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University of Waterloo AIF - How likely is it that they'll contact your teacher reference?
What makes the admissions people contact teacher references? What kind of stuff do they ask? If they are on the fence about accepting someone, can positive words from the teacher push them to accept him/her?
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Ivey Activity Frequency?
For a 4+ year commitment should I put "Over Two Year Commitment" or put "Other" and specify the length in the description?
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Thoughts on my Extracurriculars
Hello Yconic!
I've applied to Western BMOs with Ivey, Queen's Commerce, Shulich BBA, Rotman Commerce, and Waterloo AFM.
I have a couple ECs and was wondering which ones are the strongest to use on my application. (Having a really hard time deciding!)
1. Dropshipping E-commerce Business (6 months)
2. Focus on Youth/Big Brothers Big Sisters Camp Counsellor (PAID co-op, 3 months during this past summer. Coordinated then ran a camp for children ages 6-12 who lived in disadvantaged areas. I served as  mentor to these children.)
3. School Basketball/Volleyball team member all 4 years of highschool, (Captain of basketball team in grade 9, 10 and captain of volleyball team in grade 10)
4. Business SHSM student.
5. Tutoring in math, science, and english (2 years)
6. Executive member at my local temple committee with my father. (volunteer every Sunday and run events and charities throughout the year. Started 4 years ago)
7. 300+ volunteer hours (4 years)

In my opinion, my top 3 are:
1. Dropshipping
2. Focus on Youth
3. Executive Member at my temple.

I know these are not anything insane, but I would like some feedback on the extracurriculars and how I should describe them in my essays.

Thank you all in advance.

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High School Class of 2018 Offers of Admission
Now that school's back in full force and university applications are open, I thought I'd make this application thread so that people can see when people get accepted, where they applied, their averages, etc.

In your post, please include the following:
- Program and post-secondary institution
- Date of application
- Date of offer
- Admission average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province you're applying from
- Any other information you'd like to add

Good luck everyone!!
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Queen's Computing
has anybody gotten accepted to Queen's Computing yet?? If so what were your averages and what do you think the cutoff for this year is going to be. Also how big of a role does a PSE play in towards this program?
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ILC and Day School
I am in the process of trying to cram 5 courses into one semester and wou
Add Interest ld prefer if one of them was an elearning course, but elearning courses are not offered for those already taking 4 courses. 
However, I learned of ILC, so I'm wondering if this type of course is limited to that 4 course rule or if I can take it as 
1. You have a 10 month deadline to finish the course and it takes a minimum of around 4 months unlike the regular 5 month elearning courses
2. You can take up to eight of these courses, whereas you can only take 1 course of the regular elearning. I'm not sure if this applies to those in a public day school though and cannot find any confirmations other than a 2010 post on this site of someone saying they were taking 5 courses
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Admission about Comp Science at UofT SG
I've seen people saying that for computer science in UTSG, they make their admission decision merely on grade 11 marks. Is that true? Cuz my grade 11 marks are really bad, like 80%, however, my grade 12 marks are pretty good tho. Average at 97.5% with a 99% in Calculus. I go to a linear school in BC, so I have uploaded my term 1 mark already.
Thank you.
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Admission question for UofT
So if I apply to Engineering Science and get accepted, but then decide that I want to do regular engineering instead, can that happen? If I get into the harder EngSci am I automatically accepted to regular engineering soon?
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Laurier BBA Acceptances 2018
It's super early in the year but this thread is for Laurier BBA acceptances. Comment when you get accepted and what your average was. :))
when will my application be reviewed????
just wondering if any of y'all were accepted to uoft yet or any others who's application is being reviewed, how long did it take for them to review your application after you applied? they still haven't reviewed my application and it's been like 3 weeks. it just says "application received". thanks!!! ;)
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Study Tips
I am currently in grade 11 and I am about to do my exams. My marks are not the best and not the worst. The first question is how to study for exams and unit tests, how to achieve 90 average. The second and last question is the program I am interested in says english is required and one of the Advanced Functions, one of Calculas and Vectors or one of Data Managment but says prefered Calculas and Vectors, the question is I need to do Advanced Functions in order to do Calculas and Vectors so if I do both and I get a 75 in Advanced Functions and an 85 in Calculas and Vectors will they look at english, Advanced, and Calculas and other top 3 courses or look at english one math and other top 4 courses?
Ryerson Nursing 2018
I just applied to Ryerson nursing, main site, and I was wondering if an 89-90 average is good enough to get accepted in to the program? Thanks!
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Planning on Grade 11 English Summer Course
Hi everyone,

Grade 10 student here

Currently I am not doing so well in english. My school is nonsemestered so I'm halfway through the course and on two projects, one being a paragraph writing assignment I got a 74% on and the other an essay which I put effort into 75% I believe it is in my best interest to take English 11 during the summer to maximize my grade. On the first term report card my grade in english was at 90% but my teacher showed me it was actually 94% since he had to for whatever reason lower the average of the entire class (likely due to easy marking), but that teacher has been since replaced and with the new one I am not doing so well.

I would like to know your thoughts on taking a grade 11 english summer course, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing an online or school setting class course seeing as I've never done summer school before and have so far heard positive things. Furthermore I'd like to also emphasize I intend to go to Universities which demand a 90%+ overall average for post-secondary in the future, which I'm set on pulling off (since I have an interest in the Life Sciences), and to further expand on that I will be taking Chemistry, Bio and Physics for Grade 11 next year too. 

Overall this thread should serve as a discussion point for the pros and cons of doing Grade 11 English in the summer.
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University of Waterloo - Math admissions
Do you think it's possible (or likely) for someone with an 84-85% average to get accepted into math with co-op if they participate in many contests and do well on them?
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Cut offs comparison with A Level Averages
I have a friend doing A Levels applying to McMaster and she was wondering if the admission averages that her program indicates on the website is also the same for A level averages. Would anyone be knowing about that ? Are canadian averages and A Level averages the same ?
2018 Concurrent Education Acceptances
Has anyone been accepted for a con ed program? If you have been accepted, state the name of the program and the university. Congratulations!

I have been accepted by:
University of Windsor: Concurrent General Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)/Bachelor of Education/Diploma in Early Childhood Education
Brock University: Education - Concurrent BA Child and Youth Studies (Honours)/BEd (Primary/Junior)
Nipissing University: Concurrent Bachelor of Science Honours/Bachelor of Education (BEd) - Primary/Junior

I have also applied to Queens but I have not been accepted yet, I also have not submitted my supplementary application yet.
Queen'v Eng. Chancellor Scholar (ASK ME ANYTHING)
A little about me:

I am a first year, female engineering student at Queen's. I was a recipient of the 2017 Queen's Chancellors Scholarship, and I am on the Dean's list this year (2017/18). I am also a varsity athlete. ASK ME ANYTHING! I would love to answer any questions about Queen's and engineering!
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Admission into UWO Medsci
Hey guys! 

I'm a grade 12 student and many of my friends with a top 6 average of 95% or higher have been accepted into the Medical Sciences Program at UWO. This year, is it possible to get into the program with a 92-93%? I have heard different things about the cutoff average and how they calculate it (which courses, weightings, etc.). Would appreciate any guidance/info from students who applied last year! 

Thank you :) 
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Really bad math marks
Alright so I'm a student in Ontario and my math marks are really bad. My other marks are easily in the mid 90 range. But my math always barely scrapes by with a 50 or 60. I spend 3 to 2 hours on it most days and I 2 weekly tutoring programs. I seriously just think I cannot understand at this point. I want to go into business, but all of those programs want a 70 in math. Is there anything I can do other than use more time? I think I'm honestly too far gone for more time to help.
grade deflation
So some universities are known for deflating grades in some programs, and I know no one has done all the programs listed below so it is hard to judge, but there may be a few that have friends and family that are in the courses below and could help list the the courses in order of most deflating grades, to least deflating (or inflating grades). You can either put them in order or put some side by side if you think they are equal.

* U of T Life science (probably highest in deflation)
* Mcmaster Life science
* U of T Math
* Queen's Life science
* Western Med Sci
* Western Sci
* Guelph Science (B S.c)
* Waterloo Actuarial Science
* Mcmaster Radiation Sci
* York Biomed
* York Sociology

I have done some research and to me it seems to be in the order above, but please comment your order if you think any differently of the order they should be in!
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First year Engineer at UWO (Western)! AMA
Hello there! Title says it all!

Some background, I applied to McMaster, Guelph, Western and Waterloo. I am currently enrolled in a general first year engineering program and will specialize second year. Ask me anything about engineering, Western, residence or applications!
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U of C Class of 2022
Has anyone gotten in to university of calgary yet? when do they start looking at applications
Adding a Program to OUAC Before Deadline
Hey guys. 
So I've already applied to a couple business schools a couple weeks ago, and have heard back from all of them to further complete my application. 
I forgot to add Brock Accounting however, and a lot of my friends are being admitted. 
Is it worth applying to one last program the day before the deadline? 
Will that affect my admission to Brock or any other university?
Also, do you guys know if they are still giving out early acceptances within the coming days? 
Thank you all in advance!
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UWO Medical Science Acceptances Class of 2018
Hey guys, this is a thread for people who have been accepted already! Feel free to ask questions and share details! I got in on January 11th with a grade 11 average of 96.0
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