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Do you guys think that Dal is ugly?
I seem to find the school demonstrably unappealing aesthetically. Is this just me? Or is my perception of the schools appearance more of less typical.
which uni has better looking girls?
so i got accepted to both brock and mcmaster and i was wondering which school has better looking girls?
Advice to pre-med and pre-law students
My main point, and I cannot emphasize this enough, is to be sure to have an alternate career path ready. Only a small percentage of pre-med or pre-law students actually graduate into medical or law school. The acceptance rate is only around 10%, while the attrition rate is very high (75-80%). And unless you make it through med or law school, that biochemistry or polisci degree isn't going to do you much good.
Best programs in Canada
Engineering: UoT, Waterloo
Business: Queen's, Ivey
Sciences: Guelph, UoT, McMaster
Mathematics/Comp Sci: Waterloo
& McGill is a pretty good all-rounder overall, but does not excel in any particular program

UBC? Don't go to UBC.
Living in Poverty: CIBC Student Line of Credit
Can someone please help me with their insights or experiences with trying to secure an education line of credit. 

I have transitioned from a college after earning my Social Work Diploma and I am now in my second year of University for my undergrad in social work. I have a family consisting of my wife, baby, and I...plus our cat. 

I have been trying to secure an education line of credit from CIBC and ATB but they tell me that I do not have enough income. Does this sound ridiculous to anyone? I am in school full-time. I receive funds from bursaries, scholarships and very little from the jobs I have. The bank expects me to make $40,000 a year AND go to school full-time. However, CIBC has given me a credit card with 19.99% interest and a $28,000 limit, but will not grant an education line of credit with 2.99% interest with $15,000 limit. Now does this make sense either...no.  I don;t know what to do.

I do not have any family or friends that are able to co-sign a loan, as pretty much everyone I know lives in poverty. I've asked everyone.

Starting to sink, and beginning to feel hopeless :( 
Easier to get into: Ivey or Queens?
Given that I will have a 90+ average and my ec's are: Fundraising committee, deca exec, varsity lacrosse, link crew and work as a lifeguard 
& I'm really good at English and writing essays so I'll be able to sell myself well 
Is it possible to double major in mc master BHSc
I was wondering, if I was actually accepted into McMaster's Health Science program next year (which is long shot, I know) is it possible to do another major along with this program. I was thinking about doing a Mathematics degree (specifically an Actuarial Maths degree). I am good at math and find it easy. Is this possible? If it is allowed, will doing both kill me?
What Ontario Universities require extra curriculars?
I'm going into grade 11 and I am interested in going into chemistry, pharmacy, or medicine when I am older. 
I currently have no ECs. I know most schools don't require ECs but some do. For the ones that do, which one's are they, and how much do you need?
I am intrested in Mac Heath Sci and western biomed, as well as programs at ryerson and york.
Ask me anything about admissions (Future Engineering Students)
I was accepted to:

University of Toronto - Track one
University of British Columbia - First year
York University - Space Engineering
Queen's University - Chemical Engineering

I applied with a university transfer average of 95.3% + several EC's, and a grade 12 average of 80.5%.

By the way, I had a 55 in grade 11 physics, and never took pre-calculus in high school. Nonetheless,  I was still able to get A+'s in linear algebra, calculus 1 and 2 in university.

My goal here is to provide students advice, and answer questions concerning the admission process at these universities. Moreover, I would also like to share advice to students with low high school marks on what they can do to get into schools like U of T, UBC, etc.

Edit: I see some of you are confused, I did not apply to any of these universities out of high school. I first went to the university in my province, obtained a 95% average, then applied as a transfer applicant. 
What is medical science like?

What is a medical science undergrad like, anyone that is preparing to be a doctor?

Like what is the workload, courses in the first year, stress-level, etc.

So rumour is the first major round of aeo acceptances are going out tomorrow, I have no clue whether or not that is true but I guess this could be a place to post whether or not you got in. You can also post your marks and extra curriculars to help everyone else get an idea of what Ivey is looking for.
Grade 11 and 12 Courses
I was just wondering if these courses throughout the grade 11 and 12 years will be manageable, I am going for a 90+ average in both years and could anyone recommend study tips? By the way, I want to get into western Richard Ivey the business program and queens 


Grade 11: English done in summer school 
Grade 12 english being done over the year in private school

 Grade 12: English done in private school 
Probability and Data management done in summer school 
Advanced Functions 
Spare/Blowoff Course
Anyone get accepted to fanshwe?
Got accepted and plan to attend fanshawe for their Digital media and design production. :)
Carleton humanities
Is anyone in the humanities program? How is it and the work load? Any advice?
Carleton Frosh??
I'll be attending Carleton this fall, and I was wondering what any upper years thought of the Carleton Frosh? What do you do? Is it worth it? Did you enjoy the experience? Stuff like that :)
Helping Other: What More Can You Do?
We all know that there is inequality in our world; we need not look to other country's or nations, but among us in our own communities. There must be something we can do, something more. As a challenge to myself, I will find a way everyday to help someone. I may clean the filed at the school across the street; donate extra monies, share my time in the community. I will even bring my wife and baby when I can.

What can you do?
What is the difference between math and financial math?
What is the difference between math and financial math? For example waterloo is considered the best math school but laurier also offers math and financial math. So why do people attend math at laurier if waterloo is just down the road? And why for the double degree do you have to take math at waterloo and the business part at laurier?
Early acceptances
I just finished gr.11 and I'm going into gr.12, I was just wondering how early acceptances work. What grades do we apply with? Also Im taking summer school for a grade 12 course so hopefully by midterm of first semester I'll have five courses to apply with, but do they look at other grades? My gr.11 marks weren't so good (83 avg). 
For later acceptances do uni's just look at your grade 12 marks?
Would volunteering abroad look good on a uni app on a prestigious business school essay?
I've always wanted to volunteer in Africa for an orphanage or something. I am planning on going in December and I was just wondering if this would count as a good EC to write about for business programs in universities like Queen's, Western, Schulich, Laurier etc. Thank you!
Single or double dorm?
Should I apply for a single or double dorm? I'm a girl. I reaaaallllyyyy don't want to end up with someone weird or someone who steals shit and whatnot.But I'd love to have a friend to go out to eat with at midnight and stuff... but i'm scared they'll be weird! 
If I get a single I'm scared of missing out on the university experience... parties, friends, ect. 

Undergraduate institution reputation for MBA admissions matter?
I know an undergraduate degree is usually sufficient to get a good job in business. However, I don't have the grade 12 math requirements to enter these programs. I plan on doing a BA first and then applying for an MBA after a couple of years of work. My question is, do you think where I go for my undergrad will have any impact on my chances of admission? For example, are a Brock and Mcmaster BA graduate treated equally? I noticed on the class profiles of Western's MBA program that all of the undergraduate schools represented were from top schools (i.e. UofT, Queens, McGill etc.) I should also add I intend to apply to top US schools, if that makes any difference. Any opinions?
Queen's Commerce Summer Internships (After First Year?)
Going into my first year at Queen's commerce in September and I have very little work experience as of now. I'm planning on doing a lot of EC's first year to make up for this. 

My main goal after first year is to get a summer internship. Is this possible or realistic?

Any tips on how I could achieve this?
What do the "other" kids do after high school?
Just a general question out of curiosity, but what do the kids who dont even make it on honour roll do after high school?

Can't withdraw RESP for OSAP
Okay guys I'm in a really sticky situation

I have money in my RESP, but I have no idea how many. When I asked them for it, they said I have to show my proof of enrollment. I was told that was the course schedules that we have. And the problem is, I can't choose my courses till July 10th.

What should I put in the RESP section??
I have to submit it ASAP cause the 60 day deadline is fairly close