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What are my chances?
So currently I am sitting on a 57%, but I have an incredible track record when it comes to volunteering in my community.  I am looking at applying to Nipissing, Algoma, and last but not least Mcgill.  Do I have a chance at getting in for Agriculture.  Here are a few references that have helped me strive in the agriculture department.
Kenny Stills - (416) 787-7350
Jesse James - (647) 667-5823
Vontaze Burfict - (416) 787-7350
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HEY, just looking into some life sci/health sci programs for next year (I will be doing grad school too) and was wondering how the University of Waterloo is in their sci programs? I know some people who go for their arts/bus but not for sci. Is it a nice school for a science undergrad if I want to pursue grad school? I heard a lot about their coop and engineering but based on my grade 11 marks, I don't know if I will qualify for co-op. Just want any thoughts on the waterloo science programs/faculty and reasons why I should keep waterloo as my first choice *other than Co-op*
*edit-I will be living in rez

Does UWaterloo offer good connections in sciences?
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program crisis???
Hello everyone,
I have had anxiety all throughout the summer just thinking about this. I am entering my second year of uni in a BSc health studies program. All throughout high school I took science courses because I only had one career vision-to work in health care. Although I enjoy studying bio and health courses, I have never had a internship/placement to actually experience health care careers which is why I am worried it won't be the career for me. I have never had a business, computers, etc classes and I want to experience those courses so I can finally know what I am interested in. I just don't want to have regrets about not experiences certain areas and wondering if I would have been better off in that field.
What should I do? my university has a picked out course schedule and our electives are program related as well

*using sisters account*
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Waterloo for health studies
hey guys, just want to know what you guys think about doing health sci (regular) at UW compared to any other uni. at both uni's the cost is basically the same and I will be living away from home. I heard that faculties other than eng and cs don't really stand out but is going to uw for health studies worth it? in terms of opportunities and reputation among employers and future career networking? anyone at AHS at waterloo want to give their opinion?
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Transfer worth it?
I am transferring to UWaterloo in the second year into the health studies program from a bio program at another university. But I was wondering if transferring for science is worth it since I will  finish my program one semester late and graduating on year later that my expected graduation date (2020). I initially transferred because I wanted to receive co-op but I was only offered admission to the regular program. For both uni's I would be living away from home  and cost is similar, the reputation is the only difference. Is UW health sci regular worth it for my situation?
Please any advice is appreciated, I have been stuck on this decision for months
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U of T Acceptance
I am currently in Grade 11 planning on going to UofT Downtown Campus. The program I want to get into is the Life Sciences program. My average in grade 11 is an 88%
- Functions= 65
- Biology= 90
- Chemistry= 90
- English= 77
- APS= 91
- Hospitality= 100
- ComTech= 94
- World Religions= 95
Will I get into the program with that kind of average in grade 11.  I am also trying my best to make sure I get higher marks for grade 12  Please let me know. Thank you
Do you have to be a member of the Scotia bank in Canada to be eligible for scholarship because I am a member from my country of origin and still is
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Is yconic. better than google.
Some people say that google is better. Honestly I think its weird that they created this site. Probably because google is bad not to offense. So please tell my your opinion do you like better google or yconic?
Help please-University selection
Hi, I got accepted into Trent honors biology with a health science specialization , Waterloo life sciences regular and Waterloo science/business regular.
My initial dream is to go to med school but I still want a backup degree/plan that can still be of use even if I don't get into med school (because not everyone does). I would appreciate it if you guys would help me with feed back from these universities in terms of job, research opportunities, social life etc.

For both of these unis I would be living away from home

Thank you, I appreciate this a lot 

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Hi I am applying through Ouac 105 and I had taken a year off from school. I Applied to UOttawa Ryerson (all 3 sites) york Nippising and Uoit all for nursing and did not apply for any backups. I finished grade 12 with an 84% average. Does anyone know if being a 105 applicant gives you a lower chance? Also, does anyone know which uni I have the best chances of getting into right now.
Is it okay to be a part-time high school student?
I was wondering if its okay to take five 4U/M courses at regular day school and then one 4U course at a private school in order to complete my 6 credits that are needed for university? Do universities consider where the course has been taken and does this influence their decision when making an offer of admission?
Universities in canada harder to get into next year?
With the travel ban, would the universities be a lot harder to get into next year? I'm currently in grade 11, but today my parents showed me an article saying U of T has an increase of 82% new applications based on the travel ban. I'm nervous cause I planned to go to U of T. Does anybody know? Also when they look at grade 11 marks for any early acceptance, do they do the Top 6 grade 11 or all 8 grade 11 marks?
Listen up Anons
Let me talk here for a sec.....As we all know there are immigrants in this country. What does this mean? They can't speak English "properly" (or write). English speakers speak English daily in their households, immigrants speak a different language. Canadians learn to read and write at their houseold. Immigrants learn to read and write in their own language. With all the sorrow of immigrants getting low 80's in English let me tell you this. THIS IS A GOOD MARK. Here's the borad system.
IF you're an immigrant and get <80% then you're not dumb
IF you're Canadian and get <80% then you're dumb
IF you're an immigrant and get 80%+ then you're smart
IF you're Canadian and get 80+ then it's expected.

>Hey i did horrible in English
>Yeah...what ya get?
> a 61%
>You're an immigrant right?
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Are my mid-term marks good? Arte they good enough to be a doctor?

Yesterday I got my mid term report card, which is to tell you how you are doing. My marks were as the following:

English: 93%



Visual Art:89%

My average is 92.75% or 93% when rounded. I know my grade 9 marks don't really matter, but just out of curiosity, will I get accepted into Medical School with a 93% average? Lastly, do universities look at your top 6 course marks for grade 12, or do they look at all of them? I live in Canada, so I'm not sure if its the same. Thanks

Dropping out and reapplying next year
I'm currently in my first year of undergrad and to say the least, I despise my program and have been doing poorly in classes. Alongside that, I have had some more personal issues that I won't get into. So, I want to drop out, and apply to something completely different for spring 2017, at a different university.

My question is, would there be any consequences, such as uni's not wanting me because I've dropped out. I've read that this is sometimes frowned upon, and that other times a lot of uni's understand that it's your first time and that students make mistakes, so they may look past that. Would I even have to disclose to them that I attended a university already, and dropped out before the end of the first term? 

Alongside that, would I be considered an OUAC 105 applicant now, since I'm not enrolled in high school? Thanks. 
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