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Need help researching university requirements?

Just type what program you want to get into. Einfo does not have all the universities, and programs, Ex. Rmc has way more programs, Info on mcgil cannot be found.

If you want updated information, about the university call the university office they will answer your questions.

Good luck! and have a nice day.

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I applied to the Urban and Regional Planning Program with all the required prerequisites and I came in at a 87% average. The admission average last year was 75%-81% but this year I got put on to the waitlist. What are my chance of getting in??? Applied to RYERSON University
Upcoming grade 12s, what program are you applying to?
What are you guys trying to get into (could write top 3 university and program) and what are you aiming for career wise? Any reason why? Would love to hear!
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What is your passion/career/dream?
Everyone here knows what they want to get into, business or life sciences or anything pre-med, if you already know what program you want to do or what career you want to get into, how did that happen for you personally? Did you grow up wanting to be a doctor? Or got inspired from a volunteer place, video, accounting class? whatever it is i'd really love to hear, hopefully it could help me explore too.
Career Choice
I am currently a grade 11 student and I am unsure of what career I want to pursue in the future. My parents are really promoting accounting but I feel as if it will be difficult to succeed or ever make a decent salary if you dont go to a very prestigious school. I am interested in math and business and one day hope to make over 6 figures. Anyone have any advice?? Thanks
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Business vs Engineering
Which is higher paying and more rewarding down the line? Yes, I am driven by money, I have the grades and intelligence to pursue both fields and I am not leaving Toronto for school. Which is higher paying in general with just 4-5 years of education and more marketable to employers. If engineering, which specializations? 

Now, I know the business kids will say that they'll make more than the engineering kids, and vice-versa, I don't care for your petty debates, actual employment stats would be more helpful. 

Thank you. 
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Neurosurgeon charged with murdering his wife - Palliative doctor
What do you guys think about this? World renowned neurosurgeon, Mohammad Shamji, 40, assistant professor at University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, did his medical degree at Queen's, neurosurgery residency at Ottawa medical school, PhD in biomedical engineering at Duke University and MSc at Yale, charged with first degree murder. His wife is a Palliative doctor who did her medical degree at Ottawa and masters at Duke. Three kids. Seen as a medical power couple. She was regarded as a beautiful, kind, intelligent woman. 

Her body was found strangled and stuffed in a suitcase. She had recently filed for divorce from her husband of 12 years. Truly a tragedy and a loss. 
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Hey everyone!! Next week I will officially be a grade 12 student. My school is semestered and I have a few urgent questions. I am enrolled for 3 courses each semester. That means that I will have 32 credits. In each semester I have a bird course such as gym or family studies. Is it possible for me to drop a bird course in each semester and have 2 spares each semester. I would still get the 30/30 credits needed. I have asked my guidance councillor and she said I can only take 1 spare. I am not sure if this is true or she doesn't want me having 2 spares. 

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(Biological and Chemical Sciences) / Medical Biochemistry?
Please give me a background info and if I choose one of these two courses, what job can they offer me in the future? Is it in demand? How long will it take for me to reach it?

Thanks in advance:)
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How math heavy is Laurier BBA?
I know you have a choice of which math to take but they all sound like calculus? If there an advanced functions/stats/data type math I can take first year instead?
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11 life lessons are not taught in your university
Life is neither pink nor easy as you think when you were a student. The university was where we faced the difficulties of a beginner, as well as where we found our good friends. The most amazing thing in college was when we realize who we are. We had the right to choose ideologies and perceptions of life.

 However, there are 11 lessons that universities did not teach you:

1. The knowledge in courses and classes cannot be used. The office workers next to you cannot participate in the courses you have attended. Two people from different academic background, but the two of you still be respected and earn the same salary. No one will ask what you've learned in college, but you have to use that knowledge and experience to complete the assigned tasks. The college period has passed, and now your life is outside of lectures and textbooks.

2. In life, talent is important Your manager may be younger than you, but you'll have to call him the "boss". In college, a junior student could be older than you, still respected you, because you are a senior student. In real life, the respect is based on real talent.

3. The Art of communication. You may have learned personality development courses in college but in life you will realize the importance of good communication. You may need to propose to a girl, want to be promoted, or would like to discuss certain issues with neighbors. Communication skills can determine success or failure in life.

4. How to evaluate a person In college a person could be your friend or your enemy, but in life you cannot predict the relationship between two people is. A good friend in the office can also take your opportunity so you must learn how to identify the characteristics of people around you. Actions may conflict with words.

5. You have to look at yourself, what you say, how you say, and who you talk to In college you can argue with a friend today, tomorrow you two still be friend. But in life it's a different story. In college, friends and others know you through words, but in life people will understand you according to their perception, not every word you uttered.

6. The network relationships are always helpful In college friends is your world. But in life, you cannot exist without a network connection. You need job, a new house, build a business, a social group. This means you need a good relationship with everyone.

7. Saving money is not easy You want to enjoy and discover the life, you want at heights of 900 m in the sky. You want to enjoy red wine in a vineyard, or experience diving with coral and marine organism. To come up with any adventures, you need to save money, but saving money is not an easy thing. Your monthly salary would have to cover a lot of things such as buying food, clothing, paying bills, visiting parents ... And you'll notice very little money left over to save.

8. In relationships, actions say it all When we were in college, a romantic love was expressed by the sweet promises. But in real life, an action says it all. You look at a person; you observe his actions and notice who he is. So, be careful of the words you use, as well as your actions, gestures.

9. It’s okay to make mistake, but not repeat it Every mistake allows you learned something. Success comes when you have different mistakes, so each time you get a new lesson. In college, you can repeatedly ask silly questions to teachers, but in life if you ask the same questions and repeatedly the same mistake, you will be labeled "silly ".

10. It is important to continue to move forward. Life is a journey, not a destination High school time, you just wanted a high score. When you went to college, you wanted to be famous. When you work, the next goal was to work to get a promotion. After being promoted you want a vacation with the family, and it’s continues. Life is movement and every minute passed, you have to have new expectations and aspirations. So, think about the little joy and keep moving forward.

11. Everyone is very busy, so you need to take care of yourself People around you are busy in their own battles. Even a 5 years old child has challenges and her own mission. So let's learn how to take care of yourself because college year has gone and your college friends were not there anymore.