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What was your average getting into SFU?
I'm currently deciding which course I should take in grade 12 in order to boost my average to get into SFU. Which courses did you take in grade 12, what was your average, and what faculty did you go into?
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I just got into the forensic psychology program at UOIT! Are there any current students that can offer some advice/ information regarding the school or program? Thank you!
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I just got accepted into UOIT for their forensic psychology program! I was wondering if there were any students that could give me their opinion on the university? Do you like it there? Thank you!
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Is my life over?
My first semester marks of first year were as followed 

81 biology 
81 calculus 
76 chemistry
80 in classics  

And wait for it 

50 in physics 

I feel like I have no chance to get into medical school now although I am improving this semester I feel like this 50 is going to haunt me forever and I cannot afford to retake this course 

Update : I don't really understand how people didn't get from the question that I am already in university? I literally said first year? Like what did people assume first year of high school? Jesus Christ, my average grade 12 high school was a 94 and grade 11 was a 96 that is the least of my worries; UNIVERSITY is my concern. I go to U of T for life sciences if everyone must know. What kind of high school has classics? Maybe I shouldn't be asking questions on here x) 

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If any of you are currently enrolled in UOIT, do you enjoy being at that university? what is it like?
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What Canadian Universities accept a B average?
Hello! I am currently a grade 11 student in BC. After I graduate highschool, I plan on going to University to study Criminology or Criminal Justice. The schools I'm hoping to get into are SFU, or York as they both and programs in that field of study. My current grades are:

Math - 76%
Social Studies - 81%
English - 79%
Physics and Chemistry - 70%

My overall average is about 80%. Do I have a good shot at getting into these schools? If not which schools should be able to accept me with these types of grades?
University HELPP!!
Hello, I am going into grade 12 next year and am deciding which universities to apply to. I am completely interested in business. I do not care about the location of my university nor the tuition fees. I would just like to know which one of these universities is the hardest to get admitted to: UWO Ivey AEO, Queens Smith, McGill Desautels, UBC Sauder, UTSG Rotman, and York Schulich. My average is 92 but like which university has the lowest acceptance rate and which one would you say is the easiest to gain admissions to?
Thank you
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Canadian to US Grade Scale
What would a 92 average from a Canadian High School be on the US GPA scale?
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Someone help me !!!!!
I am studying in a oversea BC high school,but I don't know what kind of student am I?
A canadian high school student or a international student?By the way, I am a chinese.
Got into Laurentian Biomedical Biology!!!!!!
I just got the offer letter from Laurentian University for Biomedical Biology. I applied for health promotion lol but it wasn't available. Anybody else? 
since I'll be living on campus I'd like to know how the local people treat foreigners if they have sorority and fraternities there . 
Bursaries / Grants
Hey everyone!
Wondering if anyone could help me find my way to some student bursary options / programs. I am heading into my first year of University this fall and have been starting to really look for some help with these upcoming student loans! 
First Year Queen's Commerce Student, ask me anything!
hey everyone, I am a first year commerce student here at Queen's, and I was active this time last year when I was making decisions on where to go, so I thought I would help the next group of applicants with any questions and such! :)
Laurentian students?
I want to apply for health promotion. is it easy to get into? 
mid term result is 85 plus how's everything at sudbury? and the campus life
Hey I was wondering if I could get into UBC arts. My grade 11 marks are bad as they are in the 60's - 70's(two highest grade 11 marks were 86 social studies and 82 precalc) but this year grade 12 my marks are solid. 97% Law, 90, English, 97% geog, 93% history, 87 biology and I have a lot of extra circulars . What do u you think are my chances of getting accepted thanks
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