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Where can I get in?
So I have 150 community hours, grade 8 Valedictorian, Student council 3 years, Free the Children (charity) 3 years, badminton club 2 years, and Improv club 3 years. I am also student body vice-president this year. I have been in two school musicals as well as two large ones with the community.

Applied to Queen's, UBC (Number 1 Choice), UofToronto, UofGuelph, Laurier, UofWaterloo, Ryerson, McGill, and Western on the 5th of December.

Grade 11 Average: 93%
Grade 12 Semester 1 Grades:
History: 94%
Chemistry: 86%
English: 98%
French: 95%

I applied to Philosophy/Political Science depending on the school. (All bachelor of Arts)

What're my chances? Especially to Queen's and UBC? (OR ANYWHERE ELSE).

Thanks so much in advance!
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Quebec Residency Mistake
I accidentally put that I was eligible for Quebec residency in my McGill application when I am not. I've already been accepted, but would it still affect me if I asked Admissions to correct my mistake?
Thank you. I am really worried about this. 
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UBC or U of C Kinesiology?
I can't decide whether to attend UBC or University of Calgary for Kinesiology. Can anybody tell me which has a better program, campus, etc.?

My ultimate goal is med school or physio school in either canada or the states (I'm a US citizen) so will choosing UBC or U of C affect my options in the US?

Thanks :)
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Computer Science

   I have decided that I want to study economics or computer science when I go to university (hopefully UFT/UWO). I am taking the required courses for economics for gr 11&12 but only one computer science course in each grade. When I was choosing my courses in February, I was told that physics is not necessary for computer science. Since many of my gr12 friends are receiving their admissions, they're telling me that physics is required. I'm not at all good at chemistry and physics but am extremely good at math. Also, I have looked at university admission requirements for comp sci from Ryerson, UFT, Western and they all require either chem or physics. I am unsure what to do because I am positive that I will absolutely fail in both classes
I applied to 3 different programs at Mcmaster. I read somewhere that they will only give one offer of admission is that true?
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Grade 11 Marks
Hi everyone! I am a grade 11 student in Ontario and  my  career choice and  dream is to become a nurse practitioner, I didn't do too well in Chem 78% and Bio 73% (11 University) and now I'm really freaking out with reading all these posts.  I know I have the ability to do better than the marks I got which sounds ludicrous but I just know.  I'm taking all the science courses, advanced functions,  data management and calc/vectors.  My aunt who is a nurse practitioner and is still continuing her studies told me to take data management but i don't know if calc/vectos will benefit me.  I also had  university world issues in mind as well as kinesology.  Do you guys think I should take a spare?  I will be taking 12U English in summer school and I haven't decided if I should take a course in night school.  I know these marks look really bad for nursing but I know I could get better marks.  My top choices are UofT, Western and Queens.  I'm in desperate need of help with getting my courses organized, if you guys have tips or anything it would be greatly appreciated because I am freaking out right now.
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University of Toronto Engineering Acceptance?
When I Iog onto join.utoronto it says that I have been admitted to the engineering program for 2016. If I go onto OUAC however, nothing is posted. Also, if I click on the link that takes me to the Online Studen Profile, it also says decision pending. What does this mean?
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Acceptances To Guelph! 2016
Just wanted to make a little discussion for Guelph! They have officially started sending out first round offers, so everyone that has received an offer list:
Acceptance Average
Congrats on the acceptance and hope to see you all at UofG this September! :)
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Chances for CS/SE? I'm really worried...
Hi, I'm a student applying for CS/SE. I'm wondering what my chances are for this program.
Average: ~98.5%, expecting to go up to 99.3%
AP Calculus BC: 100%
AP Advanced Functions: 100%
AP Physics C: 100%
AP Chemistry: 96% (Hard chem teacher T___T)
AP English: 97% (fucking English T___T)
AP Programming: 100%

The issue is that I have few EC's. I'm only President of my school's Programming Club, Student Council and Math Club. I won several national engineering competitions such as NASA International Competition, Intel Engineering Competition, International Hackathon sponsored by Google to compete, and Top-100 Internationally in competitions such as FB Hacker Cup & Google Code Jam.

Here are some contest scores:
Euclid 2015: 85/100
CCC Senior 2015: 62/75
CCC Senior 2014: 50/75
CCC Junior 2013: 75/75

Any chance? Everyone from my school applying has 99+ averages... Thanks
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UBC or University of Guelph???
Hey I would love some advice on choosing between schools!!
 Currently I am a grade 12 student and I live in Guelph ON. I want to go into the environmental field (Environmental Sciences, Ecology ect.) I have been looking mostly at University of Guelph and University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus. I have a fear of staying in Guelph for school because I am scared I will never leave, but on the other hand BC is very far from home. I would love any advice on living far from home, living in the same city that you grew up in, the universities, the programs. Really anything??? Thanks!
Munk One
What's exactly is the Munk One program at U of T and how competitive is it to apply to?
Mineral eng at u of t
I am applying to u of t for mineral engineering. I was just wondering if anyone from past experience or from other information know what range of averages are most prevalent in people accepted. 

anything helps.
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Non Semestered School Uni Acceptance Help!
Hey there, I go to a non-semestered high school and wanted to know how many grade 12 final marks I need to be eligible for acceptance (not early acceptance). I have 2 so far, so do I need a minimum of 3 or...?

Thanks, much appreciated!
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So I'm taking Calculus next year and  pretty much everyone's telling me it's hard! Some teachers said it too but I asked my math teacher he said it's easy! Ofc cuz they've been teaching it forever! But I asked If 90 was possible for me he said yea! I've had that teacher since gr11 and my math isn't as bad as I'm getting a 90 in advanced functions as of right now! Any opinions on this?
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How do you get 90s in Advanced Functions and Calculus?
ATTENTION: How do you get 90s in Advanced Functions and Calcius so I can get into big name universities such as Schulich, Rotman, etc. Thanks
Shad Valley 2016 wait list
Hey guys! I got my letter saying I've been waitlisted for shad 2016. I decided to make a post and see if we could all kinda talk and things until we all get our final fate ?
Im just wondering on my chances of getting accepted to afm
Accounting: 94
Advanced Functions:90 
English: 92
Business shsm: 96
Calculus : somewhere 90+ (just started)
Law: somewhere 90+ (just started)

Where do I stand?

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High School Class of 2016 Offers of Admissions
The Applications thread is pretty cluttered so I was thinking we could start this thread to make it easier to view when others are accepted to programs you've applied to! 

Please include in your post:
- Program
- Date of offer
- Date of application
- Admission average (Grade 11, first semester, second semester midterm - whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province
- Any supplementary information (Ex. ECs if they're required on application, predictions about quality of essays/responses)
- Any other information you deem appropriate!

Good luck guys!
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UTSC Management: Class of 2020
Hello everyone!  

To those of you applying to UTSC Management (Noncoop, Coop, MIB),  let's build this forum by posting our: 

Grade 11 Average:
Projected Grade 12 Average:
Acceptance Date (If applicable): 

Good luck to you all!
Schulich Leader Scholarship 2016
2016 Schulich Leader Scholarship nominees?
-Universities applied:
-First choice:
-Province from:  
Please do tell other fellow nominees about this thread so we can all connect and help each other.
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Western Medical Sciences Admission
To everyone who got an email accepting them into the Western Medical Sciences program, what was your average??
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Grade 11 Marks. . .
Hello :)
I just finished first semester and I got a 78% in Chemistry (University) which I'm really upset about.  I know for sure I will have Chemistry first semester in grade 12, I am planning on applying to Life Sci for nursing at UofT, Western, Queen's and McMaster. I'm really nervous and scared right now, would the Universities base their decision on my grade 11 mark with my grade 12 midterm???? There is no improvement course in night school or summer school.
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Grade 12 Courses For Nursing
Grade 12 Courses:
Hi Guys!
I'm in grade 11 at an Ontario high school, I want to apply for the nursing program at UofT and I know I have to apple for Life Sciences first for 2 years.  I also want to apply to Western Queen's and McMaster.  I have to submit my courses soon and I have these courses in mind so far, I don't want to fill up my timetable with hard courses that I won't need in the end and I am very, very, very confused right now.  I know for sure I will have Biology, Chemistry and Advanced Functions first semester. I am also taking 12U English in summer school and I am thinking of taking night school but I don't know for what course yet.  If you guys have ny suggestions/tips that would be great because I am very lost. :)

Biology (University)
Chemistry (University)
Physics (University)
Advanced Functions (University)
English (University)
Calc/Vectors (University)
Religion (University)------->Mandatory
World Issues (University)
Data Management (University)
Exercise Science 
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