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Master Programs from Nursing
I'm currently looking into a lot of health care careers, and many of them interest me. However, I know taking nursing is considered the smartest route, since it opens doors for master programs, gives you possible research experience (depending on the school) and it is quite easy to get a job with just the bachelor.
However, if i do decide to go into something else after i finish, what options do i have (other than med school) and what do I need to do to get into them?
For example, if i decided to o a Masters in Speech Pathology, would i be ale to do that with a bachelors of nursing?
If anyone has already gotten accepted to the York Seneca nursing collab what was the cutoff to maintain to not have your acceptance revoked??*URGENT*
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How many FCE in Nursing??
So in the collab bridge nursing program is 2 years of college and 2 years of university. Does the 2 years of university count as 10 FCE (full course or equivalent?). This is for Ryerson + George Brown. If it is not, is main site nursing at Ryerson count for at least 10?
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Fleming -RPN acceptances fall 2018?
Hey everyone

So I applied to the Fleming PN program and im wondering if anyone has been accepted yet? And if anyone knows the typical cut off??

I already have a uni degree so I'm feeling pretty nervous.
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Will I get into Nursing with these grades?
This was my grade 12 marks first semester

Media: 90%
Challenge and Change: 88%
Chemistry: 71%
Data: 71%

Right now im re-taking chemistry again and im continuing with my second semester. Is there any possible chance I could be getting a very late acceptance? 
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Nursing as a bachelors before physiotherapy?

So I want to be a physio, but i'm afraid that taking something like kinesiology would leave me with no jobs if I don't manage to get into physio school. So I was thinking maybe I can do my major in nursing (and take extra courses for the physio pre-reqs).

But my question is, how hard is it to keep a 3.8+ GPA with nursing? And is this path worth taking?
Nursing acceptance
Hi everyone, I’m here to ask some things about getting into nursing but I will give a little bit of background information on myself. Student services at my school don’t help the grads much and my parents are immigrants and don’t know very much in terms with helping me. I want to go for nursing but I have my two worst courses this semester (data & Chem) I have approx 60% in these courses but I am a good student I am an honour roll student. I have a feeling when the acceptances come out I will have hopefully a 85% average. Before I get the rant on how I will have issues in uni just spare me the negativity because I am stressing I am a very good hands on learner which will compensate for the theory aspect although I am mediocre in bio (80%) I just need to know what I can do to be accepted I am looking into applying to brock, Ottawa, York, Trent (maybe some collabs) not sure 100% yet is there any advice to stand out and hopefully get accepted or will I just become a rejected failure /: thanks in advance to the people who pull through with some advice
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Nursing Hopefuls 2018
What nursing programs can I get into if I have an average of 81-83? Can I get into lpn programs or dental hygiene programs with that average? 

Achieving Scholarships Before Graduating Year
I'm in grade 10 at the moment.  I am interested in going into nursing when I get older.  I was looking into universities such as Queen's, York, Toronto, and a couple others (still keeping my options open for Ontario universities).  The issue is I know my education is going to be very expensive and I was trying to start early to earn scholarships to pay for my education, but many scholarships aren't open unless it's your graduating year.  If anyone know sites I should go on, ways I can earn scholarships, or any tips, if would much appreciated!  Thank you!!
CASPer Test @ Mac
Hey Mac nursing students,

I was wondering what kind of questions are on the CASPer test? I've heard that it's the make or break deal whether you get into the program or not. I really wanna know what to expect, thanks!
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Nursing Students
I'm thinking of applying to University of Ottawa or Algonquin for the Nursing program. What scholarships did any nursing student receive and apply for?
Main Site, George Brown Collab or Centennial Collab for Nursing?!?!
So, I've heard really great things about both the college collabs with Ryerson and was wondering if people can put their input on how they like their programs etc if you go to any of the ryerson nursing programs.
- Are you treated differently in the collab programs compared to the ryerson mainsite?

Waitlist for early admission
If you get waitlisted for early admission at U of C, does that affect your standard admission application at all? And do you have to resubmit your application?
Do I have a competitive average for nursing?
Can anyone tell me if applying to U of C with an average of 84% for nursing is considered competitive enough to get in? also for MRU is having an 88% a high enough average to get into nursing?
Hi everyone,
I am in grade 11 and I am wondering what kind of marks should  I have this year to get into a nursing program (registered nurse)?

Plz answer if u can :) thnx

maybe Ryerson University and George Brown College
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Nursing 2017
I am currently a Fanshawe student, with two prior years in University as a health science student. Im taking General sciences at Fanshawe and was wondering if anyone was in a similar situation as me. I have all the pre requisites for pretty much every BScN program, but my high school grades range in the mid 80's. Thats why I'm taking general sciences, and in my first semester I finished with a 4.2 GPA. Im applying to Western-Fanshawe collab, Ryerson-George Brown Collab, McMaster, and Windsor for nursing. Will these schools look at my fanshawe GPA for acceptance, and accept my high school pre reqs or will they just disregard my fanshawe year?
Help!! I really want to know if I have a chance of getting into Ryerson for biomed science or nursing!!
I want to know if I have a chance of getting into Ryerson for biomedical science or the nursing program. Please can someone help me out! 

Biology: 75%
Chemistry: 81%
Advanced Functions: 81%
English: 90%
International Business: 98%
Fundamentals of Business: 96%
Data Management: 92%

For biomed, I have an 86.7% average
For nursing, I have an 88.7% average

-- I've already been accepted into programs at York (biomed) and Ryerson for their general science. I just really want nursing or biomed for Ryerson. Thank you guys!!
What Are My Chances In Getting Into Occpational Therapy At U Of T? Please Help
hi, i really need some help and guidance to getting into occupational therapy at U of T. So basically, I just finished by biomedical sciences degree at university of Waterloo. I am mainly struggling with the problem of my grades as i am currently still working on my experience and job shadowing. I know UofT looks at your last two years, and my gpa for my last two years is roughly 3.0. It's considered low but what can i do to pull my grade up when i already graduated? Please help. also, does U of T look at what program you are in and perhaps be lenient on programs that were more difficult?
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CASPer, McMaster
Has anyone tried the CASPer test for nursing? or CASPer in general? Is it difficult? I've heard from people that it isn't too bad but the time limit is the only thing that is concerning.
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McMaster Nursing 2017!!
Hey guys. I recently changed my top choice at MAC from Life Sci to Nursing and was wondering if I'll get in with my marks. My sister applied last year and got rejected with an 89%. These are my marks: 

This Semester
ENG -- expecting  90
CHEM -- expecting 90
Calc -- expecting 90

Courses Taken:
Bio - 91%
SNC4M (health sci) - 92
History - 95%
Advanced Functions - 90%

SOOO, my overall would be around 91.5 (no greater, I think)
I was watching this presentation where they said the AVERAGE for 2015 was like 92%!!

If I don't get in then I'll prob do post-grad and apply again to more programs.

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Nursing is My Dream
From a long time i wish to be a journalist but when i grow up i do a serious operation and i sow so many peoples suffering from the disease so much, and in every night i stayed in an isolated place for no one heard me and i cry alone all the night and i told god to help every one suffered like me or in all the patients in the whole word with the time I’ve a wonderful nurse keep me resting all the time and advice me that i should be strong and to didn't cry i sow her that in the time that i suffer she was suffering with me and crying like she who passed from this operation, day by day we've become a very best friends and i give her a promise that i will someday be a nurse like her and I will every one need a help and i will be like she wish me to be. i will never forget this promise and i will be hard and a good student i wish this school accepted me to make my dream come true
Nursing question
I was wondering if you have more chemistry classes in a nursing program rather than biology. I enjoy biology and I would like to know if your learning more about bio than the other subjects
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