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Sure Shot

Chartered Professional Accountant Joe Resnick on life as an NHLPA agent

I was heavily involved in sports as a kid. When my best friend was drafted into the OHL and later into the NHL, I got to see what his agent did and was intrigued by how he interacted with clients. That inspired me to become an agent and eventually open my own agency, Top Shelf Sports Management Inc., in 2007 with my partner, John Thornton.

What’s my average day like? During the hockey season, I usually check line scores first thing in the morning to see how my clients did the night before. I’ll speak to them and sometimes chat with the team’s GM. I also have the junior draft so I’ll speak to junior teams, scouts and GMs about prospective clients. In the evenings, I’m probably at an arena.

In the summer, I focus on signings, the NHL Draft and free agency. It’s a 24/7, 365-day job. With a boutique base, I can spend extra time on my clients.

During last year’s Stanley Cup finals, I had two clients on the LA Kings (Tanner Pearson and Jake Muzzin) and one on the New York Rangers (Rick Nash). It was stressful!