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Where Do "Average" Students Go For University?
On this forum, it's obvious that the main majority here are high-achieving students. You hear the phrases "IB", "AP", or "95+" thrown around like crazy. But here is what I am wondering, what happens to the not-so-high achievers?

I go to a normal Ontario curriculum high school and thus that means even in Academic you have the best of the best and the mediocre to mid-tier students. For example, one of my friends gets around a low to mid 70 average and he says he wants to go to university. Other than Trent, Algoma, or Lakehead where could he go? Would a degree even be useful from there?

He's definitely not an applied or college level kid but I don't think that he and other mediocre students know how competitive the university admissions landscape is nowadays. Oh, and you can't say he has mediocre grades because he has amazing ECs. All he does and others I have seen are play Fortnite or maybe play in some house league hockey/soccer/basketball team.

So what is the general outcome for mid to low 70s students, with extremely minimal ECs but with a desire to go to university?
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TrentU, AlgomaU, UTSG, UWindsor, Laurier, or LaurentianU?
i have an 81% average and have been accepted to all these schools but I do not know what one is better? I will be majoring in Criminology
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Is it possible getting into a university with a 76 average?
The average of my top 6 grade 12 courses will be 76%~79%. What is the possibility to get into a university? What programs can I choose? Thank you very much!
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What are my chances?
So currently I am sitting on a 57%, but I have an incredible track record when it comes to volunteering in my community.  I am looking at applying to Nipissing, Algoma, and last but not least Mcgill.  Do I have a chance at getting in for Agriculture.  Here are a few references that have helped me strive in the agriculture department.
Kenny Stills - (416) 787-7350
Jesse James - (647) 667-5823
Vontaze Burfict - (416) 787-7350
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LGBT Scholarships?
Does anyone know if there are any LGBT+ supporting scholarships? I am unsure and am wondering.
Early Acceptances!
Hi everyone! I was just wondering how early Ontario universities give out acceptances for any life/health sci programs, as well as nursing programs? I was wondering if they gave out acceptances because first semester marks are final? Just because I have siblings who applied 5-6 years back and they were able to get acceptances a month after applying. Do they still do that? oR do they not do that anymore because it's too competitive? 

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Any Social Work/ Child and Youth Work Oriented Scholarships?
My feed only shows me 4 scholarships that I filled out but im curious if there is any that I can fill out that is currently not on my feed (non on my feed are related to social work or youth work :( ) Im a Canadian Citizen and am currently in my grade 12 year. I live in Ontario. (these bits of information is to just help out with checking the requirements of the scholarship before being recommended n.n )
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How do people get 95+ averages?
I see so many people on this site with crazy averages in the high 90's. I dont understand how this is possible without mark inflation. I have been to 2 high schools and the highest average in the school is usually around 93-95 at most. And these schools were also in highly immigrant area's with many smart Indian and Chinese kids. What school's are you guys going to that give such high marks. My class average for English, advanced and calculus were 77, 81, and 80 respectively. What were they at your schools?
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2017 Acceptances!!
Hey everyone
I'm starting a new thread for all Grade 12 students getting University acceptances!
If everyone could list what programs they applied to, what schools, their overall average they have now, and excepted average in the final few months of High School.

I applied to University of Guelph- Criminal Justice & Public Policy, Western- Criminology, Nipissing - Nursing, Brock- Nursing and Laurentian- Nursing!
Right now I have an 80 average but its because I am not doing as well as I had hoped in Data Management. I am expecting a 82 average after finals are submitted. However, I am expecting to have an 85- 86% by the time second semester midterm marks are submitted!
Do you guys think I chance in getting to the Criminal Justice and Criminology program's I applied to? Also does it really matter if you get accepted in March, April or May?

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University Open Houses
Calling all Grade 12 or gap year students!!!

I have created a calendar of all the open houses for the 21 Ontario Universities with open house info at this time. I hope this helps you all!

University Decisions | Freshmen Class of 2016
Helloooo Yconic!

So we're getting pretty deep into the admission processes and people are starting to accept some offers! I think this thread will help a lot of people see where everyone is going and why. So I've got a question:

Have you decided?

University I have Chosen:
Universities I turned down:
Arts Programs
Im doing cs at Guelph starting this September however i took night school this semester and it was a bird course called challenge and change and mainly everyone in my class were majoring in arts ?!! My teacher for that class said sje went to UTM to Social Science and is night school teacher and shes a supply teacher, and can't find a day school job , and she considered herself very successful. Are they job opportunities in the arts field or im better off in cs? abd was my night school teacher lucky sje got a job?
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Laurier-ES (BSc)
Hey guys im going to Laurier for Environmental Science (bsc) , took a year off to make this decision, i was debating between Laurier Environmental Science or Business Administration at Lakehead University, couldn't sleep at night cus this was all i was thinking about , anyways do u think there alot of job opportunities that i will get from this program and how is it different from the Environmental Studies program at Laurier, also what do the income of jobs start at?
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Ontario Universities - Who's putting out offers?
Can we make a thread to attempt to keep up with which Ontario schools have begun sending offers of admission? This is what I propose: If a school you know of has begun sending offers, check the comments. If you do not see the school yet, make a new comment. If you would like to post about your acceptance (average, timing, program) reply to the school's comment directly. For organization's sake. I'll start by putting the few I've seen in comments.
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