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130 deaths reported in Canada from flu influenza


According to American officials, the influenza virus is killing up to 4,000 Americans every week. As of Feb. 5, data from Health Canada states that over 3,000 hospitalizations, 285 intensive care unit admissions and 130 deaths had been reported in Canada.

A lot of young children have died. Is anyone else finding that they are sick or know a lot of people who got sick recently? 
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Math/CPA or AFM
Hey Guys, I'm currently torn between these two programs. I know that the Math/CPA program is more difficult to get into compared to AFM but is there really an advantage? Math/CPA means that students will take math electives whereas AFM students have the flexibility to choose their own. Why do people choose Math/CPA over AFM (Aren't the co-op opportunities equal)?? i.e. IS MATH/CPA WORTH IT?
Read Carefully
There is a considerable measure of counsel gliding around about enhancing your SAT score—some of it great, some of it awful. A considerable measure of counsel, albeit strong, is either extremely clear or exceptionally broad, for example, "take a great deal of practice tests" or "study vocabulary." Here are several particular tips to help your SAT score, in no specific request. Some you may have heard some time recently, others you most likely haven't.  

1. Manufacture your own particular vocabulary list utilizing past tests. The greater part of my understudies have a little sythesis book where they record and characterize each and every obscure word they experience on College Board hone tests. At around eight tests, they begin to notice that a considerable lot of the troublesome vocabulary words have as of now showed up on past tests. The test-producers appear to "like" certain words, and those words come up again and again. I joke with my understudies that they better realize what "conflicted" implies in light of the fact that it appears on almost every test (my speculation is that is appears on around seventy five percent of tests). Like the familiar axiom goes, "Trick me once, disgrace on you; trick me twice, disgrace on me!" If you take the SAT and miss an inquiry since you didn't know a word that you've seen some time recently, disgrace on you! Each time you experience an obscure word you have a chance to learn it. Record it, characterize it, and occasionally survey your developing vocabulary list.  

2. For Critical Reading entry based inquiries, try different things with various techniques. I don't advocate a one size fits all way to deal with entry based inquiries. I believe that, in a perfect world, an understudy ought to have the capacity to peruse a section once and appreciate it completely enough to answer huge numbers of the inquiries without referring back to the entry. I know, in any case, that this level of perusing appreciation takes quite a while to create, and a few understudies end up in a circumstance where they just have a couple of months to examine before taking the SAT. I recommend that these understudies try different things with various methodologies. Have a go at perusing the inquiries to begin with, and after that referencing the entry. On the other hand skim the entry to begin with, concentrating on the first and last sentences of every passage, and after that handle the inquiries. In the event that you aren't seeing change with one technique, attempt another. Try not to trust any individual who demands there is one and only right approach to handle entry based inquiries.  

3. Know your exceptional triangles. You will much of the time experience math questions where the "key" is understanding that the triangle being referred to is an extraordinary triangle. On the off chance that you feel you can go no further on a triangle question and end up speculation something like, "there's insufficient data!", dependably verify whether it might be a 30-60-90 or 3-4-5 triangle (for the last mentioned, recall that any proportion of 3-4-5 works, similar to 6-8-10 or 30-40-50). You can likewise have a go at part the triangle in two to check whether it frames a unique triangle. Additionally, know how to figure the slanting of a square. Yes, some of this data can be found toward the start of every math segment, however in the event that you're performing poorly due to a lack of practice it won't help you a whole lot!  

4. Don't hesitate to qualify your paper's proposal articulation. Some exposition assignments outline the brief regarding potential outcomes. Case in point, "Can learning be a weight instead of an advantage?" Or, "Can achievement be deplorable?" Notice: we can answer these prompts in the confirmed without demonstrating that information is dependably a weight, or that achievement is constantly lamentable. In any case, consider this brief: "Is inner voice a more intense spark than cash, acclaim, or power?" To answer this inquiry in the confirmed without capability is to suggest that still, small voice is dependably a more effective help than those different things. Be that as it may, clearly that doesn't appear to be correct! Albeit numerous understudies feel constrained to answer the brief exactly as it's worded, there is no reason we can't qualify our proposal articulation. For example, "Soul can be an all the more effective help… " or "Still, small voice is regularly an all the more intense inspiration… " Not just are these qualified postulations generally more precise than less unobtrusive, supreme articulations, however they're much less demanding to substantiate in a two-page exposition!  

5. Perused, read, read—particularly subjects that you don't discover especially fascinating. Indeed, even understudies with average scores on the entry based perusing areas do genuinely well on entries that they find intriguing. Numerous secondary school understudies are acclimated to skimming material that they discover exhausting or uninteresting and in this manner rapidly lose consideration when they experience such an entry on the SAT. On the off chance that you end up perusing the same sentence again and again, this is likely what's going on. As interest winds down, so focuses. One approach to hold center is to participate in dynamic perusing (for example, documenting the entry as you read it). A superior path is to build your capacity to focus through practice. In the event that you battle with science entries, then go to the science area of the New York Times site, download some science articles and begin perusing. Perused with the objective of keeping center, and expand your rate as you advance. Periodical articles are perfect on the grounds that their trouble approximates that of most SAT entries.  

6. In case you're stuck on a math issue, begin composing. Compose anything: mark the charts, draw a photo or module numbers. Have a go at growing, figuring or rearranging expressions. Frequently understudies of mine will leave a math question clear and say "I'm trapped" yet they will have little or nothing composed on the page . I'll propose that they record what they know and check whether anything originates from it. Ordinarily something does. Frequently there are concealed examples in the inquiry that we miss until we begin recording things.  

7. In your exposition, consider the restricting perspective. Graders of the exposition acknowledge composing that sounds experienced. A simple approach to exhibit full grown intuition is to recognize the contradicting perspective to your postulation. Try not to concur with the other perspective, simply recognize that it exists and is sensible, yet that your proposition is predominant for reasons unknown. You can do this in your determination section or in a different passage before your decision. In the event that your proposition is something like, "Diligent work is key for achievement," you can say something along the lines of, "While beyond any doubt lethargic individuals every so often accomplish achievement, these cases are uncommon, and are typically the impact of dumb fortunes or unprecedented common capacity. The greater part of fruitful individuals are effective in light of the fact that they buckled down at it." This is a straightforward, capable equation to take after and most understudies don't do it. Consequently, it's an awesome approach to
Concurrent Education
I'm a Grade 12 student that hopes to attend university for concurrent education in September of 2017.
What schools have good Con. Ed music programs? My top choices are Queen's, York and McGill. What other schools have good Con Ed programs?
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Does CGPA Really Matters?
I did everything right in the paper, my attempt was flawless in the subjective part, I encircled all the correct choices in the MCQs part and still, I am shocked and bewildered not to score 4 CGPA. - [See more at: http://www.latestupdate.info/does-cgpa-really-matters/
Go Far or Go Home?
Hey everyone, I'm entering grade 12 and I know I have to pick a university soon. Here's the problem: I love being at home. I'm in a long distance relationship and he lives down near Windsor. I started looking into schools near him and low and behold Windsor has an amazing program for what I want, but it's 5 hours away from home. Should I go down to Windsor to do Behavior, Cognitive and Neuroscience or should go to university's near me which only have Psychology and Cognitive OR Psychology and Neuroscience (the schools near me don't have all three)?
Chemical Eng. of Waterloo 2016
I'm Omer from Iraq
 Live in Mississauga ,Ontario 
 I'm looking forward to apply to Uiniversity of Waterloo chemical engineering department .
 I have my Iraqi high school diploma from Iraq ( issued 5 years ago )
 I'm current adult credit student
 I need IELTS in addition to ENG4U as I'm not a native English speaker 
 And I'm looking for some friends of the same interest , so we could plan our path to get the acceptance of waterloo 's by mutual help 

                         "Two persons 'opinion is better than one's, and three persons' opinion better than two"