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Email Addreess
Is an email address such as not as professional as and does it matter for applying to university?
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Laurier 4th yr, with Co-op, worked at PwC, Suncor, and more (IB in HS)-AMA
Hi There,

I was a fiend on StudentAwards when I was applying to Unis 3.5 yrs ago, so I'm coming back to help from the other end now. Feel free to ask about Laurier, BBA, Co-op, ECs, International Exchange (currently in Spain), or anything else!

Other schools I applied and got into to in Gr12:
-Waterloo AFM (got the fellowship scholar thingy)
-Ivey AEO, BMOS, Bmed
-Schulich iBBA
-Guelph: restaurant mngmnt
-McGill: Immunology & Microbiology
-Did not get: Queens

Highschool: Intnl Baccalaureate.
Business School GPA?
Which business school would give me the best chance to get into law? Sauder, Schulich, Telfer or Ivey?
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Top Business Schools Differences?
My top choices are Schulich (York U), Rotman (UofT), Laurier, and Goodman (Brock U). Ted Rogers (RyeU) is my back up. I've been reading the threads on here about all these schools as well as others, i just wanted to ask, whats the real difference between them all?

Ps. I want to do my BBA, (BCom is the RyeU option I believe) 
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Laurier BBA
Hello, I'm currently in grade 12, my top 6 classes for this year will be
Advanced func.
I'm pretty sure I'll get a 88% but if i push myself hard enough, I can aim for a 90. I'm from a full french language high school in Ontario, is that an advantage? I'm also not planning on doing the ABS form because I don't have any spectacular extra.cur. activities. What are my chances of getting accepted?
Hey, im a highschool student looking to go into Laurier's BBA program..

My final average between my 6 courses is going to be around 90 to 91%. 

I am only taking data and adv. functions as my two maths this year, and if im not mistaken, the laurier bba requires advanced functions and a choice of either data or calculus as your second math, in order to be eligible to apply for the program.

I am hearing that you do alot of calculus in 1st year.
Im extremely worried about this now.. Im in the high 80s range for functions and mid 90s for data, Will i be alright??? since i kinda have no background in calculus at all, other than the intros we do in advanced functions..

please help! thanks in advance!!
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Should I drop Double degree for regular BBA at Laurier ?
I could really use some advice.


-Guaranteed into coop (HUGE plus for me)
-Upper hand over regular BBA students
-More career options


-I am not too sure how useful a BSc in computing electronics will really be in business
-The workload will be very hard and I really want to keep grad school open as an option
-Its a 5 year program and Im a 95'er (will be 24 when graduating..)

I was informed that I could very easily make a phone call and ask to be switched into BBA prior to starting.

What should I do?

Also, Is it possible to transfer after first year? What happens if your GPA is too low?
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Can I do business with a psychology degree?
I know I have options like HR or marketing but are there any other options?

Also, how common is it for psychology majors to land jobs in HR and marketing?

*I'm talking about a bachelor of psychology (arts).
*I'm also willing to get a masters in psychology. 

Alright, so I have a better chance with a business degree.
One more question: Does it matter what business program I go to?
I'm interested in Western's Psychology/HBA Combined Degree Program.
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Average to get into Rotman? and best business schools in Canada?
So I was wondering what was the cut off for Rotman last year? Some people say 90 some people say 85 so I'm really confused...really hope that someone who got an offer last year can tell me...
Plus, what are the best business schools in Canada (more likely going to stay in Ontario though)? Or what is each business school best known for? I'm more interested in accounting and finance, and I don't mind paying high tuition.
I'm predicting my top six average for business programs to be 92%+, and I'm the president of French club, leader of environment club, in deca(accounting category), red cross. But I only got an 81% in English, will that affect my chance of getting into business?
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Prestigious schools vs. Co-Op schools
I see many people saying that going to a more "reputable" school such as Queens or Western for business is still better than going to what they consider a lower tier school, such as Laurier, even if Laurier has co-op. These people claim that since Queens + Ivey are such highly regarded schools, you can still land a summer internship, meaning it is equivalent to a co-op program + you are going to the better school.

So, my question for anyone who is/was in Queens Commerce or Ivey HBA, how many people actually get a summer internship? Is it something that only happens for upper years, or people at the very top of the class? Also, I assume that at Western you won't get any internship until you actually enter Ivey. It's my understanding that 50% of people get into Laurier BBA co-op, and after that almost everyone will get some kind of job. So are 50% of the Commerce and Ivey students getting internships?

I am having a hard time deciding whether or not I want to attend a school that is considered more prestigious and has more "networking" opportunities, or a school like Laurier where I can get some real experience while getting my degree. Upon graduation, who are employers going to prefer? Someone who did good at Laurier and has relevant experience in co-op, or a middle-of-the-pack student at a big name program like Queens? Sure, QC and Ivey students may land the top jobs, but those are for the absolute top students as well. In a program of hundreds of students, if I'm not top of Ivey or Queens, why am I any better off than a Laurier student?
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Laurier BBA (Business Administration)
I know the old forum had 170 pages about Laurier's BBA program. Since that one is closed, I guess I will be the one to start a new one here.
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Laurier BBA without coop
I am a grade 12 student who is set on pursuing business as a career. I have done research and I am going for either Rotman or Laurier. What I have discovered is Rotman does NOT have coop whereas Laurier gives it as an opportunity. I was wondering, how does Laurier BBA now known as Lazaridis compete with Rotman WITHOUT coop? Please, only university students answer. Thank you.
A photo of Anonymous Anonymous do you guys pay for university if you don't stay at home?
I really wanna do business at Queen's, Western or Laurier. Queen's and Western have some of the highest tuition costs (16K-25K) and living expenses (11K+). My parents do not want me to move away. They want me to go to schools close to home like Schulich, U of T, Ryerson etc. If I do move out, they want me to realize how much debt I will have at the end of 4 years and I'm not sure I can pay that much, but I know for a fact, rich kids aren't the only ones in these university programs. I come from a middle class family, and have an RESP with 17K but it's not enough. I'm not sure if I'll get enough OSAP either. I don't want to sacrifice my dreams for the sake of my parents (lol).

University kids, how are you guys paying for your education, and what can I do to pay for mine? (Please don't answer if you're in high school - only want real life experiences)

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Business Administration Vs. Accounting
So I'm interested in going into accounting but I'm not sure if it's a better idea to go into business administration so I can study general business and then specialize in accounting or if I should just go straight into an accounting program. Also which university's business school is better - Wilfrid Laurier, Ryerson or Brock?
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