quite a while ago, and still haven't gotten anything back. A few of my friends with high 80 averages and fewer ECs have gotten in since the beginning of the month. I also applied to McMaster Life Sci and haven't gotten anything back while others have. My science and english marks are all mid to high 90s. 

Edit: I've been accepted!