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Rejected UofT engineering with 91.7% average and no alternate.
I had a 93% and over in all of my prerequisites and an 80% in English. And yet, I didn't even get an alternate offer. 91.7% overall average.
University engineering program
I need to make a final decision regarding university very soon.
I've been admitted to industrial engineering at UofT but I would like to study electrical.
In order to transfer after first year I need a 65 average in first year.
Would anyone be able to comment on the difficulty of first year engineering and that ability to maintain a 65 average.

I also got accepted to McMaster for general first year.
Furthermore, I got accepted to ryerson, Ottawa, York, and UTM for various programs.
when is the best time to take your spare in high school?
Hey everyone! Next year ill be in grade 11 and i will have two spares. I am taking
and intro to accounting

When is the best time to take my spares (1 per semester)?
Investment Banking
I want to get into investment banking as a career and I was wondering what the best business school would be for i-banking? Also, would Degroote be a good choice for this?

Next year will be my first year at at UofT, as i was accepted into Rotman commerce. is there any finance/banking/investment internships i can do in the summer between first and second year. or are all the internships for the later years? i wish to stay on UofT res in the summer and work or do internships in the city at large firms. is this possible or do i have to wait? 
Ivey - Transfer or apply from Western?
I did not receive AEO status but I still would like to study at Ivey. I'm currently debating whether I should:

1) Go to Western for BMOS and apply to Ivey second year

I've heard that Ivey favours applicants from Western so I'm not sure if I should take the risk and apply for Ivey in second year. If I don't get it, I'm practically screwed with a useless BMOS degree... 

2) Go to Rotman Commerce and transfer 

I've heard that it's impossible (okay not impossible but extremely hard) to get high grades at RC and that grades are usually below 70. I know a friend who's really smart and said himself that he was struggling in RC. Seeing how Ivey transfers are extremely competitive and how you should have at least 85% avg to be safe (+good ECs), would it be wise to go to RC and try to transfer?

3) Go to Laurier BBA and transfer

Assuming I get into coop and transfer second year... 

4) Go to Waterloo AFM and just stay there 

because the above options aren't good. I'm not 100% set on accounting though so I'm afraid that I might decide that accounting is not for me 2 years into the program or something... 
Living at home???
I got accepted to a few universities, U of G being one of them. I know that Guelph has an incredible agriculture program, (I would be going into that program) and I feel that I would enjoy that program. The drawback is that I live very close to the university, so I would probably be living at home for all four years of my program, and I'm afraid that I'll miss out on a big part of the university experience. I like to be social and I'd like to party every now and then but I'm not the most outgoing person so I feel that I could easily become isolated by staying at home. I have talked to my parents about living in residence for my first year but they really don't like the idea, partly because they think everyone there just parties ALL the time but also because of financial reasons, and so I would probably feel guilty if I went. I'd really like some feedback from someone who went through a similar situation.
Rotman or AFM?
I got accepted into both programs, but debating which one is better for finance? I really like coop at Waterloo, but Rotman is sooo prestigious. Any suggestions?
Rotman to queens commerce
Does anybody know what the requirements are to transfer into queens commerce from UofT Rotman 

And how hard is it to transfer?
so acceptance deadlines are just around the corner and i need help!!! I got accepted into Rotman at University of Toronto and accounting and finance at Ryerson. At first I was all UFT UFT UFT best school in Canada, but now I'm thinking things over and Ryerson has co-op and good scholarship money!! PLS HELP WHERE SHOULD I GO???
OUAC confirmation number
I'm an idiot and I didn't screenshot my confirmation number when I accepted my offer. What happens if you don't have it and does anyone know how I can get it now? Should I cancel my offer then accept it again?
OUAC Deadline
Can I accept my offer on June 1st or do I have to accept the offer before June 1st?
Also, what is the exact time I have to accept the offer?

Rotman vs. Laurier BBA for Marketing
I'm currently deciding between Rotman and Laurier BBA for my undergrad program. Initially I was biased towards Laurier as I've heard great things about it from friends and it seems less difficult while still being a good and growing program (Plus that new funding for a business building and possible co-op). Also I've been hearing that Rotman bell curves marks which makes it hard to stay in the program. However, my parents are very biased towards Rotman due to its international recognition so I'm trying to take that into equal consideration.

 Which program would be better for someone looking to go into marketing? (I'm not too strong in math so that is one of my main concerns about Rotman where most of the students will be accounting/finance based)

Laurier BBA/ Waterloo Comp Sci DD vs. UTSC management and int. business (co-op) vs. Rotman commerce HELP!!!!!
I narrowed my acceptances down to these 3 choices and I absolutely cannot decide between them. Any help with which program is best in the long run in terms of jobs, program content etc will be greatly appreciated!
due to personal reasons i was not able to visit the Guelph residences on site. However i did read up on them a lot. Im interested in the academic clusters for biology. how exactly do apply for that? is there a certain residence i must select? in that case, which one?
What's the best business program in Canada?
My dad really wants me to attend Queen's Commerce, but I live in Kingston, and hate Queen's.
Has anyone been Rejected or Accepted from McGill THIS MONTH??
Just wondering if anyone has received rejections or acceptance during this month only (May)
This debate has been going for very long. 
Whuch university is in your opinion better?
Rotman vs. Degroote ????????
Alright so...

I am currently an Arts and Science student at U of T and want to transfer into Rotman commerce. I've talked to an admissions officer there that said most of the artsci transfer students they admitted had at least a 3.0 gpa, which is certainly within my abilities.

However, I also know that Rotman is quite schizophrenic in their admissions process!

I've also applied to Degroote and will most likely get in, as I exceed there minimum admission requirements. I definately feel it would be "safer" to go there. But I love the Rotman name and Big4 oppotunities! :(

Are there any arts sci transfer students on here that could help me out on this? would love to know your gpa when you got accepted!

How Hard is Physics 11?
Well, I'll be going to grade 10 next year, and I'll be taking Physics 11. Like the title stated, how hard is Physics 11? So far, I find the resistance, current, and voltage calculation stuff easy. What do you learn in Physics 11?
residence roomate
looking for a roommate. I'm Canadian and South Asian decent. I'm a hard working student who likes to chill and hang out with friends on free time. Interested in watching hockey and pretty much any sport, playing video games, going out, playing sports, working out, watching movies and tv shows etc. Program: Engineering. Res preference: Essex Hall. Non-smoker and non-drinker. tell me about yourself if interested