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UofT Life Science
I was wondering if the life science program at University of Toronto (Scarborough campus) looks at you overall grade 12 average or the individual marks. And, do they take into account your semester 1 midterms?
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Earn over 100k as a physiotherapist??
I keep hearing and seeing online that most physiotherapist generally peak at about 80k...not to be blunt but that doesn't quiet cut it for me...i understand its not only about the money but making a solid living is also very important.....so my question is can you earn more than 100k as a physiotherapist (before you're 40 btw :))...thanks
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English Grade 12
I wanted to fast track a course in grade 11 and since I couldn't get into any math courses I got stuck with Grade 12 English.

Right now my schedule is;

1st semester

French, Chem, Tech, English 11

2nd semester

Math 11, Physics, English 12, Biology

Any advice on taking English 12 in day school? Plus any of my other courses. My main priority is Physics, English 12 and Chemistry tell me your experiences with these classes, thanks!
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I just got my schedule back and my first Semster is relatively easy but my second is worrisome.

Second Semester:

Functions 11 Uni
English 12 Uni
Physics 11 Uni
Biology 11 Uni

I know I can succeed in them if I really try, especially English because that's top priority.

But my main problem is Physics I'm committed to learning it, lve even started practicing now finishing up grade 10 but I'd like some feedback.

I was planning on taking Physics 12 in summer School of grade 11. I don't really need it, just as an extra mark in case  one of my other science marks are bad.

If I take Physics 11 in day school and grade 12 Physics right after in summer School I can do well? Or should I not take the course altogether? 

Helpful replies only, thanks!
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Does the Frontiers of Chemistry Only Mean Biochemistry?
In recent years, biochemistry research is indeed very active, and many branches of chemistry are trying to mimic biological systems. Because it is easy to think that the organism is a natural for mass scientists to establish a model. Biological reaction and various self-organization phenomena have been in coordinated status with excellent efficiency, as well as mild conditions with protein moiety.

In fact, copying nature’s design concept is relatively easy, so no matter the catalysis, synthetic materials, or drugs needs to wonder how to achieve the design level of nature. However, for any fields, people can only describe the existing situation, and can not predict future development. The so-called bottlenecks and limitations for academic genius is to get the opportunity for a breakthrough. Current inactive state does not mean that the future is not active, it is not the conclusion for the forefront of chemical research trends. In terms of inorganic chemistry, it is more complicated.

Therefore, the knowledge structure of inorganic chemistry is almost the least of the four chemical inside the system, including research in sodium olivate (reference: http://www.alfa-chemistry.com/cas_61789-88-6.htm ). From the research trend, at present even the inorganic chemistry research group might focus less on inorganic materials research. There are two main reasons for the situation.
Is 85% in Summer school ENG4U really bad?!
I took English in summer school but the teacher was a really hard marker, the highest mark in our class was a 91%. Unfortunately, I really screwed up in the beginning of the course but later on did much better, yet when the marks were put together as a whole my mark ends up being an 85%. I'm planning on going into either engineering or the sciences. Is an 85% truly a terrible mark? and what should I get in my other courses in order to ensure that I get into the program that best interests me?
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What are my chances of getting into the U of T Mineral Engineering Program
My grade 11 average is 93, 92 in math 92 in chem 91 in english 95 in physics 95 in social As for grade 12 I have 81 in pre calc 81 in english Physics, Calculus and Chem are yet to be determined because I dropped the courses in highschool considering that the admissions office only looks at first grade attempts for any course Now I am going to do these courses officially for the first time elsewhere in the fall, which is when I would expect to apply to the U of T through Ouac. Do I still have a shot at this program? I also would like to ask, is Laurentian University's Bachelor's of Mining Engineering a good program as well? I am asking this mainly because it would be my second choice to the U of T, but it could arguably contend to be my first depending on some of the answers I receive.

An overview of taking english 10 online
is it easy?
does it help?
is it better than regular classes?
do you learn more from it than regular classes?
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