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Hey guys, I created a groupchat for UBC's class of 2022 since no one has done it yet. Please feel free to go on it and chat and make new friends! We can talk about our hobbies, our favourite shows, what we're planning on studying, roomates, etc. ENJOYYYY

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How does McGill determine acceptance for early admission? Do they use at grade 11 marks? I go to a linear school btw
Do they use at grade 11 marks? I go to a linear school btw, I didn't do amazing in grade 11 - 86% english, 84% pre calculus, %55 social studies, 91% chemistry. But i have a 96% average this year. Will i get rejected for early admissions? Could my bad grade 11's get me rejected from being admitted at all?
Requirements for getting into BCIT?
Hello, I am a current grade 11 student in BC looking to apply to BCIT's business program after highschool. My grades are as follows:

Math - 76%
English - 79%
Social Studies - 81%
Science (Chem and Physics) - 70%

My overall average including some elective courses are about 80%. As it stands now would I have a good chance of getting accepted into BCIT's Business Program?
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I want to go to Queens for PoliSci, submitted my PSE and havent heard back. Had a 84 in grade 11 and on track for 86% this semester. 

Should I be worried? Will all the spots be taken? 
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Richard Ivey AEO from Quebec
How's it going everyone, I just had a couple questions about Richard Ivey AEO acceptance. So I'm currently in Grade 10, have around 92% average with sub-par ECs (math competition for our school, student council member, part of annual 2 week humanitarian trip) Since in Quebec we have these 2 years of CEGEP in between Grade 11 and University which offer a much bigger variety of ECs so I'm going to get way more ECs in my last 2 years before applying.

Would me doing the majority of my ECs in my final 2 years make me a worse candidate?

How do they calculate your average? I got a 92% overall but I heard some people say they only look at your top 6 courses.

Do they look at your math specifically since that's currently my worst mark (B- first semester). Other grades are 3 A+, 2 A, 2 B+ and expected to raise my second semester.

 How do they see your ECs? Do your schools send them a transcript of your semesters or do you just mention them in your essays?

Finally, since we only have Grade 10/11+2 years of pre-university. Which year do they look at mostly? Universities in Quebec don't even glance at your HS marks so I was wondering if it was the same case for schools elsewhere?

Sorry if these questions specific or ignorant, I just wanna get a feel for how hard getting AEO is. Also, I don't expect one person to know have an answer to all of these questions.
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Richard Ivey Questions
So I'm currently in Grade 10 in a Quebec school and I had some questions about how applying to a university outside of my province works. I'm planning on going to CEGEP for two years with a focus in Commerce. I had some questions regarding Ivey and AEO.

-Just how difficult is it to get into AEO and how difficult would getting into HBA be as a non-AEO.

-I've seen many threads talking about how your average must be in the really high 90s to be considered, how true is this? 

-Which grades do they look at since here in Quebec we have 3 "terms" for each high school year with 2 being worth 20% and one being worth 60%. Does Ivey look at all my terms or just my overall average. Also, do they look at Grade 10 and 11 since we are missing Grade 12 here.

-How much do they look at high school compared to CEGEP because Quebec Universities look almost exclusively at CEGEP?

-In CEGEP we use an "R-Score" instead of a GPA and there's no real way to really convert them so if anyone has CEGEP experience would they be able to tell me what it should be around?

-What is considered strong ECs for Ivey?

-If someone has, for example, an 87-90% average at a fairly prestigious CEGEP in an Honours Business program and a few ECs related to business such as business club, school paper, etc how much of a chance would they have to get into AEO?

An answer to even a single one of these questions would be most appreciated.
Thanks very much
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Hello! My fiancé Dj and I (Keri) in February 4th 2018 will be boarding a plane to Bangalore India for a week long mental health education program. Placement abroad with SLV: A UK based organization that provides students with hands-on work experience in the mental health sector. We are writing to ask if you will support with funding our placement! This exciting and challenging placement will give us crucial skills to proceed in our careers. I, Keri am pursuing a career in clinical psychology and aiming for a Master’s and Doctorate to bring clinical counselling to those in need. Dj in the Criminal Justice sector is pursuing a career within the Justice department, and is aiming to gain experience for helping victims and providing unique solutions. It is a special opportunity we have been offered to combine volunteering abroad with hands-on work experience. We are looking forward to working in a new culture in a challenging environment. SLV’s focus on ethical and sustainable projects is something that stood out to us. The idea that this is a work-experience placement and not a holiday is what drove us to apply and volunteer with them. Our placement costs $5,500 and we are working & fundraising hard. Having any support from the community would make such a difference for us and future individuals struggling with mental health. Sincerely, Dj & Keri
Need some information in further robotics studies.
I have been interested in robotics from my childhood. 
I'm studying in high school with the subjects needed in robotics (Maths, Physics, English, Chemistry) 
I just want to know what should I do after my high school to learn robotics in Canada. 

Please reply me. 
Question (need help) (UBC)
1) Can someone please explain to me how admission averages work at UBC? (I am planning to apply to the Faculty of Science) 
2) When applying, what do I do? (Like do i select the faculty? How do you know which science, english, or math courses to take at UBC? (like is there a guide?) 
3) are the personal profile questions different every single year? how high does your personal profile score have to be to ensure that you get into ubc? 
4) how does ubc weigh your courses when you are applying from a highschool in canada? does anybody know? 
5) is ubc a good school? pros and cons? 
6) are the housing on campus quiet or loud? do people throw parties? do you have to share a room? how's the dinning hall? 
7) what's your favourite thing about ubc? 
8) should have asked this earlier, but what are some good electives to take at ubc? 
9) just curious, what faculty did you apply for? 
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Need information about Grant/Bursary for Diploma program
Dear Sir/Madam,f
I am new immigrant in Canada and I am married with 3 children, recently I started 9 months Diploma course in Network Administrator at Private college Mississauga. Initially, I thought that I will cover college tuition fee myself but due to unemployment now looks difficult to me to continue my study. As this college doesn't come under OSAP program and I don't know where can I get financial assistance. So please let me know if any other resource or program through which I can receive my tuition fee. I would be great thankful to you.
Indian Student Applying to Canadian Universities to Study CS
Hi, I'm currently an Indian student currently studying in grade 11. I'd like to apply to Canadian universities for my undergrad and study computer science. I have 88.2% in 10th grade, with 96/100 in Math, and the last 2 years of high school are yet to finish. Here are the universities I'd like to study at in order. I think I have decent extracurriculars, like :
1. An international chess rating, and many chess competition prizes.
2. I've won a speedcubing competition before, and was once ranked top 100 in India.
3. I was a regular writer for the high school magazine in grades 9 and 10.

I also like programming, so I'll have built at least 2 web apps in the remaining year or so before applying.
If these are decent extracurriculars, then what grades would I need for the following universities in grade 11 and 12?
(In order of preference)

1. University of Waterloo (CS co-op)
2. University of Toronto
3. McGill University
4. University of British Columbia

I don't really know any more Canadian universities, so I"d be grateful if anyone could suggest more as back-ups.

does mcgill look at family studies 12
does mcgill consider family studies 12 as one of the approved courses? I was helping my friend self report his marks to mcgill and I think I saw family studies on the list but I'm not sure if I am right.
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I got accepted to UBC for Comp Sci and UofT for Mathematics and Physical Sciences. I want to transfer into Comp Sci 2nd year at UofT but I'm not quite sure if it's a doable thing for my abilities. Does anyone know if it's hard to transfer between programs in the same faculty? I'm not quite sure which is the better choice: to go for UBC and do Comp Sci + Software Engineering or take the chance at UofT and transfer to comp sic second year?
so yesterday morning I got the offer letter  from  uOttawa. uOttawa was my first preference. 
let me know who else got in. I would love to know my future classmates. 
hello, im looking for answers to the last units of the courses: boh4m eng4uc hsb4ua

 im really trying to finish theses courses all myself however the last units are too hard and will take to long due to my deadline of sending my university marks. note these courses are my first semester courses, so im really late and i need help please im really in need of help asap so i can start my second semester work and finish and hopefully get into university
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So I have a friend who's currently living in Ottawa and he suggested me to not to go to LU. he told me it's completely  is an isolated city Sudbury and I won't have many job opportunities and the people are really racist,there's no fun and since I'll be moving to a whole different country I should go to a big city and LU is not worth it? someone help?
Which of these colleges should I choose?
So far I've been accepted into Queens university in canada, Western ontario, Simon Fraser, University of Toronto and I have received a scholarship of 8000 dollars from Carleton. I'm not too sure of what I want to study yet but I was thinking maybe something involving political science. So far which of these uni's should I choose?
grade 11 sucked but managed to get 85 in mid terms. is there a chance that I can get an early acceptance?
so I was expecting 90 in finals but in my pre boards I got 85% but I have finals in March and I will get the result in may end. I'm not satisfied with my current score. I wanted to apply for UBC Mcgill and other premium universities, education system here in India is really messed up and very difficult. :( and my grade 11 result wasn't that good.
UBC Acceptance Chances?q
So I'm a grade 12 student in Ontario.
I applied for Bachelor of Arts at UBC on the 5th of December.
My Grade 11 average was 92% with a 98% in English.
I have English this term so I obviously don't have a mark yet. Here are my Grade 12 first term marks:
History: 92
French: 97
Physics: 86
Kinesiology: 88 
(Average 90.75)
What are my chances? I know I can do really well next term as my hardest classes this year were Kines. and Physics.
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Will the Canadian universities find out if I hide my recent A Levels result?
I'm from Asia. I'm applying for undergraduate course but don't want to show my bad grades. My exam was ruined due to some personal factors and family matters.I know I can do better and reach to my potential. So, I'm going to retake my exam and make universities think that I'm giving exam for the first time in the next session. Will the universities know that I'm lying?
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Minimum acceptance score/GPA for undergrad schools?
Hey what's up everyone. I'm high school student from Egypt seeking to study in Canada. I would to know the required high school final scores/percentages/GPA to be able to enter business school in any Ontario university if you provide me with scores for other school than the one I mentioned that would be greatly appreciated.