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Advantages of IB?
On the transcript does it say this student was in ib? Or do you get a boost in your mark?
How do online courses work?
Can someone give me a run down of how they operate? Ex. how you write tests etc.
How do you get to know your professors?
I want to go to graduate school but I am not really close to any of my professors. How do I get reference letters?
Laurier Entrance Scholarship
I am trying to get a better understanding of how entrance scholarships work at Laurier. 

Is the scholarship based on the average you hold at midterms.. or your final average, or are they both accounted for?

I had a 91.7 at midterms and finished with a 91.2 .. 

Since I was unable to maintain my midterm mark, does this mean I no longer qualify for the scholarship?  
Do all Arts majors suck? (Without Law School)
I've been hearing a lot of sh*t talked about arts majors. But I heard that when it comes to things such as finance, HR and marketing, some firms prefer arts, liberal arts or social science majors compared to business majors. They also like, I also herd to hire Math, Physics, CS and Engineering majors for the things I listed above.This is because those major are taught to think in a different way compared to business.

I've been highly considering economics as way to pursue a career in finance because I though it would be more useful and relevant to the career. Any thoughts?
Just Finished (Ivey) AEO2, Going Into HBA1 - Ask Me Anything
Two short years ago, I was in the position many of you are in right now. Wondering how hard it is to maintain an 80% average through two years at Western. I will not sugarcoat anything like many AEOs did (and still do) on this forum. I will not echo useless sentiments you already know. I will tell it like it is.

In first year I averaged 78.6%

In second year I averaged 86.8%

I studied Geography for my first two years at Western.

Ask me anything - I will answer everything.
Tough for first year?
I am planning to take the following courses for first year at UTSG:
1) BIO120 and BIO130
2) MAT135 and MAT136
3) PHY131 and PHY132
4) CHM151
5) SOC101
Is it going to be tough for me to handle? Anyone who has similar courses? Also what are your views about the seminar courses?
How reputable are Irish universities for dental school?
I am currently in grade 12 in Canada and I want to become a dentist. I came across a program named Atlantic Bridge, that allows students from Canada or the US to go to Ireland and do the dentistry program in 5 years. I am quite drawn to University College Cork and Trinity College Dublin. I would probably like to come back to Canada after the competition of my degree. Has anyone had any experience with it or known anyone who's been down this path? I would appreciate any help.
Fast-tracking a bachelors of science at U of T in 3 years
Would it be possible if you take courses in all 3 sessions during the year for 3 years in order to finish a year early.
Laptop for engineering!!
Is getting a Mac that much of a struggle for engineering students (as is to run the many different programs) than having a Windows PC?

Also, can the HP Spectre x360 (w/ core i7, 8g and 256 SSD) be a good alternative?

Any other suggestion would be appreciated! Merci.
Entering grade 12 mega-thread
So this thread is for people who just finished grade 11 and will be applying to uni in the fall, post your grade 11 average and top three choices!

Me: grade 11 average--89.5
Top 3: Ivey/Queens (tied) and Laurier
If Canadian Engineering Schools = US Engineering Schools

After extensive research and critical analysis my rankings are:

1. Waterloo = MIT

2. UofT =Stanford

3. UBC = UC Berkley

4. McGill= California Int. Tech.

5. UofA= Georgia Int. Tech.

6. Queen’s= Carnegie Mellon

7. Mcmaster= Univ of Michigan

8. UWO= Univ of Illinois

9. Ryerson = Purdue

10. Algoma =Cornell

Should I take a spare in Grade 12?
I'm going into Grade 12 and I'm currently doing English in summer school and getting a 91.  Should I take 7 courses next year and have 1 spare or take a full load (resulting in 9 grade 12 marks). I want to have sort of a safety net but I also feel like a full load is too much and I still want to enjoy my last year. Add Interest

My initially planned courses:
Human Development Throughout The Lifespan
Data Management
International Business
Business Leadership
Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice
Advanced Functions
Canadian and International Law

The Official Canadian Occupation Social Pyramid (COSP)

The Official Canadian Occupation Social Pyramid (COSP)

Royal Class/Elites/Master Race

-Investment Bankers, Consultant, Venture Capitalists, Politician

Noble Class

 - Doctors, Lawyer, Dentist, Pharmacists, Optometrists

Upper Class

-Chartered Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts, Marketing Managers, Actuaries


Middle Class

-The rest

2nd Class citizens/Alien Race

-Engineers, Computer Scientist, Architects, Nurse

3rd Class citizens /Peasants

- Chemist, Biologist, Technician, Electrician, Plumber,


- Artist, Economists, Writers, Historian, Women’s Activist, Photographer and every other arts major who couldn’t get into law school

-Customer Service, Bank Teller, Bookkeeper, Cashier, and any other Labor job

Animal Kingdom/Pests

- The unemployed

High school and University majors choose your fate wisely!

Are my extra curriculars good?
Hello ! I'm a grade 11 student going into grade 12 next year and I'm afraid that my extra curriculars will not be strong enough when compared to others. Im aiming to go into Queens, Schulich, Rotman, and Laurier all for business. Would my extra curriculars be strong enough ? 

- co-op term working at Accounting firm 
- TRack and field for 4 years (ofssa centrals)
- executive member for international student association (council)  
- volunteered at international languages classes for a year teaching children ages 8-12

I also plan to be part of Deca  and eco-foot print this year. 

do you think I should participate in more extra curricular activities? 
Becoming a CFA
Hey guys I wanted to pursue a cfa designation after highshcool.

Is this possible through the BBA program at schulich, and if so what Is the process?
I know u have to write 3 exams and get 4 years of work experience.. But when would I be able to do this? (like can I write the exams during my years at schulich, and does the work experience have to be from a particular type of bank/firm type of thing?)
What are ryerson engineering class averages like?
Just want to know what to expect. GPA is inportant to me as I plan to attend graduate school.  Thanks in advance.
Anybody applying to Oxford?
Is anyone on this site applying to Oxford? I am interested in the Economics & Management program
Why does the new yconic layout look like Twitter?
I miss the student awards layout. ahhh when times were simpler...anyways where are you guys going for the 15-16 school year?
what is the difference between bioengineering and biomedical engineering and what are the courses needed for both of them
Med School/Programs at McGill, UBC, and UToronto—US Student
Hi guys, I'm a rising junior (11th grade) from the US and I was considering eventually applying for college in Canada because it is a beautiful place and it is a better value education compared to most good schools in the US. I have a deep interest in biochemistry and biophysics, as well as biomedical, mechanical, and electrical engineering. However, no matter what path I take, my goal is to complete medical school and become a physician scientist.

I'm interested in McGill, UBC, UToronto. I have done some research into the medical programs in Canada, but I would like some personal experiences to help me out. Here's my list of questions:
1: Most important: Could someone please give me a simplified rundown of international admissions? :)
2: Is it possible to do engineering and then medical school in Canada?
3: Do McGill and UToronto give credit for AP classes?
4: Are there equivalents to the accelerated MD programs that they do here in the US (Bachelor of Science then MD)? Is the MD even a graduate degree in Canada?

Thank you guys for your time. Keep cool, stay in school. :)
Ask Anything About Waterloo AFM, SAF and CPA Here!
Hello prospective AFMers. I am an undergrad in AFM and I am here to answer any questions you may have regarding to AFM, SAF, Coop, CPA, or anything about Waterloo!  

1st year UBC student! Ask me anything!
I'm finishing up my first year at UBC as a Health Science student in the Land and Food Systems faculty.

Want to know how I got in? What UBC life is like? General advice about gr. 12/senior year and applying to universities? I'll try my best to answer any of your inquiries (: